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Be a Good Boy

Member: JungKook // BTS

Genre: Smut, Romance

Short Summary:  A submissive/masochistic JungKook having a choking kink + there’s mommy kink, as well as orgasm denial (courtesy of @koneko14 ) and I don’t know where that came from ;-0

A/N: I’ll be waiting for my compensation for this ;-) @koneko14

Words: 1.3k

/ PT.1 // PT.2 /

“Jeon JeongGuk, if you don’t keep your hands to yourself, I swear to God that I will make you immobile.” She growled, warning in her tone as her eyes narrowed in onto the man whom she spoke to.

To her further aggravation, he was smirking with satisfaction of her annoyance, and she cursed quietly as his hips puckered up with his hands suddenly gripping her waist and pushing her down.

Since she was supposed to be the one leading that day, she was not going to put with his assertions in no shape or form and so she stopped herself from riding his dick, pushing his broad self into the bed and getting off, walking around the bed and leaning over to reach the black box under. “Are you serious?” JungKook’s voice stammered for a second, before a nervous chuckle escaped his lips.

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Smart Cookies - Part 1 (Jughead x reader)

Things have been going well for you and your boyfriend Jughead, you’ve been together for almost 6 months. You’re ready to move forward and you both think it’s time to become intimate. However with Jughead living at the Andrews and your parents working from home and an annoying little sister to deal with, the conditions are far from ideal.

Characters: Jughead x reader


Originally posted by marorra

Y/n and Jughead lay together, her head on his chest, he played with her y/h/c hair as they binged yet another series. This had become their Sunday routine, Jughead would appear at y/n’s window bang on 1pm and she’d be ready with snacks and Netflix. Y/n felt safest with Jughead, in their little bubble. After a couple of hours, the screen was neglected in favour of conversation. They would talk about everything, from their futures, the case to what had happened at school that week. As Jughead spoke of his dreams to publish his novel, y/n laced her fingers into his. He squeezed lightly, it was Jughead’s way of saying he approved. Y/n told him how she was confused about college, every word came out in a melancholic tone.

‘Hey y/n, it’s going to be okay. The future is a million miles away. I don’t want you jetting off just yet. Stay in the now with me.’ Jughead always knew what to say to cheer her up.

‘What would I do without you?’ Y/n chirped. She put her lips to his and lingered in a gentle kiss.

‘Well not this.’ Jughead grabbed y/n by the waist and flipped her over so she was underneath him. He started to litter her neck with small pecks and then planted a big sloppy one on her lips.

‘Get off!’ She giggled.

‘What? Do you not like that?’ Jughead smirked back. They smiled at each other, glint in both their eyes. Jughead’s smile softened, changing to a slight frown.

‘I wish we could –‘

‘Mommy, mommy! Y/n has a boy in her room.’ Y/n’s delightful little sister interrupted. Jughead’s cheeks flushed and he immediately scrambled off Y/n. Unfortunately this was not the first time this had happened.

‘Get out you little brat!’ y/n shouted throwing a pillow in her direction, narrowly missing. Y/n’s sister stuck her tongue out at the couple, Jughead responded back the same, equally as childish, before she ran off.

‘And that’s why we can never go further’ Jughead sighed. Y/n hated seeing him so frustrated. With her parents working at home and an annoying little sister to deal with, there was zero privacy at her house.

‘I’m sorry Jug, you know I hate this as much as you’ she reached out and placed her hand on his. He looked up and gave a slight smile.

‘It’s not your fault. At least we hadn’t gotten any further like the time Archie walked in on us.’ He chuckled. She gave him a quick death stare as her cheeks turned a shade pinker. Archie couldn’t look her in the eyes for a week after seeing her in just her underwear.

‘Not funny.’ She piped up.

‘I’m sorry but it was a little.’ Jughead replied. Still sat on the bed, he turned to face Y/n and took her hands.

‘I really like you y/n. You know I take this stuff seriously. I just really wish we could have some privacy, so I could make it special. I want to show you how much I’m falling for you.’ He laid a single kiss on y/n’s forehead. She melted at his touch, the hairs of her neck stood up. She could tell every word was sincere.

‘Look, we’re smart cookies Jughead. We can put our heads together and work it out. Plan?’ Y/n was determined to get them out of this funk.

‘Okay, plan.’ Jughead grinned. She leaned in and placed a purposeful kiss on his lips.

‘Now did you mention cookies?’ Y/n laughed at her boyfriend.

‘Oh Jughead, how did I get so lucky?’ 

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Hi! This may sounds weird but I just read your fic about Jughead leaving and the baby being there, I was wondering if you could maybe make a second one to it? Idk it seemed interesting but it's up to you

Okay! Part 1: !

She’d been up all night, the bags under her eyes were a sure sign that she hadn’t gotten a second of sleep last night. A few of her regular customers regarded her with concerned glances which she quickly shook off, Simply stating

“My son had a nightmare, he’s only two so I had a hard time getting him to go back to bed, I’m really fine though. Thankyou!”

Hunter was perched on the counter beside her, scribbling in his coloring book, desperate to stay in the lines, no matter how difficult it was for his tiny little hands.

“You’re doing good baby, I love how you made the elephant purple.” Betty smiled encouragingly, as she tied a wedding bouquet with lace.

Hunter looked up and grinned a gummy smile, his teeth were finally starting to come in fully and he loved to show off the new additions.

The bell to the shop jingled and Betty looked up with a smile, her eyes instantly softening when she spotted one of her oldest friends.

“Kevin Keller, what on earth are you doing here? I thought you were spending spring break in the Bahamas?” Betty grinned, coming around the cabinet and wrapping her arms around the tall boy.

“Plans changed, apparently Joaquin has some business to attend to on the Southside.” He rolled his eyes “and Veronica may have texted me that a certain someone has decided to reappear” kevin placed an arm on Betty’s shoulder and squeezed

Betty sighed, slumping against the counter and glancing at Hunter

“I don’t know why he’s Back. I don’t know how to feel, part of me wishes he would just leave, Hunters is beginning to understand his surroundings and I don’t want him anymore confused. But then.. I’m happy he’s okay, I’m happy he’s here because that means he’s alive.. you know a little part of me always wondered… I don’t know.” She sighed miserably and Kevin nodded his head and walked over to the toddler, picking him up and dropping a kiss to his cheek.

