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Bts Reaction To You Squirting

(While getting eaten out)

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You whimpered as he kept going, sucking harshly and overstimulating your poor body. Before you could even warn him, he appeared before you, shirt soaked and smirk on his face.

“It’s okay, baby. I was gonna take my shirt off anyway.”

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Yoongi loved it when you rode his face, moaning and squirming, gasping when he hummed against your sensitive bud. You were grinding down and he had two fingers in your hole, tongue poking at your clit. You almost screamed when you came, thighs trembling and you rolled off of him.

“Fuck baby, let’s see if I can make you do that again.”

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You bucked your hips up and he pushed them back down. Whining you grabbed hold of his hair, smiling in triumph as you felt more pleasure. It was too much, that feeling in your stomach was overwhelming and your clit was feeling numb. Your eyes rolled back and you heard Hoseok gasp.

“Baby, that was so hot, how the fuck did you do that?”

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“Daddy please!” You begged in need. Namjoon rolled his eyes, twisting in his swivel chair and sitting you on his lap.

“Shut up.” He pushed you down so your legs were over his shoulders and your pussy was right in his face. Namjoon licked and sucked not stopping until you were reduced to moaning mess.

“Stop daddy, stop!” You screamed as he went far past your orgasm and that’s when it happened.

“Babygirl, why don’t you help daddy clean up this mess you made?”

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“Go on baby, make mommy cum.” You encouraged, watching him lap at your wet folds, fingers rubbing at your clit. “That’s it, kitty, keep going.” You threw head back and moaned as the boy worked his tongue into your hole, fingers still rubbing your clit. You gasped as you came undone, Jimin looked surprised. Face and hair drenched, blush on his cheeks and a shy and innocent look in his eyes.

“Mommy, did I make you feel good?”

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“Tae, stop! It’s too much.” He chuckled, tongue pleasuring your clit. He’d pulled you into a drsssing room 20 minutes before he needed to go on stage to fuck you, but he ended up eating you out. “F-fuck, stop! I’m gonna, gonna sq-” you almost screamed as you came.

“Babe, you got my stage outfit all wet!”

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“Princess, be a good girl and don’t move.” He held your hips down and you whined and whimpered.

“Daddy, no, no, please! Daddy it’s too much!” Jeongguk smirked, nose making friction on your clit and his tongue shoved up your hole, you started shaking, he snickered, thumb rubbing at your clit. Helping you ride out your orgasm, he kept going, teeth grazing your clit. “Fuck! I-I, ah!” He chuckled surprised at your squirt, hair stuck to his forehead and white shirt gone see through.

“Princess, that was fucking hot, you want daddy to do that again?”

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Forbidden Love | Pt. 9

▷ Jimin Angst

❥ “I think about you a little more than I should..”

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 | Part 11 | Part 12 | Epilogue 

You read the last text message over and over again, each time sobbing harder because of the pain in your chest.

You never thought that leaving him would be so painful and hard for you. Each passing day, you felt weaker and weaker, the longing for his love and touch growing every second.

But you had him now. He needed you, just like you needed him. He changed your whole life, making you realize that you could love someone even more than you’ve ever imagined.

He made you realize that you had to be strong. For him and for yourself..

You snapped out of your thoughts when your felt the bed beside you dip slowly, two arms wrapping around your body and squeezing you tightly as much as he could.

Smiling softly, you hugged him back and closed your eyes, relaxing to the feeling of his soft and warm touch.

He belonged to you and you belonged to him. And you were ready to do everything not to change that.

Jimin sighed as he looked at his phone screen. It was another day and he had send another text message, just like everyday since you left.

At first, the text messages were expressing his anger and disappointment he felt towards you. But as time flew by, his anger turned into pain and the disappointment vanished away as if it had never been there before. He started missing you like crazy and hoped to find you as soon as he could.

But just like everyone, he had times too, where he felt like he was losing his hope, fighting for something no one could guarantee he would achieve someday.

Nonetheless, he believed in his love and promised himself every single day that he would find you.

Standing up from the bench, Jimin tucked his phone into his pocket and started walking with heavy steps towards his apartment.

Suddenly, he felt something bump against his leg and heard a silent whimper.

Turning his head around, Jimin looked down and saw a little boy sitting on the ground. The little boy was observing his knees carefully with his teary eyes, making sure not to touch the wound that was forming on his them.

Jimin crouched in front of him immediately. “Hey, are you okay?”

The little kid looked up at him with his teary eyes without saying anything and in that moment, Jimin felt his heart break into million pieces.

Reaching out for his purse, he took out two bandaids and covered the wounds with them so the little kid couldn’t be able to see them.

Patting his head, Jimin smiled at him. “Next time, be a little bit more careful, okay buddy?”

He watched how the teary eyes of the boy in front of him turned into amazed and happy ones. “Buddy? Can I really be your buddy?”

Jimin smiled widely at the question and nodded immediately. “Of course! But first, we need to find your mommy or daddy so you can go home safely, ok?”

Just before the kid could answer his question, they heard a panicked voice nearing them, making them turn their head towards the voice.

“Jihyun! You promised me you wouldn’t run away like that again! You scared the crap out-”


Jimin froze the minute he saw your face and heard the words coming out of the little boy’s mouth.

You, on the other hand, looked at Jimin with widely opened eyes, your heart beating furiously against your rib cage.

Just before you could say anything, Jihyun spoke again.

“Mommy look, this hyung looks just like my daddy you showed me in the picture!”

Rules for Littles

Personally, I like having rules. So whether you’re a little without a caregiver, or a caregiver struggling to come up with rules, here is a list of ideas for you. I think it’s fun to put them into a sticker chart. It motivates me to want to do them!

- Eat at least two meals
- Eat a healthy snack
- Drink at least 6 cups of water

- No swearing
- No talking back
- No talking badly about yourself, you’re amazing!
- No self harming, always talk to someone instead.
- Always say please and thank you
- Ask for help when you need it

- Bedtime is 11 pm on school/work nights
- Bedtime is 1 am on other nights
- No caffeine or sweets after 8 pm

- Shower at least every other day
- Brush your teeth twice a day
- Take your meds every day

- Clean your room at least once a week
- Socialize for at least 30 minutes at least every other day
- Finish all chores before 10 pm

These are just some ideas, so feel free to pick and choose, or tweak them as you need!

Act Like You Love Me - Part Three

A/N: Feedback would make my day. 
Read part one here. Read part two here

Word count: 3,647


January 11 th, 2023

“Hey baby” you said lovingly when Leah jumped out the black jeep and starting running towards your apartment door.

You opened your front door and met her in a huge hug, picking her up from the ground. You kissed the top of her head, hugging her as close to you as possible.

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Becoming a Father Overnight Part Five

Series Summary- Jared x Daughter!Reader. Jared Padalecki’s life is flipped upside down when he gets a call from a teenage girl saying she’s his daughter.

Disclaimer- I don’t own the Supernatural universe or the images/gifs used, they were found on Google.

**Also I know the length of her break is not totally realistic, but I had to bend it a little to make it work. I couldn’t have her missing too many extra days and I also want her to be down there for more than just a few days. 

