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Why is he rapping with those lollipops…?

1LOVE (THE SEQUEL) - Chrianna Fan Fiction: Chapter 1

Robyn POV

I was up, bright and early on this Monday morning to get my baby girl ready for her big day. I can’t believe it’s my princess’ first day of Kindergarten. Already? They grow so fast. If only she was as excited as I was..
“Reneè, come here.” I sternly stated, rolling my eyes. Any time I would look away for a second, she wanders off. She ran towards me at full force with her hands covering her face, almost knocking me over.
“Jesus!” I shouted, quickly regaining my composure.
“What’s wrong with–” I began to scold, stopping just as I heard the sniffling. I slowly got on my knees, facing my daughter.
“Baby, what’s wrong?” I questioned worriedly, gently trying to remove her hands from her face.
“You gonna move your hands so you can talk to mama?” I pouted, resting my hand on her arm. She shook her head, crashing into me even more. I opened my arms wide, giving her the warmest hug.
“I d-don’t w-w-wanna go mama.” she finally croaked, sobbing uncontrollably. I rubbed her back slowly, smothering her with kisses.
“You’re becoming a big girl now and this is what big girls have to do. You’re gonna like it baby, trust me. You’ll meet friends and have fun. It’s going be okay, okay? I love you.” I assured her, wiping her wet face with my hands. She nodded, recovering from her cry.
I moved her away from me, admiring my baby girl from afar. She looked so cute in her navy blue uniform skirt, white collared button down top with a navy blue tie, navy blue knee socks, and black school shoes. Her long, dark hair was packed in a nice bun. The only thing ruining this perfect picture was her sadness.
“Babe, bring her downstairs for breakfast! I don’t want her to be late!” Chris hollered from the kitchen. I hoisted her pink backpack unto my back, walking her downstairs.
“Good morning beautiful Princess. Why the sad face?” Chris frowned, serving her 2 small pancakes on a plate alongside eggs and two sausages. Reneè remained silent, sitting at the table.
“She doesn’t wanna go to Kindergarten.” I told him, kissing his cheek.
“Why? You’re gonna enjoy yourself. You’re a big girl now.” he reminded her, feeding her a piece of her pancakes. In the mean time, I made her a ham and cheese sandwich for lunch at school and packed a Caprisun, small bottle of water, Welch’s fruit snacks, and mini Oreos.
I heard noises and stumbling from the stairs, to look up and see my baby boy.
“Reyhan, I keep telling you to open your eyes when you’re climbing down the stairs! You can fall! It’s dangerous!” I exclaimed, zipping up Renee’s lunch bag. He groaned, clutching my leg. Every move I made, he was on my back.
“Cawwy me, Mommy.” he whined, opening his hands in front of me.
“Ever seen a 3-year old boy still wanting Mommy to carry him?” I asked. He nodded, doing an impatient dance. I gave in, carrying him while he wrapped his arms around my neck for protection.
“Good morning my love. You slept good?” I kissed him on his cheek. He nodded, closing his eyes.
“Mommy, I finish!” Reneè cried out, gulping her juice. I examined her plate, seeing just a little eggs and a half of one pancake remaining.
“You not finished.”
“Yes Mommy, I full. Where Daddy?”
“I think he went to get ready.” Her face softened and her nose was flaring.
“Don’t cry Reneè, please.” I said, cleaning up her mess.
“Mommy, where sister go?” Reyhan wondered.
“She’s going to school. She’s a big girl now.”
“I big boy. I go too?”
“Not yet.” He moaned sadly, sliding off me. He ran to the living room, pulling his sister along.
Just then, Chris jogged down the stairs with gray sweatpants, a plain with t-shirt, and white Nike Air Forces on. He found his hoodie, throwing it on.
“You’re not gonna say good morning to me? Your queen is invisible now?” I joked, seductively. He smirked and I pulled him towards me, resting my hands on his sides.
“Come here.” he whispered, using his index finger to lure my face closer to his. Our lips met and we kissed three times but it looked like once.
“Daddy! The TV not on!” Reyhan dashed in the kitchen, and we quickly disbanded.
“Your sister not even s'posed to be watching TV! Ren, come here!” Chris demanded.
“But Daddy..” she groaned, stomping to us.
“I don’t wanna hear it Ren, let’s go.” he urged, collecting her backpack from me for him to wear.
“Bye Mommy.” Renee murmured, blowing me a kiss. They walked out and I closed the door behind them.


Chris POV

After a 15 minute drive, I pulled up to the huge school building. There were  flocks of children that looked Renee’s age, dashing into the school  with their parents.
I sighed, getting out of the car to open the door for Princess. She jumped down, clutching my arm for dear life.
“You scared?” I whispered. She shook her head, but I knew she was lying.
“I be ok.” she added, entering the school with me. I dug into my pocket  to retrieve a slip the admissions office gave us when we applied. On the slip, it said her class and the name of the teacher:
              Room: 12a
              Teacher: Ms. Stewart
I scanned the door numbers as we strolled through the halls, to find her class.
“Aha!” I exclaimed to myself, standing in front of the room. The door was open and a pretty Caucasian lady in her 20s approached us.
“Hello! How are you?” she greeted excitedly.
“I’m fine, and you?”
“Good, thank you.” she smiled, extending her hand for Reneè to hold.
“She’s a little scared. She doesn’t wanna go.” I informed her, with a half smile on my face.
“Oh ok. It’s really normal. A lot of kids are terrified on their first day but as time goes on, they get accustomed to it.”
“Totally. I keep telling her that but she doesn’t wanna hear it. Do you mind if I walk her inside?”
“No, it’s fine.” I entered the spacious classroom, and made my way to the back where the cubbies were. I found her name, getting on my knees in front of her to help take off her coat. I hung her coat, then stared at her. Her head hung low and she couldn’t look me in the eye.
“Look, it’s your first day and I know you’re scared. It’ll get better, I’m telling you. Whatever happens, promise me that you’ll work to the best of your ability. We been doing those practice books all summer and you’ve improved. Remember, "b” faces the front and “d” faces the back. You have to write your capital and lowercase letters properly so the teacher can be able to tell the difference. And if you need to add or subtract, you use your fingers to help you. Ok? Behave yourself and stay from these raggedy boys. Stay away Ren. I’m proud of you and I love you so much. You’re daddy’s angel.“ I pecked her on the cheek and wrapped her in a tight embrace.
"I wuv you daddy.” she smiled.
“Can I go now?” I stood up, handing over her backpack to her. She nodded.
“It’s in your bag. Don’t eat until it’s lunch time. Make sure you’re full before you start sharing, if you decide to share.”
“Ok Daddy.” I escorted her to her table, where she sat with 3 other kids: two girls and one boy. The boy was on the other side of the table, thank God. He looked quiet so I didn’t have to worry about him. Well, you never know, ‘cause it be the ones you never expect.
“Bye baby. I love you.” I waved, leaving the class. As I left, I heard a kid whisper, “Chwis Bown!” I poked my head into the class and waved at the little boy who said it.
“Thank you Mr. Brown.” Ms. Stewart grinned.
“No problem.” I jogged to my car, speeding off to the house.

