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So yesterday, I was lucky enough to finally be able to see Taylor again! (* my 4th time overall, but 1st time in a quite awhile because physically, I haven’t been able to make it because of my CP) I know some of you have been waiting to hear my stories from my experience at the 1989 Tour last night and I’m sorry it took so long.. I didn’t get home till 4 this morning and I was dead tired, but I’m here! Haha 

Let me start off by saying she killed it! She was so extraordinary * as always. The show was filled with so much energy and love from beginning to end.. she rocked Ford Field and I feel so privileged to have gotten to spend part of my birthday weekend with Tay and so many other beautiful people.. that I just can’t believe how lucky I am. While it would’ve been awesome to get to say hi to Tay herself.. it’s okay that I couldn’t. The fact that she follows me here and does so many extraordinary for all of us, is more than enough for me.. thank you taylorswift for being all that you are and for giving me such a great night, for being my hero, and for loving me in the way you do.. it means the world to me!

  I was fortunate enough to meet this beautiful lady. (Mrs. Andrea/ Momma Swift) Words cant describe how much love I have for her and her entire family.. she treated me with so much compassion and love that I still can’t even believe it. Literally, surrounded by Security Guards.. she got down on her knees and just opened her heart to me and showered me with so much love and affection, it made me feel so important and special. I’m so happy that I was fortunate enough to be able to tell her exactly what she meant to me and what Taylor has meant to me in my life and that I appreciated her for sharing her baby with all of us.. before she had to leave, she kissed me on the cheek and told me that Taylor appreciated me, just as much as I did her. Just a surreal experience and an amazing night. *I can’t recall the conversation entirely because I literally felt like crying.. it took everything I had to keep it together* 
Momma Swift is simply magnificent. I can’t say enough good things about her, so much love for her!

honestlybelievedinyou/Chloe and I, FINALLY got to meet in person! I’m so excited to say that we actually got to be in the same place.. we’ve been friends for around 6 months, looking forward to many more YEARS! =]

Thank you taylorswift for a wonderful night and for everything you do for us. You are such a gift in this world and words can’t express how much I appreciate you. Love you and everyone here so much! Enjoy the rest of the tour and cannot wait to see you AGAIN <3

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No its becky is cherish in the tumblr fandom. You first found me on tumblr so I wanted to celebrate that with my costume. All the eras and faces of Becky!

I am Cherelle and am going to be at the 1989 Denver Night 2 show Section 106 Row 17 7-9!

P.S. I know your not Becky, so I made you a shirt like our squad shirts saying no its taylor. I would love to give it to you or your momma!


Kinser is a 1 ½ year old border collie/ blue heeler mix I rescued with my girlfriend about 9 months ago, he’s so smart and loves to go for rides and walks, in the summer he goes for 3-4 long walks every day! He is from Texas but New York I’d where he belongs now! He loves to do tricks for treats, and is just starting to get used to going in the water. (He was deathly afraid of water when we adopted him). His best friend is my parents 3 year old yellow lab/ German Shepard mix Callie and his favorite human is his momma, taylor! He goes nuts whenever someone says her name! He needs to learn to slow down when approaching other dogs, he means no harm but gets too excited and it usually starts a fight. It’s something we are working on! He is super fast and loves belly rubs! We love our boy, so happy HE rescued US!!

Decorations in December

“Come on! We have to get it inside before it starts to rain!” Taylor called to Adam from the front door of their house as he stood in the driveway assessing the situation at hand.

It was the beginning of December and Taylor had insisted they went to buy their Christmas tree today; which Adam was fine with considering he knew how excited Taylor got about Christmas. What he wasn’t totally on board with was the fact the tree was 13ft tall and he didn’t have any help getting it out of the driveway where it had just been delivered.

“I might need to call for some help Tay…. I definitely cannot manage this alone… and you’re not much help.” He said, scratching his head.

“Well thanks for that.” Taylor replied sarcastically, crossing her arms over her chest.

“I didn’t mean you aren’t helpful babe…. I just meant that right now I don’t want you lifting heavy objects.” Adam said quickly, realising he had just dug himself a huge hole.

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“Daddy! Daddy! Do you like my dress?” Scarlett twirled her dress around in the living room. The beautiful blue eyed eight year old was a copy of her mom, something Adam loved.

“I do, princess. You look perfect.” Adam smiled at his daughter as he sat next to his son, Caleb. “And look at you, little man, you’re so handsome in your suit.” He tickled his son’s belly, smiling as he heard his giggles.

“Daddy, stop it.” Caleb yelled, laughing. His dad stopped tickling him and turned on the TV so the kids had something to entertain them as they waited for Taylor to get ready.

“Is mommy going to take long?” Scarlett pouted, looking up at her dad.

“I don’t know, princess but I’ll go check on her.” He smiled, standing up from the couch and walking upstairs. He knocked on the door and heard a small come in. “Hey baby.”

“Hey.” She smiled at him. “Is Scar being impatient again?” She giggled when he nodded his head. “She gets that after you.” She tuck her tongue out at him as she finished doing her hair. Her stylists had picked out a dress for her with her help but she was doing her hair and makeup.

“She’s been excited about this ever since we told her. And Selena is going to be there with little Elliot so she’s even more excited about the whole thing.” Elliot was Selena and Nick’s kid. He was a year younger than Scarlett. Nick and Selena had reconnected and they had been inseparable ever since.

