*Ring, ring*

DEAN: Cas, look, we’re in the middle of something. Could you call ba-

CASTIEL: Dean, I have a problem.

DEAN: What do you mean, a problem? Can it wait?

CASTIEL: Well, the nurse said that it’s going to come in the next hour or so.

DEAN: Nurse? Come? Dude, are you with kinky hookers again? Dude, don’t call me while you’re get-

CASTIEL: Dean, just hurry up. I can’t last much longer.

DEAN: Where are you exactly?

CASTIEL: St Mary’s hospital. Ward 7.

DEAN: Cas, are you hurt?
SAM: Wait, is he alright?

CASTIEL: Do you remember we were hunting those Amazons the other day?

DEAN: Yeah. And then that crazy-ass vamp came along and bit that brunette chick.

CASTIEL: And then, for the record, you cut her head off. Well, her blood splatted on me.

DEAN: What are you trying to say, Cas?

CASTIEL: That maybe there’s a small chance that the mixed DNA of the vampire-Amazon got into my blood- just a reminder, Dean, I’m human now- and maybe the blood is contagious like a vampire, and, well, the Amazon DNA is doing something as well…

DEAN: I’m confused, Cas. Look, I’m at St Mary’s now. Ward 7, wasn’t it? I—–

DEAN: Cas…

CASTIEL: Yes, Dean?

DEAN: Ward 7 is the labour ward…

DEAN: Sammy, I swear, it was a one time thing. I didn’t mean to get Cas preggerz!

SAM: I just don’t see why I’m the one helping you look after Mary. ((And who say ‘preggerz’ nowadays, anyway?))

DEAN: Well, because Cas is in hospital…

SAM: Oh……. Oooooohhhhhhh~……………

((AU where Cas loses his grace but gets turned into a Vampazon and Dean can’t help but have sex with him… I think Sam should show them the concept of contraception before Mary, John, Bobby, Rufus, and Henry have any more siblings!!! XD - Jess)

Losing Faith

Pairing: DeanxReader, Sam, Castiel, OFC Grace

Summary: Dean gets a phone call and rushes back to the bunker knowing things had gotten worse after a difficult loss for your little family.

Word Count: 1178

Warnings: talk of grief, mentions of miscarriage (non graphic), language, breakdowns

A/n: This was seriously rough. It got personal. I’ll just leave it at that.

Originally posted by tearinmyeye

 They had been sitting there for a few hours. Scanning every part of the lore they could find. Dean’s head started to lower when he heard his phone ring and he quickly shot out of his chair. He saw your name and the little heart you had added and quickly answered the call.

 “Hey, sweetheart. I was just thinking about you. What are you two up to?” Dean grinned as he thought about you and your daughter back at the bunker. He was hoping you were finally getting some rest. His expression quickly changed to a frown as he heard his four-year old’s voice instead.


 “Gracey? Baby, why are you calling me on mommy’s phone?”

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anonymous asked:

it says phil sgriccia is directing and dabb is writing 13x01. do you think we are in good hands for grieving dean? it seems like sgriccia has directed some good dean/cas stuff. mommy dearest, meet the new boss, the aaron scene, fan fiction, executioners song/ boyfriend deleted scene, hell's angel, the awkward "you're our brother" in 11x23, maybe a few i missed.. i just really need them to get it right lol.

same anon about directors. john badham is directing 13x04. he directed some such as into the mystic, the vessel, and regarding dean. that makes me feel good about the new version of cas, since he had to direct a “new” version of dean. fun fact he also directed saturday night fever lol.

Tbh I feel like we are in such good hands overall!
My tentative speculation is:

1. Lost & Found Writer: Andrew Dabb Director: Phil Sgriccia
- Brilliant for starting the season, setting the themes etc.

2. The Rising Sun Writer: Brad Buckner and Eugenie Ross-Leming Director: Thomas Wright
- Brilliant for repressed / regressed facade Dean, hopefully sleeping with (multiple) waitresses and drinking etc and clearly showing it as a coping mechanism. Standard BL fare but for a blatant subversion REASON now.

3. Patience Writer: Robert Berens Director: Robert Singer
- Berens writes GREAT character exposition and in depth analysis, this coupled with psychics gets me SO excited for this episode I can’t even. I am overwhelmed with 13x03 speculation and excitement!!!

