moments when even tumblr ships these two

BTS Reaction To You Shipping Them With Another Member

Rap Monster 

You would be sat cuddling on the sofa and out of context you would say 

You: ”Namjoon”

Namjoon: “Hmm?”

You: “Ever since you and I got together and I met the guys, I have always thought that you would ship with Jin.”

Namjoon: “Well y/n, he is my husband” he smiled 

You: (sit there just laughing)

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You’re wandering round the house excitedly looking through your phone, exclaiming “Minnie Jin!” repeatedly.

“Jagi?” he asks “I’m not mini; why do you keep calling me mini Jin?”

“No, no, no!” you tell him “Minnie Jin; you and Jimin, n’awh!” you screech slightly, holding up one of the pictures you are looking through on some Tumblr tag of Jin and Jimin ship moments.

“You’re so weird y/n…” he says. 

“But you even said! You said you’d date Jimin!”

“Yeah, in an interview when they ask those ‘what if?’ type of questions!”

“You still said it Jinnie! Look! I’ve even come up with the most boss ship name for you two! Minnie Jin! It’s so smol and adorable, I just – go marry Jimin!” you exaggerate, now being extremely over the top and fangirling massively.

“Oh Jagi… calm down!” he chuckles. “I know Jiminie is cute, but… not as cute as you” he smiles.

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You’re having dinner with the boys and opposite to you sits Yoongi and next to him is Namjoon. Everyone is engaging in meaningful conversation, catching up, talking about old times, etc, but you’re very quiet and passive in the conversations. 

You just can’t help but sit there and admire the view, elbow resting on the table, jaw resting on your fist. To the outsider, it most likely means you’re admiring your boyfriend, taking in the view and appreciating the beauty that you see within him… but as he begins a full on conversation with the band leader, Namjoon, you begin to think to yourself how good they look together and admire the sight of the pairing.

After about half an hour of you not saying very much at the dinner table and eating your food at a much slower pace than usual, Yoongi calls you up on it: “Y/n… are you okay? You’ve barely touched your food and you’ve been rather quiet since we got here.” You manage to utter a reply of something along the lines of “I’m fine… I was just thinking…”

At this, Yoongi just shrugs, figuring he can hear about what the real reason for your change in personality is later, but after a few moments of silence, you simply say “You look good together,” thinking out loud without meaning to. Upon realizing your mistake, you blush heavily, leaving Yoongi to respond with “Huh?” 

You figure you might as well continue thinking out loud now that you’ve said this, and reply “You and Namjoon… you just look visually pleasing together I guess.”

Pretending to look shocked/offended as a joke, Yoongi exclaims “Woah! Y/n, I know Namjoon is my leader…” he begins, then briefly turning to Namjoon to say “..and I appreciate everything you’ve done for me, man,” he tells him, patting him on the shoulder and then turning back to you “…but I’m just not that way inclined!” he says, shaking his head. 

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You’re at the end of watching one of the Sope VLive streams and you’re sat there smiling like an idiot. Hobi approaches you to ask sweetly “What are you smiling so hard about y/n?”

You close your device up (laptop, tablet case, etc) and sort of shout “I SHIP IT!” To which he gets frightened and shook at the sudden movement and noise (bless him, he gets so shook at everything save his soul) “Woah, jagi! What are you on about?” he asks, backing away.

You approach him and cuddle him, looking into his eyes “You know Hobi, I’d be mad about the potential competition I have to be up against, but… ah! I’m such a fan of Sope! You guys are the best! So cute!”

He chuckles at your sudden Sope feels and pulls you in closer as you continue to cuddle “Aw, y/n! There’s no competition!…Wait, do you really think we look cute together?” he asks, pausing from the hug to look at your eyes.

“Of course!” you reply “You know what? I think you are the one true BTS ship,” you bluntly tell him.

He changes from mellow mode to hyper sunshine mode “Aw! Jagi!” He stops cuddling you to leave the room.

“Wait, Hobi, where are you going?” you ask. He seems to not have heard you, but all you hear is him shouting “Yoongi-Yoongi-Yoongi-hyung!!!”

