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Morning Workout w/ Lola Bunny 🏃🏽‍♀️

Had a crazy workout this morning with this baddie @forthalola​ 😍. Since we both did gymnastics we wanted to brush up a little bit. We were working out inside the gym but of course some guys kept interrupting us so we went outside. I’m not sure who pushed who the hardest but SHEESH! I actually took an ice bath when I got home 😩! I’m looking forward to the next session Lola Bunny…

anonymous asked:

Its kind of hard to find mommy and little blogs, and so I'm really glad this one exists. Its really cute and you're doing a great job ❤

Thank you so much ! I have only come across a couple myself so I’m glad I have a fairly well known one 😊 I hope you guys always like it

Tips For Chubby Littles 💓

* it’s okay to sit on daddy/ mommy’s lap. Just because you have tummy roles doesn’t make you different thann a skinny little.
* Be confident if you finally found something sexy that fit you and you want to show daddy/mommy.
* Daddy/mommy love you no matter what size you are. Trust their words.
* Wear what you like because YOU like it. If you wanna wear a cropped top and a short skirt, by all means. Go ahead.
* When sending a sexy pic (safely of course!!) to daddy/mommy, don’t be afraid to sit in whichever position your comfortable in.- meaning if you can’t get your whole self without showing your chub, don’t be afraid. Daddy/mommy loves all of you.
* Your not the only chubby little out there. There are plenty of others.
* Just because you don’t fit into sexy outfits does not mean anything. It just means you have to buy a bigger size. That’s it. Not because your fat- your not!
* Stretch marks are completely NATURAL. do not be afraid to show those tiger stripes/ lightning bolts off!

Little Speech Translations For Frustrated Caregivers

Yesh - Yes

Mmmph! (with a nod) -Yes

Nuuuu - No

Mmmph! (with arms crossed) - No

Dat? - What is that?

Dis -This, please

Nnnn - A sound of frustration. Starting holding out random items until they nod.

Giggles - Are you in the room? Why are you not in the room? Get in there and bring a towel or broom.

High pitched giggles - Disney movie.

Silence - They napping? No? See “Giggles”.

Crying - Good luck.

Daddeeee/Mummmeeee - I saw something online that I really want.

Daaaddeee/Muuummeeee- Storytime.

Random sounds spoken around a paci - No idea… Hold out stuffies until placated.

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I just wanna be called

Kitten 🐱
Baby girl
Princess 👸
Cute stuff
Cutie pie
Love ❤️
Little one
Baby doll
Pookie 😂
Little sweet
Little lady
Little girl

Daddy To The Rescue

Little: *stading on a chair trying to reach her candy*
Little: *slips and falls on the floor* DADDYYYY!!!!!
Daddy: *drops everything and runs to his princess* Baby what are yo- oh Kitten. *notices the scab on her knee*
Little: *tears streaming down her face* I-Im sowwy Daddy, I kn-n-now you said I-I couldn’t have candy but I just wanted a pi-ece and-and then I fell. I’m so-orry I-
Daddy: *crouches down in front of her* Shh baby it’s okay come here. *kisses her knee and forehead* I’m not mad, I promise.
Little: But I-I didn’t listen to you please don’t b-be mad at me.
Daddy: I’m not mad, Baby. I just wish you would’ve called me first, that’s all. I can’t have my baby getting hurt.
Little: *continues crying*
Daddy: *picks her up bridal style and carried her to the bedroom* Stay Here.
Daddy: *comes back with a first aid kit and a juice pouch* Now, Baby, I don’t ever want you to do that again. Okay? It’s very dangerous and it’s my job to protect you. *cleans and places a Disney Princess band-aid over her cut*
Daddy: Here drink this.
Little: ….daddyyy…
Daddy: Hey cheer up Buttercup, everything’s going to be okay, I promise. *kisses her forehead*