Becoming a Father Overnight Masterlist


It’s been about a week since Y/n reached out to Jared. While it wasn’t a long period of time Y/n felt like she’d gotten to know him a lot better, and she defiantly felt much more comfortable talking to him. Jared was very dedicated to forming a relationship with his daughter.

Y/n looked up from her history textbook as her phone buzzed on the desktop next to her. Jared.

Y/n laughed, of course it was. She got at least one call a day after school, sometimes more. Not that she was complaining, she enjoyed talking to him and she was glad that he’d stepped up and wanted the role so much.

“Hello?” She answered.

“Hey Y/n, how was your day at school?” Jared asking, sounding like his usually, happy, chipper self.

“Alright, got assigned a history paper and other unpleasant work. How was your day? You’re wrapping up filming for the year this week, right?”

“Today was the last day! Flying home in an hour and I’m very excited. Speaking of which,” Jared paused this was the part he was nervous about. “I’ve kind of been dropping hints about you coming to visit and I wanted to say I’m serious.”

Y/n bit her lip nervously, was this his way of officially asking? The idea was both nerve wracking and exciting. She was thrilled at the idea of meeting the man she’d been talking to and also the brothers she’d been hearing bits about, but she was also scared to finally meet them. What if it didn’t go well? What if they didn’t like her? What if Genevieve was annoyed Jared had invited her? After all it was his daughter with another woman. Jared had talked about his other kids some, but not his wife a whole lot, what if she hated the mere idea of Y/n?

“I was thinking maybe you could come down over your winter break? I don’t want your visit to take you out of too much school, but I also want to meet you in person as soon as possible. I’m thinking that’s the best choice. What do you think?”

It took Y/n a second to process that he was asking her a question. She was still caught up on the fact that he wanted her down there for break, and in less than a mere three weeks away.

“Y/n?” Jared’s anxious voice broke through the quiet and Y/n cursed herself for making him think that she hated the idea.

“Yea, sorry. You just caught me off guard,” she admitted honestly. “You kept making little comments, but nothing more, so I really wasn’t expecting you to invite me down so soon.”

“Not that I’m complaining.” She tried to quickly reassure him. She wanted to go, she wanted to see him.

Jared’s face light up, even though she couldn’t see it. “Great. When does your break start?”

“December 21 and it goes till January 4.”

“Wow, that’s a nice break. Maybe we could even extend it a little and you could miss a few days of school.”

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Tom Holland Drabble Prompt

“You’re going out dressed like that?”, “Take. It. Off.”, and “Daddy!” 

Requested by anon featuring Domestic/Dad!Tom 

“Come on, everyone! Twenty minutes until I have to drop you off at school,” Tom yelled from the stairs. 5 minutes passed by, and Tom didn’t hear much movement from upstairs. 

Tom groaned loudly, walking up the stairs. Opening the door to one of the kid’s rooms, he found one still in the bathroom, brushing their teeth, hair still wild from bed. 

“What are you doing? How come you’re not ready yet?” Tom cried. 

“Mommy usually wakes me up earlier than you did. I need time to get ready!” 

Tom closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and left to check on the other kids, hoping to find a better scene. He opened the other door to the twins’ room. One was dressing themselves insanely. Two pairs of pants, 5 shirts, mismatched socks… a fashion disaster. 

“You’re going out dressed like that?” Tom asked, getting a little frustrated with the lack of readiness. 

“I couldn’t decide! I’m wearing this.” 

“Honey, it’s too hot for that. You need to change; you’ll be really uncomfortable at school.” 

“Nooooooooooo. Mommy lets me wear whatever I want!”

“Please, sweetie. For me? Your da–”

“DADDY!!!” the other twin yelled from the bathroom. Tom rushed in, bracing himself for an emergency. He opened the door to find toothpaste squirted all over the sink, residue left all over the mirror and walls. His child holding an empty toothpaste tube with a guilty face and toothpaste all over their hands. 

Tom took a deep breath before calmly saying, “How did this happen?” 

“I don’t know… I squeezed too hard.” 

“Okay, just use this,” Tom advised, handing them a towel to start wiping up the mess. 

“Dad?” the other twin called from the bedroom, beckoning Tom into the other room once again. Tom walked back to find your kid, sweatshirt over their head, pants halfway down their legs, struggling to get off the clothes. 

“Please help me! These sweatshirts.. Take. It. Off!” they mumbled underneath the unnecessarily excessive amount of clothes. 

Tom felt easily overwhelmed with the three kids, especially without you to help him. He decided to shoot you a quick text for some motivation.

“How do you always get them ready for school so easily? I have 10 minutes left and it’s crazy,” he texted. 

A few minutes later, his phone started ringing. “Hello?” 

“Hey, got your text. Just wanted to let you know… It’s Saturday, Tom.”

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Day out

Okay so first of all I’d like to appreciate those who take a minute to appreciate me. Like this really means a lot. Though I still need to learn, learn to polish myself you guys praise me. It really feels nice to know that you guys do read and like my self to some extinct. Thank you so much for supporting me peaches. Love you all xx Ria.

Here I present you some family fluff. Hope you guys like it :). Feedbacks are appreciated

Word Count :: 1067

“Daddy!!! Mommy wake up!!!!” You heard your eldest five year old yelling with excitement laying between you guys. You grunt and rolled over pulling your little baby girl to your chest. 

“Sleep Rose bud.” you mumbled massaging her scalp trying to get her to sleep as well. But being the hype girl she was, refused to settle down and sat on Harry, who was fast asleep yet. 

Harry’s been busy the past days, promoting Dunkirk all over the Europe and America. He hasn’t been able to give time to his children. Rose who was 5, Noah 3 and little baby Snow who was 5 months old. He’s tired no doubt and needed sleep but he loved his kids way too much so he promised them to take them to the beach the coming sunday. Poor man didn’t know that the time would fly so quickly.

“dada !!!!” Rose whined pulling on her father’s tee shirt in order to wake him up.

“bubba sleep” Harry said the same as you and pulled her to his chest but this time she didn’t struggle. She quietly laid on his chest. Harry smiled to self still eyes closed as she pulled covers over her body, cuddling her to him. Now you were fully awake. The sight of Harry asleep with now sleeping Rose, wrapped in blanket on him was heartwarming. Seeing Harry with kids has always been a weakness of yours and when you had your own, it turned to your strength.

Getting out of the bed, you leaned down and pecked the forehead of your husband and daughter and made your way to Noah’s room. Opening the door, you found your boy sitting on the floor, with toys sprawled on the floor.

“watcha doin’ baby?” you asked crouching down.

“packin mumma. To go to the bweach.” he said busy in packing the stuff. You giggled and picked the little boy up. You set him on your hips and kissed his nose.

“Do it afterwards. Help mommy to make sandwiches first” you said. Noah loved helping you. He loved to help his mommy being momma’s boy he’s.

“okwayyyy” he said squishing your face and placed sloppy kisses on your lips. You giggled and carried him downstairs to the kitchen and sat him on his baby chair.

You were cutting the vegetables, when you heard loud screeches and giggles erupting in the house. Immediately knowing of who they were you chuckled to self and poured Noah a cup of milk.