“Well, no matter what, you have to remember, no matter what he’s done, he did give you this little guy. And that in itself is something to think about.”

Leave it to Kevin to play devils advocate.

Handing off the baby, Kevin smiled.
“Tonight Pop Tate’s? Let Alice have Hunter for the night, we’ll get the gang back together. Milkshakes and burgers? You could use some fattening up, you’re looking skinnier than ever.”

Betty laughed as Kevin lifted her top, tickling hunters toes.

“Its just all the running after this one, I hardly have time to eat.” She laughed, Walking Kevin to the door. “I’ll see you tonight, a night out sounds great.” Kevin kissed both Hunter and Betty on the cheeks before heading out the door with a dramatic wave.

“You’re uncle Kevin’s crazy.” Betty laughed, placing Hunter back on the counter.

“Crazy” the blue eyed little boy rolled his eyes, imitating his mother.

Betty narrowed her eyes playfully
“Now don’t you go copying me you silly little munchkin. Do as I say not as I do.” She tickled his ribs and smiled as he squealed in delight, the bells went off again and Betty turned around , figuring it was Kevin, she grabbed Hunter, her fingers still tickling as he laughed loudly

“Did you forget something?” She turned fully, her eyes going wide when she realized it wasn’t Kevin.

“Yeah. I did” Jughead Jones stated, his hair a mess and his flannel top unbuttoned slightly, revealing his tight white tank top underneath, she noticed he had matching bags under his eyes and his shoelaces were undone.

“What are you doing here?” Betty gripped Hunter protectively and he instantly tensed up, his eyes watering, the poor little boy always got stressed when his mother did.

“I needed to see you. I needed to see.. I just.. I have to explain.” Jughead mumbled, his eyes glued on hers, occasionally shifting to the little replica of himself

Betty turned her attention to Hunter
“It’s okay lovebug, mommies fine. Look.” She stuck her tongue out playfully and the little boy relaxed slightly, his fingers coming up to poke her tongue. Jughead watched the interaction his heart aching severely, he always knew Betty would make an amazing mother, he used to spend nights thinking about it.

Betty placed the little boy on the counter and held out a blue marker, lifting it over her head so he had to reach, casing Hunter to giggle and grab at it.

Betty walked towards Jughead, leading him away from their son and into a corner, still in sight of Hunter but far enough so he wouldn’t hear.

“I don’t want to hear your explanations, I told you before, we’re fine and we don’t need you. You don’t get to come in here after three years and act like you care. Okay, you’ve seen him, you know he exists now do what you do best. Run.” Betty crossed her arms over her chest, her eyes distant as she looked away from him.

“I didn’t know Betty, there’s so much you don’t know, so much I want to tell you. I didn’t want to leave you, that’s the last thing I wanted to do. But I had no choice, you have to understand, it wasn’t safe for you and especially since you were pregnant. I would have come back sooner if I had known, but I thought you would be better off without me.” His eyes were pleading and he reached his fingers out to cup her chin.

“You could have called. Sent a message. If you really cared, you would have found a way. You would have come back for me. But you didn’t. I raised him on my own, I still am.” Her lips trembled and he felt his heart pounding in his chest.

“I know I can never get back what I’ve lost, I know you can never forgive me but maybe if you let me explain, maybe you could understand?.” He asked, praying to whatever god was up there.

Betty took a deep breath, moving her face from his hand
“Okay.” She whispered.

Jugheads eyes widened and he felt the whispy felling of hope blooming in his stomach.
“Okay?” He asked

Betty nodded nervously
“You can meet me tonight at 6 at Pops, everyone else will be coming at 7 but if you wanna talk..” she trailed off and he nodded enthusiastically

“I’ll be there at 5.” He said determined, reminding her so much of their son.

“I said 6.” The tiny smile crept through slightly.

“I’ll be there at five” he said finally.

Suddenly a little hand was tugging at the light blue dress Betty had on, looking down she smiled and picked up Hunter

“What’s the matter baby?”

The little boy had his eyes locked on Jughead and Jughead wasn’t taking his eyes off of his son

“I say hello.” Hunter smiled, stumbling on the word hello.

Jughead looked to Betty for approval and she shrugged, giving him the go.

“Hi buddy, it’s nice to meet you.” He gripped the hand that the matching boy was holding out, revelling in the soft baby skin

“Nice to meet you.” Hunter mimicked, looking to his mother and grinning.

Jughead laughed, the toddler was smart and handsome and polite. His stomach hurt for a second as he thought of everything he had missed. But looking down at Betty and Hunter, he knew one thing for sure

He was getting his family back.

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Can I have some HC of Amy as a captain and Jake being v supportive of course. Please and thank you!

references to maya and benji are with kind permission from their wonderous creator @phil-the-stone ,@ the anon who requested parenting hcs they are coming!! anyhoops here are some of my thoughts on my lady doing #that and being a captain i tried to think of as many as i could:

