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William Nylander #1

Anon:  Hey could you possibly do a William nylander one, like something cute about him getting the game winning goal maybe? Thanks!

Here you are sweetie. Enjoy it!

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“Do you, at least, remember why you fought?” You denied.

With a smile on the face you turned to look at her, “No. But I know we’re mad at each other”

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The Reunion (Brother!Clint Barton)

“I hate you.” You said as Clint walked in. “No you don’t.” He smiled. You turned around and saw him leaning on the doorway. “Yes, I do.” You said. “Well, you look wonderful.” He commented. “I still hate you.” You told him.

“C'mon, Y/N! You can’t hate your brother! We’re partners in crime! The dynamic duo!” He said with passion, which made you crack a smile. “Well, I would hate you a little less if you didn’t volunteer me for this mission.” You told him.

“Well, I wasn’t going at this alone! I need you as much as you need me, and maybe more.” He told you. “Just remember, we’re there to kill her. Quick and silent.” You reminded him.

“That’s how I do!” He shouted. “Shut up.” You rolled your eyes. “Who picked the dress? Lord knows you have horrible fashion sense.” He sassed.

“Wanda picked it out, asshat.” You said. “It looks good.” He said. “Now c'mon! There’s a limo waiting for us and I have my playlist.” He said. “Alright.” You groaned and the two of you headed out.


“A dance, my lady?” He asked. “No.” You said, trying to find her. “You’re looking like a stalker. Dance. Now.” He ordered. You have him the look, he then grabbed your arm and pulled you into the dance floor.

“This isn’t weird. Is it?” He asked. “No. It’ll be weird if you confess your undying love for me.” You told him. “Y/N, there’s something I must confess. From the mome-”

“Shut up.” You laughed, cutting him off. “Anyway, maybe after this, we can take our annual road trip.” He suggested. “What about Laura and the baby?” You asked.

“You’re my sister.” He said. “And they’re your family.” You continued. “You’re my blood family. This year, I’m thinking Minnesota, maybe Chicago.” He said.

“You’ll be gone for a whole week.” You told him. “I’m gone longer for missions.” He told you. “Why are you so against this?” He asked. “Because, Clint. You’ve got a family now and another kid on the way. You can’t just skip town and leave them alone.” You said.

“She understand. We haven’t seen each other in weeks, c'mon, Y/N! Let’s go to Vegas.” He begged. “You’re an idiot.” You said. “Well, you’re related to me. So that makes you 50% idiot.” He said.


“I feel like a clown. They’re all staring at me.” You panicked, whispering this to Clint. “They’re staring at you because you look beautiful. Now, you ready to ice this sumbitch?” He asked you.

The woman then walked in. She was wearing a dark green mermaid dress and her long black hair was curled to her left side, showing the serpent tattoo on her right shoulder.

Seconds later, men came busting into the building. They had guns in their hands and they were pointed at some of the most richest people in New York.

“We didn’t plan for this.” You whispered to Clint. “To make this, less cliche, all we want is for you to give us Jared Herndon.” She spoke loudly.

“We’re gonna die.” You said. “We’ll be fine.” Clint tried to calm you down. “No? No one can tell us where Jared Herndon is?” She asked again.

Everyone was quiet. She then snapped her finger and the man on her right fired at the elderly couple. “Where did Fury pit our bows?” You asked as everyone shouted in horror and fear.

“On the second level.” He groaned as the words left his mouth. “Yup, we’re gonna die.” You said. “I’ll distract her while you get your bow and fire an arrow through the bitch’s heart.” Clint said.

“Or.” You said, then a man that worked for the woman walked towards the two of you, and as he pointed at gun at you head, you kicked his leg and he he fell to his knee, you punched his jaw.

You then grabbed his gun and tried to find the woman. “Where is she?” You asked Clint. “Over there!” He shouted. You looked at where he was pointing.

“After I kill her, hell breaks loose. You run upstairs and find our bows, I’ll follow after you.” You ordered, and before he got the chance to protests, you fired and the bullet fired through the air and landed in the woman’s head.

Her henchmen saw her fall to the ground, then fired at anyone close to them. Clint followed your orders and ran like hell.

