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Today we rescued an orphaned baby opossum! We found her momma dead on the side of the street while walking the dogs, and this baby popped her head up as we walked by. We checked mommas pouch but my sister couldn’t see or feel any other babies. Luckily there was a wildlife rehabilitation lady close by who could come pick her up. The baby wouldn’t eat or drink anything that we tried to give her, but was very curious and kept climbing into our laps. She never opened her mouth to hiss, she was not afraid of us at all! The rescue lady, Jan, couldn’t meet up for another two hours but when we dropped her off Jan was so happy with the way we took care of baby and said she looked healthy and commented on how friendly she was. Jan also said we can come volunteer anytime we want and if we call she’ll update us on the health of our baby, though it might be hard for her because she has 7 other opossum babies at her house. It was such an amazing experience and I already miss our sweet possum so much!

Tattered Blankets and Mending Hearts Part 1 (Homeless Lance Au)

Lance takes a deep breath as he prepares himself for what he is about to do. It’s only been three months since he got here from Cuba. His momma had insisted that he came to the states since he finally had enough money to do it and there was no way he could disobey his momma. He had found himself an affordable apartment and a job at a coffee shop. At first he would pay to take the bus to his job but his landlord kept coming up with excuses to raise Lance’s rent every two weeks. Soon he could no longer afford to take the bus so he walked the four miles to his job and the four miles back. He decided it was good exercise for him and it could have been worse.

He was right… it could have been worse and it got worse. His land lord continued to raise his rent saying that he was doing so to make sure that ‘people like Lance’ wouldn’t have extra money to spend on drugs and other illegal things. Lance knew the racist meaning to the words, he knew the stereotypes that the man was referring to and it hurt. But the hurt of the man’s word did not compare to the hurt that Lance felt when he couldn’t afford to pay for the apartment anymore. Lance packed all of his belongs into a backpack and a suitcase and left, that’s all he could do.

That’s how Lance ended up in his current situation, standing in front of a dumpster. His two bags leaning against the side as he listens to the sound of his stomach growling. He had long since run out of ‘food’. If that’s what you could call Lance’s measly diet. For the last month of renting his apartment, Lance had resorted to buying as little food as possible. When he got his paycheck from the coffee shop he would go to the store and buy two jars of peanut butter then save the rest of the money for rent and the crappy flip phone he has so he can talk to his momma. He ate one teaspoon of peanut butter in place of every meal. Of course it left him hungry and dropping pounds faster then he ever had but that’s all he could afford. He would make the two jars last as long as possible, then buy two more jars.

His last jar of peanut butter had run out a day and a half ago. The jar now holds water from a water fountain at a park. Lance stares at the dumpster in front of him, a dumpster behind a restaurant only a few blocks from the coffee shop he’s managed to keep working at. He hoists his skinny frame into the dumpster and starts scavenging around for anything that looks edible and praying that no one will see him.

He manages to find enough edible looking food to fill his stomach then climbs out of the dumpster looking down at his now very dirty clothes. He sighs softly and grabs his bags then heads towards the park that’s several blocks away. He ignores the pitiful and/or disgusted looks he gets from people walking past. He’s to ashamed to raise his gaze any higher than the ground. He feels disgusting. He has never felt this dirty or useless in his whole life. He knows it’s a combination of his new homelessness and the fact that he hasn’t been taking his meds for his depression since he couldn’t afford them anymore.

When he gets back to the park he sits down by a secluded water fountain. Over the past few days he’s managed to find an unpopular area of the park and that’s where he has been staying. He strips off the dirty shirt he is wearing, washes it as best he can with the water from the fountain then uses it to scrub down his body. He rinses his hair in the fountain then puts on one of the other shirts he has in his bag. He strips off his dirty pants next, scrubs his legs down with the still wet shirt then puts on new pants. He washes his dirty clothes from the day once again in the fountain then sets them on the side walk next to him to dry.

He fishes out his flip phone from his backpack and cringes as he types in his mothers number, international calls are expensive but with no rent to pay his next paycheck will take care of it, hopefully. When his mother answers the phone he plasters on a happy facade and tells her how amazing America is. His heartaches with every lies he tells his mother but he knows neither of them can afford a plane ticket back to Cuba so he’s stuck here. Stuck lying to his mother about how amazing the place is that he is living in and how wonderful all the food is. He hates his new life. He is ashamed of his new life. But he is doing all he can.

