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Dating Scott McCall Would Include

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• being best friends with stiles

• not knowing about him being a werewolf for a while

• finding out and not being able to be around him

• he confronts you during school

• “okay i understand this is a lot of to handle but we’ve gone through a lot in our relationship and i don’t believe this is the way we’re supposed to end”

• “i’m not even mad about the werewolf thing scott, i’m mad you didn’t tell me”

• makes it up to you in a big way

• after that, always helping out in the pack

• the pack loving you and protecting you

• allison teaches you how to shoot

• isaac and scott spend weeks teaching you how to fight

• stiles giving you a bat

• even though you never need it

• wherever you are, scott’s a few steps behind

•he says i love you first • you being his anchor

• momma mccall loving you

• always inviting you over for dinner

• you cook with her when she’s free

• being a mom towards the pack

• being at every lacrosse game


• wearing his jersey

• the whole school loving you guys together

• being high school sweethearts

• overprotective scott 25/8

• big on pda

• always touching you in someway

• overall, loving you with everything in him

Let me tell you something no teenager ever believes but I swear to you is the absolute truth - you fall in love more than once. It’ll happen again and it will be just as amazing and as extraordinary as the first time, and maybe just as painful, but it will happen again. I promise. And until then, be your own anchor.
—  Melissa “Momma” McCall, “Teen Wolf”