“save me mommy!!!! The tickle monster is here″ Rose laughed running to you as she clutched to your leg. You picked her up giggling. She wrapped her arms around your neck tightly, shirking away from her Harry trying to hide herself in you as he approached you with wiggly fingers.

“where’s my baby boy???” Harry asked to god knows who as he pretended to not see Noah sitting on his baby chair. Noah laughed loudly bouncing in his chair trying to get his fathers attention.

“Herre daddy here!!!!” His baby giggle filling the house along with Rose and Harry’s as Harry picked him up.

“hi baby!!” Harry said showing his dimples which Noah happily poked. Noah always had a thing for cheeks, he loved squishing, kissing, poking the cheeks of you both. Even sometimes you’d find him poking Rose’s cheeks who’s fast asleep in her bed.

“Mornin t’yeh too beautiful.” Harry said leaning over to kiss you. Mornings without kissed were never completed. 

“ready for today?” you said setting Rose down as Harry did the same with Noah. Giving him a gentle smile, you rubbed his side. Tiredness written all over his face. His eyes had bags under them, his shoulders lumped. Baby did needed to rest.

“it’s okay boo. We can go next week. You need to rest.” You said. ed about him

“no baby. I promised poppets. can’t break it” he replied with a smile. One of the traits you loved about him. He never stepped back from his words. He’d always stay committed to his words and this time this was outta love. This was for his babies and he wouldn’t break the promise at any cost.

“Don’ go far baby.” Harry said from behind with a sleeping Snow in chest carrier.You had Rose and Noah holding each of your hand as you three walked along the shoreline. Everything was perfect. The moment was perfect. The deep sound of the ocean mixed with the cool breeze hitting you face was perfect. The two munchkins jumping in the water along with the one sleeping was perfect. The man who has his shades on, glistening under the bright sun wearing a white plain tee with his jeans folded was perfect.

Coming to a halt, you allowed the too monkeys to built a sand castle while you walked with Harry along the shoreline, keeping an eye on the kids. You held his hand and kissed the smooth flesh of it.

“this is so perfect isn’t it?” you asked him. You started at the ocean and turned your face to look at him as you expected an answer in turn. But, Harry was already staring at you. His eyes adorned your face with so much love. With love that was meant for you and only you.

”thank yeh. It’s yeh who made it perfect baby. Thank yeh so much” Harry said as his eyes started to tear up.

“hey hey. what’s wrong?” you asked him collecting the tears under his eyes with your thumb. 

“It’s jus’ I’m a very lucky man. I’ve yeh my love, This litle baby and those two monkeys.” Harry chuckled through tears as he looked at the two siblings covered in sand. You smiled softly cupping his right cheek as your rubbed the apple of it with your thumb.

“i love you” you said ever so softly that only he could hear.

“i love yeh too.” Harry said. Within few seconds, his lips were on yours. Your lips fitted in so perfectly, so lovingly. Each of your kiss expressed your conditional love for him. You were so into it hen tiny fingers pulled on Harry’s cheeks. Looking down he saw that Snow was awake. Her big green staring at his face giving him a toothless when she realized who that man was.

“hey beauty” Harry said cooing the little girl. Happiness couldn’t fill you more.

“God i love yeh all so much” 

GOT7 REACTION to Mommy Kink

Smut week: day 1


He wouldn’t really be into the idea, I see him more of as a Daddy Dom. He would pout, looking at you with puppy eyes almost. He might try it, but it would take a lot of convincing.

“Can’t you just call me Daddy?”

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Depending on his mood, I think, he might try it just to please you. I don’t really know if he would necessarily like it, but he was willing to try it for you to make you satisfied.

“Mommy?” “Um.. Sure!”

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Another hard Daddy dom, in my opinion. But I think that, with a lot of convincing but not as much as JB, he would agree. He was like Mark, he wanted to satisfy your needs.

“Really? Mommy?” “Fine, but only this once.”

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He was quiet for a few minutes, not really sure what he thought of the idea. He never actually thought of calling you Mommy before, so he was confused where this came from. He never really gave you a proper answer.

“I’ll think about it, princess.”

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He was a shy little sunshine the second you asked him to call you Mommy. With red cheeks, he asked if you were serious. And when he realized that you were, he choked slightly. He wasn’t against the idea one bit, ending up liking it.

“Wait, you’re serious?” “Yes, Mommy.”

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His answer was immediate. No. The answer was no. He preferred having the higher end, being dom. He would take more convincing than JB, so good luck with trying to get him to call you Mommy. He might, just might, agree if you bug him enough.

“No, I don’t really like that, Jagi.”

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He only had to think it over for a few seconds, before smiling at you and nodding his head. He didn’t have a problem calling you Mommy, ending up enjoying it as well.

“Okay, Mommy. Yes.”

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Summary: This sort of follows the relationship between Seth and the reader, through their ups and downs.
Word Count: 2.4k
Warnings: This is sad, y’all. That’s my only warning.
A/N: Okay, so… this kind of sad, heartbreaking, slightly angsty fic is absolutely in my wheelhouse. It was more or less my calling card in my old fandoms and I wanted to try to bring a smidge of that with me. That being said, I’d be lying if I said that I thought everyone was going to like the fic. Please, please let me know what you think of it though!

I’d also like to dedicate this to  @theworldiscolorful for being the best.

Tags: YOU GUYS. There are so many of you that wanted to be tagged in this (THANK YOU!!!!!!!), so I’m putting tags at the end!


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Professional wrestling was your first love. You had watched with your father as long as you could remember; your first memory was watching The Undertaker defeat Jimmy Snuka at Wrestlemania VII. Even at only five years old, you were captivated by The Deadman. Listening as your dad retold the story anytime he was backstage with you at a show, he would say that your mother was so sure that you would be scared of Taker, but that instead you were so engrossed with him that you didn’t move a muscle the whole match. He’d finish up by saying that’s when he knew you would love the sport as much as he did, pulling you in for a quick side hug.

He was wrong, though.. you ended up loving it more that he did.

You had loved it so much that when you hit sixteen, you began training. You loved it so much that you kept pushing yourself as hard as you could every day, even harder the next. You loved it so much that you broke down crying when the WWE called and offered you a developmental contract with them.  Above all else, though, you loved professional wrestling so much because it introduced you to the last love of your life.

Seth Rollins.

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Imagine: “Appreciation for the Missus”

Summary: The missus goes away on a business trip, leaving Harry to take care of the children alone. He comes to realize playing “mom” is a lot harder than it looks.

A/N: Not my best work but it’s all I can do as I suffer writer’s block. :( Help! x


This was a new experience for Harry. He had taken on the role of both mom and dad for the week while the missus went away on a business trip.

Harry had found a new level of respect for the missus who made balancing her career, maintaining a household, and fulfilling her role as a wife and mother look so effortless and completely flawless. In a span of two days, the house went from clean and organized to a crowded mess of toys on the floor, dirty dishes in the sink, crumbs on the table, and dirty laundry piled up in the laundry room. The missus cooked dinner most nights but Harry had been ordering food for lunch and dinner since she left. He had no time to whip up a decent meal; and frankly, he didn’t trust himself enough to cook and watch three children simultaneously. Harry realized he had underestimated the amount of energy it took and how difficult it was to multitask. When night time came, Harry fell asleep all too quickly and so soundly — often missing night calls and FaceTime — after a long exhausting day. His love grew deeper for his wife; she never complained but only showed love and compassion to him and the three children— Rose, Jude, and Darcy.

