momma bb



i’ve always been on team Ah Ro first and foremost. as long as the person who wins her heart is a good, deserving person, i’ll be happy. being on team Ah Ro rn also means that i’m a multishipper. and though i know this is never going to happen, i can’t help but go “awwww” at it. he’s so smitten!! and so sweet and gentle!! and he makes her smile! 

she still has her hand on his btw, in the bonus screenshot. 😉

BB-8 Headcanons 

*Poe lets BB-8 cuddle up against him in the bed 

*This becomes a habit. 

*Poe is DADDY!!!

*Poe doesn’t mind the dirt BB-8 brings into the bed.

*BB-8 INSISTED on cuddling with Rey the night the droid spent with her.

*Rey found this unusual but cuddles anyways. Also: BB-8 headbutted her arm until the droid was able to slip under. 

*BB-8 officially adopts Rey as Momma <3.

*Fast forward a few months later, BB-8 wants cuddles with Rey. The droid is filthy and Rey likes her clean bed. Rey makes BB-8 get clean before allowing cuddles. Leia now has several pics of the droid rolling around in a puddle/shower. 

*BB-8 hums Rey to sleep before powering down.

*When DADDY!!! Poe is being stupid and Momma <3 Rey isn’t around, BB-8 will go to Uncle Finn.

*Finn doesn’t make the droid shower. 

*When Finn kicks off his covers, BB-8 pulls them back on.