I came home this afternoon to see #kamaya in my room. As soon as I laid down on my bed, she comes onto the bed and forces herself into my arms. She kept moving closer to me till she was this close to me. I love you Kamaya <3 she’s gonna be a mommy soon! #petsofinstagram #instapets #puppiesofinstagram #kumikids #kumiyama #shelovesme #puppylove #momentsworthcapturing

I miss my mommy, im not gonna lie. School keeps me from spending time with her, and I know we always step on each others toes, but I love her way too much. A mother’s love is the greatest love of all. Thank you mom for doing everything you do for all 6 of ur kids. We are a handful, but know we love you. Thank you for being that rock in the family, the glue that keeps us together, and the blessing in our lives. <3 thank you for being everything in my life. #ilovemymommy #kumikids #kumiyama #momentsworthcapturing #happymothersday #mothersday2013