  • being a captain is Binder Heaven; there are So many things to be organised and co-ordinated! this is the first time in Amy’s entire career that she’s had an office to herself and she Loves to brag about it to anyone who will listen “no one cares, ames” says gina, but not very convincingly
    • amy’s desk boasts many a framed photo of her and Jake on their wedding day/when they defeated the vulture/her babies/the og 99 squad
  • sometimes it’s Too Much to organise and co-ordinate everything and Amy gets super duper stressed out, so it’s extremely lucky that she married one of the chillest people she’s ever known. jake takes great pride in that title and the minute he hears her stressy voice he’s on hand running her a bath/ massaging her feet as they watch tv/ planning a date night to an art gallery to take her mind off things
  • it’s routine that jake picks up the kiddos from school/nursery which only makes the occasions where mommy joins him in her captain’s uniform more exciting
    • benji is def a mama’s boy and will shout “MOMMY!” when he sees her at the doorway and run into her arms. she’ll hoist him on to her hip and laugh when he buries his face in her neck and refuses to move from this position until they get to the car
  • late at night when jake’s absentmindedly running his fingers through her hair while she’s cuddled up to his boxer clad self - because being a captain hasn’t changed the fact that she’s literally always cold - amy will admit her feelings of guilt vis a vis dividing her attention between work and her family. jake listens to her worries intently but then proceeds to remind her that, as the youngest captain of the nypd with young bebes, she has inaugurated her very own superhero category of wonder woman/mom/captain/wife/genius
    • he also tells her that he frequently regales maya and benji stories of how mommy’s a superhero and spares her no detail in how their eyes light up in awe every time
    • he slips benji’s very artistic drawing of “Mommy saving New York City from the Bad Guys” into her handbag one day before work for her to discover and maybe cry about later
  • rosa is amy’s sergeant and running their precinct is just the first step in eventually taking over the world together, honestly name a more iconic duo
  • as much as jake loves to watch his wife get undressed, he can’t think of anything sexier than watching her put on her captain’s uniform from their bed in the morning
    • well apart from maybe amy straddling his lap and making out with him on the couch in her captain’s uniform after she comes home from work
    • and what happens after that when they take it to the bedroom
  • amy “fun but not too fun” santiago of course allows Shannanigans of the jimmy jab variety to occasionally happen at her precinct; the extent of her competitiveness never fails to amaze her squad
  • jake seizes the opportunity to get to know kevin better because “kev, both our spouses are captains now, we have so much in common we’re practically the same person!” “are we really”
  • gina gifts amy the extensive Classified Intel that she’s compiled over the years from her various networks in how to improve the efficiency of a precinct/the flaws and leadership methods of other nypd captains/ the best cookie recipe to give her a headstart in Succeeding at this captaining business
  • basically under captain amy santiago the 99 is the most efficient, well run, successful precinct in brooklyn, nay the city, and jake’s so proud of her and also i am so proud of her goodbye
The Penrose Triangle

Part 1

The meaning of the word soulmate had apparently changed a lot over the years. At least, that’s what Spencer Reid had learned from his extensive studies. He was always an interested child. Interested in everything from why The Doctor was named so (still never stated, much to his dismay) to the possibility of genetic mutations leading to superpowers (apparently not possible, so there went his dream of becoming the next Professor X) to was there a God (in Spencer’s mind, there were either a ton of them, or none at all – it didn’t matter, he just wanted to have his ashes put into one of those biodegradable urns so he could grow into a tree). Knowledge was his food, and he sought it out like his next breath, so when he was young and saw the people around him walking about with words on their arms, he wanted to know what it all meant. 

“Those are the first words their soulmate spoke to them, or will speak to them,” his mother had said. That’s was how it worked. Once your soulmate was in “your path” a set of words appeared on your skin – and those were the words they’d speak to you. Some people had such a banal and everyday word that you actually couldn’t tell who your soulmate was, others had spoilers from what would be their favorite book or television show (WHAT DO YOU MEAN SNAPE KILLED DUMBLEDORE?!) and others would have such a distinct set of words strung together that they’d know their soulmate the second they heard the words leave their lips.

The word soulmate had changed so much over the course of history. Spencer had learned that in Plato’s Symposium, written in 885-830 BCE, Aristophanes told Socrates that human beings used to have four arms, four legs and two faces, and that they were happy and complete. Though Spencer knew that wasn’t scientifically possible, he enjoyed the history of the word just the same. Apparently Zeus had been jealous of how content humans had been, so he split them in two with his thunderbolt and doomed humanity to searching for their “other half.” The idea had been with humanity ever since.

“The word was actually first recorded in a letter written by Samuel Taylor Coleridge,” Diana had told him. “At that point, the word referred to a lover, but that’s not necessarily the case anymore.” She smiled, looking at the word on her own arm.

Over the decades since the word was first recorded, soulmate became a word that tended to have as many different meanings as there were snowflakes in a storm. That is to say, everyone that used it defined the word differently, and in doing so the words that appeared on one’s arm didn’t necessarily belong to a future romantic partner.

The word soulmate was used by most, but for those that needed to differentiate between a romantic or sexual relationship, and everything else, the idea of a soul companion came into being. But the words on one’s arm referred could refer to either. The more Spencer thought about, the more he believed that this was evolution’s way of ensuring that everyone ended up with words to look forward to, because so many that hadn’t had that experience became isolated and depressed. Basically, it was science’s way of ensuring human happiness. 

As a child, Spencer wasn’t a people person, but when it came to those mysterious words – the words that could make some people ecstatic and others cry – he paid attention to others. Some people had multiple sets of words over a lifetime. Others never got them at all (though that was rare nowadays). Some ended up realizing that the words belonged to a best friend, who they could never imagine living without and others only had one set of words their entire life. Further still, some people could have multiple sets of words at once, and others, like his mother, had only one word.


Diana Reid’s arm read “bubble.”

When her son was young, he’d asked her how his father (who’d since walked out of their lives) said the word bubble to her. He’d been under the impression before his mother told him so, that those words responded to people who were in love with each other. “That wasn’t your father’s first word to me. It was yours.”

“Mine?” The young Spencer had asked.

“Yes, my sweet boy,” she’d said, bending down to kiss his forehead. “Although you said mama and dada first, the first time you spoke to me, you pointed to a bubble, looked at me, and said bubble. That’s when I learned that soulmate or soul companion didn’t just refer to people who were in love with each other but to people that loved each other too. To the ends of the earth.”

“So I’m your soul companion, mommy?” The little boy was so inquisitive it warmed her heart. There was no other being on this planet she’d give the world for – if that wasn’t the meaning of soul companion or soulmate, then what was?

Diana Reid took her son into her arms. She and his father had been having issues lately, but he gave her Spencer, and for that, she would be eternally grateful.  “Yes you are, Spencer. The only one in the world I would give my life for.”