Reneè POV
“You baby. Why you need your daddy to come in here?” One of the girls at my table said. I glared at her, keeping quiet.
“That’s all the students. Ok, good morning, my name is Ms. Stewart and I’ll be your teacher.” I looked up to see this pretty white woman.
“Today, we will practice writing our letters and our numbers, have lunch, nap, and read aloud.” she explained. This sounds quite easy. Daddy and Mommy have been teaching me how to write nicely all summer long.
“I will give you your workbooks and a pencil.” she announced. I dug into my bag, getting out my own pencil to use. As Ms. Stewart handed out the books, she helped turn to the page we’d be working on. I began as soon as I got to the page, tracing the letters the best I could.

Chris POV

“I SPIDER-MAN!!!” I heard Reyhan exclaim as soon as I stepped into the house.
“What muscles you got, huh?” Robyn chuckled. Their voices were coming upstairs, from the bathroom. I shook my head with a grin, dropping my keys and phone on the table then washing my hands at the sink before joining them upstairs. As I walked up the stairs, I heard Robyn being stern with him.
“Reyhan, remove your hand from there. That’s nasty.” she commanded.
“No Mommy, it’s mine.” he protested. Reyhan is a nice and happy kid, but he can be really stubborn. I bet Robyn was telling him off for the thousandth time about the disgusting habit he has of playing with his private part.
“REYHAN.” she raised her voice. I heard splashing sounds from the tub then I saw his nude little body dash out of the bathroom and into the room him and Chanise share.
“Fuck. This little boy gets on my nerves.” I heard Robyn mumble, slowly getting up.
“Stop cursing.” I told her. She gasped when she saw me.
“Oh my, when did you come in? I didn’t hear the door.”
“Just now.”
“Oh wow, how was Ren?”
“Better.” She nodded, grabbing Reyhan’s teal Ralph Lauren towel, following behind me into the kids’ room.
“What the hell? And you’re still doing it! You’re still doing it!” she screamed. “Now, when I spank him Chris, you know why.” she turned to me, adding.
“It’s mineeee.” he sang, running to the other side of the room, all annoyed. He let go, desperately looking at me to side with him.
“Robs, he’s a child. They get really curious about what they have. Just leave him to it, that’s all.” I intervened.
“You’re encouraging him? Ok Chris, ok.” she spat, dismissing me. She went to his dresser, pulling out house clothes for him to wear.
“Oops!” he squealed, picking up the pull-up that dropped on the floor while Robyn was shuffling. He tossed it on the dresser, getting ready to go back to where he was standing but Robyn grabbed him.
“Mommy.” he groaned, twisting and turning in her hold. I shook my head, going to our home to lay down and relax. With having kids, there comes a great responsibility, especially when you have two energetic and naughty ones. Three years ago, Robyn got pregnant a little after I traveled to NYC to establish my first Black Pyramid shop over there. I was happy, especially because I’d be there this time rather than what happened with Renee. Right then and there, I knew I needed a boy. On May 15th, I received the best present I could ever ask for: Reyhan Rashad Reuben Brown. He was a little on the chubby side.. weighed more than Reneè when she was born. But he grew out it, and now, he’s skinny and barely touches his food.
Removing me from my thoughts, Reyhan jumped on the bed and climbed to sit on my chest.
“Daddy, I stay with you?”
“Of course.” I smiled, placing his hands on my face.
“Ooh, it tickle!” he chuckled.
“When sister come back?”
“You miss her?”
“Mmhm.” he nodded. Reyhan loves his sister. We had him move into her room because he couldn’t handle being alone in his room. He said he was scared and he was wetting the bed frequently. It was so much work, having to change and wash the sheets over and over again. Plus, we hated that he was really uncomfortable and moved him into hers.


Reneè POV
“It’s lunch time! Eat first and then you get to go play!” Ms. Stewart announced. This is so easy, I think I can get used to this. Today, we traced, wrote our numbers, did addition, and listen to a read aloud. The girl at my table, Bria, is making me feel so uncomfortable. Why does she keep watching me? The other people at my table are cool, but none of us have really talked. Bria is bossy and rude, I don’t know what her problem is.
I opened my lunch kit, and unwrapped the sandwich Mommy made, to eat. Mommy makes great food, even though I’m not a huge food person. Sometimes, it’s so good that I can’t help but to ask for more. I ate half of my sandwich, three of the fruit snacks, and my juice. I placed the leftovers in my lunch kit and zipped it up. Looking up for the first time after a while, I notice that Bria is still mean-mugging me. What did I do to her? All I did was come to school today.
“What? Yes? I help you?” I finally said, rolling my eyes hard.
“Don’t tawk to me.”
“Don’t wook at me. You been look-look all day.” I replied. My two classmates at the table smirked, sipping on their chocolate milk. Bria no longer answered, looking away from me.
Lunch time was over in 20 minutes. People were playing, except me. I
had nobody, so I just put my head down on the desk unto it was over.
“EWWWWWWW!!” everyone screamed. A little boy threw up on the floor. I covered my nose, trying my best not to look. Smarty pants.. He thought it would be a smart idea to jump and run around just after he had lunch.
“Oh my goodness, I’ll call the janitor.” Ms. Stewart whispered, leaving the room. I shook my head, burying the odor as best as I could. I hate seeing vomit. After the incident, the boy was sent to the nurse and no one was allowed to play. It was back to work. The teacher walked by, giving everyone a sheet of paper.
“We’re going to do an activity. I want to see where everyone is at with their spelling.” she explained.
“Uh oh!” half of the class complained. I wasn’t that good at spelling myself. I have no idea how I’ll do on this activity.
“Write from 1 to 10 on each line. So on one line, you write 1.. The next line, you write 2.. and so on.”
I understood, and did what was asked of me.
“First word I want you to spell is "SHOE”. Shh-oo.“ she slurred. I shook my pencil, thinking hard about this. I managed to write what I heard, which was:

1. sHu

"The next word is: KITE. Ch-eye-t. KITE.”
Oh my goodness, is she trying to kill us?

