momma anchor

“Haze are you going to come sit or stand and drool?”

Happy Birthday!! I stayed up until midnigt to be the first in ‘merica time to wish you… Haaapppyyyy Biiirrttthhhdddddaayyyy! 

You’ve been such a good friend and I’m so happy to know you! I’ll have to get your address to send you goldfish as an actual present instead of this realisticish anthro Anchor!

Maybe next year I can make my way up and celebrate with you, you cutie!!

“Oooh..Lapdance… *Insert gurgling sound* Haze love lapdance”

Thank you you so much for this Sarah. /hug You´re a very good friend aswell. And sure, just make sure to poke some airholes in the box for the little guy. *derp*