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carrie fisher isn’t just princess leia. carrie fisher isn’t just an actress we all admire from a famous series of movies made a long time ago in a galaxy far far away. carrie fisher isn’t just another name on the list of shitty things 2016 has done to people i admire.

carrie fisher is a woman who struggled with addiction and mental illness and never sugar coated it - she spoke honestly, openly, about every ugly truth, and made me so much less ashamed of the things i struggle with in my daily life.

carrie fisher is a woman who fought back against body shaming and misogyny, against agesim, who looked at critics and said “yes, i am a woman who has aged, and had children, and struggled with depression and addiction and my body has changed, so you can just shut the fuck up and deal with it”, and it was absolutely beautiful.

carrie fisher is a woman who was placed in the role of “princess” but didn’t conform to the typical hollywood idea of what a princess should be. she’s loud, brash, crass, and unapologetic for being so.

she’s an idol and an inspiration and she’s a woman who saved my life many times just by being who she was and never shying away from it or feeling the need to say sorry. carrie fisher is so much and more and i cannot begin to stomach the thought of 2016 taking her away from me, from her family, from the rest of the world and those of us who love her so dearly.

i love you, space momma. we all do. keep fighting the good fight.

Business and Pleasure - Part 21

Summary:  Bucky AU. After a major deal falls through, your father’s business almost falls apart. In a desperate attempt to save his livelihood, he seeks the help of his oldest friend, George Barnes, who happens to be the CEO of one of the most influential businesses in New York. He agrees, but on one condition. You have to marry his son.

Word Count: 1,210

Warnings: Swearing

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The ride to the hospital seemed to take forever, each moment passing by at an almost excruciatingly slow pace. You found yourself feeling suddenly grateful for Steve’s rather aggressive driving techniques that had, in many previous situations, scared the crap out of you. The poor man had seemed traumatized when he arrived at your apartment. He glanced up at you before flashing his best friend a panicked expression, looking like a total deer in the headlights. Despite the awkwardness of the situation, you were so thankful that he had been able to come to the rescue.

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‘Dating a single mom’ The Flash preference

Barry Allen: 

You had been seeing Barry for a few months now and he still had neglected to know about your three year old son. You didn’t want to scare him off right out of the gate so you simply withheld a little information. You had learned from the past that not everyone wants to date a girl with a child from a previous relationship. Your son was your world, he was a very kind and silly boy and he never failed to make you smile. His name was Ryder. You had decided now was a good time to tell Barry of his existence. 

“Hey Barry?” 

“Yes sweetheart?”
“Could you maybe come over…there’s something I need to tell you.”
“Okay! I’ll be there in about five minutes okay?! Is everything okay?!” 

“Yes I just need to tell you something.” You felt Ryder tug at you pant leg as you hung up the phone. You giggled at your son as you scooped him up. Tickling his stomach and blowing raspberries. Before long there was a knock on the door as you asked Ryder step into the hall for a few minutes. You opened the door to see Barry holding a bouquet of flowers. Your heart swelled. 

“Oh Barry!” You cooed as you hugged him. You let him in as you locked the door. You turned to him and ushered him into the living room. 

“There’s something I have to tell you…”
“There’s something I have to ask you actually.” You both spoke at once with a giggle as you motioned for him to go first.
“Well uh…we’ve been seeing each other for awhile and I was wondering if you’d…like to be my girlfriend?” Your eyes widened. “Or not! You know what just forget I even asked!” He said as he stood up. 

“No that’s not it at all! I just…I haven’t…been completely honest with you.”
“Oh my god you’re married.” 
“NO! Heavens no!”
“Oh…thank God.”

“I have a son.” 

“Huh!? Barry said in utter shock as you bit your lip. Barry swallowed hard. 

“That’s it?!” You nodded as you brushed your hands on your pants nervously. 

“Can I meet him!? Unless you don’t want me too!” He asked fighting back a grin. Your jaw dropped as your son peaked from the hall. You nodded at him before opening your arms. 

