momma knows best...and everything else

TSK: Not knowing is 100% of the battle
  • Cranquis: So what antibiotic was your son taking for his ear infection last month?
  • Dad: I... don't know. Let me ask my wife. *cell phone call* Ok, it was azithromycin.
  • Cranquis: You said your son doesn't have any allergies to medicine, but his chart says 'Penicillin'. Can you explain that?
  • Dad: Uh... let me ask my wife. *cell phone call* Ok, he gets a rash from penicillin.
  • Cranquis: What pharmacy should I send his prescriptions to?
  • Dad: Oh man, I don't know that either. Sorry. *cell phone call, punctuated by many 'I'm sorry' and 'Hey, calm down' phrases* Send it to Wal-Mart.
  • Patient and Dad leave the clinic, and TIME PASSES:
  • Secretary: Doc, I have Mr. Joe on the phone, he says he doesn't have his insurance card with him, and he doesn't remember his kid's social security number, and the pharmacy won't let him pick up the prescriptions without either of those, and is there ANYTHING you can do to help before he has to call his wife one more time?