A dom kissing their sub, running their hands over their body slowly making the other whine into the kiss as they grow more needy.

“Want something baby?”

The sub just nods and stutters a small “please” and the dom chuckles, moving to mark their neck while whispering sweet praises

degradation is great but praise just gets me so so fucking bad like yes please tell me im doing good please tell me im a gorgeous angel tell me im the best kitten on this planet i need it

Not to be soft but doms who kiss their sub all over telling them how beautiful their body is because they’re not confident with the way they look “my beautiful baby, every inch of you so perfect” and subs who do the same for their dom “mommy/daddy you’re so perfect”

A concept; a dom cuddling up against their sub after making them whine and cry. giving them little neck kisses, telling them how pretty they are and how much of a good little baby they were for them.