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He is Mine

A/N: An anon request for a Spencer x Reader where they are together and both work for the team. Lila Archer is back in town and trying to make a move on Spencer. The reader ain’t having it. @coveofmemories@sexualemobitch@jamiemelyn


Why was it that the second you got comfortable in any aspect of your life, something stepped in to try and fuck it up?

You trusted Spencer. It wasn’t him. At all. It was her. Lila Archer. Where did she come from? Why was she here? And did she actually have the balls to continuously make moves on Spencer even though she was well aware he was taken? As she placed her hand on his arm for the 50th time in about five minutes, you came to the conclusion that yes, in fact this woman did have a set of balls on her. 

After excusing yourselves with a smile, you pulled Spencer away and headed back to your car. Grocery bags in hand. “What the hell is she doing back in DC? Career tank? Sorry, I’m being a snarky bitch.”

“I have no idea why she’s back,” Spencer laughed. He placed the groceries back in the car and kissed you on the forehead. “But you know you have absolutely nothing to worry about, right?”

You laughed, getting into the driver’s seat and bucking up. “Oh, I know. I trust you,” you replied. “But I don’t trust her to keep her paws off my man.”

“Your man?” he asked with a smile as wide as the galaxy itself. Hearing you talk about him like that always made him happy.

As you pulled up to the red light, you grabbed Spencer’s hand. “Yes,” you laughed. “My man. She best back off.”


Apparently, Lila was back for good, or at least for an extended period of time, because you ran into each other over and over again during the course of the next few weeks. She frequented the same grocery store, coffee place, and even the park. Every time, she stopped to talk to you, and by you, she meant Spencer. She’d touch his arm repeatedly, even though Spencer recoiled at her touch. It wasn’t as if you weren’t aware of what happened between them when he had first joined the Bureau. They made out in her pool, which made sense considering Spencer was and still is an adorable dork and despite being a home wrecking fool, Lila Archer was a very pretty girl, but the past was the past, and you were near combustion as you watched her actively hit on your boyfriend of a year and a half. There was a proposal on the horizon for fucks sake; you were seething. 

‘We have to go,” Spencer said, grabbing your hand and pulling you into him. “I’ll see you around.” And with that he spun around without another word and the two of you began to walk away. “I know very little about women, why is she doing this?” He asked you. 

“I don’t know why she’s doing this specifically with you, but she wants what she can’t have. Men and women are guilty of it and I don’t know why, especially when I’m right here.” You were astounded at her gaul. She was really something. 


“Who knew Pretty Boy here would have two ladies after him at the same time?” Morgan said, slapping Spencer on the back as he sat down next to him. 

You sat up in your seat and smacked Morgan on the shoulder. “Excuse me, I am not after him. He is mine and that bitch needs to back off.” The two of you had been telling the team about your repeated run-ins with the beautiful Miss Archer over the past few weeks. “She keeps touching his arm and like, blatantly hitting on him while I’m STANDING RIGHT THERE! I DON’T UNDERSTAND!” 

No one could stifle their laughter. The two of you were as strong as a rock. Lila wasn’t going to get between you, but they found your exasperation amusing. “I’m gonna kill you all for laughing at me,” you said once you’d taken a deep breath. 

Spencer couldn’t help but laugh. “I’m just waiting for the moment you actually flip out on her,” she said, leaning over and kissing your temple. The team just aww-ed at your overwhelming cuteness, saying how Lila was way out of her league and way, way out of line. “That’s going to make me happy.”

“Really?” you asked. “Because I’ve been holding myself back for your sake. I know you two had a thing, but-”

“We made out in her pool for a sum total of about 2 minutes,” he started, quickly getting interrupted by Morgan. 

“Abou 2 minutes? Pretty Boy doesn’t have an exact time.”

Spencer stared at him blankly. “My attention was focused elsewhere at the time.” He turned back to you. “Anyway, I would hardly call what we had a thing. By all means, next time we meet up with her, go off.” 

“You really get enjoyment out of that?” you asked.

“Having you claim me as your own when I was a hopeless teenager, and adult frankly, who never thought anyone would want him, yes, having you go all batshit over me makes me happy.”

Well, now that you had his blessing…


It was like the universe was conspiring against you. “Oh fuck me,” you said, returning from the bathroom. You’d been on your way to a local police station for a case, and you’d been in desperate need of a bathroom, so you stopped by the grocery store you frequented and you ran inside. When you returned…


The rest of the team had gotten out of the car, trying to divert her attention until you came back. Spencer was still in the car and when he met your gaze, his eyes lit up. “Lila,” you said, giving her a strained smile as you moved back up to the car. “What are you doing here?”