Working Late Shifts
  • Phone: *rings*
  • Clerk: Hello, this is Better Books. How can I help you today?
  • Phone: *static* Greetings, madame. *static* I interest you *static* product *static*
  • Clerk: Hello? I can't make out what you're saying.
  • Phone: *static*
  • Clerk: *hangs up*
  • Manager: Who called?
  • Clerk: I don't know. The line was staticky.
  • Manager: Whatever, I need you to work closing shift tonight.
  • Clerk: Isn't Jen closing tonight?
  • Manager: She can't, she got caught in a pile-up.
  • Clerk: Oh gosh, is she okay?
  • Manager: She's fine but her car is wrecked.
  • Clerk: That sucks, but I don't know if I can work closing tonight.
  • Manager: Okay, then you're fired.
  • Clerk: What!?
  • Manager: I'm going to give this to you straight, you're not a reliable employee. You've missed a ton work, you leave early without warning, and you exceeded your no-call, no-show limit. Anyone else would've fired you by now, but I'm a nice guy, so I'm giving you a choice: either you close tonight, or you lose your job.
  • Clerk: Fine, I'll close.
  • Manager: Good.
  • Clerk: *under breath* asshole.
  • *hours later*
  • Clerk: Fuck, this is so boring. Why does a book store still even exist in 2016?
  • *door jingles*
  • Creepy Guy: *walks in* Evening!
  • Clerk: Hello. Is there anything I can help you with?
  • Creepy Guy: Just browsing, dear.
  • Clerk: Okay. I'm here if you need anything.
  • Phone: *rings*
  • Clerk: Hello, this is Better Books. How can I help you tonight?
  • Phone: Now this thing decides to work! Sorry for the issues we had earlier this afternoon, madame.
  • Clerk: Hmm?
  • Phone: You sound like a much more charming young woman without all of the interference, if I say so myself. Oh, is that not work appropriate! Sorry! You can't tell with all of these new workplace regulations these days. Hahahaha!
  • Clerk: Sir, do you need something?
  • Phone: Yes, I need just a brief moment of your time. You see, I'm selling quite the product and I believe that a wonderful young lady such as yourself would have a lot to benefit from it.
  • Clerk: Sorry, we're not interested.
  • Phone: Wait just one mome-
  • Clerk: *hangs up*
  • Creepy Guy: *leans over store counter* Hey.
  • Clerk: Oh! Sorry, I didn't notice you. Is there anything I can help you with?
  • Creepy Guy: *smiles* No, I'm still just browsing.
  • Clerk: Okay.
  • Creepy Guy: What are you doing after work?
  • Clerk: Uhh, going home.
  • Creepy Guy: Need a ride?
  • Clerk: No, I walk. Are you interested in buying any books today?
  • Creepy Guy: Maybe. I just like to talk to my fellow readers. Not many people around your age read these days. Sad how your generation is. You like to read, don't you?
  • Clerk: Not really.
  • Creepy Guy: *frowns* You work at a book store and you don't like to read? That's weird.
  • Clerk: I mean, I do like to read! Just not often. I'm very busy, nowadays. *sweats nervously*
  • Creepy Guy: That's good.
  • Clerk: We're closing soon.
  • Creepy Guy: I know. *walks to the back of the store*
  • Clerk: *dials brother on cellphone once creepy guy is out of sight*
  • Clerk: Hey, I need you to pick me up tonight. There's a creeper at the store and-
  • Salesman: THANK GOODNESS! You've called back, madame. I thought I had missed out on a sale, but thankfully my master salesmanship has pulled through agai-
  • Clerk: *hangs up*
  • Creepy Guy: On your cellphone during work hours? Kids these days. I have it in me to tell your manager about this.
  • Clerk: Sorry, sir!
  • Creepy Guy: Hehe, I'm just messing with you. Who were you calling?
  • Clerk: No one. Just checking the time.
  • Creepy Guy: There's a clock right there. Can't you read a clockface?
  • Clerk: I just wanted to make sure the time was accurate.
  • Creepy Guy: A good old analog clock has always been accurate to me. You got a boyfriend?
  • Clerk: Sir, that's not an appropriate question to ask.