Hello, Dr. Reid? I’ve taken a look at your scans and I think I’ve come up with a treatment that can finally alleviate your pain. 

Those were the words. At the age of 25 they showed up on his arm – no indication of when they’d be spoken, no indication of who would speak them – just the fairly long “opening lines” of the person who would play opposite his lead.

Being who he was, the instant they’d shown up on his arm, he’d tried to dissect them, which only sent him further into a panic. Pain? He didn’t like pain. He wasn’t good with pain. Was he going to be dying? Why was he going to be in pain? After perseverating over the words for weeks on end, he allowed the concern to fade into the back of his mind, though it was always there lurking.

Though of course his teammates didn’t fail to point out the grim nature of his words when they’d popped up on his arm – that was after the shock of finding out Spencer had “received” his words from the universe. Spencer had been surprised himself, wondering if he’d ever have that kind of soulmate. He already felt like he had several; he worked with them.

He loved them, but dammit if they weren’t trying as all hell. “Isn’t it driving you bonkers not to know what the pain is referring to?” Garcia kept asking.

Morgan agreed, slapping him on the shoulder. “It would eat me alive inside.”

“Me too.”

“Me too.

“Yea, definitely.”

“Of course it drives me insane!” he’d ended up screaming. “I have to deal with the fact that I’m going to be in pain and I don’t know why! Do you know how hard it is for me to not know why? For anything? For everything?” Spencer rarely yelled, whether it be in anger or otherwise, so when he did, it took those around him by surprise.

After a few moments of silence, Rossi had to go and open his mouth. “You? Dr. Spencer Reid? You don’t feel comfortable not knowing everything? Noooooo…”

Then, three years later, came the migraines. The agonizing splitting of his head that he couldn’t control and couldn’t correct no matter how hard he tried. He didn’t get them often at first, but the became more frequent and greater in intensity as the months wore on: it was to the point that he’d wear sunglasses on cases, he’d wear noise cancelling headphones on flights, and on rare occasion, he’d even have to run to the bathroom to throw up from the pain. It was getting ridiculous. It was getting in the way of him being able to do his job to the best of his ability – there were very few things he hated more than that.

It had to stop.

He had to find a way to make them stop.

After doing a plethora of research, Spencer had a variety of scans done on his brain. It was his most valuable asset in his opinion so if something was happening to it, he needed to take care of it. He had CT scans, MRIs, magnetic resonance spectroscopy, single photon emission computerized tomography, magnetoencephalography…if it might have helped, he had it done, and finally…almost a year and a half after most of his tests, he had an answer.

And those words.

Hello, Dr. Reid? I’ve taken a look at your scans and I think I’ve come up with a treatment that can finally alleviate your pain. Call me back and I can give you a recommendation on how to proceed.

When he listened to the message, he was stunned by the words. They’d been sitting on his arm for a few years at this point, so they’d stayed hidden in the back of his mind. This was his soulmate – Dr. Maeve Donovan. He was completely flabbergasted; he’d thought it was a long shot that she’d be able to help him. She was a geneticist, so the only options she’d be able to offer were very aggressive vitamin treatments.

The second he’d heard her voice, a warmth spread over him. Her voice was soft and comforting – a lot like his own. For the first few moments of their initial phone call, he’d spaced out a bit, taking in the sweetness of her sound. He wasn’t sure in what capacity she would end up being his soulmate, but he instantly wanted to know more about her. “I think an aggressive regimen of B2 vitamins and magnesium could really help your migraines, Dr. Reid.”

“Thank you,” he stuttered. “I’ll start taking them tomorrow and see if that helps.” Her soft laugh made him smile.

After a few moments on the phone, silence hanging fairly comfortably between them, she spoke. “Umm Dr. Reid, I know this might sound weird considering we’re doing this over the phone rather than seeing each other in person, but the words on my arm…they’re yours.”

“I know,” he replied. He’d never felt these kinds of butterflies before. It didn’t matter what she looked like; she was already the most beautiful woman in the world to him. “The message you left on my voicemail is on my arm.”

That had been the start of their relationship. The whole situation was less than ideal, considering she believed she had a stalker, and in Spencer’s professional opinion she without a doubt had one, but for the first few months they avoided talk of her stalker and his past, instead choosing to learn about each other through the ramblings of the self-proclaimed introverts. They’d talked about everything from the works of Sherlock Holmes, the flaws in Einstein’s theory of Relativity, to the Penrose Triangle. He specifically remembered her telling him a cheesy joke about it, but he’d laughed. Because that’s something he would’ve said. It was when he knew she was the one himself regardless of the words on his arm. “Every Penrose triangle has its thorns.”

Eventually, after they got to know each other more, Spencer wanted more than anything to meet her in person, but she refused to leave the house. Basically she’d burned her identity off the map, worked from home for a genetics lab nearby, and was constantly afraid for her life. On multiple occasions, he’d asked if he could help her. They’d talked so much about their jobs in recent months; he could help her. He wanted to help her, and the team would have no issues helping her, especially if it meant that one of their best friends could finally meet his soulmate face-to-face.

Then she’d said those words. He’d asked her again if he could help her; she wouldn’t have to live in fear anymore.

“I don’t want him to hurt you.” The break in her voice nearly broke him too. She was so scared. But now it wasn’t for herself, but him. “If he knew about you,” she cried, “If he knew about you, and he hurt you…I don’t…”

And that was one of the last things she ever said to him. They weren’t the last, but they were the ones that were burned into his mind.

When they’d finally figured it out, that Diane was the stalker and not Bobby Putnam, it had been too late. Bobby had been shot and killed and Maeve was left alone in the warehouse with that psycho. Diane was exceptionally smart, but she didn’t get the recognition she felt she so richly deserved, so she’d developed an unhealthy obsession with obtaining everything Maeve ever had – including him. Diane wanted Maeve to “see” her, and once Spencer had walked into her life, she wanted to take him away from her too.