(So this is a new series that I’m going to write, hopefully you enjoyed the first part of it. I haven’t quite decided what ship I’m going to make it yet so if you have any ships that you’d like to see in this story just let me know!)

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i have found the solution to how finn has both his amazing lesbian mothers and also is lukes son because OBVIOUSLY I NEED FINN SKYWALKER WITH HIS LESBIAN MOTHERS AND DAd LUKE SKYWALKER, so obviously luke and finns mom were together and she got pregnant w/Finn but then fell in love with a beautiful girl and she and luke broke up mutually and she marries her girlfriend but still friends w/lukeand that is how finn meets his dad Luke an his amazing lesbian mothers who love him and also each other

wow….you really did that. You really truly did that and I’m crying because I love it.

mine 「jaehyun」

type: soulmate!jaehyun
a/n: i’m just really in the mood to write a soulmate!au


aged six

“one day you’ll find him, and you won’t have to worry about breakups or cheating. soulmates naturally love each other, you have nothing to worry about.”

“how do i know when i’ve found him momma?”

“it’s quite hard to understand right now, but when it happens, you’ll know.”

aged eighteen

as you walked through the streets of seoul, your phone pressed against your ear and your patience disappearing, you stopped in the street as the call went to voicemail again. why won’t he answer?

just as you pressed the end button, a shoulder brushed yours and your hand shook, a small zap of electricity travelling up your arm. your phone flew to the floor and your rushed to grab it, rubbing your arm in pain. what the hell just happened?

as you stepped into your apartment, you checked your arm in the light. there on your wrist was a countdown.




“oh no,” you spoke aloud, rushing to the kitchen. “this can’t be happening.” you panicked, trying to rub away the clock.

just as you picked up your phone again, the door flung open and your boyfriend came running in. “y/n! are you okay?! you kept calling me, are you hurt?!” he asked, zooming into the kitchen.

“i’m okay, i’m fine. i prom-” just as you assured him you were fine, a sharp pain ran through your head and you pressed your fingers against your temple. you boyfriend looked at you in shock, grasping your arm.

“what’s happening, y/n? what’s this?” he asked, pulling you to him by your wrist.

“doyoung i’m-” you winced again, laying your head in your hands as you cried from the pain. “dying.”

“what do you mean?”

“my mother told me i’d know when i met my soulmate, so i expected it to be you, because i thought i knew it was you. i did some research and you actually know who it is when the first words you ever say to each other are shown on your wrist. it hasn’t happened yet and now my countdown has started. i have less than 31 hours to find my soulmate or i’ll die. i don’t want to leave you, but i can’t die this young.“

doyoung grabbed your waist and pulled you towards him. he pressed his lips to yours and held you close to him, the sweet taste of his lips making you forget everything. he tucked your hair behind your ear and looked down at you before pulling you into a tight hug.

“i want you to forget about me and find your soulmate. even if you aren’t with me, i still want you to be happy and healthy,” he spoke, lifting his sleeve up. “i have 22 hours left, and i need to find mine. i don’t want to lose you but this has to happen.”


doyoung gave you a weak smile as you carried your last case out of the apartment. you looked down sadly, ignoring his gaze, avoiding that feeling of guilt and the force that seemed to pull you back to him.

he turned to leave the room, your weak figure left alone in the door frame as you begged in your mind for this all to be a dream. your mother looked up at you, her eyes showing sympathy and a sense of understanding.





“stop thinking about him, you have to move on,” your friend spoke, sitting down opposite you. you pulled your sleeve back down and reached for your coffee with a nod. “look, i know you’re not into dating and everything, but i met this guy and he seemed to be a perfect candidate, and he’s bringing his friend too so i won’t be a third wheel.”


“hi, i’m jaehyun,” the boy spoke, sliding onto the bench beside you. “what are you doing out here alone?” he asked, holding an ice cream towards you.

“i’m vegan,” you mumbled, turning your gaze away from the ice cream. you sighed and turned back to look at him, his smile faltering. “okay, i’m not, but i’m not in the mood for talking.”

“then, don’t talk, just eat,” he smiled, his dimples denting his face for a second. you smiled also, taking the ice cream from him cold hands. “you didn’t answer my question.”

“hm?” you mumbled, glancing at your wrist. you stood up in shock, dropping the ice cream with stuttered words. jaehyun looked up at you, also standing from the wooden bench.

