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THE STORIES OF OUR LIVESThe American Identity in Musical Theatre 2016 EDITION

3 hours. 45 songs. A special 4th of July playlist that examines that various shades of the American experience in one of the few genuinely American art forms. UPDATED July 3, 2016.

Everybody’s Got the Right - Assassins / Cool, Cool, Considerate Men - 1776 / The Old Red Hills of Home - Parade / To Build a Home - The Bridges of Madison County / Lady’s Maid - Titanic / America - West Side Story / Carnaval Del Barrio - In the Heights / My Shot - Hamilton / Waitin’ For the Light to Shine - Big River / Molasses to Rum - 1776 / The Eagle and Me - Bloomer Girl / The Flagmaker, 1775 - Songs for a New World / Momma Look Sharp - 1776 / Yorktown (The World Turned Upside Down) - Hamilton / Life Story - Closer Than Ever / Back to Before - Ragtime / Oklahoma! - Oklahoma! / Goodbye/Boom Boom - Elegies / The Flesh Failures (Let the Sunshine In) - Hair / Unlikely Lovers - Falsettoland / Will I? - Rent / Something Just Broke - Assassins / It’s In Your Hands Now - Road Show / Wheels of a Dream - Ragtime / The Saddest Song - Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson / There is a Child - Giant  / Paciencia y Fe - In the Heights / Politics and Poker - Fiorello! / The House We Live In - Grey Gardens / Our Favorite Son - The Will Rogers Follies / A Normal, Healthy, American Boy - Bye Bye Birdie / What You Own - Rent / Second Nature - Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson / Sarah - The Civil War / How Glory Goes - Floyd Collins / Gaman - Allegiance / Till We Reach That Day - Ragtime / Let It Sing - Violet / Free At Last - Big River / The Lynching Blues - Bring in ‘da Noise, Bring in ‘da Funk / Lot’s Wife - Caroline, or Change / I Know Where I’ve Been - Hairspray / Everybody Rejoice! - The Wiz / Ol’ Man River - Show Boat / Make Them Hear You - Ragtime


sit down john but every “john” is piddle twiddle and resolve but each “resolve” is the lees of old virginia but each “lee” is but mr adams but each “mr adams” is yours yours yours but each “yours” is he plays the violin but each “hiii-ii” is cool cool considerate men but each “cool” is momma look sharp but each “momma” is the egg but every “chirp” is molasses to rum but every “slave” is anybody there but each “anybody” goes back to sit down john

Momma Look Sharp
Original Cast Recording
Momma Look Sharp

365 Showtunes DAY 751776 - Momma Look Sharp

Happy Broadway opening night, in 1969, to 1776

I’m busy doing internship work right now, so no long-winded caption today. 

Happy listening!