“We’re late!” Harry yelled out. He was scrambling around the house, grabbing clothes, toys and snacks and throwing them all inside a tote bag. “Rose, are you ready? Jude, come downstairs please!”

Harry raced up the stairs to his four years old son’s room and caught him still playing with his train set. “You’re not dressed yet!” Harry exclaimed. He rubbed his eyes in frustration and swooped Jude up in his arms. “Let’s get you dressed, buddy. We’re very late.” he said. “Rosy?”

Young Rose popped up by the doorway, “Yes, daddy?” She was dressed in her pink leotard with her long brown, wavy hair in a neat ponytail. “Good, you’re ready,” Harry said relieved, “wait for me downstairs.”

Harry grabbed a pair of shorts and a shirt from Jude’s closet. He swapped the train in Jude’s hand for clothes. “Help me out, bud,” Harry said. Jude raised his arms so Harry could switch his shirts. After he got Jude dressed, they went downstairs and Harry attended to Darcy. He made one last check on the diaper bag. “We’ve got a change of clothes, socks, shoes, snacks, diapers…” he listed to himself. He transferred Darcy from her crib to her carrier.

When Harry watched his wife ready the children, it looked like a breeze. She moved swiftly and gracefully. She was definitely more efficient when readying the children. The missus had bags for everything— clothes, snacks, toys. She kept organized. She knew exactly what to bring and was prepared for every situation.  And she was always punctual.

Harry, on the other hand, was scatterbrained and running late. “Everyone strapped in?” Harry asked before taking the car off park. “Yes,” Rose and Jude replied. Harry’s eyes shifted to the clock in the car. “Shit,” he muttered quietly to himself.

“Shit,” Jude imitated.

Harry’s eyes grew wide. Through the rearview mirror, Harry saw Jude with a smug look on his face, proud to be copying his daddy. Jude definitely had a troublemaker side to him. “No no no,” Harry immediately said. “Don’t say that word.”

“But you say that word, Daddy,” Jude reasoned.

“Daddy’s sorry,” Harry replied, “I shouldn’t have said that.”

“I’m telling Mommy that Daddy said a bad word,” Rose said teasingly.

Harry shook his head. “No no. There’s no need for that,” he chuckled nervously, “Daddy’s just a bit stressed out. Rosy, you’re already late for gymnastics and we’ve still got a twenty-minute drive.”

“We’re never late with Mommy,” Rose said.

Harry sighed, “I know, bug. I’m sorry. I’m not as good as your mom at this. She’s incredible, huh?”

“Yeah. I miss Mommy,” Rose pouted.

“Me, too,” Jude added. “When is she coming home, Daddy? We should buy Mommy something!”

“Tonight,” Harry said excitedly to his children. “We’ll pick her up from the airport after Rosy’s gymnastics. That’s a wonderful idea, buddy. We’ll do that.”

The four of them did just that.

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unlike most mornings, the chirping birds didn’t wake you up this morning. instead, it was the soft laughter of your daughter, something that brought a smile to your face whenever you heard it. you turned over, and frowned when you didn’t see your husband next to you, he rarely woke up before you.

rolling out of bed, you sauntered down the stairs into the kitchen, where you saw your daughter standing on a chair in front of the counter, stirring pancake batter. your husband was stood next to her, manning the griddle. “do you want blueberries, sweetie?” he asked, speaking quietly since he thought you were still sleeping.

“yes, please, daddy. lots of berries!” she nodded, curly hair bouncing.

“shh, don’t wanna make mommy up, do we?” shawn asked, shushing her giggles slightly. you felt your heart melt at the sight of shawn and your daughter making breakfast, without a care in the world. you cherished moments like this, when shawn didn’t need to impress anyone, where he could just be himself- the loving, hands-on father that made your heart melt.

you snuck back up to bed, and opened a book you had been reading, smiling brightly when your daughter burst into the room a few minutes later, shawn following with a tray of pancakes and coffee in hand.

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number 5 for the drabbles :)

Another really old prompt: “Why do we have to keep it a secret?” - “It’s more fun that way.” Short, fluffy William fic. Third @fictober piece :)

Up in the air with William sitting next to him, Mulder sighs, thinking back to the first flight with his son when he was still too small to sit by himself. The boy kicks his feet now, but they’re still too short to reach the seat in front of them and Mulder is thankful for that. Will shouts his excitement left and right. This is not an improvement on the last time they did this, Mulder thinks.

“I like planes, daddy.” He yells at Mulder. “Can we always take the plane?“ 

"When we visit your uncle Bill in California, yeah.” Mulder is certain they gave him two bags of peanuts minutes ago. They’re gone now. Out of the corner of his eye, he sees Will chewing.

“Will, did you eat all the peanuts?” His son turns to him with his mouth open proving that he in fact has eaten all of them. 

“You ate two bags of peanuts by yourself.” The boy nods before he continues chewing like a small squirrel. Mulder’s stomach grumbles.

“Mommy says I need to eat a lot.” Will yells again. The bald man in the aisle seat eyes them. 

“Next time share with your old man, will ya?”

“You’re already big, daddy.” Someone giggles in the other row. 

“Could you please tell your child to be a bit more… you know .” The bald man has had enough apparently.

“The plane is so loud, mister.” Will answers for himself before Mulder has a chance to. He bites his tongue and tries not to smile. That’s his son. 

“Daddy the man looks like uncle Skinner. He has no hair!” Another giggle from the front row, another mean look from the business man next to them. Will is right, though; he looks a lot like Skinner. 

“You said goodbye to uncle Skinner, remember?” Will nods. The last time they flew cross country, Will was still crawling, babbling at every chance. Mulder followed him through the aisle as he quickly moved along and only ever stopped if something caught his eye. People smiled at him then, aww'ed. Will, lounging in his seat, manages a hard kick and meets the back of the seat.

“Don’t do that, Will.” Mulder reminds him. Will huffs, loudly. Another giggle. Yes, he gets it; he’s in way over his head.

“Daddy, where do babies come from?” At almost four years old, curious Will is a master of changing subjects.

“Uhm, how about we talk about that later?”

“I wanna know where babies come from, daddy.” Will shouts. The bald man smirks and hides behind his magazine. 

“I think that’s a question for your mom, Will. She knows these things better than I do.” It’s a cop-out and he knows it. Will, however, does not and even if he did, his son doesn’t care. 

“How did the baby get in aunt Tara’s tummy, daddy? You know everything. You have to know!” More giggling. Help me out here, Mulder thinks. As if having heard his silent pleas, Scully finally turns around.

“Your dad is right, Will,” she runs her hand through their son’s unruly hair, “we’ll explain it to you later.” Will opens his mouth to protest.

“You can touch aunt Tara’s belly and we’ll tell you all about it. All right?” The boy thinks about it for a moment before he nods. Scully smiles at Mulder. 