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You are laid in in bed asleep when you mumble in your sleep and say “Jikook” 

With this Jimin wakes up and says “Y/n why did you say ‘Jikook’?” You also wake up and look at him and say “I am sorry baby. Did I wake you by talking in my sleep? What did I say? ‘Jikook’? Ah… yeah, I ship Jikook…” 

Jimin: “Why you ship Jungkook with me? Why not Tae or someone…?”

you: “But you’re cute together!” 

Jimin: “But I was born in Busan first!” he says stomping his feet and crossing his arms 

You: “I am sorry; I can’t help who I ship you with.” 

Jimin: “I am sorry baby for being a child” he goes to you and hugs you tightly and kisses the crook of your neck.

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The two of you have decided to have a little sing-a-long session of banging out all your favourite tunes and just having a good time. Since you have similar tastes, you agree to just put his collection of music on shuffle rather than choosing anything too specific.

It’s at that fateful moment when Cypher part 4 begins to play and Taehyung is on it: he’s straight in with the words, some moves, the lot. At first, you join in, but after so long of the song being played, you watch Taehyung sing/rap instead.

You think to yourself how cute it is that he admires his hyungs in this way, and cast your mind back to all those times he has been particularly affectionate towards them and you smile. The one moment in particular that sticks in your mind is of when Hoseok asked Taehyung to do some aegyo and the response from Tae was so adorable that it had Hobi practically dying from the cuteness.

“Jagi?” Taehyung asks, snapping you out of your daydreaming. “Why are you grinning like that? Is there something on my face?” he questions, trying to remove anything that could be on his face (mostly rubbing just above his lips as you had milkshake earlier)

“Ah, it’s nothing Tae, I’m sorry, carry on” you smile, wishing for him to continue with his little performance for you, which he does… for a few seconds until you blurt out “I was just thinking about you and Hobi…”

“Oh right?” he asks, unsure of where this is going.  “I… I think that if you weren’t dating me, you should be with Hobi.” you reply. This kind of confuses Taehyung, but he soon gives you a grin bigger than the one you just had on your face from daydreaming. “Really?” he asks. “Awesome!”

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You are chilling out with the younger guys of the band, and during conversation and whilst watching movies, you can’t help but notice how intimate Taehyung always gets with his friends, and today, it is especially towards Jungkook; patting Jungkook on the head when he shares his popcorn, going in for a hug on the one or two occasions he gets something that sounds like a compliment from Jungkook, even resting his head on Jungkook’s lap later in the day when he gets a bit sleepy.

You’re in the middle of watching like the 5th film of the day and you see Taehyung gradually begin to fall asleep on Jungkook’s lap and you can’t help but out loud go “awh…”

Jungkook immediately turns his head to face you with an expression of confusion. “Huh? What are you saying Jagi?” he asks.

“Sorry, did I make a noise?” you asked innocently, trying to mask how you are increasingly shipping this by the minute because of how sweet Jungkook and Taehyung look together… but he’s having none of it.

“Y/n, I heard you clearly, you said ‘awh…’ like you’ve just seen a fluffy kitten… Tell me, what are you finding so cute that makes you make this sound?” he demands.

With a sigh, you admit defeat and tell him “It’s Taehyung… he looks so sweet and peaceful rested on your lap as you stroke his hair…”

Jungkook goes into defensive mode, unsure of how to react to his; are you implying that something is going on between them?; are you suggesting what he thinks you’re suggesting? “Jagi! What are you saying? I don’t like Tae-hyung if that’s what you’re implying…”

“No, Jungkookie!” you say “I just mean you look cute together… I’m not implying anything; I just think you look cute…” and then you continue with more of a mumble “…like a ship I guess.”

“Yah! Jagi!” Jungkook exclaims again, gentl hitting your shoulder, shy and defensively still. “I don’t like Taehyung like that!”

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One of the parts that I didn't like about Kaneki and Touka's relationship was how a bit forced it felt when other characters are commenting on how they should be together, this was before they even got close.