“Ryder this is mommy’s close friend. His name is Barry Allen.” Ryder smiled at Barry as Barry waved. 

“Are you mom’s boyfwiend?” 
“Only if you let me little man!” 

“Who is your favowite superhewo?”

“I’m a big fan of the Flash…” Barry bit his lip as Ryder removed his thumb from his mouth with big eyes. 
“Mommy’s new boyfwiend is cool!” Barry laughed as Ryder squirmed from your arms as you gently set him on the ground. 
“Momma can we watch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! Barry will you watch it with us!?”
“Of course I will Ryder.” Barry smiled. And after months of being together, and although Barry wasn’t Ryder’s real dad, Barry treated him like his own and loved the both of you with his whole heart. 

Cisco Ramon: 

Cisco and you had been dating for eleven months but you had told Cisco about your nearing one year old daughter Amelia about two months into the relationship. He didn’t have a problem and asked if he could be apart of Amelia’s life. You had of course said yes. He was very good with Amelia and you were so grateful that he didn’t run like the other guys you had previously seen. Cisco had moved in with you and Amelia and it paid to have an extra set of hands to help raise her. 

You and Cisco were throwing Amelia her first birthday and everyone from Team Flash was there. You all cooed as Amelia ate her cake in a messy fashion. Cisco had taken the father role in Amelia’s life and you didn’t want it any other way. 

“Look at little Amelia eating her cake like a big girl!” You cooed as she squealed and slammed her hands up and down causing the cake to go everywhere. 

“You my messy baby aren’t you Amelia?!” Cisco cooed as he ignored the pieces of cake flying into his long hair. 

“Dada!” The party became silent as Cisco’s jaw dropped. You looked as Cisco with tears in your eyes as you let out an airy giggle. Cisco quickly reacted by taking Amelia’s little hand as you wiped a tear. 

“Yeah Amelia..I’m your dada!” He cooed as Caitlin recorded the whole thing. 

“That was sweeter than the cake!” Caitlin whispered as Barry nodded as Iris smiled wildly. You kissed Amelia’s cheek as she bat your nose causing icing to get on your face as you giggled. Cisco laughed as you swiped some of the icing before putting it on Cisco’s nose. He shook his head as you quickly stood up.

“I’m going to clean up Amelia and then it will be present time!” Cisco shook his head as Amelia babbled wildly. Caitlin and Iris helped you clean up Amelia while Cisco talked with Joe and Barry and Harry and Julian. 

“I think I’m going to marry that woman.” He sighed as he wiped the icing of his nose. 

“I’ll go to the wedding as long as they serve this cake.” Wally pipped up from behind them causing them to laugh. You brought Amelia as Jesse brought the gifts to you guys. Amelia clapped giddily as Cisco took her from you. You smiled as he ‘helped’ her open her gifts. 

You definitely had a keeper. 

Wally West:

Wally was at Jitters getting coffee for the team when he felt a tug on his pant leg. He looked down at a little girl no more than two. He smiled as he knelt down to her size. 

“Hello!” He said as she smiled back. 

“Have you seen my mommy?” She whispered as tears filled her big eyes. Wally immediately felt what some would call a fatherly instinct overcome him as he scanned the area. 

“No I haven’t…what’s your name?” 

“My name is Poppy.” She said as Wally nodded. 

“Well Poppy what is your moms name?”
“(Y/n).” She sniffed. 

“Hey no need to cry! We’ll find her okay?!” She nodded as Wally held out his hand for her. 

“Poppy?! Poppy where are you?!” Wally turned as his eyes widened. He wasn’t expecting you to be as gorgeous as you were as you ran and Poppy threw herself into your eyes as you clutched her tightly. 

“Mommy it was so scary!!! But Mr. Wally helped me find you!” You looked up to Wally as you blushed. Wally was quite handsome and you couldn’t deny it. 
“You must be (Y/n)?” He asked as he put his hand out for you to shake. You took it with a grin. 

“I am! Thank you so much for keeping Poppy safe. She has a tendency to run off.” You blushed. Poppy looked between you and Wally as the two of you both stood grinning at each other. 