“Do babies and puppies come from the same place?” Will asks, his eyes flickering between his parents, who share a ‘what now’ look. There’s a loud, resigned sigh and Maggie Scully gets up from her seat and glances at the bald man in 24 F. He mumbles something and grudgingly changes seats with her. Mulder wants to protest; he doesn’t want this man to sit next to his wife, but one look at his mother-in-law and he remains quiet. Will crawls over him and plants himself in his grandmother’s lap.

“Do you know where babies come from, grandma?”

“I do, William, and unlike your parents I will tell you right now.” Mulder listens, tries not to, with a head as red as the bloody Mary Scully likes to drink on flights. He asks Maggie to let him out so he can use the bathroom. It’s Scully’s decision to follow him. She, he is happy to see, wears a similar pink complexion around her nose and cheeks. Mulder eyes the small bathroom, currently occupied, and Scully raises an eyebrow. 

“Do you think we can-”

“So mommy and daddy can make more babies, too?” Their son’s loud voice cuts Mulder’s thought off.

“I guess not.” He mumbles, “se should tell him, huh.” Mulder can’t stop his smile as his eyes wander to her still flat stomach.

“Not this weekend, Mulder. We agreed. This is Bill and Tara’s time.”

“But why do we have to keep it a secret?” He wants to scream it into the world, much like Will keeps shouting here on the plane. He wants everyone to know they made a second miracle. What are the odds of that, he marvels once more.

“It’s more fun that way.” Scully whispers and kisses him. She slips past him once the bathroom is free. He waits outside, listens to the faint sound of his excited son, knowing that next time they’ll visit Bill and his family, there’ll be another little Mulder.

When We Lived Happily Ever After

Here is Part Twelve…the final part to “Our Love Story”  

Pairing: Jared x Reader
Words:   1001

Read When We Met
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Read When We Welcomed Baby Number Two

Originally posted by itsokaysammy

         You heard giggling coming from the playroom and couldn’t help but smile. Three little giggles filled your house on a daily basis and it was the most amazing thing you could have ever imagined.

           You left the kitchen for just a second to go see what the kids were up to. You stood in the doorway as Ryker, Ryann, and Ryland sat at their little table coloring. Ryker was now six, Ryann was five, and little Ryland was only three. You had adopted Ryland when he was a baby like you had with Ryker. He was the perfect addition to your family and you knew you were blessed with three amazing children.

           “Mommy, look!” Ryann said, holding up the picture she was coloring. It was a puppy that she was coloring multiple colors.

           “That’s beautiful, Baby Girl,” you said.

           “Mine too?” Ryland asked, pointing to the parrot that had colorful scribble marks all over it.

           “Beautiful, Baby,” you said. And then you looked at Ryker’s picture. It was a bear that he was actually coloring fairly accurately, “That’s wonderful, Ryker.”

           He smiled proudly, “Thanks, Mommy!”

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so as an ex-’little’(more like my mania making me regress and gross pedo fucks using that/being abused and taken advantage of), i just want you to know this. your daddy dom/your mommy domme doesn’t really love you. you’re just a substitute for a child to him/her and god forbid, if it was legal or some shit, they’d actually go after children. sit down, put your finger to your temple for a minute and think why he/she needs to pretend to molest a child to get off. there’s this thing called conditioning and sex/orgasm is a very powerful conditioning tool, if you sexualize things like pacifiers/diapers etc. in sexual situations, you’ll start sexualizing those things without you being in a sexual situation(there’s an experiment on this, where after seeing pics of naked chicks and then boots, guys were getting aroused by just seeing boots). and before y’all call me ‘icky vanilla’, there are ways to be kinky without acting out molestation. how about we stop teaching young boys and girls that them not participating in degrading/mentally&psychically borderline pedophilic harmful shit makes them ‘boring’ and ‘vanilla’? here’s a wild concept: i’d rather be vanilla than a fucking pedophile 

Home Again| 18

Originally posted by andupinda

-Jay’s POV-

“She’s so cute! Seulgi! Look over here!” Jessi screamed. We all went out for pizza and the guys invited Jessi, Flowsik, and Swings. Jessi had Seulgi by the cheeks.

“Yah! Jessi don’t squeeze the life out of my child!” “Sorry it’s just she’s so adorable! Seulgi-ah, what’s my name?” Jessi asked. “Hyun ju unni.” She answered. A smile appeared on my face seeing Seulgi happy. I want to be there for her. I know I fucked up in the past. I know I wasn’t there when she was born, when she said her first words, both Korean and English. I wasn’t there when, Y/N taught her English and Korean. I wasn’t there when she took her first steps. But I can’t miss anymore moments. I need to be there for her. She’s still young. I can baby her for 11 more years. I want to be a father. I want to be her father. And I’ll do anything that’s necessary for me to be in her life. 

-Y/N’s POV-

I ran around downtown Seoul three times. I was tired but I can’t stop looking. She could be out there, unprotected, not safe. She could be- Stop it, Y/N! Get yourself together! You’re very strong. You can do this. Just don’t picture the bad. Just picture the good. Just picture being back in the states. Being there with Seulgi wrapped tightly in your arms. Everything will be okay. You’ll be fine. It’ll get better. Just be calm. Calm down and relax a bit. I took a deep breath in and let it out. I rushed back home and began to call people I knew around here and asked if they saw her. 

Every one of them said no. I dropped to my knees and began to sob as I realized I can’t find her. There’s no point in calling the police. They won’t help. I just know it. Could she be with Jay? No no no. They don’t know each other well. I doubt she would ever go with him. The only thing she knows about him is his name and that he’s her father. Nothing else. So there’s no way. Where could she be? She doesn’t even know a lot of places in Seoul! I hope she’s okay. I can’t live if something bad ever happen to here. 

-Jay’s POV-

We spent the whole day together. After the pizza, Seulgi and I went to see three different movies at the cinema. They were all so long, I couldn’t even believe it. They were all animated movies. Her eyes were glued to the screen to the whole time. Except the last 30 minutes of the third movie. She fell asleep in my lap. I didn’t want to take her home. I wanted her to stay with me, but I can’t do that. Y/N’s probably worried sick about her. I have to bring her home. I don’t want any more trouble with Y/N. I carried her out of the cinema and and began to walk toward Steph’s apartment. “Daddy! I don’t want to go home yet. Mommy is just going to call you names and blame you for everything wrong in her life. I don’t want to hear it. I don’t believe her. I want to stay with you! She’ll make me move back to the states.” 

She’s moving back to the states? “Seulgi, when is your mom moving back?” “I don’t know. She hasn’t said yet. She and Aunt Steph were arguing about it earlier.” I sighed and mentally cursed myself. 

“Daddy? You won’t let her take me back, right?” “No, honey. I won’t. You’ll stay right here in Seoul. But Daddy needs to talk to Y/N- I mean your Mommy. Okay?” She nodded. She put her head back on my shoulder and closed her eyes. “Go to sleep right now. You’ll be home in a few minutes.” She hummed in agreement. I continued walking to Steph’s apartment. 

