Sana, Sana

Castiel x Reader fluff.

“Sana sana colita de rana; si no sanas hoy, sanara manana.” A saying I heard a lot growing up in a Mexican household.

You stumbled out of the bar, Dean at your side. The two of you were disgusting drunk and were followed by Sam and Castiel, the latter completely sober.

“You should have seen by the look in my eyes, baby. There was somethin’ missin’,” Dean and you sang out loud and totally out of key to the sky.

“Sam, what are they singing?” Castiel looked over to the hunter, who just smirked.

“REO Speedwagon.”

“You should have known by the tone of my voice, maybe. But you didn’t listen!” You screamed out the lyrics, while trying to hold on to Dean who was stumbling just as much as you. The two of you starting laughing and singing all the way to the motel room a block down. Sam and Cas trailed behind the two of you, talking amongst themselves and keeping an eye on Dean and you.

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*Cas precious and rare smiles*

Every time he smiles a miracle happens^^

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Life Update: Sorry for the lack of art lately guys, I haven’t had time to make QUALITY fanart. I’ve got finals next week and I had some commissions I had to finish up before opening up December’s slots. But have some practice headshots I did over the past 2 days! I’m gonna get so damn good at drawing guys it’s gonna be UNBELIEVABLE

also i have one more commission slot if any of you guys are interested!

Shannon’s Top 5 Cas Gifs

So, as requested by @bkwrm523, here are my top 5 Cas gifs in no particular order! 


idk why but gifs of Cas walking really do things to me. look at how graceful. that poise. hes so sure of himself. just. YES.


it’s my sweet angel singing to a baby. need I say more?


fuuuuck. this gif always makes me tingly. smite those demons, baby.


 hes smiling at a dog riding a skateboard. he is so fucking cute. LOOK AT THAT LITTLE SMILE.


look at him. he looks so mischievous, like he’s up to no darn good. he just looks like he’s thinking about sex and I love it.


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I’m so not sorry for this, these are my favorite Cas gifs why don’t you guys and whoever wants to reblog with their favorite Castiel gifs!! ‘


Winter Wonderland by Prayitno