داغ دل نکلیں گے تربت سے مرے یوں لالہ
یہ وہ اخگر نہیں جو خاک میں پنہاں ہونگے۔
My heart’s bruises will emerge from my grave like tulips,
For these are not fiery embers that can be concealed by ashes.

Momin Khan Momin

daagh-e dil niklenge turbat se meray yun lala,
ye woh akhgar nahin jo khaak mein pinha honge.

Smithsonian magazine announced some of this year’s 12 winners of the prize for innovators in art, science and culture on Wednesday. The magazine polls Smithsonian museum directors and curators to find innovators impacting their fields. The prizes will be awarded Nov. 12 at the National Portrait Gallery.

The winners include planetary scientist Alan Stern, who led the Pluto mission; “Hamilton” playwright and star Lin-Manuel Miranda; artists Zoe Crosher and Shamim Momin, creators of a 100-billboard “Manifest Destiny” project that runs across America; Alzheimer’s disease researchers and neurologists Doo Yeon Kim and Rudolph Tanzi; and Francoise Mouly, creator of revolutionary comic books for children.

Prophet Muhammad (S) said, describing the believer:

’(He is) subtle in his movements, sweet to look at… he seeks out the loftiest of matters, and has the most outstanding moral ethics… he is not prejudiced against he whom he does not like, nor biased in favour of one he loves… he is hardly a burden, and instead is very helpful… he perfects his actions as if he is being watched, lowers his gaze, is liberal in his giving, and never turns away a beggar… he considers his words carefully and guards his tongue… he neither accepts falsehood from a friend, nor rejects the truth from an enemy… he only learns in order that he might know, and he only seeks to know in order that he may act… When he travels with worldly people, he is the smartest of them, and when he travels with the people of the Hereafter, he is the most pious from among them.’

[Bihar al-Anwar, v. 67, p. 310, no. 45]