“I just had to grab a couple of things and when I saw Spencer here, I figured I’d come say hi. Still trying to convince him to catch up some time,” she said. Did she not know? You couldn’t comprehend anything else. “He won’t even get out of the car to say hello.”

“Maybe he doesn’t want to.”

“Say hello?” she asked.

“Yes,” you started, feeling a rant build inside you. “Maybe he knows that the second he gets out of the car, you’re going to hit on him. He’s taken you know.”

She cut her eyes at you. Oh, she knew. She knew and she just didn’t care. Lila was just about to open her mouth, regardless of whether or not the rest of the team was around or not, but you didn’t allow it. “Okay, let’s get things straight here Miss Archer. My name is Y/N. I’m going to spell things out for you. Spencer Reid is my boyfriend of nearly a year and a half. He’s not interested in you anymore. You had his attention for about 2 minutes when he was in his early-20s. He’s moved on since then.”

“Oh come, Spencer,” she said. “You know we could’ve had something special. You’re really going to turn this down for her?” She motioned to herself while the rest of the team looked on in varying states of amusement and awe.

“This is actually happening,” Emily said behind you. 

Without missing a beat, Spencer spoke. “Yes.” Finally, he stepped out of the car. “I wouldn’t have had a problem catching up if that was all you wanted, but you chose to ignore that I love someone else.”

Her gaze darted between the two of you. “So next time, when you see him, and think about putting your arm on his or putting a piece of his hair back behind his ear-” You’d forgotten about that, so your voice rose as you said it. “-Please remember that this is mine.” Your teammates were just smiling now, as was Spencer who was smiling from ear to ear. Pointing all over Spencer’s body, you continued. “This is mine and this is mine and this is mine and this is mine. He is all mine. He doesn’t want you and I swear to all that is holy the next time you try and hit on the man I love I am going to punch you in the throat and then go home and sleep like a baby. Have I made myself clear?”

“Crystal,” she said snarkily. “Whenever you’re done with this overbearing hag, give me a call.”

She began to walk away, her hips swaying as she went, but Spencer apparently wasn’t going to let her have the last word. “You know scientists say the universe is made up of electrons, protons and neutrons. However, I don’t recall anything about morons.”

You could not possibly have loved him more in this moment. Morgan was slapping his shoulder, complimenting him on his nerdy comeback. Lila stopped in her tracks. “Now we have a job to do. Goodbye, Lila.”

You sensed the hesitation. She wanted to turn around and say something again. Hopping into Spencer’s arms and placing a kiss on his lips, you said it one more time for good measure, just in case she still had any ideas. “See? He’s mine!” 

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Can I request a scenario where Iggy's s/o feels insecure because of a rude comment she overheard (i.e. "She's lucky he's blind, otherwise he'd never go for someone that looks like her") and he reassures her that even though he's never seen her, he finds her hot as hell? (sad fact: this situation is based on a thing I actually saw happen at Disneyland, where some rude teens started making loud comments like this when a blind man and his girlfriend walked by)

I almost didn’t take this request because it made me so damn sad. ;3; What a bunch of assholes, man!! Have a little blind Iggy fluff, anon. What a bummer, hope that blind man and his girlfriend are somewhere having amazing sex and those teens have grown out of their cruelty.


You nestle your head onto Ignis’s shoulder, reveling in his embarrassment. He’s never been one for PDA, but he quietly tolerates your affections. “Darling, please…” he mutters, raising a half-hearted protest. The two of you have somehow managed to get a coveted bench in one of Insomnia’s most crowded parks, and you intend to enjoy every spare moment you have with your boyfriend. You raise your head to plant a kiss on his cheek, and he flushes, sighing. You’re about to tease him further when the bright colors of an ice cream cart catch your eye.

“Ooh, Ignis!! Ice cream!! Do you want some?”

“Thank you, but no. You’re all the sweetness I need right now.”

“Haha awww, you cornball. I’m just gonna get a rocket pop then. Save my spot, okay?”

“I will do my best, but I make no guarantees… you know how intense these parkgoers are about benches.”

You purchase your popsicle and make your way back to Ignis, pleased with how your date is going thus far, when you hear two women laughing. They’re standing some distance away, but they’re talking so loudly snatches of their conversation make it to you between bouts of their hyena-like cackling. What you hear makes your heart stop.

