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Breakfast [a E2!Barry Allen imagine]

Request: Breakfast in bed with e2!barry and kids

a/n: so many kids…….i need people to talk about these kids with me

My kids list is here, look, request, yeah :)

You flutter your eyes open, stretching your arms underneath the pillow. Ah, Saturdays are a true blessing. “Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!” you hear a hushed voice repeat excitedly. “You are daddy’s little boy, right? Yeah, you are…” Barry grins, bouncing Nico on his knee, peering back at you. “Oh, I’m sorry, honey. Did I wake you up?” he asks, furrowing his thick eyebrows above his specs.

Shaking your head, you watch your husband swing his long legs back under the covers. He sets Nico on his lap, scrunching his nose underneath his glasses as the toddler babbles. “You two are absolutely adorable.” you coo, hearing your son hum ‘mmm’. “Mmm-mommy? Can you say mommy?” you ask, hooking your chin over Barry’s shoulder.

“Dadeee!” Nico squeals, hugging the dad’s torso.

Frowning, you look at Barry, who blushes, fingers clinging to the small boy. “Sorry, love. I’m sure he’ll say it eventually!” he whispers, pecking your lips. There’s a loud bang on the door, making you groan. “Yeah? Everything okay?” Barry calls out, upturned nose brushing your cheek.

The tall blond opens the door, light blue shirt flowing against his torso. “Careful, dude!” Luca scolds, steadying the tray in Jace’s hands. To which the younger boy scowls, sticking out his tongue. “Hey. We made breakfast!” he grins, repositioning Abby on his hip. She wiggles her legs around his torso; pink leggings raising above her ankles.

Sara blows her sandy blonde hair from her eyes, climbing onto the mattress. “I made the waffles. ‘Cuz I know dad loves waffles. Jace likes to think her made him but he didn’t. “ she clarifies as Jace sets the tray between you and Barry.

“Yeah. Sure.” the fifteen year old huffs, scooting next to you. You wrap your arm around his shoulders. Barry moves so Luca and Abby can get on the queen size bed; Nico reaching for Sara. “It was all Luke’s idea, yanno.” Jace smirks at his older brother as you brush his spiky chestnut hair back.

A gasp comes from your husband and he repositions the toddler to lean towards the eldest. “Oh, Luca…thanks, son. It means a lot to your mom and I.” Barry coos, kissing Luca’s pink cheek. The seventeen year old rolls his sea blue eyes and Abby squirms, clearing her throat. “And you, Abby.” he hums, doing the same to her. “And you, Sara.” he repeats the motion, leaning over the tray. “And Jace.” he laughs, watching the teen grimace at the kiss.

“Dadeeeee!” Nico whines, grabbing Barry’s glasses, making you chuckle. Barry presses his lips to the toddler’s forehead, creating kissing noises. “I hungry.” he gasps.

Luca flashes a mini box of Cheerios when you go to get up. “Got it covered, mom.” he smiles.

Bringing Abby in the middle, you bring Jace closer. “We have the best kids ever.” you praise, seeing Barry nod, feeding Nico a cheerio. “I’m ready for breakfast.”

Fucking with the signs (check out Sun and Mars sign)

Aries- Energetically ramming your brains out! Want to be your hero.

Taurus- flavored lube! trying to devour you with all their senses

Gemini- dirty talk and a finger up in your butt

Cancer- mommy complex ! Even a hook up feels like love making also lots of titty sucking

Leo- fucks you in public for the sake of getting caught! Will also try to make you feel like royalty

Virgo- sub! Will do literally anything to please you

Libra- always up for it! It breaks their heart if they didn’t make you cum

Scorpio- no for-play! putting everything they have into a sex session

Sagittarius- American psycho sex scene

Capricorn- will make you cum so good you want to marry them

Aquarius- kinkiest! no love making just detached experimenting

Pisces- foot fetish! Will cry while cumming

Let’s Talk About...


(Another headcanon because I’m trash for beautiful CS headcanons. Set after this Underworld mess. Prepare for fluff…As you are probably starting to tell, the #CanWeTalkAboutCaptainSwan project is fluff central) Enjoy, shipmates!!!