2. KaYt

“Spell, "BLUE”. Bl-oo. Blue.“

3. bLu

"Spell, "SING”. Sss-in-ga.“

4. senG

"Spell, "LAUGH”. Llll-aaah-ff.“ What kind of nonsense is this? What did she just say? I thought long and hard, writing the best I heard:

5. LaF

"Spell, "DOG”. Dd–aw-ga.“

6. bOg

"Spell, "CAR”. K-ah-rrr.“

7. KaRr

"Spell, "CAT”. K-ah-t.“

8. KaT

"For the last two, you will write your first and last name.” For #9, I’ll be ok but for #10, I’m not sure. I don’t pay attention.

9. ReNeE
10. BrAwnn

“I’ll give you a few seconds to finish and you’ll pass me your papers.” I glanced at my paper one last time, handing it to the teacher. After that, my head hurt. I’m more than ready to go home.
“Stand up, push in your chairs. Go to your cubby and get your things for nap time.” she instructed. I did as she said, finding a pink blankie and bed sheet that Daddy must’ve brought. I didn’t even see him carrying this. I patiently waited for my bed to come and when it did, I spread my sheet and laid down.
Once everyone settled, it was so quiet. You could hear what was going on outside. I toyed with my one my braids while putting my two middle fingers in my mouth for comfort.

The lights turned on and Ms. Stewart woke all the students up. I carefully stood up from my bed and stretched. I balled up the sheets and stuffed them into the plastic bag, and back into my cubby.
“EWWWWW!” my classmates sang in disgust. What happened this time? Another boy peed on himself. I just, what’s wrong with these kids?
“Stop it!” he complained, his eyes filling with tears because everyone was staring at him. He ran out of the class.
“Mark!” Ms. Stewart shouted, chasing after him. This is crazy.
“We didn’t even nap so long. How he pee?” I laughed, glancing up to see how said that. I saw a boy beside me, folding up his sheets.
“Hi pretty. What’s your name?” I smiled, trying to place my bed on the stack that was now formed. Daddy said not to talk to boys but it would be mean for me not to respond. How else would I make friends?
“Reneè. What your name?”
“Calvin. Let me help you.” I dropped the bed, watching him do it.
“Thank you.”
“It cool.” Ms. Stewart entered the room with Mark, telling us to wear our shoes and grab our things then stand in line to go outside and play. I wore my school shoes and shoved my sweater into my bag. I wish Daddy was here to pick up my bag. He always does.
After Ms. Stewart handled Mark, she escorted us to the playground and let us loose. I placed my belongings down, reaching for the monkey bars. I held on for a while, and when I felt ready, reached for the next one.
“Huwwy!” someone urged behind me.
“I coming!” I snapped, jumping down. I don’t like being pressured while on the monkey bars. I raced for the slide, joining the line. We started chasing after it other and it was so much fun. Who knew I would like school like this.

Robyn POV

“Don’t wear no damn sandals Chris!” I hollered from downstairs, holding Reyhan’s hand. We were all going to pick Reneè up from school, then do a little shopping after.
“Aight, I won’t.” he groaned, coming down the stairs with a fake attitude. Him and his son had on matching Jordans. I had on sandals.
“Let’s go please. I wanna get her early so we can run the necessary errands.”
“Aight, I’m coming. Sheesh.” Chris rolled his eyes, opening the door for Reyhan and I to exit.
“Reyhan, calm down. You too hyper.” He kept speaking gibberish, spinning around and making noises. Eventually, I got him to sit down in the car and put his seatbelt on.
“Mommy, where we go?”
“To get Reneè.”
“Yay Mommy! She come home too?”
“I so happy.” he cheesed, before going back to pretending he was in an action movie. I rustled his hair, stretching to peck him on his cheek.
“We eat when we get sister?”
“I just asked you if–” I began, but to be interrupted by Chris.
“You hungry, buddy?”
“Yeah dad.”
“When we pick up Ren, remind me. What you want? Chicken or burgers?”
“I 'on’t know.” he shrugged, playing with his hair.
“You know I offered him food at home.” I whispered, playfully hitting Chris.
“He either wasn’t hungry then or he didn’t want what you offered him. Besides, we’re gonna be going shopping.”
“Whatever.” I sighed, locking my fingers in his free hand, as he used his left to drive.
Moments later, our car stopped outside a clean brown building with a playground outside that kids were frolicking in. The kids looked my daughter’s age but I couldn’t see her anywhere in sight. Chris and I stepped out of the car at the same time.
“What about me, mama?!” Reyhan cried.
“Calm down baby. I’m coming for you.” I laughed, removing his seat belt and carrying him out of the car. I shut the car door, holding Reyhan’s hand. Chris, Reyhan, and I walked to the playground gate and pressed the buzzer for us to be allowed to enter. One thing that gravitated me towards this school was its superb safety. Safety and security is everything to me, especially when it comes to my kids.
The gate opened at request of the security desk and we entered to see the teacher trying to round everyone up. I checked my watch and it was 2:50.
“I see sister!” Reyhan hollered, pointing in her direction. I couldn’t see her until the rest of the kids were actually listening to the teacher and standing in the line, but she continued to play “Monkey in the Middle” with two boys and she was the monkey.
“Ha, look at your daughter Chris.” I smirked, wrapping my arm around his waist.
“I told her to stay away from boys.” he seethed.
“Oh please, leave my babygirl alone. It’s not even like that.” I defended her.
“WENAY!” Reyhan called, ready to run for her. He cannot say her name correctly to save his life. He loves his big sister so much. People are surprised that they both get along really well because they say at this age, they tend to dislike each other. That’s totally the opposite for my kids because Renee is Reyhan’s little mama. She tells him what to do and he does it.. well, sometimes.
Eventually, she got her belongings and got into the line. Parents started coming in from all directions.
“PARENTS, SIGN YOUR KIDS OUT HERE!” their teacher waved a clipboard in the air and I tapped Chris’ back for him to sign. I followed behind him, greeting the teacher.
“MOMMY!!” I heard Reneè squeal, running to me.
“Hello, nice to meet you. I’m Ms. Stewart.”
“Hello, Ms. Stewart. How was she today?” I hope she was behaving because Reneè knows she’ll get in trouble by me if I sent her to school and instead of learning, she went to go act up.
“Very lovely. I gave them a little test to see where they’re at with their spelling and to see where I’ll need to start from with them.. and this is hers.” Ms. Stewart handed me a sheet of paper and when I saw that atrocious handwriting, it had to be my child’s.
“On the left is the words she spelled and on the right, I wrote the words she was asked to spell.” she informed me.
“Oh my..” I muttered. She got only one word correct and that was her first name. Chris was standing next to me, reading along.
“How you spell your own last name wrong?” Chris mumbled. I looked down at Renee, and she looked shook as hell.
“A lot of work needs to be done.” I said, and the three of us chuckled.
“Alright bye. Thank you.” I waved, giving Chris the paper. We settled into the car, speeding off to the nearest food joint.
“If you eating that, how you gonna eat a burger?” I stretched to watch my son, eating Renee’s leftovers.
“I could!” he insisted.
“Don’t tell me your tummy hurts later on.” I warned. I turned to look at Reneè because she was awkwardly silent.
“What’s the matter with you?”
“Mommy, I tried my best. I sorry.” she burst into tears. Where’s this coming from? I never said I was angry.
“We’re not mad, baby. This was just to see where you’re at and we’ll help you. Don’t cry. How was school?” Chris explained, looking from the rear view mirror. She couldn’t answer, wiping her tears frantically. Reyhan looked on in shock and confusion.
“Did I say I was mad? I didn’t say anything Reneè, so why are you so upset? I’m not mad. Stop crying please.” I begged, drying her tears with my hands. She probably feels she failed us, but we’re not even viewing it in that light and she’s here bawling. I’m always proud of her, no matter what. It breaks my heart to see my children cry for any reason whatsoever. Oh, the struggles of parenthood..

