moments when even tumblr ships these two

My favourite scene of this last episode is legit that scene in the rover. There are plenty of good moments there, and I do love the I AM PROUD OF YOU BELLAMY …. but there is one before that. Namely, when Kane talks him out of doing something even more stupid (than making a suit out of duct tape). Because his damn son would go out to the storm to save those two lives, without an acid-proof protective gear. 

And Bellamy is in pain because he is stuck in the mud and he knows Dad is right but he cannot just sit there and wait and do nothing. Just look at his face

It might be an unpopular opinion but I love this scene, and Bob’s acting so much more here than that one when he learns about Octavia’s “death”.

Loving the colours and the play with the lights there, too. 

He sits there in the rover with Dad!Kane on the radio and he’s surrounded by this ethereal glow like some kind of actual guardian angel sent from the heavens. [ GIF here. ]

Give Bob Morley an award! Give him a hundred, or more! 

The Shipping Wars

So I always have these moments were I will literally ship anything;

Two girls holding hands: ship it

Two guys talking: ship it

A guy helping a girl with her books: SHIP IT

Two guys staring intensely at each other: oh, wait sorry. That’s Destiel… SHHHHIIIIIPPPPP IIIITTTT

Tv on a stand above the stereo: ship it (and we know who’s tops ;) )

It’s like, COME ON!!!

For some reason I even ship Tumblr with YouTube (honestly idek what’s wrong)

And when a friend tells me they don’t ship it it’s like they are trying to be Obi-Wan saying “This isn’t the ship you’re looking for”

I’ve gone so far (because I have two piercings in each ear) to pair up my earrings and subconsciously make them couples so I only wear one if I have the other.