“are you alright?” he questioned, looking down at the ice cream. you ignored his question and thought, were those the first words he said to me?

you pointed at his wrist, his gaze following your hand. his brows furrowed in confusion as he looked back up at you. “you’re my soulmate,”

“we just met, that’s a bit fast don’t you think?” he laughed, his dimples showing again. you grabbed his arm and pulled him towards you, he also dropping his ice cream. you looked down at his wrist, showing him yours.

“first thing you said to me, ‘hi, i’m jaehyun’, first thing i said to you, ‘i’m vegan’,” you rushed out, gesturing between your wrists. “also, you have very neat handwriting.”

aged twenty-five

“honestly, it’s quite stupid, but it’s true,” you laughed, holding your phone close to your ear. “i’ll call you back, i’ve got to go.”

“let’s go,” jaehyun smiled, taking your hand in his as you locked the apartment door. you smiled widely as you knew what was about to happen, yet jaehyun had no clue.


“here’s the bill,” the waiter bowed, leaving hurriedly. you smiled widely, unable to hide your excitement. jaehyun opened the envelop, taking out the bill, he unfolded the piece of paper, a small black and white picture slipping out.

his eyes widened as he looked up at you with a huge smile. “are you being for real?” he asked, standing up from his chair. you nodded and stood up also, pulling him into a hug. “i’m going to be a father.”

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(2) You scolded Benjamin out of fear. You noticed who the man was that was holding your son. "Long time no see sugar," Clay laughed and sobbed at the same time. "Momma! I found Daddy!" And Clay is all confused as he looks in between you and your son. "Daddy?" Clay asked, "Why did you never tell me about him?" Clay began to get scared. "When I found out, you were long gone. I couldn't find you anywhere or have any form of communication with you. So how was I supposed to tell you?" You signed.

Okay so was from a few weeks ago and I forgot to post it. Read part 1 here

 (3) Clay looked at his son and sobbed. “Benjamin just saved my life, Sugar”. You took Benjamin out of Clay’s arms and hugged the blue eyed man. “Clay, I don’t live far from here. Wanna go to my place and just spend some time with Benji and I?” You asked. “Please, let me spend time with you two,” Clay stood up straight as you handed his your son, and took his free hand leading him to your apartment. Once inside, Clay kissed you deeply but in a passionate way. As if it was a silent promise.

(4) “I’m not going anywhere anymore without you and Benjamin,” Clay kissed your forehead and closed the door quietly in order to not anger the sleep toddler. “Momma. Can daddy stay for Cuddle night?” The child asked. You laughed as you kissed his head. “He’s gonna be part of Cuddle night from now on, Baby,” you walked to your room and changed into pajamas and pulled out a pair of sweatpants and a sleeping shirt for Clay. You snatched Benjamin’s clothes off the dresser and walked.

(5) into the living room and handed Clay Benjamin’s clothes. Later that night, as you and Benjamin were asleep on the bed that all 3 of you were sharing, and Clay smiled. Happy that his plan didn’t work. He’ll make you his wife. “Daddy. Can I have a sister now?” Clay chuckled

Daddy Wednesday™

Family Bonds

AN: I’m awful at making names for the fics lmao but no warnings unless you count swearing
y/b/n : your boyfriend name

Prompt: Could I have a soa imagine where you’re clay and Gemma’s teenage daughter and your dad, brother, and uncles all freak out when you tell them you’re going on a date with a boy from school?
Request by: @mckenziethequeen

