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You said you have other fics planned. Mind telling us what they are? Really love your writing.

oh boy oh man i have a lot of ideas idk if i can share them all but some (not all) are:

  • a soulmate au fic
  • an aged-up mominette/pregnancy adrienette fic
  • a smut fic (which may or may not be related to the fic idea above, i havent decided)
  • a college-aged fic
  • a fic where adrien/chat adopts a kitten
  • a fic where adrien and mari meet again after years of being apart (still deciding if they had been dating prior)
  • an angst fic that’ll probably make all of us cry
  • there are others im just FORGETTING RN

Context: After Dadrien goes to put their son Emmett to sleep…Marinette surprises him with cookies to show her appreciation. 


A/N: sorry this is like ALL fluff but i promise i’m working on some sin rn ;)))