“Mommy likes Mr. Wally!” Your eyes widened. As you quickly scooped her up. 

“C’mon Pop!” You tried to leave but Wally stopped you. 

“Would you like to get coffee sometime?” He asked rubbing the back of his neck. You nodded with a blush. 

“Can you believe that was a year ago?” Wally asked as you were cuddled into his side. Poppy was fast asleep between you two as you shook your head. 
“I’m happy it did though….or else I wouldn’t have met you.” 
“Me too darling. I couldn’t imagine my life without my two girls.” He whispered as he kissed Poppy’s forehead before kissing your lips as you cupped his face. The cold metal of your promise ring making him smile. 

Julian Albert: 

Julian had dated you in high school, but you both broke it off shortly after your senior year. Unknowingly you both moved to Central City. Except you had a few extra with you. No you weren’t married. You had your twin children. Two little boys, Asher and Elliot. He saw you at the park and took a deep breath before approaching you. You were grinning at something before he coughed. You jumped slightly and turned to him. You smiled as he smiled awkwardly. 

“Hey! Julian! It’s been forever!” You grinned while hugging him. 

“Hey (Y/n)! What are you doing here at the park?!” 

“I-I’m here with my sons.” Julian’s eyes widened in shock as his eyes fell to your hand, searching for a wedding ring. You knew that’s what he was doing as you sighed. 

“No dad in the picture if that’s what you’re wondering.” 

“I’m sorry.”
“I’m not.” You chuckled. He saw two little one’s run behind you. Hiding behind your legs. 

“I think you have two shadows.” He chuckled as they poked their heads out. 

“Asher, Elliot, this is Julian. Mommy knew him in high school.”

“Did you and mommy date?” Asher asked bluntly as you blushed. You looked down at your four year olds. 

Julian nodded. Elliot looked at Julian as Asher looked up at you.

“Do you boys like ice cream?” He asked with a growing smile. Both boys eyes widened as the shouted a yes. 

“Let’s go then! My treat!” 
“You’re much cooler than mom!” One cheered. He chuckled as you both walked to the little ice cream shack as you and Julian talked. 

“You don’t have to Julian.” You said as you looked at him. 

“I insist. I haven’t seen you since….”
“I left for college.” 
“I missed you.” He stated as you stopped. 

“I missed you too Julian.”

“Then can we go out for dinner sometime? You can bring Asher and Elliot and you can tell me how to tell them apart.” He chuckled heartily. You giggled with a nod. 

“I’d like that a lot.” 

Over seven months later and the boys saw Julian as their dad. You couldn’t complain. You were both in love and considering that you were always mistaken for a family. You became one. 

You know, I’ve been thinking about that “Keith’s dad is Shiro’s older brother” theory ever since I’ve seen that one comic 

And it just made me think of the implications that Keith’s dad willingly left him behind, like! Just imagining that he even didn’t have the decency to leave him with family [that’s if they even knew about him]. Keith’s mom I get! Went off to fight a on going war his dad probably knew fragments about, so what’s this guy doing?

So that just makes me think of a not so happy family reunion, Shiro finds out what happened to his wayward brother and the kid he sees as a little brother turns out to be his nephew??? And poor Keith is probably no better….

And I’m very sleepy, where was I going with this??? 


request: dad!shawn

Your sixteen-year-old son was sitting on the couch, texting one of his friends, when Shawn tossed him a key. “Go cut the grass. Gettin’ long.”

“Can’t you do it?” He asked, groaning.

“C’mon, it’s just the grass. And ll you have to do is sit and steer!” Shawn laughed, walking over to the fridge. “Babe, are you going grocery shopping soon?” He asked, looking at you.

“Yeah, probably this afternoon. Why?”

“Curious.” Shawn said, taking out an apple. He walked down the hall to the small in-home studio that was built years ago, and before he shut the door, he yelled, “Cut the damn grass!”