He’d offered Diane a deal. “Me for her.” He’d done absolutely everything in his power to convince Diane that he loved her and not Maeve – anything he could possibly think of to save the woman he loved and had so little time with. 100.5 days. That was it. He was so afraid that’s all he’d ever have, and no matter what he tried, he knew the moments were numbered. As he continued to try in vain to get Diane to let Maeve go, his mind was working overtime, memorizing the light blush of her skin, the color of eyes and the flecks in them, the soft brown hair that cascaded beautifully around her shoulders. She was everything he could’ve ever imagined and more – and then she’d said those words. The ones that told him their time was almost up.

“Thomas Merton,” Maeve said, her eyes heavy with tears as she took in every curve and every line of Spencer’s face. She was at her end. She knew it and by the look in his eyes, so did he, thought he tried…he was trying so hard.

Diane’s head snapped between the two, desperate for an answer she would never have. Diane knew everything about everyone in that circle and it was killing her not to know. “Who’s Thomas Merton?” she asked frantically.

“He knows,” Maeve breathed. “He knows.”

Diane repeated herself, the tears streaming down her face as Spencer saw the situation for what it was – a twister on the war path. “Who’s Thomas Merton?”

“He’s the one thing you can never take from us,” Maeve replied. Despite the gun at her head, there was a smile in her eyes. There was something Diane would never know – no matter how hard she tried.

“No.” Diane lifted the gun to the side of her head, her own flush with Maeve’s, and pulled the trigger. The two collapsed to the floor, the blood pooling around them and seeping into their clothes. In an instant, Spencer dropped to the floor, the bones in his knees vibrating with the force of his fall. And he sobbed. He sobbed until his throat was raw and his eyes were dry.

There was nothing left.

Life moved around him. Agents flying in and out of the warehouse and gathering evidence as Spencer remained on the floor. In his haze, a small pool of tears had puddled by his knee, soaking into the pant leg and chilling him to the bone.

Maeve’s body had been moved. Her body…like she was just a thing now. Not a person. Not the love of his life. The soulmate ordained by the universe. She was gone. He’d seen the beauty of her face for a brief 4 minutes and 13 seconds.

“Spence.” He heard someone, but he didn’t have the strength to move his head. It had to be JJ; she was the only one that called him Spence. “Spence, it’s me. JJ.” He felt a piece of fabric envelop his shoulders, but it did nothing to warm the chill inside him – it was radiating. “We’re going to take you home.”

Three months of letters. Just over 100 days of correspondence. Why was the universe so cruel? What had he done in his life to deserve so little time with the woman who’d spoken so effortlessly with him?

His head must’ve fallen into the window of the car, because his teammates attempted to use it as an opportunity to say they were sorry. “Reid,” Morgan started. “I’m so-“

“Don’t.” It was one punctuated word, but nothing more needed to be said. Morgan turned, attempting not to be hurt by Spencer’s curtness. He couldn’t even imagine what was running through his mind.

When they got to his apartment, Morgan, JJ and Blake walked him upstairs. Morgan looked around for some water to leave by his side. JJ picked up a blanket and set it over his body as he lay on the couch and stared directly into the wall, and Blake put his bag right next to the leg of the table in front of the couch.

The door clicked closed behind them without another word. Apparently, they’d gone back to the Bureau, because that’s where his bag was. As if it was a cruel joke, the bag tipped over, The Narrative of John Smith falling out from underneath the leather.

He reached over for the book, wanting to throw it across the room and hopefully collapse the universe. What had it ever done for him?

That’s when he noticed. Where before there was a grouping of 25 words, slightly raised, in what looked like black ink, there was now a blank canvas. The words he’d waited so long for were gone. “No…” he breathed, new tears springing to his eyes. How was there anything left? He picked up his knees and curled into himself, a new fountain of tears falling onto a now blank patch of skin.

The words had faded away.

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•Mommy can read a book and hold her Little Boy while he plays his video games
•Mommy can make a bed full of pillows, blankets, and stuffies invite your Little Boy to join you in a marvel movie marathon and enjoy all the snuggles
•Mommy can play hide and seek with her Little Boy
•Mommy can read a book to her Little Boy
•Mommy can help build a fort with her Little Boy
•Mommy can make a treasure hunt for her Little Boy (bonus if the prize is their favourite snacks, movies, and toy)
•Mommy can have a water fight with her Little Boy on a hot day
•Mommy can take her Little Boy to star gaze and make up names for the stars
•Mommy can have a dance party with your Little Boy

Earning Forgiveness; Tiffany Smut

Character: Tiffany Hwang
Word Count: 1255
Summary: Mommy Tiffany doesn’t like when her Little misbehaves; especially not during such an important event.

a/n: good golly do I love mommy kink smut. I combined both requests as they were so similar, I hope that’s okay!! and I hope you enjoy, anons ;)

warning/s: not much tbh, just mommy kink?? oh and smut haha

Originally posted by aprils-end

“You misbehaved tonight, didn’t you?”

“Yes, Mommy.”

“Tell Mommy what you did, so I know you understand how you were bold.”

A pale pink dress hugs her curves in all the right places, although in all honestly, Tiffany’s body had no bad places. The artificial lighting of the bathroom glinted off her fine jewelry, making her diamond earrings, necklace and rings glint extravagantly. Those items were gifts, as a thank you for her being the face of an up and coming new Korean brand. Tonight was another thank you; a dinner in a classy restaurant. Only the best for their beautiful model.

“I played with you under the table,” you admit, looking away like a sulking child. You were sat on the toilet, pouting, while Tiffany towered over you and made you feel small. She looked somehow regal, in the claustrophobic bathroom stall. It was something that only Tiffany could pull off.

“Doing what, exactly?” she hisses.

“Touching your clit.”

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Always Loved You: One Shot

Why hello there! It me! I have come to give you a teacher/single mother au! Have fun kiddos!

She sat at a table, a glass of red wine in front of her. Her hair was pinned into a bun, her bangs straightened perfectly and her blue eyes staring into nothingness. She wore a black dress, the end resting against her knees. She was beautiful, even in mourning she was beautiful. Even in the grey lighting from the rain outside, Marinette was still beautiful.

