mommy and daddy with baby

Currently crying thinking about Elisa explaining to all of her little kindergarten friends at recess why she has two dads and not a daddy and mommy.

And when one of her little friends asks if her daddies are gay, Elisa explaining patiently, in her little five-year-old voice, “Nope, they’re bisexual! That means they like boys AND girls.”

And when one of her little friends asks what that means, Elisa telling them, “Well, that means they could’ve fallen in love with a girl just like they fell in love with each other! I’m glad my daddies fell in love, though, ‘cause that’s why they adopted me!”

And then when one of her other little friends asks why they didn’t just make a baby like her mommy and daddy did, Elisa just says, in the most exasperated tone of voice, “'Cause not all boys can make babies, Julia! Just like not all girls can.”

And just Sonny and Rafael’s daughter being the socially-aware queen of her entire kindergarten class. (’:

Be Understanding for Littles...

♡We’re just babies, sometimes we say things that we don’t mean negatively, we just small and don’t know better.

♡Don’t stay upset with us for too long.. You’re our everything and we need you.

♡Tell us when you’re upset, sometimes we dont know why, even if we caused it!

♡We’re very sensitive.. Please be gentle.

♡Don’t get too upset with us when we act up, sometimes we just really want your attention and don’t know how to get it.

♡Get to the bottom of it when we’re grumpy! Sometimes it’s something that really upset us that you didn’t even realize!

♡Don’t make us feel bad for wanting to be little or babied!! We want to feel safe and cared for, to be happy. ♡Don’t get too upset for things we copy from you. You’re our rolemodel, we look up to you like a child.

♡We try to seek out your approval at every turn.. Give us appreciation and praise! It will improve our confidence and make is the happiest little one in the world!

♡Don’t leave even if we say go away.. Stay close by. Sometimes we say it even though we really need your support.

♡We love you always, don’t think otherwise.

♡Littles can be big or small, but we’re still your little baby.. We are silly and grumpy, loving and cuddly! We just want you and your happiness.

What does Daddy/Mommy do when their Princess/Prince is sleeping?

• Goes back and re-reads all of our messages
• Looks at all the cute pictures we have saved from our Love bugs wishing they were sleeping right next to us
• Thinks about hugging/holding/cuddling Kitten, watching their favorite Disney movies/tv shows
• Remembers all the time spent with the Little One and replays the memories over and over again
• Listens to music that reminds us of our Angel
• Watch Disney movies/shows to put us in our daddy/mommy space and act like Baby is right there with you
• Cuddles stuffed animals/pillows, pretending it’s our Little Girl/Boy
• Read their favorite bed time stories, as if they were there
• Become a Lonely Daddy/Mommy without their Princess/Prince to protect them from the monsters. We need protection, too..
• Send them cute messages while they sleep so they have something to wake up to, knowing they were thought of/missed

Mommies/Daddies get lonely, too!! To all the littles who may be self concious about being needy.. we are needy, too! We always want your attention, even if we’re busy, we’re still thinking about you precious angels.

Be Understanding for Daddy/Mommy...

♡Don’t make it hard on them when they go to work, they just want to support and spoil you. I promise you’re on their mind the entire time. Let them know you understand and that you’ll be waiting for them when they’re done.

♡Be there to catch them when they fall. Mommies and Daddies have struggles too and need their little one to pull them through sometimes.

♡Let them know you love them and that they’re amazing! Give the Cg’s praise!

♡Don’t be upset if they fall asleep, they probably need it. Just leave them a cute message for when they wake up.

♡Don’t throw a fit when they cant buy you something! They’re trying their best and probably feel bad that they can’t give you everything you want. Take their hand and let them know it’s okay.

♡Be their shoulder to cry on, or their ear to spill their frustrations to.

♡Support them on their decisions.

♡Mommies and Daddies need their littles as much as we need them, show them that you’re the best little one in the whole wide world and show how much you love them!

Gaurdians of The Galaxy: Volume 3
  • Mommy!Gamora: Groot, please go and set up that detonator.
  • Teenage!Groot *Gives her attitude*: I am Groot!
  • Dad!Peter: Hey, you don't talk back to her!
LDR Little Bed-Time Routines

We all know Little’s have a hard time getting ready for bed when they don’t have their Mommy/Daddy there. It can be frustrating for both parties when the little is fussing because they’re tired and refuse to go to sleep because they don’t have Daddy/Mommy. So I’m gonna attempt to come up with some (hopefully) helpful routines to get your Little to bed with less fuss. 

🌙 | Phone call. Call your Little Prince/Princess before they go to bed. Listening to their CG’s voice can soothe any worries they have in the moment. It may even help with nightmares.

🌙 | Rules. Give them a set of routines to do every night before bed, such as: Brush your teeth, Brush your hair, Change into PJ’s, Glass of water.. and so on. 

🌙 | During the phone call, if there’s time, read them a bed time story, sing to them, or just babble about how much you love them or how your day went. I’m sure they won’t care what you’re talking about as long as you’re paying attention to them. Use pet names, their favorites, your favorites, and coo at them! Not necessarily baby talk, bring out the Mommy/Daddy voice.. the same voice when you compliment/praise your baby. 

🌙 | Remind them how much you love them, why you love them, why you love being their Mommy/Daddy. Remember all little’s need constant reassurance they’re not too needy or in anyway annoying.

🌙 | Make sure they’re happy/content. If they’re sad, they are definitely going to have nightmares and need your help (though there’s nothing wrong with needing help). If your little girl/boy has anxiety, then you need to make sure they’re not upset about anything.