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The One Where Ed Gets Jealous | One Shot

Since @sheerioasteroidpanda won the lovely prize you can thank them for what you’re about to read.

The only guideline was a party with celebrities, Rupert Grint and Eddie Redmayne being the two prime candidates. Flirting, Jealous Ed and it leading to him being dominant. I took that and ran with it turning into this.

So I hope you enjoy! 

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Rated M for Sexy Times.

You fuss with your hair as you ride in the back of the taxi to the benefit dinner Ed asked you to attend with him. You feel his hand gently take yours, pulling it towards him, his lips brushing against it. You can feel how clammy your hands are against his calloused palm. Your leg hasn’t stopped moving the entire taxi ride, causing your long pear shaped diamond earrings to sway back and forth. Your stomach is twisted in knots. This is an upscale event, with loads of well known people. You prayed you didn’t make a fool of yourself and make Ed look bad. You looked the part, long, sleek, form fitting red satin dress, paired with strappy silver heals.

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Momma Bear (Newt x Scamander)

Request: I’ve never made a request before so I’m super nervous to ask! Would it be possible to do an angsty Newt x Reader that ends with fluff? Maybe Reader accidentally harms one of his creatures and he gets mad/momma bear mode? You don’t have to do though dear! @queen-of-foxes

a/n: I hope I did this alright? Something to satiate you guys for now while I figure out Sleepless Nights. Just having a teeny bit of writers block. PS. JUST EDITED IT BC IT DIDNT SAVE MY LAST STUFF. IT WAS SUPPOSED TO HAVE WARNINGS AND EVERYTHING BUT IT DELETED IT???

Word count:1500+ Warnings: blood, injury, angst, reader gets cut


You scurried after the rascally creature, stumbling a bit as he jumped up.

“Bugger! Come here, you bloody Niffler.” He scrambled up a tree, trying desperately to keep the razor-sharp, shiny knife from you. You jumped up, swiping at him and barely missing. He crawled farther up, keeping out of reach and started inspecting the knife.

“No, no, no, no. Niffler, give it to me. That’s sharp!”

He sniffed the edge delicately, nails clacking on the silver metal. His tongue darted out, licking and barely avoiding the blade. You yelped, desperately racking your mind for a solution. You didn’t have your wand; it was outside the case and you would have to run all the way across the enclosures.

You couldn’t risk him hurting himself in the time it’d take you to get your wand.

“Merlin, come here. Niffler, come here right now before you hurt yourself. Give me the damn knife,” you scolded, voice tinged with worry and irritation. An idea popped into your head and you gripped the trunk with both hands, shoving forward.

“This is probably the dumbest idea I’ve ever had,” you muttered to yourself, wincing at the idea of Niffler putting the metal into his pouch. “Come on, just give it to me.”

He sniffed it again, flipping it as he looked over the handle, paws slipping on the slick metal. Seeing the opportunity, you shook the tree harder, shoving against it with your weight. He slipped a little, knife grazing against him before he dropped it onto you.

You yelped, the cold blade landing against your arm before falling to the ground. You clutched your arm, glancing up to see Niffler scrabbling for purchase on the tree and slowly sliding down.

Shit,” you forced out between clenched teeth, raising your arms up with a hiss. “Oh fuck, fuck, fuck.”

He continued slipping down, paws frantically trying for a handhold. You moved your arms, making sure you’d catch him, and winced when it pulled at your wound. You’d definitely need stitches.

“Y/n? What are you doing?” A familiar voice pulled your attention away, making you jump just as Niffler fell from the branch. He fell onto you, scratching your skin as he tumbled to the ground.

“Shoot,” you exclaimed, whirling around with wide eyes as you picked him up, cradling him in your arms. You turned back to Newt, scrunching your face in confusion at his stormy expression. He came forward, snatching the Niffler gently from your arms.

“What were you doing with him? Why did you make him fall and why is he bleeding?”Newt’s voice was dangerously calm, getting incredulous towards the end. You held your arm, wincing when you moved.

“I was trying to get him down—”

“By shaking him to the ground? He’s hurt, Y/n!” He sounded incredibly angry, furious that his poor baby had been hurt.

“No, Newt, it’s no—”

“Don’t you dare say it’s not what it looked like,” he cut you off, clutching Niffler closer to him and inspecting around to see the damage. “Please leave Y/n”

“What, le—”

“Leave. I can’t trust myself not to explode on you and I’d rather not say something I regret. And I obviously can’t trust you around my creatures,” he interrupted, his voice stern and cold. Those words sent a flash of hurt through you. He wouldn’t look at you, choosing instead to search the bloodied fur.Your eyes stung with pooling tears and you reached a bloody hand out.

“Newt, please, I-I-I,” you stuttered out, pain from your injury and him crushing your chest. “I… Alright.”