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Nanny Daycare

Originally posted by love-buckybarnes

Summary: Y/N is a single mother who is struggling to find a nanny for his son, until he meets Bucky Barnes.

A/N: Since you guys loved the kid in Fixing the Broken, I decided to write another one. Also, please donate to my paypal for my tuition .

‘’MOOOOOOOOM!’’ your 5 year old yelled from inside of his room while you struggled to put on pants.

‘’Just get dressed AJ, I’m gonna go meet your nanny,’’ you yelled back and heard a muffled ‘okay’. Being a working single mother was hard and you just could not deal with everything by yourself. After months and months of research and many interviews with many, you finally listened your colleagues Steve and gave his friend Bucky a chance. You didn’t know him but you would trust Steve with your life so you decided to try and see for yourself.

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Part two

Author: admin Jazzi

⚠️ warning ⚠️: Smut

Word count: 1.5k

Did Jungkook always have a mommy kink?

Jungguk didn’t know he had that kink at all. He always thought of himself as dominant. But it was revealed to him around a year of dating. During a period they call the “promotion”
Kris had always made more money than him; but not nearly enough for either of them to known as the “breadwinner”. For a while Kris was just an office temp. Working jobs for a few days and then the “promotion” she had a steady job that paid so much.
She started buying him gifts.

Hoseok jokingly called Kris, Guk’s suga mama.

At first it wasn’t like that. She just paid rent, bought him little gifts every now and again. But then, she had savings, a lot. She saved enough to buy a house…two actually.

It took two and a half years; but after the second one was paid for she rented it out to Yoongi and Hoseok, which was extra money.

She was providing for Jungguk and her only condition was that he focused on his music (and didn’t make a mess of their house).
Jungkook was in a musical group with Hoseok, Yoongi, Namjoon and three other boys who joined them, through the advice of their manager.

Kris worked nights, at first Guk would wait up for her; but after a while he began getting small gigs at night, so the house was empty most nights.

That’s all Jungguk was responsible for. Focusing on his music and loving Kris.

But the mommy kink came up in the most random situation.

They were sitting on the couch. Kris was online shopping, and Guk laid with his head on her lap, reading a manga she bought him that day.

Glancing up from his book and at Kris’ phone he saw her looking at an iron man figurine. It was expensive; but he KNEW that wasn’t a problem for her at all.

“Is that for me.” He looked up at her with big sparkling eyes.

Kris gently patted him on the head. “If you’re a good boy mommy will buy you anything you want.” She winked at him.

For some reason Guk choked. He bit his lip, sat his book on the coffee table and sat up.

They looked at each other. Guk licked his lips.

“How do I be a good boy?” He asked. It clicked in him that fast. She had been taking care of him for three years but they have yet to have this moment….where he earns what he wants by pleasing Kris.
Maybe it was thought of being praised for making her feel good; but he wanted to so bad. He wanted to be a good boy.
To be honest…Guk was never as dominant in bed as he could have been. He wasn’t a complete sub but he listened to her well. He did just what she asked of him and it was great for the both of them.
Yes she’d tell him how amazing the sex was; but he wanted to be a good boy…for mommy.

As he sat there staring into his girlfriend’s eyes. He thought about it. Every time Hoseok would call Kris his suga mama a warm feeling would come over him; but he never dwelled on it much. He didn’t think Kris would be open to something like this; but this time he was being bold.

“Guk…what are you trying to say?” Kris asked him.

“You told me if I was a good boy mommy would buy me anything,” he pushed her onto her back,getting between her legs, “So how do I be a good boy, mommy?”

She stared at the boy above her; but as he pressed against her she could feel the warmth pooling inside her core.

“Jungguk.” She choked out

“Yes ma'am?” He asked.

She choked again as he pressed his body against hers.

“Take off your shirt for me.” Kris said.
She watched him immediately obey.

He eagerly waited for her next command.

Kris ran her hands up and down his bare chest biting her lip. He leaned down kissing her aggressively.

Her legs found themselves loosely wrapped around his slim waist.

Guk slowly ran his hands up her thighs,slipping past the hem of her skirt. Kris shivered with excitement.

“Do you remember what I like you to do the most?” She asked him.

He nodded eagerly, “Yes ma'am.”

Kris watched him as he happily crawled down her body. She helped him lift her skirt up and he smoothly slipped her panties off.

Her heart raced.

Immediately her body reacted to his tongue teasing her clit. He squeezed her hips tightly as he flicked his tongue playfully over the sensitive nub.

Her fingers immediately gripped his hair.

He caressed her hips between squeezes.

He knew she loved being teased, even if she didn’t admit it. But he didn’t want to tease her for too long; because that wasn’t gonna get him what he wanted.

He wanted her to cum and tell him how good he made her feel, so bad.

He slipped his tongue between her wet slit.

Kris’ back arched off the couch, her fingers tightening their grip in Guk’s hair.

She rolled her hips against his tongue.

Guk slowly slipped a single finger inside her. He slowly moved it in and out of her.

Breathy moans of his name filled the room.

As he added a finger he heard just what he needed to send him.

“Fuck Guk! You’re such a good boy to me!” She screamed as he thrusted his fingers in and out of her, roughly sucking on her sensitive clit.

In a rush Jungguk unzipped his pants, only pulling them down enough to get his dick out.

He kept his fingers moving; but quickly replaced them with his cock.

He roughly thrusted inside her.

Kris moaned loudly; gripping jungguk’s shoulders, as he pounded his cock into her.

He attentively worked her clit, his other hand firmly gripping her ass.

Kris could barely hold in a single moan, even though she wanted to hear Jungguk.

His face was covered in pure pleasure; and he mumbled a mixture of different phrases like: “fuck, mommy” , “you feel so good” and other profanities.
It was such a beautiful sight.

“Fuck Guk I’m coming!” She felt the wave of her orgasm aggressively washed over her.