4. The Big Empty Writer: Meredith Glynn Director: John Badham
- Glynn showed her capability with 12x11 and I keep saying Cas’ arc will mirror and expand on Dean in 12x11, imo the memory and who we are foreshadowing from s12 will be all over Cas’ arc in s13 so let’s see :)

5. AdvancedThanatology Writer: Steve Yockey Director: TBA
- I sincerely HOPE tho I don’t expect but I HOPE that this is our bi!dean exposition exposed… the one before Cas comes back so it’s separate… Yockey being queer himself gives me hope and I feel who better o write it and why else is he onboard at this point…

6. Tombstone Writer: Davy Perez Director: TBA
- Not sure but I’m sure will be great. Perez has shown he knows the characters well. I would be more excited for Berens to handle Cas’ return but let’s see :)

7. War of the Worlds Writer: Brad Buckner and Eugenie Rossyh Director: TBA.
- Ehhh I just hope this is a boring mytharc / lucifer episode. Keep them away from the boys character growth.

8. The Scorpion and The Frog Writer: Andrew Dabb Director: TBA.
- Should be amazing and probably some kind of Jack going bad lead up or happening.

9. The Bad Place Writer: Robert Berens Director: TBA.
- Berens? Exposition behind the reasons for Jack going bad ans blood / found family themes etc

10. Wayward Sisters. Writer: Robert Berens and Andrew Dabb
- Super excited for this :) :) :)

Beach Day

Characters: Sam, Dean, Cas, Reader

A/N: This one shot came to me today during a wonderful day at the beach with my boys. It’s all fluff!

Characters: Dean, Sam, Cas, Reader

It had been a rough few months. Case after case, one after another with no end in sight. Monsters, demons, and the nastiest crap that crawled the Earth had crossed your path. It had been so long since anyone had had a night off, let alone a whole day.

Sam was worried about you.  You had pushed yourself past the point of exhaustion.  He had found you more than once slumped over a pile of books sound asleep in the library,

You all needed a day off, but you especially.  Sam was the one who came up with the idea of surprising you.  He decided to let Dean and Cas in on his idea.  He needed Cas to zap you all there, and Dean would bitch if he wasn’t included.  When he told Dean his idea, he was instantly game. “Dude, do you even own swim trunks?” Sam asked his brother.

Cas was happy that there was something they could do to surprise you. You spent so much time worrying about everyone else that you didn’t take care of yourself. After Sam checked the weather he decided tomorrow would be the day.  Even Dean seemed excited.

Early the next morning, everyone wandered in for their morning coffee.

“Morning Y/N” Sam said.

“Hey. I have some research I want to go over with you. And I may have found us a case in Minnesota….. A shifter.”  You replied.

“I can’t today.” Sam replied.

You looked at him strangely. “Um, what?”

“You can’t either.” Dean said, grinning.

“We’re taking the day off.” Sam said.

You raised an eyebrow at him. “Oh really? And just what are we doing?”

“You’ll see.  Wear a bathing suit.  “That’s all you need to know.”

Dean stood up. “We are leaving in 30 minutes so you better go get ready.”

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anonymous asked:

Headcanon: It's not Sam that Jack imprints on (baby ducklinging=imprinting), it's Cas. So Cas comes back and there's the Destiel reunion and then later on Jack shows up, and by this point he HAS been following Sam everywhere but he sees Cas and is like !MOTHER!

Oh man I’d love for him to call Cas mommy lmao!!!

Castiels’ Gift

Pairing: human!Cas x reader
Word count: 1,345
Warnings: angst
Request: Anonymous. Hey, could you write a sad/fluffy imagine with Soulmate!Reader x Human!Cas? Like they have a car accident and the reader is practically dying and Cas doesn’t know what to do, he panics and blames himself. Seeing the despair of Castiel, God (Chuck) appears and heals her. Cute ending with an overly emotional Cas <3 Thank you, beautiful.

The first time Cas saw you, he knew. You were dancing on the beach, barefoot, in a ankle length flowing skirt. It moved around you in such a way that it appeared to be moving in slow motion. For a top, you simply wore your bikini top. You were a free spirit, balancing him out in every way.

You’d opened up another side of life. The carefree side. You made being human far less daunting.

When Dean came around, needing Cas’s help, you’d laced your fingers with his, and smiled. There was nothing that you wouldn’t stand by his side for. You didn’t have the knowledge of a hunter, the fighting skills of one, and you weren’t really comfortable firing a gun. What you lacked in those areas, you made up for with determination, and courage. You took what they told you, and did with it the best you possibly could.