“…seriously though, that body… and that hair.”

“Right? You just wanna run your hands through it. Ughhh, how does a guy like that end up with a schlubby gross thing like her when we’re standing right here?”

“Gods!! Tell me about it. She’s lucky he’s blind, otherwise you’d never catch a guy that hot with someone who looks like that.”

“Poor guy, he’s probably picturing some beauty queen… it’s kinda cruel, honestly.”

The women eventually cease their taunting and move onto gossiping about a friend of theirs, but their cruel words echo in your head. When you take your place next to Ignis again a tear rolls down your cheek. Sensing your discomfort, Ignis takes your hand in his immediately.

“…what’s wrong, darling? Did something happen?”

Your voice cracks as you speak.

“…t-those women over there… they were saying… it’s a good thing you’re blind, otherwise you’d never go for someone who looks like me…”

Ignis’s grip on your hand tightens, half-anger, half-reassurance.

“Don’t tell me you let their words get to you.”

You bite your lip, trying desperately to fight back a sob. You will NOT ugly cry in public.

“…it’s not the first time I’ve thought about it… sometimes I do think if you’d met me… before… you wouldn’t want to be with m-”

Ignis’s hand snakes out to grab the back of your neck and pull you in close, crushing his lips to yours. You’re so stunned you drop your popsicle in the dirt, but the last thing you see before you close your eyes are the two gossiping women, looking scandalized. You’re still upset, but the heat of Ignis’s kiss has you melting into his embrace. When he finally breaks the kiss, he removes his gloves and cups your face with both hands, tracing the contours of your cheeks and lips with his thumbs.

“I don’t even know where to begin. Do you think me so shallow that I would deprive myself of your incredible love over something like appearances? Do you think your beauty is somehow rendered moot because I cannot see it with my eyes? Every gesture, every sound, every breath you take… every single part of you is beautiful. Do you know that I sometimes think if I could look upon your face I might well be entirely overwhelmed by what I would see?”

The tears filling your eyes overflow, running down your cheeks. Ignis wipes them away with his thumbs and plants a tender kiss on your forehead.

“I have seen many beautiful women in my lifetime, and I would trade them and my sight all over again for you.”

“Ignis… don’t say that.”

“It’s the truth. You are the most beautiful creature I have ever known, and that is simply a fact. So please… don’t let them upset you.”

You lean forward, burying your face in Ignis’s shoulder. He wraps his arms around you, and you lose yourself in him for a few moments, taking in his scent and relishing in the feel of his strong arms around you. After a few moments you tip your head up to whisper in his ear.

“…you made me drop my popsicle, you know.”

“Why don’t I take you home… I’m certain I can find something else to keep your mouth just as full there.”

“Is it your dick?”


“Aww Ignis. You always know just what to say to cheer me up.”

“I’m afraid it’s not solely for your benefit… the mental image of you and that popsicle is a bit too powerful to resist.”

Pick-up Lines // Damien Haas

Warnings: Swear words and cheesy pick-up lines

Pairing: Damien Haas x Y/N (gender neutral)

Word Count: 1,108


Working with Smosh had always been fun in your opinion, everyone in the office was quirky and had a different personality; not to mention your boyfriend also worked there with you, which was a definite plus. While you worked more behind the scenes, being one of the top editors for multiple Smosh channels, your boyfriend, Damien, worked in front of the cameras, becoming part of the Smosh crew. You weren’t going to lie, watching him read fanfiction about him and Shayne was one of the funniest things, and you were kicked out of the room while they recorded it because you were giggling so much.

Fast forward to a month or so later, Damien was shooting another video while you were in the room. You weren’t exactly sure what game they were playing, as you were busy doing your own thing, but it didn’t last long before you heard your name being called.

“Y/N!” It was Damien who shouted your name, during a recording nonetheless.

You turned your head to see all the Smosh members who were playing the game staring at you, as if you weren’t awkward enough. So you responded with a simple shouting of “What?”.

“Do you have an inhaler?” He asked, confusing the hell out of you, while everyone watched the scene with anticipation.

“No…?” You responded to his question hesitantly.

“Because you took my breath away.” The Smosh members around you all shouted in surprise as your cheeks turned red in embarrassment.

“Fuck off!” You shouted back, earning yourself a bunch of laughs from everyone.

