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Prince Noctis - watercolour painting with process

Another experimental piece, still learning the medium… So, the process photos were taken with my shitty phone camera, so they all came out looking somewhat dark, but the finished version (top) was taken with a decent camera and digitally processed to look more like the original. :) 

Everything is fun in the world of fanfiction until you find yourself craving some friendship fics and there’s nothing but romance.

tandem (side by side)

A short piece based on this post (link) that was a collaboration between @thesingingbadger and @its-little-miss-muffet about how neither Kima nor Allura can see in the dark. Just a snippet, but something that wanted desperately to be written.

In which Allura has fun winding Kima up, Allura is the only one Kima won’t go off on, and where there’s only about 3% angst.

Hope you enjoy!

“Well, this is shit.”

Allura only barely managed to hold back a snort at Kima’s words as they entered the cave proper. She played it off with a soft cough, tame enough to not cause alarm for the rest of their traveling companions.

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anonymous asked:

Anyway, your Bucky has to be my favorite of all of the Buckys- I think that you do such an amazing job of weaving his past into the present and it's clear that you really really focus on how each event in the plot/in his relationships impacts him and it's really awesome to see the outcomes. plus you're a fabulous writer

;ooc: I really love keeping a consistency in the history of Bucky’s relationships/dynamics with other characters (to the surprise of no one here lol), because a) I’m a sucker for circular narratives and my ass will always be trying to call back to previous threads for the emotional impact and b) I just really love playing out developments in character relationships. (and gosh !! thank you, I try my best to write well)


Yoonkook Week Day 1: Favorite moment(ssssss)