moments over matches


I can’t decide what was the most heart-wrenching part of this match… Was it Cesaro and Sheamus forcing Seth to be part of hurting Dean? Was it Seth desperately, helplessly grabbing at Sheamus’ shoe, trying to protect Dean? Or maybe Cesaro forcing Seth to watch a wobbly Dean about to take a boot to the face.

Twins moments are always great but… I love this moment so much. 

Osamu is completely dissing Atsumu, believing that he is totally overexcited and is thinking irrationally. He thinks he knows exactly what Atsumu’s thinking. But at the same time, he’s nonetheless getting ready to spike. 

These are Atsumu’s thoughts. While Osamu can recognise Atsumu’s excitement, Atsumu recognises Osamu’s (his “bloodlust”). So when Osamu was trashing Atsumu in his head about being too excited, he ignored the fact that the one who’s actually the most excited is himself. Also, this is a reference to Hinata and Kageyama’s relationship, where Hinata gives off that “toss to me” message as he almost blindly charges to spike. Atsumu can sense that from Osamu. 

And then he sets for someone else. Osamu was completely fooled. Atsumu indulges in being shitty. Osamu thought he knew exactly what Atsumu was thinking, but he was wrong. 


How many puddings does Atsumu owe now? 


cloti moments i’m excited to see in the remake 2/?

Council Gajevy is CANON....(and rockin' that uniform)

I think the dumbest win I’ve ever had in Overwatch was when my gf was playing Hammond (turns out she’s really good with him) on attack Dorado, we’re on the last 1.something meters, and been on overtime for the last 1 to 2 minutes… We won that damn match by her spinning her Hamtaro ass on the payload, pressing the fuck outta her D key, and knocking the 3-4 ppl that were defending back like a foot away, running over and killing one of them along the way.


“His presence on the team increases every game. This is what it means to pitch like an ace.


As a male rookie idol there is only few chances for me to stand on stage. Because we have many members, one can only sing about 10~15 seconds at the most. I want my voice to be more heard, and I have a desire to show an entire stage of my own.
- Sunyoul
on Duet Song Festival 160916


The Golden Lovers return to the vending machines where Kota scored his first victory over Kenny, this time united as a team.

bonus, Kenny helping Kota climb up because it made me emotional: