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New Caregiver/Little Group.
Welcoming all Mommy’s, Daddy’s, Littles, Pets, Switches, Sexualities and Genders, etc.
Safe place to make friends.
I keep my members completely safe.
PLEASE, PLEASE, Message me. Or Kik me @ raeenbowxox
If you aren’t messaging me to join, I will block you!
We’re a great group of friends! 🎀


Hey guys
So recently I’ve sent a post advertising my kik group chat called DDLG CLUBHOUSE
The response has wowed me
There’s currently over 35 members in the group, never seen so many ppl in a kik group tbh
Anyway so just to make this clear if you want to join

You have to be 21 and under

Do not contact me if you only want to talk to me (kinda tired of that) unless your an actual prince of a foreign country then maybe I’ll talk to U 😜

You gotta provide the following

And live pic of u and peace sign or u dabbing 😋

Thx for joining my group
Be safe
Have fun!

hey guys, I made a group kik for the dd/lg people around. Littles and all caregivers are all welcome to join, this is a sfw chat and it’s for all sorts of conversation. We love you and we’d love if you’d join! We’re looking for active chatters and we hope you enjoy yourselves! xo #munchkinclub

💛daddies and littles🍼

looking for daddies and littles 18-35 to join my sfw ddlg kik group if your interested in joining just shoot me and message don’t worry i don’t bite..hard😉🌸

🌵looking for daddies🌍

looking for daddies to join our sfw ddlg kik group if you are NOT a fuck boy looking for a hookup send me a message 🙊
18-35 ONLY

Need group chat. Or to help make one.
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b></b> I want to find a group chat specifiaclly for single littles/daddys/mommys. Or i want someone to join me and make one. Im tired of these group chats with couples already i wanna make one for those actually seeking companionship. Of course it will be 18+. You will need a live pic as well to prove you are real. If you would like to help please message me on here or kik. My kik is inutaisho4637. Also if anyone reads this can u please reblog. It would really help others find it and make it easier.<p/></p>
Group chat

Hey guys I’m looking for people to join my group chat!!
If you’re interested text me on kik at elpisstar25 and send a live pic, age and role. The age range is 15-28.
Have a nice day everyone!!💕💕💕💕

BTS REACTION: To finding another member dead because killed themselves when they came home from  the practice

Hello everybody!! How are you?! 

I will post two reactions today, I hope you like all ^^


Rap Monster:

He would perceive that the maknae was a bit unhappy lately, but would belive that was only things of his age, then he wouldn’t matter a lot, children grow up. However after made a cover, Namjoon returned to the dormitory later than the habit and when he arrived there everybody was already sleeping , except one, who was sitting on the sofa, watching any movie on the TV. RapMon would think that he was sleeping too, for that reason he would turn off the television and nudge his friend, trying to wake him up and send him to bed. But touching his shoulder, the body would fall lying, so the leader would turn on the lights, finding Jungkook unconscious with a gun on his lap and an hole bleeding on his head. He would shout, surprised, and run for the body, trying vainly save his dongsaeng.


As the mommy of the group, he would keep his eyes on RapMonster, observing his present mania to spend days training and not doing anything in his personal life. So he would perceive that there is something wrong happening with the leader, but when SeokJin was planning to talk with his dongsaeng, after the practice, he would find the Namjoon’s body fallen on the living room’s floor. And so he would run for the body and check the pulse, before making sure it’s time to call an hospital.


Yoongi would realize that more than never, his hyung, Seokjin, was trying hard to improve his dancing and singing, ignoring the rest of his life including his parents. So, he would decide to talk with his friend, however he would never have time for it. On the floor of his bedroom, someday, Suga would find Jin fallen with a empty little bottle in his hand, and so he would run for the body and try to reanimate his hyung punching his chest and shouting loudly: “STUPID!! HOW DID YOU DO A SHIT LIKE THAT, SON OF A BITCH?!!