You sent one more lingering glance at him before you walked past, trying to blink away the tears. You made it to the shed, still dripping blood and feeling a little dizzy.You were very inexperienced and basic when it came to healing spells, plus you didn’t have your wand, so that was out of the question.

Slowly and gradually, you got together your things. He’d told you to leave, so thats exactly what you were doing. It broke your heart to leave him and it broke your heart to have to leave his wonderful creatures, but it was for the best.

He wanted you gone and he didn’t even trust you with his beasts, so why stay.

After struggling with the things you kept down there, you made your way out of the case, dragging along the suitcase. You couldn’t seem to walk straight or think.

It took you a minute to remember what you were doing.

You went outside, picking up the few things you had in the hotel room and trudged to the table. You grabbed a needle and thick, black suture thread and prepared yourself. You despised needles.

“Nope, nope, nope,” you stammered, jumping out of your seat and swaying slightly. “I need– I need to– I need to clean it. Thats what I need to do.”

You stumbled over to the sink, turning on the tap and putting your arm under the steaming water. A pained whimper shot through your lips and you clutched onto the counter with your free hand.

You could see the blood rippling down your arm, swirling into the drain, through the haze of steam. The torn flesh of your arm was obnoxiously gruesome, bloody and exposed. You let the water run for a few more seconds before shutting it off, steeling yourself for the stitches.

“Oh Merlin,” you whimpered, positioning the needle against your skin.

You’d just started to push into the skin, biting your lip so hard that it split, when Newt crashed through the door. He examined the room quickly, noting the splatters of blood on the floor and the needle poised over your arm before rushing over. You stared for a second, eyes glassy.

“Merlin, Y/n, what are you doing?”

You dropped your gaze and the needle, unsure of what to do.

“I, uh..”

He began fussing over you, inspecting the deep cut and gently touching the sliced flesh. He said something under his breath and the skin began to knit itself back together. He stood up, grabbing a cloth an dampening it.

“What happened?” He ran the cloth over your skin, softly wiping away the blood. You gave a half-shrug, your eyes still glued to the ground.

“Y/n,” he urged, cupping a hand under your chin and bringing your eyes to his in a rare moment of intense eye contact. His eyes flickered to your lips and you felt his thumb brush over them as he whispered something again. It was incredibly weird, feeling the sensitive skin of your lips heal.

“It’s nothing. I was– It was my own fault. Niffler had a knife and I was just trying to get him before he hurt himself,” you murmured, shaking his hand off and dropping your head again. “I didn’t have my wand so I shook the tree. He dropped the knife on me when I was shaking him down and you startled me so I couldn’t catch him.”

He tensed up, his hands dropping to his side.

“I-I’m sorry, Y/n. I-I-I didn’t k-know,” he mumbled, his face coloring. “I checked Niffler. He– he, uh, w-wasn’t hurt. At all. N-n-not even a scratch.”

You gave a small smile, eyes flicking up to him momentarily.

“That’s good,” you trailed off, awkwardly fiddling with your hands. You heard Newt move around, picking things up.

“Why.. Why do you have your clothes and things together? Why– Are you– What?”

“You told me to leave,” was all you said, your voice quiet and sad.

“No, I’m sorry Y/n, that’s not what I meant. I don’t want you to leave. I don’t want you to leave me. Or my creatures. I care about you.” He grabbed your hand, smoothing one over your temple. You felt your heart beat erratically, though you shut the feelings down. Of course he cared about you, you were his friend.

“Oh thank you Newt. And I know,” you smiled sadly,” I care about you too.”

He scrunched his face in frustration, eyes crinkling.

“No, I mean, I love you.”

For a second, the breath stopped in your throat and you couldn’t feel your heart with how fast it was beating. You almost shook yourself for being ridiculous; you’d thought for a moment that he loved-loved you. He thought of you as only a friend. Unfortunately.

“I love you, too Newt. You’re my best friend,” you said to him, smiling again. He let out a low groan, eyes screwing up.

“No, I mean– Oh Merlin’s beard.”

He pressed his lips against yours, hand still cupping your face as his thumb smoothed over your jaw. You tensed up, utterly surprised. He pulled away, eyes darting around anxiously as he let go.

“Oh d-d-dear. Y/n, I’m s-s-so sorry.” A flush crept up his neck to the tips of his ears.

You leaned forward, bringing your lips back to his. His hand tentatively rested on your waist, his other coming back up to your jaw. You both pulled away, breathless and blushing as he leaned his forehead against yours.

“I’ve been wanting to do that for an extremely long time. It was even more marvelous than I expected,” he whispered, his breath fanning against your lips. You placed a small kiss onto his lips again.

“It was absolutely spectacular Mr. Scamander. You’re absolutely spectacular.”

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