Once I got to the doorstep, I could hear the faint sobbing of someone. It’s probably, Y/N. I wouldn’t blame her for crying right now. She thinks Seulgi is lost when she’s right here. I knocked on the door twice and waited for it to open. 

-Y/N’s POV-

I heard the knocking at the door. Maybe it’s someone who heard my sobbing. I stood up on my own two feet and walked to the door. I unlocked and opened it. I looked up and saw, him holding her. Before I could say anything he cut me off. “Can I put her to bed?” He asked. I moved out of the way and let him in. “Down the hall, second door to the right.” I added and he nodded. I followed him down the hall and watched him lay her down on her bed, but she wouldn’t let go.

“Daddy! Don’t go! Stay with me tonight!” 

Did she call him, daddy? “Princess, you know I can’t do that. Maybe next time.” He explained. She folded her arms and stuck out her bottom lip. “Don’t you pout! Either way you are as cute as ever. Stop pouting or I’ll tickle you.” “No! Anything but tickles!” 

His hands went directly to her sides and started their tickling attack. I didn’t know how I was feeling. It was mixture of sadness, confusion, and…happiness. “DADDY STOP! I’LL STOP POUTING! JUST STOP THE TICKLES!” His hands quickly stopped and went to his side. 

“And be a good girl for your mommy. She does a lot for you. No more running away. Give me mommy’s phone.” 

“No! I want to keep it!” She resisted. 

“Do you want more tickles?” He asked. 

“No daddy.” She said reaching into her pocket and pulling out, my phone. She she really did take it. 

“Good girl.” He added standing up. He glanced over to me then back at her. “I have to get going now. Good night, honey. Sweet dreams.” He kissed the top of her forehead. I couldn’t take it. I walked back into the living room and began to pace. 

“I brought her back. I’m just glad she’s safe. Here’s your phone. Please don’t be mad at her, it’s my fault. If I would have stopped you all those years ago. Things would be different. I don’t blame you for wanting to hide her from me. I’m gonna get going.” He handed me my phone and opened the front door. 

“Jay wait!” 


“Stay with her. She really wants you to. I don’t mind.” I looked down. I couldn’t look at him. “If you would like me to leave I can. I don’t want to stay to make you uncomfortable in your own home. But let me tell you something. Don’t move back to the states. I really really don’t want you to go back. Things have changed for me. I want them to stay like this. I want to be in her life. I want to be her father. Not some replace you find in the states. Think about your choices here. Seulgi doesn’t want to leave Korea, please don’t make her. I’ll get going. Have a nice night, Y/N.” 

He opened the door, walked out and closed it behind him. “Daddy?” Seulgi called out. I walked to her room. “He left. I had other stuff to do.” 

“You’re lying! He told me he had everything finished! Why can’t he just be here?” 

“Seulgi, I’m sorry but-” 

“But what?! Why can’t you just love him like he loves you?!” She screamed at me. “Do you know how much it hurts to see your face when I know what I did to him?!” 

I covered my mouth and realized what I said. I rushed out of her room and closed the door. I didn’t mean to snap like that. I’m a terrible mother. I walked into the living room and slumped on the couch. 

Am I the bad guy here? Should I be the one apologizing? I heard my phone go off. Who’s calling? Now is not a good time. I grabbed it and saw the caller ID. Mom?


“My little Y/N. How’s Korea? Why do you sound sad?”

“I don’t know what to do Mom.” I said trying to hold in my sobs. 

“Sweetheart are you crying? Did Stephanie say something?” She asked. “Am I a bad mother?” 

“What?! No! No! You’re a good mother. Who told you weren’t? Do I need to come to Korea? You know I will.”

“I know you will, but everything’s okay. I got in under control.” I lied. “Okay, well don’t answer the phone crying next time. Or I will take the next flight to Seoul, okay?” 

“Yes Mom. I love you. Bye.” I hung up and wiped away the tears that had almost escaped. 

I am the bad guy. 

It’s been a hella long time since one of these were released into the world. How was it? Sorry for any mistakes. I hope you enjoyed. Thanks for reading. 

Breaking Protocol

Written for @flames-bring-a-ton-of-ash‘s Negan writing challenge part 2.

Prompt: Sheriff Negan

Characters: Negan x OFC (Evelyn)

Warnings: Smut, fluff

Summary: Evelyn, a former FBI agent and her son are kindapped only to be reunited with her old flame, a CIA agent named Negan who she thought was dead.

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Preference #4 Your child(ren) walked in on you two