It was a perfect August afternoon in Storybrooke. Warm air, featherlight cool breeze. Killian and Emma were taking advantage of the beautiful weather, spending the afternoon outside on the hammock Killian built. Henry was with Regina for the weekend, so it was just the two (well, technically, three) of them. Emma was leaning snugly against Killian’s chest, her head resting against his shoulder. His arms wound protectively around her, coming to rest atop her swollen tummy. She was napping peacefully in his hold, something she did often, these days. He loved when she laid her head against his shoulder, because it made it easy for him to nuzzle his nose into her soft hair, or drop small kisses on her forehead, both of which he was doing now. Suddenly, the sun returned from its hiding place behind a cloud, casting a new blanket of warmth over them. Wanting their little one to enjoy it more, (and also because there was nothing more beautiful to him right now than Emma’s bare tummy) Killian carefully pulled Emma’s shirt upwards, loving the way her creamy skin looked with the sunlight hitting it. He rubbed her belly gently with his fingers, but removed his hooked arm, as he didn’t want the cold metal against her bare skin to wake her. 

He kissed her forehead again, his mind wandering back, as it did almost daily, to when she told him that they were expecting a baby. His heart (although it was only half of a heart) had never felt more full. Emma had gasped and cradled his face when tears formed in his eyes at the news. It was a jarring feeling, having his world, which had revolved solely around Emma, suddenly be revolving around two people. His people. His family. His wife and his child. He loved the sound of all of it, a pure symphony to his ears. 

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Fluffy Fridays—Chapter 90: The Incident on Aisle 9

Fluffy Fridays—Chapter 90: The Incident on Aisle 9

Pairing:  Captain Swan

Rating: T

Summary:  A series of unrelated, fluffy one shots featuring  Killian Jones and Emma Swan and the relationship that makes us all  swoon. Will contain both canon and AU stories. My contribution to  Operation Rainbow Kisses and Unicorn Stickers (aka, my attempt to drown  out the season 4 finale angst with ridiculous levels of fluff.)

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The Incident on Aisle 9

CS Genre: Canon divergence (sort of?) from 6a, post Dark Waters

Emma lifted one eyebrow and looked at the huge bag of grapefruits Killian plopped beside a similar bag of oranges in their shopping cart.  “Killian,” she said, “Just how many people do you think are living in our house?  That’s enough citrus to feed an army!”

Killian shrugged, gesturing vaguely toward the amply-supplied produce section of Storybrooke’s one supermarket, The Three Little Pigs.  “I believe it in our best interest to sufficiently stock up while we’re visiting this establishment.”

Emma sighed, crossing her arms.  “Killian, it’s not like we have to take a two-day covered wagon trip to get to the general store.  The grocery is literally a five minute walk from our house!  I repeat.  Who’s going to eat all that fruit?”

“You, the lad and myself, of course,” Killian said matter-of-factly.  “I’ve no intention of allowing my family to contract scurvy while I have the means to prevent it.”

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One of Eric’s “teams” at work put together a gift bag for baby Hudson. It came with a card signed by them all (and I read every inscription. Aloud. Or at least I tried. Eric’s not the only engineer with deplorable handwriting). As I started pulling goodies out of the bag I exclaimed, “Hey, I registered for these spoons but never got them!”. Then I pull out outlet covers. “Cool, we wanted a box of these!”. Next came one of those mesh bags you stick food in for baby to gnaw on. “Eric, they got us some great stuff that I was wanting!”. At this point Eric pipes up, “Yeah, so apparently we have a registry.”. What a ding dong.

The only surprise item was the ‘Mommy Hook’. It’s a giant carabiner that links all your stuff together onto your stroller or purse. That should be handy!

People are sweet.



A Car Seat for Baby

Author: awesome-daily-quotes

Imagine: Imagine Dean finding out you’re pregnant with his baby, and it turns out to be twins

Word Count: 929

Summary: The reader has been living with Sam and Dean in the bunker for a few years.  Reader and Dean have been married for two years or so.  Reader is pregnant, and comes up with a clever way to tell Dean using his car.  Adorable fluffiness ensues. :)  This will be the first of two one-shots dedicated to this imagine.  The next one will involve the reader and Dean finding out that they are going to have twins.

Warnings: I don’t think there needs to be any warnings, other than intense fluffy cuteness I guess ;)

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