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anonymous asked:

what are the oc traits in fic that you really dislike on Harry?

i most dislike when harry is arrogant and/or controlling of others, even- especially?- in a romanticized way. 

some smooth-talking charmers are arrogant, yeah, but not all of them. and i personally hate arrogant charisma (i always think of james bond this way or jeff from community or the public persona of george clooney); it gives me the hibbie-jibbies. so, whether it’s ic or not, i don’t like when harry is written that way. 

i like semi-neurotic CF harry, more generally. and i like manipulative harry. but harry outright controlling or trying to control other people? nah, sorry. like, i like a harry that would make everyone take their shoes off before entering his home. and i like a harry that would pull strings with management to get a nasty coworker fired. but i do not like a harry that would tell his sister which career path was best for her. 

i also don’t enjoy conciliatory and/or too-sweet for his own good harry. he reads most believable to me as hella stubborn and hyper-competitive, particularly in regards to self-improvement.