Requested: “Preference where your child walks in on you two having sex”
(A|n fam I had too much fun with this OML)
Bellamy Blake: Bellamy sucked harshly on (Y/N)’s neck as she arched her back with a light moan.
“God I’ve missed this.” Bellamy moaned. He was grinding on her and teasing her wet slit with his cock. The young couple finally got a moment alone. Both their kids sleeping peacefully in their room. Now was their much needed ‘mommy daddy’ break they had been needing after a full day. Bellamy slowly slid his length into her wet heat as her eyes fluttered shut. Bellamy relished in it as it had been awhile since they both had this time. Ever since their second child, Dylan was conceived. Bellamy moaned at the feeling before bringing his hips back to slam back in as (Y/N) bit her lip trying not to moan. They were oblivious to the sound of the pattering of feet in the hallway. Thank god they had the sheet over their naked bodies as the door swung open. Both their head snapped over to door. Looking like deer in head lights.
“Mommy? Daddy?! What are you guys doing?” Charlie asked as she stood in her onesie. Her 1 year older brother standing beside her with his thumb in his mouth.
“M-mommy and daddy were just um…wrestling!” Bellamy stated as he quickly pulled out as he wrapped the blanket tightly around us.
“Oh…why are you wrestling naked daddy?” She whispered.
“Because mommy’s and daddies can do that sweetie. W-what do you need?!”
“Me and Dylan had a nightmare.”
“Okay…me and mommy will meet you in your rooms okay cupcake?!” Bellamy quickly stated.
“Otay daddy!” And they both disappeared from the doorway.
“Oh my god!”
“So close.” Bellamy whined.
“Bell!…we can finish later just help me find some clothes!” (Y/N) blushed as they quickly got dressed.
John Murphy: “God baby you feel so tight around my cock.” Murphy moaned. I nibbled his ear as he moaned. He harshly thrusted into me as I gasped. Nails scraping his back.
“God you’re so tight.” He moaned loudly.
“Sh! You’ll wake up Benji and Ruby!” I hissed.
“They’re not gonna wake up.” He rolled his eyes before returning to his harsh thrusting. Suddenly we heard a little gasp and my eyes flew over to where our 9 year old son Benji and our 6 year old Ruby stood with wide eyes.
“Daddy! You’re hurting mommy!” Ruby cried running out of the room.
“Mom…dad…why are you two naked?”
“Well we were just getting done…um-”
“With our wrestling match!” (Y/N) glared as Murphy nodded.
“Oh…did daddy win?”
“Yes he did”. Murphy smiled as (Y/N) slapped his chest.
“Just go to your room while we get dressed okay baby?!”
“Okay mommy.” And he walked away.
“Murphy you’ll be lucky if we ever wrestle again.” (Y/N) said as Murphy’s eyes widened.
Jasper Jordan: “I just got them to sleep.” (Y/N) smiled as Jasper laid on the bed with the sheet covering his lower half.
“Then get that cute ass over here.” He winked as I walked over and lifted the sheet. His manhood slapping his stomach. I bit my lip as I took my pj pants off and took my top off before he moaned at the sight of my pink, erect nipples. His hand flying up to squeeze them as I lowered myself onto his awaiting cock. I moaned as I lifted myself on top of him before he bucked his hips to meet mine halfway as I moaned.
“Jesus Christ I missed this.” He moaned. His hands drifting to my hips.
“Don’t b-be so loud…We’ll wake up Rosie and Scarlet and Mont.” I whispered trying to keep my voice as I referred to our 10 year old, seven year old and 2 year old.
“They’re not gonna wake up…cmon babe.” He reassured. As if they heard us the door flew open as Jasper froze mid thrust.
“Um…mom…why are you naked on top of daddy?” Scarlet asked with furrowed brows.
“Mommy and daddy were just…u-um…”
“We were practicing our karate! Just like you and Rosie do!”
“But why naked.”
“Because mommies and daddies can do that…w-what do you guys need?”
“Well Grayson starts crying.” Rosie blushed. I sighed as Jasper laid with wide eyes and a dropped jaw.
“Mommy will be there in a minute okay?” I blushed. They nodded as they left the door way.
“I’m gonna die!” Jasper whined.
“Of what embarrassment or not finishing?”
“Both!” He cried as he threw on clothes.
“Just pick up your shorts. Leave them untied. We’ll finish after. You get Grayson I’ll get the girls and Mont.” Jasper nodded. His face still red as a tomato.
Monty Green: “I missed how tight you were.” Monty whispered hotly in my ear as he thrusted into me. His mouth sucking on my neck harshly.
“I missed having you inside me.” (Y/N) moaned as he smirked.
“Aren’t we lucky Jasper offered to babysit?! Jesus I would have exploded if he hadn’t volunteered.” He moaned as I clenched around him.
“You just about made me explode when you licked my nipples and spanked my ass.”
“Want me to do it again?”
“Please.” (Y/N) whined.
“Cmere then babe.” Monty smirked.
“Mommy! Daddy!” Our son Alex shouted through the door. He burst through with our twin daughters, Riley and Aria in tow. I shrieked as Monty froze.
“Mommy? Daddy! Why are you eating mommy!” Riley cried.
“Monty! (Y/N)! We just came to get Aria and Riley’s bags-OH MY GOD!” Jasper screamed as his eyes widened.
“Jasper! Look away man!” Monty shouted.
“What is happening?!” Alex screamed as Jasper covered Alex eyes.
“Why was daddy slapping moms butt!”
“Because mommy was being bad everybody out!” Monty shouted as everyone sprinted out.
“Oh my god I’m dead.” (Y/N) whined.
“Not before I finish preferably!” Monty demanded. I heard the speeding of a car before I let Monty continue.

Trick or Treat

Prompt: ooo maybe either a Jason or Dick one where them and the reader takes their small child out for their first Halloween?? - anon

“Are you ready, sweetie?” Dick asked his daughter. It was Halloween night and she was dressed up to go trick or treating with her cousins. It was going to be the first time that Jason’s youngest child, Lizzie, was going with them. Dick had a feeling that the night would be interesting, with four children and four adults, but he hoped it would be a fun adventure.

“I’m ready for candy, Daddy, let’s go!” Maria said, skipping from one foot to the other. She had wanted to dress up as either a princess or Superman, but hadn’t been able to choose. The obvious solution was that they got her a Superman costume, a red tutu, and a tiara and voila, Princess Superman was ready to greet her subjects and stop all the bullies.

“We’ll head out in a minute. Mommy needs a little more time to finish getting dressed.” Dick said. Y/N had initially planned on going without a costume, but Dick insisted that they had to all dress up so they matched as a family. Dick was wearing an old costume of Bruce’s, a batsuit that had been more fashion than function as Bruce had not yet realized how much his suit would need to withstand. He had bought Y/N a Wonder Woman costume online and given it to her to wear.

He heard footsteps and turned to find Y/N coming down the stairs in a Wonder Woman tshirt and jeans. “Where’s your costume?” He asked in confusion.

“It…… doesn’t fit quite right.” Y/N said.

“Is it too small?” Dick asked. He was sure he had read the size chart right.

“Yes and no.” Y/N said, “All right, Maria, let’s go!”

They headed out into the night to meet up with Jason’s family. They found him and his twins waiting outside his house.

“Where is BFF/N and Lizzie?” Dick asked as they approached.

“We were having a little bit of trouble getting Lizzie into her costume.” He explained.

“Lizzie was being very loud.” Rosie said quietly. She had wanted to be a ladybug so she was wearing a fluffy red dress with big black polka dots on it. Her brother, Mattie, was dressed as a pirate, he even had a five o’clock shadow that his mother had blended on for him.

“Okay, we are ready to go.” BFF/N said as she and Lizzie came outside. The toddler was dressed like her favorite stuffed animal, a fuzzy pink dragon, who was hitching a ride on her back in a backpack her mother found for her.

The group set out down the street, knocking on doors and collecting candy. Mattie and Maria ran up to every door and rang the doorbell while Rosie hung back, safely with her parents in case a monster appeared from the behind the door. It wasn’t that she didn’t like trick or treating or getting candy, it was just that she had figured out really quickly that people like to play tricks on Halloween and she did not like to be scared.

“Rosie! People aren’t going to give you candy if you don’t come to the door!” Mattie cried out in frustration as they crossed over onto another street. He grabbed her hand and pulled her to the door. This one had a life sized scarecrow out front. Even Mattie was hesitant to approach the dummy sitting beside the door, but he bravely pushed on.

The trio of children grew closer when the scarecrow suddenly sprang to life.

“Boo!” It bellowed.

Princess Superman and the tiny pirate captain jumped and ran as the little ladybug froze in terror. The big scary thing in front of her laughed as her brother and cousin retreated to the parents and she was left to deal with monster.

“Do you want some candy?” The thing asked her.

She opened her mouth, but all that came out was a loud wail. Immediately, the scarecrow tried to placate her, but she felt strong arms pick her up and hold her close. “You’re okay, babydoll, I’ve got you.” A deep voice crooned to her.

If she thought the scarecrow was scary, she probably would not have liked the murderous look on her father’s face.

“I suggest you don’t do that again.” The same deep voice that soothed her said in a much harder tone.

“Sorry, sir, I didn’t realize it would upset the kids.” The scarecrow said as it pulled off its mask and revealed a sheepish middle aged gentlemen. “Never had any myself so I’m probably not the best judge of character.”

While Jason stared down the not so scary scarecrow, Maria and Mattie divided the man’s entire bowl of candy between their bags. With the crisis finally averted, but Rosie still sniffling as she clung to her father’s neck, both families decided it was best to call it a night.

They got back to Jason’s house and Maria dumped a bit of her candy into Rosie’s bag.

“Sorry you got scared.” She said as she patted her younger cousin’s back.

The little girl sniffled out a very pitiful “thank you” before Jason carried her inside.