You came out the other side a bit banged up, but proud of yourself. Not that you intended to go hunting again any time soon. Still, Sam and Dean knew they could count on the two of you.

He’d asked you to marry him after just eight months. There was no hesitation in your voice when you said ‘yes’. He’d lifted you in his arms as you kissed him.

You were married just months later, in a simple backyard wedding. The only guests were your few friends, Sam, and Dean, and your mother. You were barefoot, just like that first night. A simple white vintage looking dress, and a crown made of flowers. His eyes lit up the moment he saw you.

“Think of those times, Y/N.” Cas’s voice broke, the tears streaming down his cheeks. “Please.” He held your hand between two of his, resting his forehead against them. “I don’t know what I would do without you.” His voice was barely above a whisper. 

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SPN S6 Watch Notes

Just a heads up: I am not a person who particularly enjoys S6 and S7. These are the years that made me give up on the show. I think S7 may actually be easier for me to deal with now that I have the benefit of looking at it through hindsight, but S6 is still a steaming pile to me, even after giving it THREE chances to change my mind in the last year or so.

And it occurred to me while I was watching this season that the reason behind me not enjoying season 6 may be PART of the reason why Demon!Dean didn’t last very long in S10: a big reason why I (and many others) did not like S6 is because Sam wasn’t Sam for half the season. He didn’t even really FEEL like Sam, and he wasn’t particularly likable as Soulless!Sam… outside of Edlund’s version of him in 6x09. (I feel like Demon!Dean was still likable, but I’m also a biased Dean!girl.) Part of me wonders if the producers took the lessons learned from S6 and felt they couldn’t make Demon!Dean last as long because of the complaint of one of the two main characters not really being there for an extended period of time… I dunno.

And then in the second half when we got Sam back, it got very sloppy.

So the front half wasn’t enjoyable because Sam wasn’t there, and the back half was just… a mess. It was difficult to even really tell what direction they were going in, and I very much felt like I was getting jerked around in an unpleasant way.


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I Don’t Do Tequila - Part Four

Part One, Part Two, Part Three

Summary: Dean doesn’t want you to hunt anymore, and you and Sam clash about how to raise your child.

Words: 1,065

Sam x Reader

Warnings: None

Your name: submit What is this?

Six months in and Dean had banned you from going on hunts.

“It’s not good for my nephew slash god son,” he told you, sternly.

You rolled your eyes and leant back into your headboard, “Or niece slash god daughter,” you reminded him, “And anyway, I want to go with you. I can just stay in the motel if you want?”

“Okay well I think you guys are having a boy so I’ll just keep referring to him as my nephew, but no, you’re not coming,” he told you, a sense of finality in his tone, “Y/N, it’s not safe for you out there. You’re safest here.”

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Don’t Give Me Up

Song request: Not About Angels - Birdy by anon

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Prompt: AU, Dad!Sam because well….Dad!Sam

Words: 2267

Tags: Dad!Sam, Domestic!Sam, Destiel, teeth rotting fluff, angst

not my gif

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In Over His Head- Ch. 1

Anonymous asked: Meg! I LOVE YOUR BLOG!! Okay, I’ll stop shouting now. Can I request a AU with Castiel? Where Cas was Jimmy’s twin brother and adopted Claire after Jimmy died and he hires the reader as a nanny for Claire and they end up getting together? Is this okay? I really like Cas and I love watching “The Nanny” and I just know you could do a great job with this! Please??

Here’s the first part of my new series! I’m actually pretty excited for this and I hope ya’ll like it! I do not own ANY of the Supernatural characters. They belong to the creators of the show. 

Warnings: mentions of death, a teeny bit of fluff if you squint and stand on your head. 

Pairings: Castiel x niece!Claire, Hannah. Eventual Castiel x reader

Originally posted by spnfans

Castiel Novak stood in the lawyer’s office, dumbfounded. He was waiting for the Child Services worker to return. “I do not understand what he was thinking. I am not equipped to do this,” Castiel thought to himself. “Mr. Novak, I do realize this has come as a shock, but this was what your brother believed was best for his daughter. He wanted this for both of you.” Before Castiel could open his mouth to argue, there was a knock on the door. It opened to reveal the Child Services worker holding the hand of a little blonde girl.

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