Jungguk shut his tightly, feeling her coming over his cock was enough to send him; but he wanted to make it last a little longer. It was the most turned on he’d had ever been; and he was usually hard as a rock for this girl.

He pulled out of her quickly, flipping her over as quickly as he could.

Their eyes met, when she looked back at him.

Kris raised her ass up for him.

He threw his head back, running his hands through his hair. His head tilted to the side slightly.

“Fuck you’re so sexy.” He said.

“Guk. You better address me correctly or you won’t get your gift.” She said. Kris bit her lip. She couldn’t believe she was asking Guk to call her mommy; but he obviously liked it. She hasn’t seen him this eager for sex in a long time. Even if he didn’t want to admit it, they had gotten pretty basic while fucking. Even this was random, she was kind of turned on by him obeying her so well.

“I’m sorry, Mommy.” Guk rubbed her ass.

“If you can make me cum again baby, I’ll buy you that manga you’ve been begging for.”

Jungguk smirked, a low growl erupting from him as he bent her over the couch and slammed into her.

She screamed out in pleasure.

He gripped her hips, pushing himself deep inside her.

He angled just right to hit her g-spot.

Kris through her head back, gladly praising Guk for how good he was making her feel.

It didn’t take long. She was cumming again so quickly.

Guk massaged her breasts, playing with her erect nipple through her thin blouse. She moaned his name over and over; which just fueled him. He slammed deep inside her, filling her up, pulling out completely and slamming in deep again.

Kris reached between her legs, she massaged her clit.

Her eyes shut tight.

She didn’t have time to warn him. Her climax hit her at once. Her juices flowing down her legs.

The feeling of her walls contracting on his cock pushed Guk over the edge. He came deep inside her, “I love you mommy.” Bursting past his lips in a loud high pitched moan as he leaned his head back, as the his cum emptied inside her. After a few hard thrusts Guk pulled out of her.

Kris collapsed on the couch, catching her breath.

Guk laid on top of her, gently kissing her shoulder.

Once they both recovered Guk got up and ran to the bathroom to fetch a towel.

When he came back he saw Kris sleepily looking at her phone.

A slick smile stretched across his face.

“Was I good?….mommy?” He asked

She nodded slowly. “You were so good for me I don’t know if what I promised you was enough.” She let out a lazy laugh.

Jungguk happily cleaned up Kris’ legs, which were covered in a mixture of both their juices. Then he laid his head on her lap and watched her shop for him.

A/N: I guess tumblr is gonna keep being an asshole with my gifs so…. I hope you enjoy. -admin Jazzi🥔

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anonymous asked:

75 with Archie please?

75. “Aren’t you just a cutie pie!”

*flash back to kindergarten days*

Today was my first day of, well, something. I wasn’t to sure where I was heading off too but I hoped it was going to be fine. Mommy said I was gonna have a good time, but she also said peas tasted good so I’m not too sure how to feel.

The car stopped and I looked around, but I was in my car seat and could barely see out the window. Mommy came around and unbuckled me and took me by the hand and lead me inside a brown building and we stopped in front of an open door with a lot of other small kids inside. I grabbed onto my strawberry shortcake backpack even tighter as mommy kissed me goodbye and said she would be back in a few hours. I felt sick.

This boy who was noticeably taller than me kept looking at me all during playtime, but we hadn’t done what the lady called an “introduction” yet so I wasn’t too sure who the strawberry haired boy was, but his hair reminded me of strawberry shortcake, and that made me smile.

“Next, (Y/N), your turn to speak.” The lady said and I stood up and smiled. I turned to the red haired boy and spoke.

“I’m (Y/N) and I like strawberry shortcake! And my dog, Wiggles.”

Shortly it was his turn.

“I’m Archie and I like my dog Vegas, she’s a good girl.”

My jaw dropped, the red boy liked dogs too?! He was so cute.

During snack time and went and sat by him and another boy named Reggie.

“Aren’t you just a cutie pie!” I said to the boy. He rolled his eyes and continued eating his crackers.

“You’re very cute. My mommy tells me that a lot and I wanted to tell you.” This time he looked at me and smiled.

“Hi, you’re sweet.” He spoke.

“Come on children time to go home for the day, your mommies and daddies are here!” The lady spoke, I hopped off the stool and went to find my mommy to tell her all about the strawberry shortcake boy I met in kindergarten.

anonymous asked:

Your Emison is so cute, can you please do more family ones, maybe their first rough night with their baby

Sure thing anon, here it is a sleep deprived Emison…


The piercing cry of their newborn woke the brunette up for what felt like the millionth time in the last two days. After almost twenty hours of labor and three days in the hospital they had brought their newborn son home, their tiny, perfect, loud baby boy; who seemed to have made his life purpose to make sure neither of them got any sleep. Turning over in bed she found Alison’s side of the bed empty, the sheets were already cold which meant that said blonde had been out of their bed for a while now.

She walked out of the master bedroom and she could see the light was on in the living room, as she got closer the cries from her newborn only got louder and louder. However, the wailing of her son isn’t what caught her attention but on the other hand the tears streaming down her girlfriend’s cheeks. “Hey, what wrong?”

“He won’t stop crying Em” The blonde rocked the crying infant in her last efforts to try to calm him down, “It’s been over an hour, I don’t know what to do”

“Come here, hand him over” The brunette carefully lifted the little boy out of Alison’s arms, placing his head on her shoulder, inhaling that intoxicating baby smell that up until five days ago she had only heard off. It was once again in that moment that the love for her son overwhelmed her, she didn’t know how much you could love someone you had just met, but from the moment she saw him in the delivery room she fell completely and madly in love with him. “What’s wrong buddy?” she cooed.

“He’s either needs to sleep or eat, but he’s way too stubborn to stop crying to realize that” Alison sniffled wiping away the remaining tears that stained her cheeks.

“Why didn’t you wake me up?” Emily inquired as she balanced back and forth trying to get the infant in her arms to calm down

“Because there’s no need for the both of us to be up, at least this way you could get a couple of hours of sleep” The blonde sat down on the living room couch as she stared intently at the two most important people in her life.