Being Clay Morrow only daughter, he was a very protective father. Mom has to constantly remember him I’m getting older. He doesn’t go for that because I’m only 16. Same goes with my brother Jax and all my uncles. And
now I have to tell all these bikers my boyfriend is taking me on a date. I have to tell them. I really like him.
Getting ready for dinner with the whole family. Sunday dinner. At least I’m not like pregnant,right? Just a boyfriend…
Walking downstairs everyone was sitting down while mom was finishing up everything. Jax waving you to come sit next to him and uncle Opie. Just breathe. It will be okay. I walked over and sat down, Jax and Uncle Opie both kissed your heads while the rest of your uncles greeted you and said my shirt was too low.
“Alright everyone let’s start dinner” Mom said, taking her seat next to dad. It’s now or never.
“Baby girl, why aren’t you eating?” Dad asked me.
“Uh just not hungry” I said softly, Jax started poking my side.
“You love Sunday dinner, what’s up y/n?” Jax asked me, everyone putting their food down and looking at me.
“I have a boyfriend” I blurted out. Everyone in complete silence. Not really how I should of done that. Waiting for someone to say something.
“What’s his name y/n?” Uncle Tig asked finally breaking the silence and tension in the room. Dad and Jax just staring down before going outside.
“Y/b/n and I really like him. He’s taking me on a date tonight and no one will stop me.” I said to my mom and the rest of my uncles.
“Well we all need to meet him before you guys go out..your Clays baby girl and Jax is your big brother. Don’t be mad” Uncle Bobby told me, he was right and you knew that would happen.
You finished dinner and went upstairs, dad and Jax still haven’t come inside. I started braiding my hair and fixing my makeup when I heard a knock on my door.
“Come in” I said.
“Hey baby girl” I heard my dads raspy voice unsure of what he would say next.
“Nothing will change my mind dad. Please don’t talk me out of this.” I told my dad, looking in the mirror.
“I’ll always want to change your mind because you deserve the world and no man can ever compete with my love for you. You’re my baby, I was so excited when momma and I found out we were having a baby girl. Jax was so excited he cried. I’ll never be okay with someone who’s with my baby until they prove me wrong.”
“Oh dad, I love you so much and I love everyone. Mom Jax and all my uncles. But I really like this boy and I want you guys to meet and he wants to meet you” I said, tears in my eyes. Dad always knows what to say.
“Let’s meet him tonight baby. But you are to be home exactly at midnight and Jax will be following you guys, don’t fight me on this. He’ll casually look after you.” Dad said, I rolled my eyes. I figured they would have one ridiculous rule about this.
“Okay dad, thank you. I love you” I told dad, giving him a kiss on the cheek.
A few moments later you heard a knock on the door, you basically ran after grabbing your purse. I finally got to the stairs to see Jax opening the door.
“What can I do for you kid?” Jax said, knowing this was my boyfriend.
“Oh yeah I’m y/b/n, I’m here to meet y/n on a date.” He nervously said, not being around bikers before.
“Where are you taking her? She needs to be home at midnight.” Dad said behind me, y/b/n look up at him, even more nervous than before. I ran down the stairs and grabbed my coat.
“I’m taking her to the diner and then she wants to go to the park and I just want to make her happy all the time.” Y/b/n said with a smile, which made you blush.
“We will have to have a different time to get to know each other. If my baby girl likes you so much, then there must be something about you. Like Clay said, bring her home at midnight and we will know if you’re late.” Jax said crossing his arms. I went over and hugged my mom.
“I like him baby, have fun” mom whispered in my ear, making me smile. I hugged dad and Jax and left with y/b/n.
It felt nice knowing my family is taking an interest in my life more and not killing my boyfriends. It was a good day.

Dating Kihyun...

- Admin Kay

  •  very fluffy relationship
  • lots hold handing
  • kisses on the cheek in public
  • when you’re on dates, he’ll kiss the back of your hand
  • rest of the band tease both of you a lot 
  • bc momma kihyunnie has found his other half
  • when he’s jealous, he’d come up to you and put his hand on your waist and pull you closer to his side
  • all the fans would love you bc you’re a sweetheart
  • and that’s how he knows you’re the one for him
  • when he’s on tour, he’d send you cute messages to wake up to 
  • occasionally a video where he’s really missing you and he can’t wait to return bc all he wants to do is cuddle you
  • when you’re sleeping, he lightly rests his arm against your waist
  • nothing intense bc he doesn’t want to hurt his angel 
  • frequently singing bc he knows you love his honey voice
  • your most memorable date is when he set up a candlelight dinner and sang perfect girl as you were walking towards him
  • bc you’re his perfect girl
  • slow dancing with no music on bc all u need is each other


  • very gentle 
  • constantly asking if you’re ok
  • literally nuzzles his head into your neck
  • moaning into your neck
  • like one or two hickeys 
  • HOLDING HANDS!!!!!!!!!
  • Passionate kiss at the end yes

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riley, the beautiful momma cat, was found as a disgusting rotten roadkill and somehow perfectly saved (and given the cutest collar~) by my dear @leowatchs. it was very clear by her condition that she’d had a good number of kittens in her time, so i think it’s only fitting for her to be with these precious salvaged babies– who look as if they could be her own!