Anonymous :Can you do the popping cherry one like you did with Sam but with Dean and cas too? You’re amaze balls btw


  • Being hesitant at first.
  • “Are you sure, you want me to take your virginity?”
  • “Of course, I love you, I want it to be you.”
  • “It’s an important thing.”
  • “Cas, anything with you is important. I love you, so much, please. You mean the world to me.”
  • “Are you sure?”
  • “Yes.”
  • Softly kissing you.
  • Straddling his waist.
  • Gently laying you down on the bed.
  • More making out.
  • Gently taking your clothes off.
  • More kissing.
  • Helping him take his clothes off.
  • Castiel putting a condom on.
  • “Are you sure?”
  • “Yes.”
  • Castiel taking one of your hands, as the other one takes a hold of your hips, while he slowly slides in.
  • Letting out a whimper.
  • Castiel soothing
  • Telling him to go faster.
  • More kissing.
  • Both of you’s reaching your highs.


  • Showering together.
  • Castiel changing the sheets, while you get dressed.
  • Castiel spooning you.
  • Kissing cheek
  • “Thank you.”
  • “I love you, (y/n).”
  • “I love you, too Castiel.”
  • “You should get some sleep.”


  • Making out.
  • Pulling away from him.
  • Asking Dean to take your virginity.
  • Dean pulling away from.
  • “You’re a virgin?”
  • “Yeah, so, I’m asking you to be the one that takes my virginity.”
  • “I’m not taking your virginity (y/n).”
  • “Why not?”
  • “Because you deserve someone better than me to take it from you.”
  • “Dean.”
  • “I can’t, hurt you, like that.”
  • “Dean, the hymen breaks whether you have sex or not, it can even break when you’re riding a bike. Besides taking my virginity doesn’t have to be actual sex you, it can also be oral.”
  • “Huh? What’s a hymen?”
  • “It’s the thing that breaks when you first have sex.”
  • “You sound like Sam right now.”
  • “You deserve a boyfriend, to do that with.”
  • “But, you’re the guy I want, not some douche bag. I don’t care where we do it, as long as it is with you.”
  • “What, in a crappy hotel room, on a shitty bed? Or the back of my car? You don’t deserve that.”
  • “I don’t care where we have it, as long as it’s with you. I love you dean, so much, and I get that you want us to be friends with benefits, and that’s okay. I want it to be you, Dean. Only you.”
  • Dean sighing, and sitting on a bed.
  • “I want to be more than friends.”
  • “Then let’s be.”
  • Pulling you closer to him, until your sitting on his lap.
  • Kissing you passionately.
  • Gently putting you down on the bed.
  • Passionately making out.
  • Removing each other’s clothes.
  • More passionate kissing
  • Dean taking a hold of your hand.
  • “Are you ready?”
  • “Yeah.”
  • Dean thrusting into you.
  • Thrusting into you slowly.


  • showering together
  • Making out.
  • Shower sex.

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Okay Y/N, I think you’ve had too much to drink, let’s just get you some water”

Dean tried to get you to sit back down on the chair, but you were already on your way to the bar to try and get another shot of tequila.

“No, Dean, I need more”

You were slurring all your words, and dragging out more which made you seem like a child.

But then again Dean always said you acted like a child when you were drunk.

“Y/N please-”

“No Dean” you cut him off “just because I’m in love with you, doesn’t mean I always listen to you”

Did you just say what you thought you said?

“Okay Y/N, I know you don’t mean it cause you’re drunk, but I really wish you did. And since you’re not going to remember this conversation, I love you too.”

Rustic Hospitality - Spotify // Playmoss

“I think that’s gonna be the hardest thing for you, Magnus. You’ve always struck me as the big brash guy willing to take the big hits so someone else doesn’t have to.”

Dismantle - Peter Sandberg // The Once and Future Carpenter - The Avett Brothers // To Build a Home - Cinematic Orchestra // Complicated Creation - Cloud Cult // Luna - The Mountain Goats // We’re On Our Way - Radical Face // High Hopes - The Vespers // Rejoice - Andrew Jackson Jihad // 1997 - Saint Motel // Lionhearted - Porter Robinson // Elysium - Bear’s Den // Broad-Shouldered Beasts - Mumford and Sons // Look Inside - Mighty Oaks // I’ll Keep You Safe - Sleeping At Last // Welcome Home (Reprise) - Radical Face