mommy and daddy with baby

Littles are fragile

Don’t treat a little with kindness and happiness if you don’t tend to stick around. Littles are attached easily (for the most part) and its hearts breaking when someone abuses this. Don’t treat littles as if there hollow objects. We are real people with real feelings. Don’t abuse us like that.

Im like a tomboy but girly at the same time.
Like i skateboard and play sports and video games
Then i want to go on dates and get my nails done and shop.
But then i want to stay home and read and draw.

Im like a really weird, closed off person


Okay so are you a little? Okay so it’s just going to be another thing I talk about because it’s just as important. So you love being dominated(both sexually and not), loved, cared for, being excited about everything? Well you don’t have to be a child to be a little. You can be a little that loves politics or the environment. You can be a little who hates pink who hates any kid stuff. That’s okay because you are a little non the less. Don’t let anyone tell you that you aren’t a little. If you are a little be the best damn little you can! But always love your daddy/mommy! Always care for them as they care for you maybe in a different way. Show them how much they matter to you. Because they need love and attention just as much as you. They may be scared to tell you but it doesn’t mean they don’t want and need it! So please don’t only take from them. Give to them just as much as they give to you.