“What does your haul look like, sweet pea?” Dick asked as they arrived back at their house.

“All good stuff!” Maria said with a long yawn.

“Sounds like it is time for Princess Superman to go to sleep.” Y/N said, she took her daughter upstairs and cleaned her up before tucking her into her bed. She was asleep almost as soon as her head rested on her pillow.

Y/N came downstairs to a rustling noise, before finding her husband rifling through their daughter’s trick or treat bag.

“Richard John Grayson, you had better not be eating our daughter’s candy.” Y/N said sternly.

Dick turned to her with a faux injured air. “You think I would steal from Princess Superman? I was just making sure that her treats were not kryptonite in disguise.”

“Yeah, and I am Wonder Woman.” Y/N said sarcastically.

“Well, you are a wonderful woman.” Dick said sweetly.

Y/N rolled her eyes. “Flirting isn’t going to get you out of trouble.”

“But it helped, right?” He said hopefully. “Happy Halloween, babe.” He said as he pulled her in for a kiss.

She snuggled against his chest and sighed happily. “Happy Halloween.”

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Injured Football Player Ch17

Originally posted by mylastlove-mylastsong

Summary: It is the first night that the reader and Bucky spend away from their baby.

Word Count: 1190

Chapter 16

 You rocked your two-month-old daughter in the rocking chair in her room. You looked down and watched her sleep in your arms. You never wanted to put her down, so you didn’t mind rocking her for hours on end.

 Bucky walked past the room and stopped when he saw you. He leaned up against the doorframe, “Hey, baby mama.”

 You turned and smiled at him, “Hey you.” He walked over and kissed Charlotte’s head, “Hi Rae,” he leaned up and kissed you, “You ready to go?”

 You sighed and looked down at your sleeping daughter, “I don’t know if I’m ready to be away from her for a whole night.”

 It was the first night your parents would be taking Charlotte for the whole night. Since she was born, you and Bucky had been out on a couple dates, but you were never away from her for more than two hours.

 “Do you know how excited Troy and De are to get to keep Charlotte all night? Besides,” he squatted down in front of you, “don’t you think it is time to have some Mommy and Daddy time?”

 You sighed and smiled at him, “You’re right, you’re right. Okay, let’s go.” 

 Twenty minutes later, you were kissing your baby goodbye. Your mom was holding Charlotte as they walked you two out of their front door.

 “Okay Mom,” you spoke as you walked out of the door, “We are going out to eat then probably go back to the house, so if you need anything just call us.”

 “Y/N, we have taken care of a baby before,” you mom chuckled.

 “I know,” you sighed, “but she’s my baby.”

 Your dad looked at Bucky and nodded at him, as if to tell him that it was time for him to take you away before you started crying.

 Bucky grabbed your hand, “Everything is going to be okay, doll. Now, give your baby and parents a kiss.”

 You kissed your daughter’s head, “Okay, baby. Mama and Daddy will see you tomorrow morning,” you gave your parents a quick kiss on their cheeks, “Seriously, call if you need anything.”

 “We will be find,” you dad waved you off, “Jimmy, take her before she changes her mind.”

 Bucky pulled you to the car, “Bye you guys. Thank you again.”

 “Thank you,” you smiled at the waiter as he poured you another glass of wine. You looked over and saw Bucky smiling at you, “What?” you asked.

 He shook his head, “You are so beautiful.”

 You ducked your head and blushed, “Bucky.”

 “I’m serious! You are the most beautiful woman I have ever laid my eyes on. And when I see you with our daughter,” he smiled, “I fall even more in love with you because you are an amazing mother.”

 “You think so?”

 He leaned in and grabbed your hand, “I know you are.”

 “You are too much sometimes, Barnes.”

 “I gotta keep you on your toes, baby,” he winked at you.

 Bucky carried you into your house as you played with his hair, “Do you know how hot you are? You are like so hot. I honestly don’t know how it is physically possible to be this hot. It isn’t fair for the rest of the rest of the male population.” 

 “Who knew three glasses of wine would make you this drunk?” he chuckled, “Not drinking for almost a year really makes you a lightweight.”

 “I honestly don’t know it is legal for someone to be this hot. Like it should be illegal, James!”

 “Alright, baby. Let’s get you into bed,” he pulled the covers back.

 “James, hey,” you grabbed his hand, “Do you want more kids?”

 “Well, of course. Do you?”

 “I don’t know, I just love Charlotte so much, and if we have another baby I feel like I wont love that baby like I love Charlotte,” you smiled, “My sweet baby Charlie Rae.”

 He moved the hair out of your face, “When we do decide to have another baby, you will love that baby just as much as you love Charlie.”

 You shook your head, “Charlie is my favorite. She will always be my favorite. Oh, God! I’m a terrible mother! I am already playing favorites!”

 Bucky chuckled, “Y/N, you aren’t a terrible mother. You cant play favorites when you only have one child.”

 You nodded, “Okay, I guess. I love you.”

 “I love you too,” he kissed your forehead then he walked into the bathroom.

 A couple minutes later, Bucky walked back in and smiled at the sight of you asleep on the bed. He walked over to you and started taking off your shoes and jewelry. He leaned down and kissed your cheek, “Good night, my love,” he whispered.

 He got into bed and pulled the covers to over you. He nuzzled up to you and kissed your neck.

 The next morning you and Bucky woke up with Bucky still wrapped tight around you. You rolled over and brushed the hair out of his face.

 He smiled at your touch and opened one eye, “You should be sleeping in.”

 “Buck-“ you started.

 “No, go back to sleep,” he cut you off.

 You sighed and rolled back over. After a couple minutes of trying to go back to sleep, you gave up.

 “Hey, wanna fool around?” you asked over your shoulder.

 Bucky flipped you over and kissed you. You let out a laugh and pulled him close to you.

 Around noon, you and Bucky pulled up to your parents’ house and pretty much sprinted into the house.

 When you walked into the kitchen, Charlotte was sitting in her highchair. When se saw you and Bucky she smile and let out a small scream.

 You smiled and walked right to her, “Hi, my baby girl,” you picked her up and kissed her face, “Did you have fun with Nana and Pops? Did you?”

 She grabbed your face and squealed when she saw her dad walking up close. She reached out for him.

 He grabbed her and kissed her, “Charlie Rae, how is my little girl?”

 “You two have fun last night?” you mom asked while she washed dishes.

 “We did,” you gave her a kiss on the cheek, “But we missed Charlie.”

 “You will always miss her, no matter what,” she patted your back.

 When you got home, you put her down for her nap. You sat in the rocking chair and watched her sleep when Bucky walked in.

 “Hey,” you smiled reaching for his hand.

 He kissed it and squatted down in front of you, “Hi baby.”

 “So,” you brushed hair away from his face, “I was thinking about something and I want to see what you thought?”

 “Okay, shoot.”

 “We both want more kids. So, I say we enjoy Charlie, and when she is at least six months we start trying for another. What do you think?”

 Bucky cupped your face and kissed you, “I would want nothing more than that.”

 You nodded, “So we have four more months of us focusing only on Charlie, then we start thinking about a little sibling for her.”

 “Sounds perfect to me.”

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