SecondBestProductions didn’t put this on tumblr yet so I’m sharing it because IT LOOKS AMAZING!

“You could have at least left a message…”

I waited ALL day for you, Ephemer. ALL DAY.

Do you know how it feels to wait for someone who never shows up, making excuse after excuse to yourself that they’re just running a little late?? Just to avoid thinking, “what if they’re not going to show up?”

It’s emotionally taxing, not to mention, rather anxiety-inducing.

“I’m sorry…”

“I’m…I’m just happy you’re here.”

So very, very happy…

*ba-dump ba-dump* “O-Oh…well, I’m happy too.”

Ahh, young love…

(I’m having fun with this, if you haven’t noticed already).

Thegamersjoint (KH1 Lv. 1 Critical Mode) Rage Highlights
  • TGJ:(in response to a stream viewer's request of F*ck, Marry, Kill about Sora, Donald and Goofy) I would kill Donald for obvious reasons, I'd bang Sora, and I would marry Goofy because Goofy is like the nicest mofo, he is so kind-hearted. He's the kind of guy who when you wake up, he's already been up for 3 hours making a batch of pancakes.
  • TGJ:(reading Riku's win quote for the opening race about the raft) 'It's just a name, after all'- look at that salt from that little sentence alone. You can see, smell and taste the salt from this man.
  • TGJ:(getting KOed by Darkside) Oh my God, twist my nipples and call me Steve!
  • TGJ:From where I'm sitting I can see my front door. (turns Webcam towards window) There's someone at my door. Oh, crap, they looked! This is awkward.
  • TGJ:I just realized something- (pauses) I haven't taken my vitamins.
  • TGJ:(getting ready to fight Trickmaster) We have it this time, this is it. This is it! ...It's most likely not it.
  • TGJ:Donald's already dead; well you can't blame him- he doesn't have much health.
  • TGJ:(getting KOed by Trickmaster) That's what pisses me off! I jumped into the 'dildo-stick'. Can you believe this black magic?! I'm about to go cook a whole chicken and eat it because I'm going to stress eat. I want to STRESS EAT because I am STRESSED! (offscreen) The door is jammed; I can't get out. What the shit?!
  • TGJ:When I need to sneeze, I look at the light. This sneeze has been with me for the whole stream. (sneezes) Right, here we go.