“You need your sleep way more than I need mine” Emily argued “You gave birth two days ago, you should be resting”

“Unless your nipples can now offer what mine can I need to get up” Alison huffed making Emily chuckle.

“Yeah well at least I could get up and try to help” The brunette sat down next to her girlfriend, still rocking a now whimpering little boy. “You want me to help don’t you kid?” she cooed “yes you do”

“How did you do that?” Alison asked when she realized the five day old had began to calm down. “Why did he calm down when you held him? Oh god, he hates me doesn’t he?” the blonde’s eyes began to feel with tears once more, her pregnancy hormones still going strong.

“Ali! That’s ridiculous! He could sense you were upset that’s why he didn’t calm down” Emily made sure her son was secure in her left arm before she placed her other hand on the blonde’s thigh, “He absolutely adores you, don’t you sweetheart? Tell mommy you love her” she murmured and the little boy gurgled snuggling his head against the brunette’s chest.  

“I think he’s hungry” Emily stated looking over to the blonde who was running her hand over their son’s head.

“I told you” Alison sighed unbuttoning her top before she took the baby from her girlfriend’s arms, carefully situating him near her chest, “Stop staring” she smirked without taking her eyes off of her son, who immediately latched onto her. 

“I’m not” Emily snickered.

“Don’t even try I can feel your eyes on me” The blonde looked at her smiling.

“What do you expect? You’re beautiful”

“I just had a baby, I’ve slept eight hours in the last two days and I’m pretty sure I have formula and spit all over me, I’m far from beautiful” Alison chuckled adjusting her son, who was furiously eating. 

Emily pushed away a strand of hair out of her face, before she leaned in and placed a kiss on the blonde’s cheek. “You’re beautiful, look what you did? You’re the reason we’re a family” She placed her free hand on top of her son’s head.

“He is pretty amazing isn’t he?” Alison smiled lovingly at her son.

“He’s perfect, you both are”

A Normal Life (Natasha X Reader)

Characters: Natasha Romanoff X Reader

Universe: Marvel, Avengers

Warnings: None


Request: can I request a Nat x reader fic maybe something really fluffy?

Originally posted by cityofsourwolfrunners

Natasha Romanoff was a name you knew oh so well. It brought a smile to your face some days, other’s a frown, depending on the day and who said it.

You had met Natasha when Clint brought her back from his mission. You had heard the rumours, but you trusted Clint and his decision, so put your first thoughts to the side and tried to make her feel at home. At first, she couldn’t deny you got on her nerves, and when you saw this, you decided to give her space, worried you were suffocating her, only to find her days later looking for you.

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I thought I was gonna be a funny little smart ass and sneak away from mommie and her co-workers and there boyfriends this weekend at the mall and go in the bathroom and takes this pic so I can send to mommie and ask her if this was how the big boys go potty. So I went in the bathroom in younkers after sneaking away from them all. It must have took longer to get my phone set to take the pic cuz soon as it started counting down I heard laughter and just as it took the pic someone said omg are you wearing a diaper and before I turned around they were taking pictures themselves and laughing and teasing me like you wouldn’t believe. I hurried to pull my pants up grabbed my phone and walked out of the bathroom with them following me calling me a baby and making comments about being in pampers still. I made it back to mommie and she did not look happy. She swatted my ass and said just what and where in the hell did you go. Before I could say anything the 2 other guys held up there phone and said he was trying to be and big boy and go the bathroom like a man when he’s clearly just a baby. They all started laughing and telling mommie sorry she had to deal with a pathiec little diaper boy. Mommie looked at me and said well let’s see you if we’re big or not and stuck her hand down the front of my shorts and said nope just as I figured your not your diaper is soaked. Everyone else stated laughing again and mommie spoke up and said to me because of your little stunt I will not be changing you until we get home tonight so u better hope you don’t leak. The rest of the day I was getting swats on the bottom by her girlfriend’s well there boyfriends made fun of me and they kept telling mommie if she needs a real man they could take care of her. I’m not sure how many people got the pic they took prob more then I cam imagine.

kkxnzie  asked:

I'm gonna add our list of sins but HOW WOULD CREDENCE REACT IF HE WALKS IN ON READER MASTURBATING like Christ he's so precious but I honestly feel like he'd get a rush of confidence & be like all smirky & say "mommy you've been pretty bad" I CANT


  • credence was supposed to be out with newt
  • you couldn’t help it
  • you were horny and ya just gotta sometimes
  • so like he comes home early because he didn’t want to be apart from you for the whole night
  • and he walks into the bedroom, and you’re just totally spread out there, masturbating and moaning and he just
  • he didn’t know how arousing that could be
  • he doesn’t say anything at first, because he wants to swallow the lump in his throat before he attempts to speak
  • but when he does “does mommy need me?”
  • you were almost embarrassed bc like having sex with someone and having them see you masturbate are two totally different things
  • but like he looks so fucked out already so you just kind of lounge back and almost purr
  • “mommy always needs her good boy”
  • and he’s like all but running to you now, all snarky confidence fading into want want want
  • it’s probably the most passionate sex you two have to date
Bricks that sparkle [Part 2]

Part 1 is here.

First of all, thank you so much for your lovely comments on the preview part! I was really flattered to receive such a positive review on my very first fic!

Second, @jordan202, I’m more than honored to write the story to your adorable little prompt since I’m a huge fan of the “My Boys” universe and “The Journey”! ♥

So here’s the next part to the story. Hope you enjoy!

“Leo Shepherd! What have you been thinking? You can’t just hit another, just because he didn’t want to share his toys with you!”

“But mommy, he said I was too small to play with bricks and I should go play with the other babies. Just because he’s bigger as me!”

“It’s taller than me, not bigger as me!” Amelia corrected her 4-year old son. She was still horrified that he was showed violence towards other children, he’d never done that before. “Anyway, Leo, I had to fix his head today! I want you to apologise to him tomorrow, and if I hear any bad word from daycare again, you’re grounded for 2 weeks. Got it?”

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