Different from what always happened, Suga wasn’t responding so well the Hope’s enthusiasm, wasn’t doing jokes or calling him stupid, he was simply ignoring his dongsaeng as if nothing was happening and it would probably hurt Hoseok, but he wouldn’t say something, after all, Suga was his hyung. But one day, when J-Hope came home, he would hear a strange and dark melody coming of the bedrooms, something like "Gloomy Sunday” he would assume while his forces would be absorbed  for the depressing music. Then he would roam toward the rooms and find the body of Suga hanged by the neck on the ceiling, so HoSeok would fall sitting with his eyes attentive to the scene, with his soil falling and leading him together while his tears would fall freely.


Jimin would be very tired when he returned from the company after a long day of rehearsals, so he wouldn’t turn on the dormitory’s lights, going direct to the bathroom for take a shower. However, in the middle of the way, he would stumble and fall on the top of something. Startled, he would be touching the guilty for his drop trying to discover who or what was that, and when he realized that was an person he would finally turn on the light of his cellphone to sees Hoseok’s face and two medicine’s pots fallen around, so he would scream, waking up everybody in the house.  


He would see the little bathtub filled until the edge and many bottles broken and fallen around so he would approximate of it all and sees Jimin unconscious under the water. Scared, Tae would pull out Jimin and begins to nudge him trying to wake up him, but after some minutes Taehyung would fall sitting beside the body, desperate and not knowing what else to do he would call Jin.


After some hours rolling on the bed, without sleepiness, he would get up and look to other bed on the room perceiving that Taehyung hadn’t arrived from the practice room yet. He would go in direction to the kitchen to get a glass of water, but he would find strange sees a silhouette on the floor, next to the sink. So the maknae would turn on the lights to sees Taehyung fallen with his eyes strangely open, blood freely running down some deep cuts on his stomach and a knife fallen close to his hands what would freeze Jungkook. And speechless, he would stay there, only observing, for a long time, maybe, until someone else found the body.


I’ll be back soon! 

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Taming The Brat Pt.8

And in the spirit of posting tradition I am once again posting yet another chapter I’m not 100% sure on… Okay, fine, I kinda like the smut in this one… A lot-ish.
Anyway, sorry it’s taken a little while, I’ve rewritten this so many times and I don’t think I can make it any better.
Also, I’m sorry if there’s any grammatical/spelling errors, I write on my phone and I’m terrible at spotting them when I’m editing. I hope it isn’t too distracting if there are any and I’ll edit through again a little later to make sure. Anyway, sorry for rambling, and I hope y'all enjoy ^^

Lil Disclaimer
Genre: Angst/Smut/Nora’s AU
Requested: Sort of
Warnings: NSFW, 18+ Content, long af as always, crude af, swearing, pretty big time skip, roughish sex, BDSM themes, D/s relationship setup, Daddy kink

Pt.1 | Pt.2 | Pt.3 | Pt.4 | Pt.5 | Pt.5.5 | Pt.6 | Pt.7 | Pt.8 | Pt.9.1 | Pt.9.2 | Pt.10

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At many points during pregnancy and throughout the stages of raising an infant, there will come many periods during a parents journey when numerous self appointed experts will come out of the woodworks to offer them copious amounts of varied and vast advice they’ll soon realise they never actually asked for, nor do they want. Luckily enough, along the way it gets relatively simple to sift out the worthwhile advice from the busy body, and one of the few people I now willingly accept advice from is my own mother. Though I’ll admit, I haven’t blindly followed along with everything she’s suggested, but I’m of the opinion that what she doesn’t know I’m not doing won’t hurt her.
One of her many recommendations I am glad I agreed to take up though, happens to be yoga and meditation.
Okay, technically my mom recommended Pilates, but all that extra apparatus didn’t exactly speak to me on a lazy ass soul level, so I opted for the version where all I need is my living room floor and a yoga mat. It’s great exercise, for both the body and the mind. I too, would recommend it to anyone. The thing I love about it though, aside from the whole healthy benefits malarkey, is how much it relaxes me. Almost always to the point where I end up falling asleep on the floor. According to my mom, this isn’t exactly the objective, but it’s been working great for me so I see no reason to fix my technique. Besides, it’s not like I fall asleep every time. Some days I force myself to stay awake and actually go through some of the steps. The only catch is that when I’m forcing myself to remain upright, I cant switch off my brain, and I often find it wandering. Today, my little family, asleep on the couch to the side of me, is what has my full focus.

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