How To Care For Your Caregiver; Nightmares.

Real life CGL type relationships;

-Have a bottle of water next to the bed!
-Big supply of kisses and hugs
-Let them cuddle your favorite stuffie !
-Turn on your listening ears and ask if they’re okay, how they feel, and if they need to talk about it
-Be a brave little toaster even if the nightmare is scary to you too
-Assure them that their nightmare is just a dream but validate that it was scary and hard.
-Hug and kiss them more!
-Try to read or tell them their favorite story so that they can fall back asleep, act it out with your stuffies !
-If they can’t go back to bed find their favorite snack and put on a mutually loved movie.
-If they don’t want to talk about it or need space, it isn’t your fault! Sometimes needing care or having a nightmare is embarrassing or private.
-Let them know that you’re there for them and that you love them bunches.

For long distance CGL type relationships;

-Ask your caregiver to call you on skype or the phone so you can talk to them sweetly.
- If you can call make lots of kissy noises !
-Be a brave little toaster when listening to your caregivers nightmare even if it’s really scary!
-Tell them to get a drink of water cause it always helps!
-Find funny or cute pictures online and send it to them!
-Watch a movie by pressing play at the same time on your devices
-Read or tell them a story through chat or voice ! If you have a cam you can use your stuffies to act it out.
- If your caregiver needs space, it isn’t your fault! It might be easier for them to deal with a nightmare by themselves.
-But give them lots of love and tell them you’re there for them when they want to talk.

This semester has been ROUGH!

I felt like I was behind the entire time. I couldn’t get caught up and my fitness journey suffered for it. I am so thankful that I have only 8 MORE DAYS!

Today is my last day of classes and I am beyond excited to get back to my routine and clear my head for the spring semester!! 💪

Different seasons of life call us to take different roles. Keep God the center and your eyes to the sky because you will do great things with a full heart 💕

Caring for your Caregiver.

Hey guys! I noticed everything on my dash is geared towards how to care for a little, which is great! But I decided that I wanted to make a series of posts on how a little can care for their caregiver! The first post will be about what to do when you’re caregiver has a nightmare. I would really appreciate it if you guys could send me some ideas for “Caring for your caregiver when they’re sick.” The nightmare post will be up in about an hour!


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