1LOVE - Chrianna Fan Fiction: Chapter 53 (Part 2)

Robyn POV

“Oh my God, look at your clothes. You’re so dirty.” I mentally complained, following my little jellybean around the backyard with my eyes. There’s no reason why she should be so messy but she’s so into rough play.
Ever since the fight, it’s been so awkward for everyone. Leandra and Dario are in their room still, deciding not to come out anymore I believe. Chris is just there on the grill, barbecuing for the guests. I bit my lip when I saw him take off his shirt and threw it over his shoulder. He’s so sexy even when he’s not trying to be sometimes. He plans on apologizing to Lele and her man, but I don’t know what he’ll end up doing. I’m so torn between standing up for my bestfriend or my man. What she did was wrong, but Chris went so hard on her. He really didn’t have to insult her as much as he did. I went to check on her but of course, she promised that she was fine but her attitude says otherwise.
“No! It’s mine!”
“Stoooop! Mineee!” The balloon Reneè and Sebastian were arguing over finally popped and she ran inside. Sebastian fell on his butt, crying loud. Before Amber intervened, I quickly handed him a blue balloon and he stopped right away.
“Pumpkin, where are you?” I sang, entering the house. I could hear sniffling sounds but she was no where in sight. I checked underneath the furniture and found her little dramatic behind underneath the coffee table, facing the wall.
“Can you come out please?”
“Please?” She rolled out, standing in front of me with an attitude.
“I’ll give you another one.”
“It mine!” I held her hand, escorting her out to the backyard once more. I unwrapped a balloon from one of the chairs, placing it in her hand carefully.
“Don’t let it go. And please, leave him alone. You have yours.” I advised, going to meet up with Chris. From afar, I saw him release smoke from his mouth. I rolled my eyes, annoyed at him smoking at his daughter’s birthday party but I understood why. He’s stressing or worried about something.
“Why are you smoking?” I questioned, noticing that he was stepping on it with his foot. He thinks I’m stupid, I’m convinced.
“What are you talking about?”
“You’re stepping on the shit right now. Don’t play with me.” I desperately nudged his body over, in order to see the cigarette but he wouldn’t budge.
“Don’t push me.. or else, I’ll push you back.”
“Weak ass threats.. You don’t scare me. But anyway, I saw you smoking and I know you’re doing it because you’re stressing. . about what?”
“Nothing.. Now go, please.” I decided to leave him to his problems, turning around on the heel of my sandals.
“DANCING COMPETITIONS! IT COULD BE JUST THE LADY ALONE OR AS A COUPLE!” Austin announced, placing the microphone down. All of a sudden, you see most of the women getting up and busting a wine.. I was shocked.
“Back that fat ass up on me.” His voice whispered into my ear, sending cold chills down my spine. He was behind me, pressing my body on his, leaving me no room to escape.
I rolled my hips slowly, placing my hands on his. I rested my head on his neck to see him grinning with his eyes closed. I purposely pushed up on his manhood each time I’d dance, hearing occasional gasps from him. Just then, the music became fast and I started going buck.

Drake POV

“Come here, don’t be shy.” I smiled, luring Robyn’s daughter over to me. She’s been standing a few steps away from where I’m sitting, staring directly at me shyly. Taking the tiniest steps, she gradually made her way towards me.
“What’s up?” I asked, opening my hand for her to slap. She gave me a high five, sitting beside me. She remained silent, just sitting there.. I analyzed this young lady and something about her screams her mother.
I brought out my phone to play Flappy Bird and she was instantly intrigued. She leaned over, watching me successfully dodge the pipes.
“You wanna play?” She nodded, and I carried her to sit on my lap. We both held the phone but of course, I gave her more control. She couldn’t even score a point but she kept trying.
Couples were dancing merrily right now. It was quite awkward because I’m with nobody but it’s ok. I wouldn’t want to do anything to mess things up with Christina. I gently shifted Reneè off me, in effort to go inside the house and find the bathroom.
“Oh f-” I began to exclaim in shock, not realizing that she followed me into the house.
“Hey.. What’s going on? Are you ok?” I questioned worriedly, seeing Leandra watching TV dryly.
“Yeah..” she sighed. I could tell she was lying but I wasn’t sure whether I should push it or not.
“You can talk to me..” I insisted, scratching my head. She nodded, staring at the TV but not watching what it was showing. I could tell that she was in deep thought.
“Hey, can you tell me where the bathroom is?”
“Down the hall and to the left..”
“Aight, thanks. Watch her please because I see she’s following me.” I smiled, walking off.


By the time I returned, neither Leandra or Reneè were where I left them. They have to be in the backyard so that’s where I went. Indeed, they were there. Various baby cartoon characters were in all corners.. from the Backyardigans to Yo Gabba Gabba! The only reason I know who’s who is because of Sade and Spirit. As a matter of fact, where are they?
It took the familiar screams for me to find them running around. Both of them were dirty as hell, and Spirit had chocolate ice cream all over her mouth.
“Come here.” I caught them, pulling them aside.
“What uncle?”
“Look at how messy you too are. And come here Spirit, let me clean your mouth. No more sweets either, that’s enough.”
“No buts.”
Sade and Spirit were upset but I’m sure Spoons wouldn’t be so happy to see them overdosing on sweets. He’s very hard on their dental care and weight.