Ah, but anon, it was only one character who shipped Touken before they really got to knew each other. And this character just so happened to be a Clown.

Clowns always have one foot outside the story, so here he is behaving as author - or more accurately, fan - rather than character. Just like any shipper on tumblr, he has pointed to two characters who he thinks look cute together and paired them up. Heck, I shipped Touken the moment I saw both of their faces so I don’t find Uta playing matchmaker so early on surprising in the least.

But Uta’s comments don’t necessarily need to be seen as shippy - he was questioning Kaneki about his sex drive as part of his inspiration for mask making, and Touka just so happened to be the only girl he knew Kaneki knows. With a Freudian approach, sex is essentially half of human psychology, so getting a gauge of Kaneki’s sexuality helps the mask reflect its wearer. As it happens, Uta was pretty accurate; the leather makes the mask look a bit like S&M material, and Kaneki has displayed both S and M qualities on several occasions.

Changing ships

A little late but here is a ramble about my thoughts I had for a while.

It’s really weird but ever since my friend made me watch Voltron, I shipped Klance immediately! That “I cradled you in my arms” moment killed me. Every day before going to work and after coming from work, I would always look at Klance in tumblr. Saved it in my favourites.
“These two are super cute! Like that scene where their foreheads were touching, they should just kiss!!”
When Keith teases Lance after getting his Lion back was great!
And when season 2 came, that pool scene was so great! They were even locking arms, OMG!! They need to be canon! Like Korrasami! They are so perfect together! Opposite pieces to a whole!

I shipped Klance wholly while shipping Sheith on the side. I’ve never seen shipping hate. That was until I finished season 2 and was so touched with the Sheith scenes. I went on the Sheith tag more, and saw people posting about fans attacking a VA in social media because of Sheith, a “fictional” ship…calling people pedophiles, and spreading hate. Who has the time to question someone’s morals about a fictional show, where there’s not even a shred of evidence about their age. We’re not even sure if Pidge is as young as she is. I’m 24 but I get mistaken for a minor all the time. I’ve heard that some of the antis were Klance shippers but I didn’t believe them. I believed we can ship what we want and respect others’ ship. But as often as I went to the Sheith tag, artists and authors were sharing the bad comments they get in their question boxes and I’m just…why? If I don’t like something I avoid it. Don’t attack those who are wonderfully contributing to a ship they like for others’ happiness.

Somehow, after that I don’t know when but I came more often to the Sheith tag than Klance. Everyone was very nice and lots of great art was passed around. Then that post where they replaced Shiro with Lance in Sheith scenes, saying “now it’s romantic”, crushed my trust in Klance. It was their moment! Their hug! Why? Just Why?

I re-watched Voltron from season 1 and now…I switched my main ship to Sheith, while shipping Klance on the side. They did have chemistry! My mind just quickly jumped on the Klance wagon because now I remember my friend saying it was the popular ship as we watched it. I still ship it, but not as much as I did when I started the show.

DW has said they already know where they are going with this. If the planned end game is the popular ship from the beginning, then okay. But if they have to change whatever plans they had before Klance became a major hit, just to appease the salty fans…then no. I want them to do what they had decided on when they started this project.

I will accept anything they give me! Those Kallura moments were also unexpected but I loved them soooo much. That’s one of the things I liked about Korrasami! It popped out of nowhere!

Series Finale: Disappointment.

 At this point, I wish the show would have stayed at Book 1. The ending for the series was such an inexcusible, underwhelming 40 minutes of my life.

(Spoilers under the cut for those who haven’t seen the finale:)

The show ends with more happiness towards two side characters than the main character of the show. Varrick and Zhu Li had more screentime in the ending than Korra did and I’m bitter (don’t even get me started on that spontaneous proposal and lack of apology, but whatever). But, I’m bitter about a lot of things, ESPECIALLY:

Korra’s suffering. 