Your son groaned, but stood up, and went to put on shoes. “Watch out for your sister’s tree, she got it from some field trip, and it’s pretty small. Don’t run over it!” You warned, going to get dressed, and wake up the still-sleeping four-year-old.

After waking her up, and getting dressed, you saw the neighbors that had bought the house across the street were moving in, and it looked like there was a girl about your son’s age. “Momma, are we going shopping?” Your daughter asked, noticing the reusable bags were sitting on the table.

“Yeah, wanna go get Dad with me?” You asked, taking her hand and walking down the hall. You opened the door and the small girl ran into the room, hopping onto Shawn’s knee.

“Hey, sweetie!” Shawn smiled, dropping the pen he was using on the desk, and wrapping his arms around her. “What’re you doing?” He asked, laughing when she began to draw smiley faces on his sheet music.

“Drawin’!” She said, not looking up.

“Do you wanna go shopping with us?” You asked, walking into the room, running your hand through Shawn’s curly locks.

“Yeah, lemme just go change into somehting more appropriate.” He said, standing up. He was wearing some old basketball shorts, and an old John Mayer tee.

You nodded, going out to tell your son that you were leaving. He saw you and stopped the mower, and walked over to you. “Why did you and Dad have to buy such a big yard, oh my God.” He complained.

“Hey, you didn’t seem to mind at your party, when you had friends literally everywhere.” You teased, smiling. “Your dad, sister, and I are going food shopping. Maybe you should surprise your father and wash the car before we get back.” You smiled, knowing the Jeep needed a wash.

“Maybe. Let me finish the yard first, Mom!” He smiled. “Can you get that cereal I finished yesterday?” He asked, eyes hopeful.

“Sure, sure. If you need anything else, just text me.” You said, heading back into the house.

At the grocery store, you were pushing the cart, and occasionally adding things into it, while Shawn was walking behind you with your daughter next to him. “Ooh, can we et this!? Please?” She asked, holding up a pop-out spaghetti strainer.

“Why? We don’t need that, sweetie.” Shawn laughed, taking it from her hands.

“Oh,” She said, shoulders dropping. “Can we get- can we get ice cream!?” She asked, jumping up and down.

You smiled, nodding. “Since someone finished it without telling anyone, we need some anyway.” You said, giving a pointed look towards your husband, who was suddenly interested in the cake mix next to him.

“You know,” Shawn said, walking up to you. “My parents can take the kids for the weekend, give us a little alone time.” He whispered, knowing it had been a while since you two were alone.

“Not this weekend, maybe next.” You said, tossing a box of tampons into the cart.

“Damn.” Shawn grumbled, looking at his phone when it went off. “Looks like the kid found out there’s a girl his age across the street.” Shawn laughed, texting his son back.

“Hmm, maybe if he listened at dinner, he would know.” You smiled, steering the cart towards the checkout lanes.

Back at home, you and Shawn unloaded the groceries, with your daughter helping out when she could. Once everything was put away, you peeked outside, and saw your son finishing up the front yard. “He’s still not finished?” You questioned, mostly just talking out loud.

You walked out to the front porch, and sat down in the swing that was on the porch, and soon Shawn joined you, wrapping an arm around your shoulders. “I like this, I didn’t have to cut the grass, get to relax with you while-”

“My tree!” Your daughter went zooming by at breakneck speeds for her age, and ran over to the small conifer tree that was not a tree anymore.

You snorted, and stood up, going to console her, as you saw her start to cry. Shawn followed, wanting to see what was on his son’s mind. “It’s ok, honey, we can get you another one.” You picked her up, and she nodded, wiping her tears.

“How didn’t you see the bright pink tape tied to the top of the tree?” Shawn asked, curious.

“Umm,” Your son looked across the street, where the neighbors were setting up a bench in their porch, and you smirked.

“Someone’s got a crush!” You teased, walking back inside.

“Shut up, Mom!” Your son looked at the ground, but you could see his face was a deep red.

Shawn laughed, following his family inside.

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Momma Hale x Derek

“Momma my kits not clean!” Isaac yelled as you tried to sift through the huge pile of paper work that you needed to send to Mr Whittemore that afternoon.