Alex Hamilton Liveblogs 1776
  • (I um. Did a thing. In which somehow Alexander Hamilton came back to life in 2015 and watches 1776 and talks to the internet about it).
  • Sit Down, John: Of COURSE this movie starts with John Adams....oh well, I can’t say I disagree about Congress they couldn’t get us money for shit during the war. THEY AGREE WITH ME AHAHA SIT DOWN JOHN YOU....wait. Wait do I agree with John Adams? I do, why won’t the rest of you vote for Independence we’re already at war why should a tiny island across the sea regulate the price of tea
  • Piddle, Twiddle, and Resolve: Uh John, are you hallucinating your wife? Now you seem to have magically appeared in Massachusetts and you’re arguing with Abigail about saltpeter and pins.
  • *Side Note: Franklin is right, John’s voice IS piercing. I of all people, am acutely aware of this
  • The Lees of Old Virginia: WHY DOES EVERYTHING ALWAYS HINGE ON VIRGINIA oh my god. Also I don’t want this song to be catchy but it’s catchy
  • *Side Note: I WISH KING GEORGE FELT LIKE MY BIG TOE. Same Mr. Franklin. Same.
  • *Side Note AGAIN: The dispatches are depressing because the army doesn’t have any MONEY to buy FOOD or UNIFORMS or GUNS because Congress doesn’t have TAXING POWER. Federalists 2k15
  • *Sorry AGAIN: ...are they fighting with CANES. Also God Dickinson please stop talking.
  • But Mr. Adams: "These are wise words enterprising men quote ‘em don’t act surprised you guys cause I wrote ‘em" JEFFERSON YOU DIDN’T EVEN WANT TO WRITE IT. I have to say though Jefferson I do agree with you about one thing, I want John Adams to leave me alone too
  • Side Note: Yo Jefferson I wrote 51 Federalist papers in 6 months and you can’t write a declaration in a week?
  • Yours, Yours, Yours: Eliza says my love letters are much better but wanted me to tell the internet that she thinks John and Abigail are sweet. She says people ship them? Dunno what that means will have to look it up. I don’t know how one ships people in the way she seems to mean. I admit to admiring Abigail here despite the fact she once said she saw the devil in my eyes. Um. Whatever that means.
  • He Plays the Violin: ....are you serious? Do we need a whole song that swoons over this man is there not enough of that already? Jefferson your wife is better than you and the moral of this story is I need to hang out with Ben Franklin more
  • Cool, Cool, Considerate Men: ...can I just. Can I just dump boxes of my “The Farmer Refuted” pamphlet on their heads because it will either knock them out or educate them.
  • Momma Look Sharp: Laurens says I’m crying but I’m NOT I just have allergies, Lafayette is the one blowing his nose loudly in the corner NOT ME. If I’d known that kid I would have helped him etch a unicorn onto his powder horn
  • The Egg: It IS a good declaration okay I ADMIT IT but Thomas Jefferson is not exactly a run of the mill FARMER okay that’s kind of a misnomer....I like this song though. WE SAY TO HELL WITH GREAT BRITAIN THE EAGLE INSIDE BELONGSSS TO US. RISE UP.
  • *Side note: “This is a revolution DAMMIT, we’re going to have to offend somebody!”
  • Side note: “I have always been dissatisfied” me too John. Me too. Good job Abigail you sent saltpeter we’ll be NEEDING THAT since Congress can’t ever get us money
  • Is Anybody There: I am not, under any circumstance crying in Eliza’s lap at JOHN ADAMS of all people
  • Side Note: Ceasar Rodney is a freaking badass and so is this poor kid who keeps bringing in the dispatches. His boots are broken probably because NO NATIONAL TREASURY
  • Last Side Note: ...Okay I am crying a little

words that destroy me from musicals

  • “I know you.” Fun Home
  • “There’s so much stuff to sing.” Merrily We Roll Along
  • “My God–another winter in a summer town.” Grey Gardens
  • “Isn’t this the softest patch of grass you ever saw? And see those flowers all over the meadow? I wonder what they are.” “ I think they’re called Black-eyed Susans.” “Black-eyed Susans, of course.” Parade
  • “Ten minutes ago, you could see the entire horizon. Now, only the dusk–the first few stars. So dark. So dark. So dark.” Spring Awakening
  • “Your eyes, Georges. I love your eyes, Georges.” Sunday In The Park With George
  • “I’m not a Baron, of course. I’m a poor immigrants, a Jew who points a camera so that his child can dress as beautifully as a princess. I want to drive from her memory every tenement stench and filthy immigrant street. I will buy her light and sun and clean wind of the ocean for the rest of her life.” Ragtime
  • “Yo soy Mexicano, yo soy Americano. The world is known to me.” Giant
  • “I thought you did it for me, mama.” Gypsy
  • “They will live again in freedom in the garden of the Lord; they will walk behind the ploughshare, they will put away the sword. The chain will be broken and all men will have their reward.” Les Miserables
  • “I’ll close your eyes, my Billy, them eyes that cannot see. And I’ll bury you, my Billy, beneath the maple tree. And never again will you whisper to me, ‘Hey, hey, momma look sharp.’” 1776
  • “I love him because he’s–I don’t know, because he’s just my Bill.” Show Boat
  • “In a very unusual way, I think I’m in love with you.” Nine
  • “Sooner of later, we’re bound to get it right.” Road Show
  • “Wishing only wounds the heart.” Wicked
  • “We’re children of the wind, blown across the earth. Pieces of a heart, scattered worlds apart.” Rags
  • “I learned to speak, I learned to sew, I learned to let the longing go.” The Bridges of Madison County

wow i could keep going for hours though