What the ending tells me is that Korras suffering was for, pretty much, nothing. A punchline to a wrap up of a stories conclusion. I cannot believe the script writers had the shit that they wrote come out of her mouth as they did. She knows why she had to suffer? To learn compassion towards others? Really? REALLY? The girl that wanted nothing else in life than to be the Avatar and help people? Sure, Korra is a bit selfish in personality, but her goal was always for the greater good. To protect the Universe, and you’re telling me she went through WAY TOO MANY *TRAUMATIC AND HIGHLY UNSETTLING* TORTURE AND PAIN (the racism is strong in that one; muzzling, bound and chained? that’s for another post…) as some kind of lesson?

Are you kidding me? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?

Where was the celebration for Korra, the overwhelming recognition for all her strength and perserverance and resilience? Where was her ceremony, a few seconds of a panning to her statue? Something? 

I have never felt so defeated in a long time. Finally, a strong, brown woman as a lead character, and we get a pasty white dude that pretty much punishes her and literally lets her get beaten into submission to be “nicer” and “tame”. When the series started off, Korra was confident, aggressive, and headstrong determined. At the end of it, she’s “wiser” (and she is, I’ll give it that) BUT at what cost? Her personality? I don’t remember fuckboy Aang having to sacrifice who he was to grow as a character. In fact, he stubbornly held onto who he was (pacifism: see Ozai, see YAKONE - leaving trash for Korra to clean up) even when it almost JEOPARDIZED THE WORLD. But, Korra’s the “problematic” Avatar according to Tumblr, lol okay. Make your misogynoire any more obvious.

As far as shipping goes, excuse me for raining on everyones parade but…? What representation do you see? Two women, who BARELY (and much too late and too slowly) made a decent friendship and had very little “intimate” moments together as far as screen time goes, walking hand in hand into the spirit portal for a vacation (NGL, I thought that was nice; female friendships are poorly lacking). That gaze at the end of it, though? What is it supposed to mean, exactly? WITHOUT “shipping goggles”? Especially, In comparison to Mako’s indirect vow that sounds like he pretty much proposed. 

It’s safe to say Bryke had no intention of making an “endgame” OTP. Instead he made very vague connections without putting in any work; leaving it up to interpretation, which is a cheap writing tactic and is getting praise? I don’t believe what we saw was Korrasami in the slightest. 

MOVING ON, that ending overall? What was wrapped up? More loose ends than when we started. Bumi, Kai, the UF, Raiko, etc. they all disappeared. Where was Senna at the wedding? What was with the rough shoving of Kuviras orphan story? Kuvira was a flat character with a sob story at the end. Sound familiar? Tarrlok and Noatak, anyone? 

I will never forgive Bryke for watering down such an important character as Korra. Never.


Korra deserved happiness, Korra deserved wholeness, Korra deserved recognition, Korra deserved stable female friendships…

Korra deserved an extremely better ending than an ambiguous fade out that leaves it’s audience with little to no sense of accomplishment for following since the beginning.

Korra is worth so much more than what she was given.

Ramblings on TFA: The Most Expensive Adaptation of a Fanfiction Ever

I saw the movie at the midnight premiere on December 17 and I’ve been trying to process it ever since. Actually, I thought I would simply bottle up my feelings, but it’s useless and I need to get them out and rant. Overall, I’ve mixed feelings about TFA - they were moments and things I loved but overall I would call it a disappointment. 

This post contains spoilers 

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The Shipping Wars

So I always have these moments were I will literally ship anything;

Two girls holding hands: ship it

Two guys talking: ship it

A guy helping a girl with her books: SHIP IT

Two guys staring intensely at each other: oh, wait sorry. That’s Destiel… SHHHHIIIIIPPPPP IIIITTTT

Tv on a stand above the stereo: ship it (and we know who’s tops ;) )

It’s like, COME ON!!!

For some reason I even ship Tumblr with YouTube (honestly idek what’s wrong)

And when a friend tells me they don’t ship it it’s like they are trying to be Obi-Wan saying “This isn’t the ship you’re looking for”

I’ve gone so far (because I have two piercings in each ear) to pair up my earrings and subconsciously make them couples so I only wear one if I have the other.