Chris POV

“Ssssh, it’s fine. They’re not scary.” I tried to convince Reneè. She saw the characters and she instantly screamed.
“Scaredy cat. Stop crying so we can take pictures.” Robyn urged, not really caring. Each time I’d push her near Tasha (from the Backyardigans), it was like she was going to have a heart attack.
“You see, look at Nori, Bash, King, and Cali… They’re happy and taking pictures. You’re here being scared.” Robyn added.
“Don’t compare her to anyone else.”
“Get off your period.. I’m just saying.”
Eventually, she sucked it up and genuinely enjoyed the characters. She took a load of pictures and I was proud.
“Good job baby.” I complimented, plucking at her chubby cheeks. I was glad Robyn decided to give her a change of clothing before the pictures because my baby was looking dusty as hell.
“Mama, mama.” she squealed.
“What?” She pointed at hotdog on someone else’s plate.
“You want that?” I chimed in. She nodded, rubbing her big belly. I went to the grill and made her one, attempting to feed her. She pushed my hand away, folding her arms.
“You don’t want it?”
I handed her the hotdog, holding the plate beneath it. I watched her devour the thing, staining her hands to the fullest.
“Ugh, you’re so nasty.” She slid off me, dashing elsewhere. I didn’t know where she was going until I noticed her sitting next to him.
“Um?” I thought out loud.
“Look at where Ren is…”
“Aw, so cute.” she shrugged. I don’t know but something about Drake being near what belongs to me doesn’t sit well with my soul. But I’ve started enough drama for the day, so I’ll just let them be. Besides, he was just reading a story to her and his nieces.


Robyn POV

“CAKE TIME! IT’S TIME TO CUT THE CAKE!” Austin shouted. The cake was already on the table and the candles were lit. It was getting late and I know that these people have places to be so I can’t just take up their time.
“Come here baby.” I carried Ren to my waist and wore her birthday crown on her head, standing in front of the cake. She was so astonished by the designs and the wavering candle lights. Everyone started crowding around, singing the birthday song:



“Yay!!!” I clapped. She was so shy from all the attention. I placed her hand on the handle of the knife, putting mine on top for safety reasons and made a cut in the huge cake. Chris and I ended up having to blow the candles out because she didn’t know how. Flashlights from cameras came from all corners. I hired my favorite photographer for this day because it’s such a significant moment.
Just then, she slammed her hand into the edge of the cake and grabbed it. I chuckled, watching her lick her hand.
“Anything for you baby, it’s your day.” I stepped away, allowing everyone to serve themselves.
“Are you crazy?!” I laughed, when she marked my nose with the cake in hand.
“I love you, I love you, I love you.” I smothered my baby with hugs and kisses.
“Mama!” she giggled, squirming at me.
“Don’t you squirm at me.” I smiled, leaving her alone. The bottles of Apple cider with small glasses came in for the guests to drink with their cake.
“This is really good. Where did you get it?” Kim K. said.
“A small bakery in the central part of LA.. I’ll text you the details.”
“Thank you.”
Slowly, the party came to an end. Families were leaving little by little, until the place became empty. Momma J and the rest of Chris’ family went back to their hotel, except Austin — he insisted on staying. It had to be about 8pm now. Rorrey, Rajad, and TJ were already helping me clean.
“Thank you guys.” I waved, entering the house. I didn’t realize how tired I was until I sat down and my legs ached.
“There you are.” I whispered, spotting Princess on the couch, sleeping. Her crown was still on and her face had cake smudges all over it. I found the nearest phone to me and snapped pictures.
“What a day, huh? I know you’re exhausted.” I lifted her lifeless body up unto me, rubbing her back.
“Let’s get you to the shower and in your jammies for bed..” I marched up the stairs carefully, stopping dead in my tracks when I heard Chris’ voice.
“I know, I’m sorry.. I just felt that what you did was so uncalled for because all she was trying to do is help.” he explained.
“Ok, but you call me all those names AND fight my nigga? Really?”
“I’m so sorry.”
“You’re forgiven.. Just don’t again, please. Just as I need to be more mature, you do as well. I’m sorry for being extra and running your guest away. I’m so protective over Robyn and her feelings because she really went through a hard time when she saw you and her together.. So when I see her, I feel she’s up to no good. The same way you feel about Drake..”
“I understand.. I’ll call her tomorrow to apologize on your behalf. Thanks Lele for taking time out to talk to me.. I felt horrible after it all happened.”
“It’s all good.. You got one more person to apologize to but I suggest that you do it later because he could still be unhappy and he’s asleep anyway. Good job on the party, by the way.”
“How do you know if it good if you barely got to enjoy it?”
“I did, from a distance.. It was dope.”
Tears formed in my eyes as I eavesdropped into my bestfriend and boyfriend’s conversation. I love them so much. This was such a big thing to do. I’m so proud of them.
I walked away, going off into Princess Brown’s room. I laid her on the bed, removing her clothes. I had her change her about four times today because she was constantly getting dirty. She reminds me of myself when I was younger — I was obsessed with rough play.
“I’m about to give you a nice shower.. I’ll need you to wake up.”
“Hm.” she moaned in her doze. I ran the warm water and sang to her during the bath:

Well, old Macdonald had a farm, ee-i-ee-i-o
And on his farm he had a cow, ee-i-ee-i-o
With a moo-moo here, and a moo-moo there
Here a moo, there a moo, everywhere a moo-moo
Old Macdonald had a farm, ee-i-ee-i-o
Old Macdonald had a farm, ee-i-ee-i-o
And on his farm he had a goat, ee-i-ee-i-o
With a baa-baa here and a baa-baa there
Here a baa, there a baa, everywhere a baa-baa
Old Macdonald had a farm, ee-i-ee-i-o
Well, old Macdonald had a farm, ee-i-ee-i-o
And on his farm he had a chicken, ee-i-ee-i-o
With a cluck-cluck here, and a cluck-cluck there
Here a cluck, there a cluck, everywhere a cluck-cluck
Old Macdonald had a farm, ee-i-ee-i-o
Old Macdonald had a farm, ee-i-ee-i-o
And on his farm he had a pig, ee-i-ee-i-o
With an oink-oink here, and an oink-oink there
Here a oink, there a oink everywhere an oink-oink
Old Macdonald had a farm, ee-i-ee-i-o