“Can you zip me up?” She asked him and he nodded smiling as he pulled the zipper up before kissing her neck softly sending goosebumps down her body. “Okay, I’m good to go.” She smiled.

“The driver’s waiting so let’s go.” He offered her his hand and she took it before they walked downstairs. As soon as they stepped foot into the living room, it grabbed the kids’ attention.

“Mommy, you look so pretty!” Scarlett told her mom, excitedly moving towards her.

“So do you, Scar. You’re the prettiest girl in the world.” She bent down to kiss her forehead as Adam went to pick Caleb up.

“Thank you for saying that, mommy.” Scarlett smiled, looking down at her feet before grabbing Taylor’s hand and walking to the car with Adam and Caleb. “Are you going to win something?” The little girl questioned.

“I don’t know yet. But I could win, yes.” Taylor nodded just as they were getting inside the car. “It’s fine if I don’t though.” Scarlett nodded her head.

“Are you going to sing?” Caleb asked from where he was sitting, a grin on his face.

“Not today, buddy. But auntie Selena is.” Taylor told him, smiling.

“Yes!” Scarlett cheered giggling. The drive to the venue was rather quick which Taylor and Adam we’re thankful about because the kids would get grumpy from being in the car for too long. Soon they were getting out of the car and arriving at the Kids Choice awards. She hadn’t been to that particular award show for a long time but she though since it was for the kids, she could take hers and Scarlett was always wide eyed at events like this. She loved it. Taylor knew that this fascination could very well be what happened to her. She would fall in love with music and she was already showing signs of that happening.

They did the red carpet quickly and only did one interview for Ellen’s correspondent. They didn’t want to waste much time with that because it would bore the kids.

“You brought your little ones with you. How are they?” The interviewer asking making Taylor smile at the mention of her children.

“They’re amazing. Growing up too fast though.” She laughed. She had Caleb on her hip while Adam was holding Scarlett. Soon she would be too big for that so he was enjoying it while he could.

“Are you excited, sweetie?” The interviewer asked Scarlett an she nodded quickly.

“I want to see mommy and daddy get slimed.” The little girl giggled. “You’re very pretty, miss.” Scarlett complimented the interviewer, smiling.

“Thank you. You’re too sweet, you know that?” The interviewer smiled.

They finished the interview after being asked about their music and their plans for the future and went to find their seats. Soon they found Selena sitting on the seats next to theirs with Nick and little Elliot.

“Tay!” Selena exclaimed, jumping from her seat and hugging her best friend. “Hello, miss Scarlett.” Selena smiled, kissing Scarlett’s cheek. “And you, Caleb. You look so handsome.” Caleb was adorable in his little suit, Taylor had picked it out for him and she knew her heart would hurt at how cute he was but also at how fast he was growing.

“Well we should take our seats. The show is about to start.” Adam suggested, smiling as we all agreed after a few minutes of talking to each other while he talked to Nick.

“Are you enjoying the show, sweetie?” Taylor smiled at her daughter, as she was bouncing on her seat, while someone was performing on stage.

“Yes, mommy, it’s so much fun but when are you going to get slimed?” Scarlett smirked at her mom.

“You little devil. Hopefully I won’t get slimed.” Taylor tickled her daughter. “What about you, Caleb?” Shem turned to her son who was sitting on Adam’s lap, looking at the stage curiously.

“I like it, momma.” He nodded, smiling. Taylor stood up to dance with her daughter as the camera pinned on them. The awards they were presenting next was the award she was up for, favorite female singer. It didn’t really matter to her anymore. The awards. There was no better award than being able to come home to the faces she loved, to her family. But when they said her name, she loved the look on Scarlett’s face. How happy she was for her mom was a look for the books.

“Thank you for this. I’m just going to quickly thank you to the kids. All the kids but especially those two standing with their dad in the audience. This is for the kids so thank you. I love you all. Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for me. I hope you know that I truly am grateful for everything. Goodnight!” She smiled when she was on stage, waving down at her family before walking backstage. She walked down the stairs and Selena was about to go on stage. “Good luck, Sel!” Taylor hugged her friend before rushing back to her seat so she could watch her friend’s performance.

“Daddy, it’s auntie Selena!” She heard Caleb say to Adam, smiling while pointing at the stage. They danced together to Selena’s song, laughing. Taylor knew that there were many cameras on them, watching their every move but in that moment she didn’t care because she was happy with her family.

When they were back home and the kids were asleep, Adam and Taylor were in bed cuddling, enjoying being in each other’s arms.

“Tonight was fun.” Adam pointed out, caressing Taylor’s arm as she rested her head on his chest.

“Yeah, the kids seemed to have an amazing time.” She nodded her head.

“I had a great time as well. I always do when I’m with you three.” Adam smiled, kissing her head.

“Four.” She murmured, kissing his bare chest.

“Three, baby, are you that tired that you can’t count?” Adam laughed, shaking his head.

“Oh I can count.” Taylor smirked looking up at him as he put the pieces of the puzzle together.

“No…” He started grinning like crazy. “Are you?” She nodded her head giggling. “We need a new car.” He said, kissing her lips. She lied on her back as he pulled her shirt up to kiss her still flat stomach. “Three kids?”

“Three kids, babe.” She smiled, her hands tangling with his hair. “This is awesome.” She whispered.

“Our life is awesome. We’re awesome everything is awesome.” He laughed, moving so he was kissing her lips. “I love you.”

“I love you.” She grinned.