“Momma I have to have a packed lunch for my trip not money!” Erica yelled as she ran past while Liam growled and snapped at the twins.

“Derek!” You sighed franticly but your Alpha was too busy with Boyd.

“Make him stop!” one of the twins hissed while the other shoved Liam who stumbled back into the tv.

“Oh great, idiot!” Erica yelled at him while Isaac started fighting with the twins.

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my mom has gotten SUPER into star wars lately and we rewatched all of the movies this past week

and the morning after we watched attack of the clones, we’re sitting at breakfast and she’s cutting up a pear and she suddenly goes LOOK AT MY JEDI POWERS

and throws a hunk of pear across the table at me

Momma Hale

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Characters: Y/n, Scott, Stiles, Liam, Derek(mentioned)

Pairing: Derek x Y/n (FEMALE READER)

Warnings: Swearing, fluff, cuteness

Word count: 816

Summary: Scott and Stiles require Y/n’s help when they have a frightened Liam in the bathtub.

A/N: This is based on a request i got from an anon-I absolutely love love your pack mom series. Could I request something similar with a female reader like at the beginning of season 4 Scott and stiles kidnap Liam and Scott calls the reader telling her to come attend a “pack mom” or “momma hale” emergency? Thanks x There was additional info was given, but I can’t be bothered to add them into the A/N. But I did stick to them mostly. So I hope u like this, whoever requested it.

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“Shit! What the hell are we meant to do?” Stiles whispered to Scott, afraid someone might hear them, despite the fact that the only person other than them that was in the house, was the poor boy they had tied up and duct taped in the bathtub.

They wracked their brains, wondering how to sort this out. 

They couldn’t call Scott’s mom or the Sheriff. 

They’d go crazy. 

Lydia would just give them a lecture. 

Everyone else was basically useless when it came to things like this.

“You think we should call her?” Stiles asked, knowing she would be the best one to help.

“I don’t know. Won’t she tell him?”

“If we ask her not to, she won’t”.

Scott nodded, grabbing his phone and handing it to Stiles, who dialled the number and waited for her to answer.

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lovingstyles87  asked:

What do you think Harry would have planned for the day when you first introduce him to your toddler daughter? Dad!Harry always gets me!!

*** This is edited and written on mobile but I think I might take this further and write a series! I love Dad!harry too, he is so wonderful 😭 thank you!!! Requests are still open :) ***

Tea Party

You heard a knock on the front door of you flat, and your heart skipped a few beats. You’d been waiting for this day for a while now, and you were suddenly hesitant about it.

It was just Harry, but this was also your little girl.

“C'mon, bug, let’s go see who’s here,” you said softly, playing with her small brown curls. Her hands reached up to you, signaling that she wanted to be held. You obliged and picked her up, making your way to the door.

With one big breath, you tried to shake the nerves so diligently pulsing through your entire body, making you nervous. You didn’t know why though – you loved Harry and he loved you; you shouldn’t be so scared.

Opening the door, you were met with a big smile from Harry and his eyes bore into yours, filled with excitement and compassion.

“Hi there, pet,” he said.

You felt your daughter immediately try to hide in your neck, body pressed tightly to yours as if Harry was the scariest person she’d ever seen. You laughed, “Bug, what’s gotten into you?”

You stepped out of the way to let Harry in and shut the door behind him.

“How was the drive over?” you asked, rubbing your daughter’s back in small circles.

“Was pretty nice, traffic wasn’t a problem either,” Harry said as he walked over to your couch, plopped down, and patted the spot next to him.

You followed and sat, hoping she would warm up to the idea of a stranger in her house soon. She wasn’t normally this scared of others…

You pulled her off of your chest and turned her to sit on your lap, facing Harry. He sat there and smiled, knowing that she was nervous and didn’t try and make any sudden moves.

“Bug, this is Harry,” you told her, stroking through her hair and held her hand with your free one, “can you say hi?”

She looked up at you with big doe eyes, still silent, and then back at Harry.

