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[87/100] 02.04.17

I spent the weekend at my parents’, and as all weekends at my parents’ go, it was not as productive as I would’ve liked it to be. But the good news is I finally got info on where I’ll be doing my exchange this summer, and so I’ll be spending 4 weeks in MARSEILLE!! It’s not where I originally wanted to go, but I’m nevertheless really excited. Plans are slowly taking shape! :D


[11/100 days of productivity]

I am done with 273 cards for my final which is on Monday! I’ve already gone through 80% of it and I’m gonna ace it!

Feels like I improved myself in comparison to me two weeks ago. But on the other hand I know that I’d been more productive. Mixed feelings: I am better, but not good enough. Success and depression lol.
That means only one: keep going!

I changed my table’s location and now I am completely satisfied with my place <3

I also got a forest app today. Add me if you want:

Hopefully I won’t forget about this app as I paid for it.

Yes, sure its fun to see a lady spin around like that, but I had one of my friends ask me - “Where do you even use this mate?”

Here’s one application that I know very well off.

Spin Stabilization

If you have ever seen a rocket launch, you might know that sometimes the rockets are given a spin while launching. This is known as spin stabilization.

Basically, the rotational inertia of the rotating body will stabilize the rocket against any disturbances and help maintain its intended heading.

The same principle is used in rifling of firearms as well. **

YoYo DeSpin

Okay, now there is the question how to “De-spin” the rocket:

Well, you do what the lady does: stretch out your arms and you will slow down !

The rocket has weights connected to a cable that stretch out and almost immediately the rocket slows down. This maneuver is known as the YoYo DeSpin. ( Damn good name ! )

All thanks to the conservation of angular momentum !

Have a good one !

* Another method to stabilization : 3-axis stabilization

** Bullets spin stabilization - post

** Source rocket launch video

the-entp-nerd  asked:

So my question is a lil silly..but what if the sun disappears suddenly ..will the earth and other planets wander aimlessly or will the earth revolve around jupiter (since it has more mass)👀😅


(First of all, the question isn’t silly at all! -In fact, I enjoy questions like this, seeing as so few people care to ask me :P)

But on to the question.

If you don’t feel like reading my explanation, here’s a TL;DR for ya:

It depends. (Welcome to science)

Let me elaborate.

As most people know, the light from the sun takes approximately eight and a half minutes to reach Earth. (Remember this, it will be important in a bit.)

However, what would happen to all the plants, in let’s say, the first day or so of the sun’s disappearance? Imagine if you were holding a rock by a string. Now imagine that you’re slinging this rock around you while spinning, what would happen if you let go?

Something like this:

This is pretty much what would happen to the planets if the sun disappeared-all the planets would travel in straight lines from their orbits, like a hammer thrower’s hammer. (At least after a week or so, for the first couple of days we wouldn’t notice much, other than the complete lack of sunlight.)

But, as you so aptly specified in your question, the masses of the planets would cause most of them to just fall into Jupiter or something, right? Not necessarily. Although it IS likely to happen, given enough time, most of the planets would be hurled out of the solar system before interacting with anything gravitationally. (at least, to great effect that is)

But what would this mean for Earth? (Because, let’s be perfectly honest, who cares about mercury when your own life is on the line?)

Remember that thing I said about sunlight earlier? Here’s where that gets to be important. If you live on the side of Earth where it happens to be daytime when the Sun disappears, then you get about 8 more minutes of sunlight. Congratulations! If it’s nighttime where you are, then you probably won’t realise it for a little while longer, as you’d probably be asleep. But the Moon would appear to “disappear from the sky”. (seeing as there’s no sun to reflect light off of it.) Unless that is, we have the coincidence of it being a new moon that night also, but really what are the chances of that?;)

Here’s where Earth gets a break: (but warning, from here on out it’s all downhill) As you may know, our planet is REALLY good at retaining heat, so for the first week or so it wouldn’t be ‘that bad’. On “day” one it would be like a regular night, but would slowly get colder and colder until the Earth’s surface temperature would be about that of space. (Give or take a few degrees.) 

Everything on the surface would become a wasteland, the parts of the oceans that don’t boil/freeze off into space (Did I mention that the atmosphere is gone too? Happy times.) the remainder of the water on earth would be frozen to the ocean floors. Humans would die by the millions- nay, billions. The few of us left able to escape underground would probably have to make heat by means of something like a nuclear reactor. Attempts to scavenge off the surface wouldn’t work- the radiation of space would make it EXTEREMLY unadvisable, aside from temperatures nearing absolute zero. Almost all life would be exterminated ice-age style, except for a few hardy bacteria. As our planet spins off into space, (assuming we don’t fall into the gravity well of a nearby planet, like Jupiter) we would be bombarded by various sizes of space debris, slowly tearing the planet apart. This could take anywhere from a few years to hundreds of thousands of years- maybe even more if we’re that lucky. MAYBE we could survive long enough to evacuate the remaining population of Earth onto spaceships capable of travel to the closest near-earth planets. (Proxima Centauri B at 4.2 light-years away, or Wolf 1061b at 13.8 light years.) However, even this would be unlikely because we honestly don’t know which direction we would be going at the time of Sol’s disappearance. 

In truth, if the Sun suddenly disappeared, humanity would be pretty screwed.

But when did that stop us before?

Again, thanks for the ask! If you have any more questions, I’m always up to answer more!

12/100 days of productivity!
APHUG is gonna kill me. Mock is coming up soon, too. Oh boy.
I got accepted to the AICE program and the IB program at the high schools near me! I’m looking at both, but I might just stay at my current high school. I’m not sure.
Anyway, thanks for dealing with my and my messy desk and writing! Love to see you guys liking and reblogging!


8.10.2016 .:. I was planning to finish the discussion on my report this weekend. Is it weird that I am happy because it’s getting cloudy outside? I just feel uncomfortable, sitting on my desk while the sun is out, so clouds are my friends and nighttime is my bestie. Nevertheless, I should get back on it. Wish me luck!

(( Also: Ever since my crayola markers arrived, my notes are so much fancier!))


27.2 16 Woah isn’t this exactly like my other post? Yes. Because I couldn’t decide which to post so I’m posting both! In this one you guys can see how I plan better. When I have a solid week focusing on one project, I colour it in, and label it. I don’t colour in holidays because they’re already colourful and I like keeping it simple. I’ve kind of got this theme going where I post one picture of me working next to a landscape, but I don’t know if I want to keep doing it so let me know what you guys think! Xxxx emily 🐣☕🌼

11/15/2015   10:51AM //          ~53/100 Days of Productivity~

Well, went out last night with my boyfriend for a nice diner at a kind of fancy (but not too much that you feel uncomfortable) kind of place for my birthday! I love him he’s so thoughtful ☺️ And today is my official birthday!! And I’m officially spending it studying for my exam tomorrow… Oh well!! I love studying so it’s not so bad, and I’ll party for my birthday next weekend!