“Mooooooooo.” she cried.
“That’s for the cow.. We did that already.” I wrapped her around in her towel, taking her to her room. I dabbed her with powder, rubbed Vaseline on her lips, and dressed her in her favorite onesie.
“Look at you fighting your sleep.. Goodnight Princess.” I kissed her cheek, covering her with her blanket.
I turned off the main light, leaving her room to go downstairs where everyone was. I didn’t realize that I barely ate either.
“Go fix me a plate please.” I sent Rajad to the kitchen.
“My feet hurt! Babe, come massage my feet.” I begged Chris. I noticed that he was irresponsive.
“Oh..” I realized, hearing a big snore from my king.
“You’re worn the hell out.. I don’t blame you.” I caressed his back, waiting for my plate from Raj.
“Thank you.” I received the plate, digging in immediately. Everything tasted so delicious. My mom and the caterers killed it.
“Wake up.. Go to bed, hun.” I shook Chris repeatedly, finally waking him up.
“Go upstairs sexy and take a bath before bed.” I winked, reminding him. My nigga was done.
“Ew.” I heard Rajad say.
“‘Cause I called my king sexy?”
“Can you not?”
“One day, you’ll have someone calling you king too.”
“Whatever.” he glided off to the basement. I finished the rest of my food, taking the dishes to the sink.
Chris was done with his shower, by the sounds of it. I traveled straight to the bathroom because if I went to the room first, I’d just fall asleep right away, all dirty. I stripped naked and stepped into the bathtub, letting the lukewarm water rain all over me.
“And where am I suppose to lay sir?” I snapped, staring at Chris spread out on the bed. I threw on one of his T-shirts then threw his body to the side in order for there to be room for me. I turned off the lights, climbing unto the bed.
“Chrissss, I wanna talk..” I scooted closer to him, craving his attention.
“About what?” he grunted.
“Today, please.”
“Go ahead.. I’m hearing you.”
“I’m so proud of you for handling your issue with Lele like a man. I love you so much for that. The party was good.. What do you think?”
“It was popping.. I’m sure Princess liked it too.”
“Chris, your breath stinks.” I giggled.
“It smells like your pussy.” I couldn’t see him but I could tell he was smiling.
“Hush chile.. Go to sleep.” I kissed his shoulder, kneading his arms. The smile I had remained on my face until I remembered something —- Clinton never came.

 AUTHOR’S NOTE: Happy 1st Birthday Renee Ranessa Brown!

The first part of this story is finished. Now, it’s time for the sequel.. I’ll definitely need title ideas for the sequel! Plus, if you see the baby’s face change.. I’m sorry but I can’t find one baby that’ll consistently follow through the story, lol. Hope you all enjoyed the story.. Hasn’t it come along way? Lol. From the crazy fights they had to them havign a daughter together.. Who would’ve ever thought? I’m sorry for the wait. I need to be less lazy. Shoutout to my readers. Thanks for rocking with me!


Chris in court yesterday

Perfect Only Lasts So Long- Tyler Joseph Part Fifteen

When you got home that night you drank. One. Two. Five. Seven beers. By the time you passed out you had downed nine beers.
The sound of pounding at your door was what woke you up. The sun blinding you and the sound of knocks killing your head.
You stumbled over to the door with your hair a mess, bags under our eyes, and the smell of stale alcohol on you.
You opened the door and saw Tyler standing there with a pissed expression.
“Well good morning to you. Or should I say evening. Have you been asleep all day?“ He asked you and you looked to the ground ashamed. Tyler invited himself in and walked to your living room.
"Where’s Gabby?” you asked following him.
“She’s at my place and she’s not coming back here. Did you forget what today was?” you just stared at him not remembering what today was. “Her birthday party. She’s was really upset you weren’t there. What the hell as gotten into you Y/N?” Tyler began raising his voice getting closer to you.
“I want Gabby home and you to leave.” You said. You were embarrassed of yourself.
“No. You need to clean up, sober up then we’ll talk. I’m grabbing things for Gabby. She’ll be at my house until you can pull yourself together.” He said walking off to her room.
You followed him and watched as he grabbed some clothes and her favorite blanket.
“Why are you packing so much? She’s coming home tomorrow. She’s my daughter.“
"Well I’m not allowing it. I’m not letting her watch her mom fall apart. You say she’s your daughter but you’re not acting like you can take care of a child.” He said sternly.
“Don’t you dare Tyler. You weren’t even here for the first three years of her life.” You shouted defensively.
“Because you wouldn’t let me. You left.” He yelled back.
“Because I had to. I’m damn glad I did to because now you get to be happy while I’m here stuck in my thoughts in desperate need of help.” You yelled and Tyler went silent.
“Y/N” he said soft.
“Get out.” You said coldly. “Take the stuff you need for Gabby and go. Give her a kiss for me.”
“We can talk. Work something out. I wanna b-”
“I said get out.” You raised your voice and her gathered the stuff and left.

You went out to your living room and plopped onto the couch letting out a deep breath. You really fucked up. It wasn’t Gabby’s fault you had issues and you covered them with alcohol. You’re supposed to be a mother. You didn’t have room to mess up like this. You picked your head up out of your hands and saw the 9 empty beer bottles on the table in front of you. You needed to pull yourself together otherwise Tyler wasn’t going to let Gabby come around you. You couldn’t let that happen. She needed a mother.

You opened your phone and up popped Jenna’s Instagram. Okay maybe last night you were stalking her a bit, but you refreshed the page to see new pictures. One of your daughter smiling and laughing in Jenna’s arms. The next was her and Tyler. Then there was a video. It was people singing happy birthday to her while she smiled so big. Jenna’s comment read the happiest birthday wishes to my happiest little girl. Momma J loves you Gab.

She had a mother and it wasn’t you. It was Jenna. You saw how happy she was with her. It was like she had a family when she was with them. Maybe it was for the best if you left. It would save Gabby for the self disrupting mother. It would save Tyler the trouble of having to deal with you and all the troubles you bring. It would give Gabby a family, with a mom and dad.

All you wanted right now was that little brown haired brown eyed joy, but you couldn’t have it. She was yours but he took her. This is what you feared from the beginning, this is why you never wanted Tyler involved. He’s now taken everything from you. First it was your heart now your daughter. Or had you given it all to him?