“Hi,” the tiniest voice squeaked out.

“Well hello there,” Harry murmured warmly, “it’s nice to meet yeh.”

She smiled a little but then almost immediately went back to hugging your torso, face buried in your shirt. You chuckled; she never put on this much of a show for anyone else.

“Bug?” Harry asked and waited for her to turn.

She didn’t at first, and he called her again, “Hey there, bug?”

Your daughter timidly turned to face him, looking up through his eyelashes.

“Your Mumma was telling me about your dolls, could you show me those?”

Her face lit up, “Yeah! Momma can we?”

She jumped off of the couch, almost an entirely different little girl, and grabbed your hand. You laughed, “whoa there bug, they’re not going anywhere!”

You turned to Harry and mouthed “thank you” before getting pulled down the hall to your daughter’s room. He followed the both of you, smiling to himself as he watched you interact with your daughter.

You soon found yourselves seated on the floor of a very pink bedroom, being shown all of the toys and dolls and books and dresses that she had. You mostly sat and watched, as Bug was showing Harry all of the toys. He soon had a pile of stuffed animals and books at his side, and a small tiara on his head.

“That’s for princesses, Mumma tells me that I’m gonna be one someday,” she would tell him, words stumbling out of her mouth with excitement.

He turned to you, grinning, and then back to her, “I think you are already one,”

The three of you spent the morning like this, it must have gone on for nearly an hour. It was the most at peace you’d felt in a while – you all fit together so perfectly. Harry knew that Bug meant a lot to you and the way he played with her and talked with her really made your heart swell.

You were shaken out of this fairytale-like setting by your phone, ringing shrilly. You sighed when you picked it up and saw your boss’s number on the screen.

“Are you okay to sit with her?” You asked Harry, defeat evident in your eyes.

“Of course,” he said, nodding his head, “do whatever you need. M'here as long as yeh need me.”

You pushed off of the floor and took the phone call out in the hall. You heard Bug giggling back in her room and Harry softly talking to her, probably reading a book.

It wasn’t a very long phone call, but your boss needed you at work. They were slammed and didn’t have enough employees to cover for the day. You agreed, knowing you needed the hours, and sighed when you hung up.

Walking back to your daughter’s room, you heard a ‘clink!’ and Harry talking in a higher pitched voice. You turned the corner and held back a laugh when you saw him seated at a small table, knees nearly to his chest sitting in such a tiny table. He still had the tiara in his hair, but this time was wearing a clip-on earring and had a dress-up purse in his lap. Bug had set up her tea set that she loved dearly and begged to play with almost every day. She was wearing a big princess dress and was daintily sipping on a pretend cup of tea.

Harry looked up at you and smiled, absolutely loving every second of this.

“Do you need to go?” He whispered over to you.

You sighed again and nodded your head.

“You don’t have to watch her, I can call a sitter and we –” you started.

“No, s'fine,” he cut you off, “she’s much happier here, I can tell.

“Plus, we haven’t even properly had our tea party yet.”

You rolled your eyes, “you’re ridiculous!”

He just sat there grinning, nodding along with Bug’s monologue she’d come up with. Today it was all about princesses and Harry was the Prince.

“Bug,” you called over to her, “Mumma has to go to work, can you stay with Harry?”

Her eyes grew wide and she jumped up and down, “Yes! Yes mumma yes!”

She ran up to you and hugged your legs, and then went right back to playing.

Harry looked back to you and nodded, mouthing the words “we’ll be fine,” to you.

You teared up a bit, knowing that she was in good hands. It wasn’t out of sadness, but out of relief and joy. She bonded with Harry so well and it just worked. He was the perfect puzzle piece for your messy life. And he wanted nothing more than to be a part of it.


Ok but if you guys have momma Mikoto/ kid kamui fics/art for me to see HAND THEM OVER NOW because I can’t seem to find any on my own sobs

Haven’t had much motivation to finish anything in the last few weeks but today I finally got off my ass was able to whip out this shitty sketch orz Ignore the shitty background done in 5 minutes