  • Creepy Guy: And it's not appropriate for you to be on your cellphone while you're working. I think you already voided the whole appropriateness thing, girl. *smiles*
  • Clerk: We're closing, you might want to leave.
  • Creepy Guy: Really? Judging by the clock up there, there's another five minutes until closing. I think I'll stick around until then. *walks to the back of the store*
  • *cellphone rings*
  • Clerk: Please don't be a salesman!
  • Bro: Salesman? What?
  • Clerk: Thank god! *ducks below the counter* Listen, I need you to get here now. There's this creeper in the store who keeps asking me questions and I have to close tonight. He's not leaving until I do. I don't want to be stuck outside in the dark with him. Please come.
  • Bro: Whoa, sis. Sounds like a bad situation. Nothing that my product can't solve, though.
  • Clerk: Oh my fucking god!
  • Salesman: No need for strong language, madame. Sorry for the cruel joke, but you wouldn't have let me get a good word in otherwise. I-
  • Clerk: *hangs up*
  • Creepy Guy: What're you doing down there?
  • Clerk: Oh, I was just cleaning.
  • Creepy Guy: Cleaning, huh? Sounded like you were talking about me.
  • Clerk: ...
  • Creepy Guy: Do you think I'm going to do something bad to you when you leave the store? You need big bro to scare me off.
  • Clerk: ...
  • Creepy Guy: You kids today are fucking shitheads. *spits at clerk*
  • Creepy Guy: *leaves store*
  • Clerk: Fucking Christ!
  • Clerk: *closes store*
  • Clerk: *walks out into the empty night*
  • Salesman: *skitters out of sight*
  • Clerk: *looks around* There's no one around. I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing.
  • Clerk: *begins walk home down isolated woodland path*
  • Owl: *hoots*
  • Clerk: *jumps* FUCK! I'm getting scared by nothing.
  • Car: *lights flicker on down the path*
  • Clerk: Uhh.
  • Car: *revs engine*
  • Clerk: *tries to run away*
  • Car: *careens into clerk at full speed*
  • Creepy Guy: *gets out of car* I wasn't going to do anything until you called me a creeper, you little bitch.
  • Creepy Guy: *ties up clerk and drops clerk in car's trunk*
  • Salesman: Monsieur!
  • Creepy Guy: Who the fuck is there?
  • Salesman: *skitters out of the woods*
  • Creepy Guy: What the fuck are you wearing? Is that a Cousin It costume?
  • Salesman: It's not costume, monsieur. This is how I really look. Oh, pardon my rudeness. *takes off its top hat with a spindly arm and bows*
  • Salesman: I've been trying to get in contact with your wife all day. You see, I'm but a simple salesman. I know you're on your way home, but I'd like you to hear me out first. The product I'm selling would be most benefic-
  • Creepy Guy: *shoots salesman* I don't have time for this shit.
  • Salesman: *falls over dead*
  • Creepy Guy: *locks trunk and gets into car*
  • Salesman: *in the passenger seat* Well, that was very rude of you!
  • Creepy Guy: What the fuck!? *shoots at salesman*
  • Salesman: *dodges* I assure you, monsieur, I won't fall for the same trick again!
  • Creepy Guy: What the fuck are you!?
  • Salesman: I am but a humble salesman! *grabs creeper by the head and smashes it against the dashboard until he's a bloody pulp*
  • Salesman: Sorry about that, Monsieur, but I had to let off some steam. Being shot makes me ever so angry. Monsieur? Monsieur? Oh, you're dead aren't you! Jiminy, I've done it again. Well, I can still turn this into a sale.
  • Salesman: *snaps creepy guy's finger and signs a contract with it* Alright. There we go! Signed, Mr. Creeper. Thank you for lending me your blood, monsieur. Now that the contract's signed, you should be getting your product in no less than a week. Shipping fees apply. If you have any other questions, do feel free to call me. Oh, and sorry about your trigger finger. Haha, just some gallows humor from me! *leaves car and skitters off into the woods*
  • Clerk: *wakes up* Fuck, I'm tied up! Fuck! HELP! SOMEONE HELP ME! IS ANYONE THERE!? PLEASE HELP!