Secrets and Lies 2

Fandom: Now You See Me

Request: Secrets and Lies Part 2


A week passed and you were already comfortable as could be around the Horsemen. Things were still rough with Jack, obviously, but you hardly even saw him anyways. You and Beth went back and forth between your apartment and theirs. A collection of clothes sat in Atlas’s room, toothbrushes found their way to the bathroom, and you both had the boys wrapped around your fingers.

Just because you could ask them for anything in the world and they’d find a way to make it happen, didn’t mean that you didn’t go out of your way for them. Keeping them out of the public eye and just in THE Eye was the most important thing. So whenever grocery shopping had to happen, or they wanted to get out for a bit, you were the one to drive them around, go shopping, and all that fun stuff.

In this particular case, you had left Beth with the boys, and had gone out for popcorn and a movie rental. Merritt was great and all, but he packed away popcorn like every piece brought a strand of hair back to his head……….

Daniel’s POV

“Alright super spy A.B.” Daniel whispered as he took a glance over the back of the couch from his place on the floor in front of it, then looked at his parter. “Do you see our hostage?”

“Mhmm.” She hummed while nodding, sitting on her knees on the couch, but crouched down so she couldn’t be seen.

“On my count, go for him. Three, two, one.” Beth got down and tiptoed behind a table then ran towards Jack. He was looking for something inside of the fridge. Just when Daniel though she was going to run smack into him, Jack scooped her up in his arms. A huge smile was plastered on his face as he blew on her stomach and made her laugh.

“Jackie stoooooooop!” She cried while giggling and squirming in his arms. She had taken to calling him Jackie for some unknown reason. Jackie, M&M, Dylan, J, and Momma. Jack eased up a bit and hugged her.

“I’m sorry sweetheart. Are you okay?”

“Yes!” She cheered, throwing her hands in the hair. They landed in Jack’s big mop of unkept brown fluff that topped his head. “Wait.” She dramatically said, clapping both her hands’s to Jack’s cheeks. Her forehead hit his and her eyes locked in on his. “You hair and my hair and eyes!” The card master nodded happily, but looked over at Daniel with a confused look in his eye.

“She’s saying your hair is like hers and your eyes are the same.” Atlas laughed. She was very observant for as young as she was. “Here, can I have her back? Y/N should be home any minute now.”

“Something wrong with her coming home to me playing with her?”

“Um……. no?” Atlas answered, a little stunned by the sudden defensiveness. It only made him more uneasy for Jack to have her.

Just as he took A.B. from his friend, you walked into the apartment. Atlas sat his little girl so she was straddling his shoulder and could hold his head. He took the bags from your hands and set them down on the table.


Soon this would be their life. Not in the apartment with the others. No way. But possibly in your apartment you had now. Or once you agreed to his proposal, which you hopefully would, you could get a new place together. There was still money from shows left. Somewhere nice, where he could raise a family…..

Your POV

Seeing Beth and Atlas made your heart jump leaps and bounds. It really was his most attractive, and the most important, quality in him. If he hadn’t been good to Annabeth, if she didn’t take to him, or if he ever did one thing that could harm her, he’d be out. Beth came first. But he was all you could have asked for, and more.

You joined the two of them and Jack in the kitchen to help put things away. Man, talk about awkward. While sliding soda into the space in the fridge, you decided to make conversation so it wasn’t so weird…..

“What did you guys do while I was gone?”

“Well,” Atlas started, “we had peanut butter and pretzels as a snack, and we drew a picture for Dylan for his desk at work, and then we played super spies.”

“Jackie down!” Beth exclaimed.

“You took Jack down?” You asked her just as excitedly. She nodded and smiled. “Good job baby! How does he feel about that?”

“I don’t mind at all.” He shook his head. “She’s adorable. We also noticed that she kind of looks like me. Weird, huh?” He stared at you with an expression that said it all. He knew Beth was his.

Well great.

“Yeah it is kind of strange. Oh well, it is what it is.”

“I think she’s beautiful no matter what!” Atlas complimented. Beth smiled and pressed her face into his hair.

“Love you Dad.” She said in her sweet little voice. You saw Jack open his mouth to respond, but closed it. Atlas pulled her off his shoulder and hugged her tightly.

“I love you too A.B. So very much.” You couldn’t help but smile. The two of them were adorable together. And the fact that she called him Dad was a good step forward. She really did love Atlas. And that was a good thing! A very good thing. Your heart broke a little bit though when you saw the look on Jack’s face. He was devastated. He was skating on such thin ice, calling out that he knew about Beth being his. But you couldn’t help but feel bad that his daughter just called someone else Dad. He excused himself and left the kitchen. He looked……. well he looked like his entire world just came to a screeching halt. Which probably wasn’t far from the truth.

Later that night, Merritt was sitting with Beth in his lap, watching The Little Mermaid. She loved the princesses out of all the Disney movies. Dylan was on his way over. And Jack was off somewhere doing something. You were sitting in the kitchen while Atlas cleaned it up a bit from dinner. He kept glancing up at you for some reason. You were thinking about what had happened with Jack earlier. Daniel really did need to know.

But, what if it turned him against you? Made him quit the team? Convinced him to go into hiding like Jack had? How would Beth react? She loved Atlas just as much as you did. She would never understand. And if he left, Jack might try and come back. And then you’d be stuck wanting nothing to do with him, but wanting him around for his daughter……

“Y/N.” Atlas said softly, coming to stand in front of you. “What’s wrong? And don’t say nothing is wrong. I know you better than that. Whatever it is, you know that you can tell me anything, right? No matter what it is.”

“No matter what?”

“No matter what.”

You sighed and took his hand. The two of you went down to the room you were sharing. He shut the door and watched as you nervously paced around a bit. Your fingers played with the bottom of your shirt. He wasn’t going to like this. Not one bit. You hadn’t seen or heard him approach, but next thing you knew, his hands were in yours and he had his forehead pressed to yours. He was too good to you. He didn’t deserve this.

After a moment, you sat down on the edge of the bed. Atlas sat next to you. You stared at your feet. He stared at you. This continued for a couple minutes. Well, it was now or never.

“So, you know how Annabeth’s dad has never been in the picture?” Atlas nodded. “That’s because I thought he died. He supposedly died a few years ago, but apparently didn’t.”

“So, like Jack?” You looked him in the eyes and nodded very slowly. “Wait a second…… Jack fake died a few years ago. A.B. looks a lot like him. He got really defensive earlier when I wanted to take her back.” He moved over a little to look fully at you. “Is Jack Annabeth’s father?”

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you sooner. I really thought he was dead and I didn’t want to bring it up, plus I didn’t know he knew. I don’t know when he figured it out. He didn’t even know I was pregnant when he died.”

“What? Tell me the whole story.” There was an edge in his voice. Oh no.

You still explained it though. How you had found out about Jack and that you were having his child all in the same day. You raised Beth alone until you met Atlas. There was no need to bring it up that she belonged to Jack because he was gone and it might make things weird between you. But, now that you knew he was alive, things had just been awkward and there hadn’t been a good time to break the news. You were still trying to understand it yourself.

“Please don’t be upset Atlas.” You said softly, your voice cracking on his name. Tears threatened to spill from your eyes. You couldn’t lose him. But Daniel Atlas said nothing. Just stood up and started to walk from the room. You followed, wanting to plead to him, but you were struck silent when Jack came around the corner and Atlas punched him in the nose. And with that, he walked out of the apartment.

“I take it he knows?” Jack asked, a hand over his nose. You sighed and started to push him towards the bathroom. Out of the corner of your eye, you could see Beth staring at the door. Merritt pulled her back into his lap and tickled her to get her attention off it. It was nice to have extra hands around. You couldn’t help fix Jack’s nose and worry about Beth at the same time.

Jack sat on the lid of the toilet, still holding his nose. You could see blood dripping out from under his hand. Very gently, you pulled his hand from his face. Oh yeah. It was broken.

“I’m really sorry about this Jack. Pinch right here.” You showed him where to hold his nose to stop the bleeding, then gently pushed his head back to help stop it.

“It’s okay. Actually, it’s not.” The warm water was turned on, and a washcloth was run under. You gently wiped the blood off his face as he talked. “It’s not fair that Annabeth doesn’t know about her father. And it’s not fair that I don’t get to spend time with her. And keeping Atlas in the dark about me was a stupid move.”


“I’m just saying! I think once he comes back, and he will, the three of us sit down and talk. Then we can figure out what to do about Beth. It hurts that she called him Dad. Especially since I’ve been falling in love with her since you two have been here.”

“You can’t blame me for all that. I had no idea you were alive. If you weren’t around to take care of her, why even bring it up?” Jack was silent for a moment.

“I guess you’re right. I shouldn’t have listened to what Dylan said. He’s the one who told me I couldn’t say anything. I’m sorry Y/N. All I really want is to be in her life. She’s…….. she’s gorgeous. Inside and out. Just like her mom.” You took that as a good time to go get him ice for his nose. You didn’t want to be a part of where that sounded like it was going.

You journeyed to the kitchen, but were stopped by a little hand on your leg. Sweet little Beth. She reached up for you to pick her up, and of course you did.

“J?” She asked, holding her hands up and shrugging her shoulders.

“J will be back.” You promised her. “Go stay with M&M.” You kissed her on the cheek, and she wrapped her arms around your neck to hugs you. You hugged back and set her down. Beth’s little legs ran back to the couch, where Merritt picked her up and held her all snuggled up in his lap. You sighed and went back to Jack, giving him the frozen corn to go on his nose. It was going to be a long night…….

About 4 ½ hours later, when it was nearing 11pm, the front door opened. Beth was asleep on the floor in a pile of blankets and pillows. Merritt was at the table reading. Jack was in an armchair in the living room, Dylan was off in his room, and you were laying across the living room couch. David Blaine Street Magic, and you had been chuckling at how some of his tricks you could see right through.

“Blaine? Really?” Atlas asked as he came inside. You sat up, but didn’t get up. How was he feeling? Had he calmed down by now? He took a deep breath and sat across the coffee table from you. You moved off the couch to sit on the floor and be level with him.

“Momma?” Beth said softly, stirring a little in her sleep. She yawned and opened her eyes. The door must have woken her up. She was a relatively light sleeper. Instead of sitting with you though, she plopped herself down in Atlas’s lap. You’re eyes darted from him to Jack, but neither of their expressions changed.

“I have to say a few things.” Your boyfriend started. “First, I’m sorry Jack. That was uncalled for and I really am sorry.”

“I’ve had worse.” He brushed it off, smiling just slightly.

“Second, A.B. I love you. I’m sorry if I scared you.”

“Love you J. Okay.” She sleepily replied.

“And third. Y/N……..” He pulled a deck of cards from his pocket and slipped them from the box. “I was out of line.” He shuffled the deck and split it in half. “I shouldn’t have reacted the way I did. Pick a card.” You, very confused, picked a card from the first half of the deck and looked at it. King of diamonds. “Memorize your card and give it back.” You did as told and he slid the card in the deck. “I guess it was just that I’ve been so used to being there for her, the idea of my younger partner being hers blew me away for a second. Do the same thing with this half.” You picked a card from the second half of the deck, memorized it, and gave it back so he could slide it in the deck. Queen of spades. “Out of everyone, it was Jack. Anyone in the world, and it was Jack. My shock took over my emotions and I was wrong. Tap both decks.” You tapped them both. “Your card jumped to the top. Let’s check.” He flipped the top cards over and sure enough, there was your cards. “Is it right?” You nodded. He took them and put them in the middle of their respective piles, but left it so about a third of the cards were still visible. “I should have been an adult and just stayed to talk to you. The truth is I love you. I really do. And I want you and me to work. You’re the most important person in my life. You and A.B. And I want to love you for a very long time.”

Wait what?

“While we talked, you’re cards switched decks. Want to check?” You slowly nodded and pulled both cards out, then flipped them over so you could see what cards they were. One had “Y/N, will you” and on the other “marry me?” was written.

You looked up at Atlas, tears hitting your eyes. Was this real? Like really for real???

“I know I’m not the easiest person to deal with. And my temper gets the better of me sometimes. But, I love you so much. And I’m willing to work on it, if it means you’ll be mine. I’m sorry I can’t be on one knee, but I really do mean this. I can go onstage and dazzle a million people with a few fancy words. But, the only one I’m trying to dazzle with my words right now is you.” Dylan handed him a small box, which he opened for you. There sat an absolutely beautiful black diamond Halo engagement ring. “Will you please, be my queen every day, take my breath away every day, make me a better man every day, and make me a father every day? Will you please marry me?”

You very enthusiastically nodded. A grin bigger than you ever thought possible sat on your face. Atlas smiled just as widely and slipped the ring onto your finger. You sat up on your knees and leaned over the table to kiss him.

For the love of everything, he never failed to amaze you. Your fiancé always found a way to one up himself. And this was the icing on the cake. Icing on the….. wedding cake.