The crew beckoned you forward, wanting you to come on camera for all the viewers to see. Hesitantly, you stood up and shuffled over, pulling the sweater you were wearing (that totally wasn’t Damien’s) further down. Coming onto camera you did a few bows while the rest of the group clapped behind you. Turning towards Damien you gave him a quick middle finger before getting close to the camera and whispering loud enough so the mics could pick up what you were saying, not that you couldn’t edit subtitles onto the video later.

“I just want to say,” you started off, glancing around, “that I don’t know him, or any of them for that matter. Someone send help, they’ve kidnapped me, I haven’t eaten in 17 days, I don’t know when I’ll get to see my family again-”

“Alright that’s enough, you’ve had your moment of fame, get out of here, loser.” Damien cut off your rant, as you flipped him off again.

“Hug! Hug! Hug! Hug!” The people around you started chanting, which resulted in Damien opening his arms as you shyly walked into them and hugged your boyfriend, as the crew all made ‘aww’ sounds.

“You can go now.” Damien said, kissing your forehead and pushing you off-camera.

“Love you too Damien, love you too.”

After the video was published, you found yourself with a bit of spare time, which led to you going on social media. Your twitter seemed to be blowing up, which could only be because of your recent cameo in the Smosh video. Opening the app you were met with multiple comments about how you and Damien were “#goals”, or how he should do more pick-up lines on you during videos. However, you had also found another thing that the fans were blowing up about.

A few days ago while you were editing videos on your laptop, you and Damien were snuggled under a blanket while he watched you edit, both of you sharing a pair of earbuds. Apparently, unbeknownst to you, someone had taken a picture of that moment and posted it on multiple Smosh social media accounts, which left you blushing as you scrolled through all the comments of how cute you two were.

“Hey loser, what’s got you blushing?” The man in question approached you at your desk.

“Look at all these comments, we’re ’#goals’” You joked, as he sat on your lap, which made you groan under the weight.

"Oh please, we all know it’s because of me.” He jested, making you laugh.

"Whatever helps you sleep at night.” You poked back at him, “Don’t you have a video to record?”

"As a matter of fact I do, m'lady.” He started in a posh accent, “I’ve come to formally invite you to watch your dashing boyfriend play a board game.”

"Very well, kind sir. Let us be off!” You jumped onto his back, as he ran the two of you to the room the video was to be recorded in.

"I’ve arrived! And I’ve brought Y/N!” Damien announced, earning cheers from the Smosh members.

"Now that you’re both here we can start, grab a seat you two.”

This confused you, “wait, what?” You asked, as you were dragged by Boze to sit beside her behind the table. “I’m playing?”

“Surprise?” Damien said, shrinking away.

“I’m gonna murder you.” You pointed at Damien, before turning towards Joven who sat on your other side, “wait is this a murdering game?”

With a nod as confirmation you turned towards your boyfriend again and dragged your finger across your throat, causing multiple people around you to laugh.

“Let’s get started!”

After going through a few rounds, it was obvious you were targeting Damien, as you never attacked anyone else. You were doing quite well, which made you proud of yourself, Damien couldn’t say the same thing, with your constant targeting it was hard to do well, and a fit of giggles rippled around the table every time you attacked him.

“Stop going after me!” He whined, after he was attacked once again.

“It’s your fault for not telling me I was playing until I was in the room, a minute before recording started.” You huffed and crossed your arms.

“Ok, ok, that’s fair. I just have a question for you. Do you have a bandaid?” Everyone turned towards him, puzzled. “I scraped my knee falling for you.”

This seemed to make everyone riot, as you hid your face in your hands, groaning into them. Once everything calmed, you finally took your head out of your hands and turned to Damien.

“I hate you.”

“You love me you loser.”

“If I loved you, would I do this?” You threw a card down in the game you were playing, which was an attack card on no other than Damien, rendering him out of the game.

“You monster!”

“Payback, bitch.” You smiled, knowing that you couldn’t have been luckier to be dating him, and that he was someone you saw yourself growing old with, because with him around, the world wasn’t so bad.

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Everything I Didn’t Know I Wanted (Snowbaz blurb)

“Oh my god.”


“I mean… Oh my god!”

“Don’t you dare speak of this ever again, Snow, or I swear I will–”

Your full name is Tyrannus Basilton Grimm-Pitch?!”

Fuck off, Snow. I mean, your last name is literally snow. It fits though because snow falls from the sky and you fall down stairs,” that smirk turns up the corners of Baz’s lips. His perfect lips. I mean, not that I’d ever given much thought to his lips.

“Okay, but your name sounds like a really spiced up dinosaur. How ridiculous is that?” I can’t keep the laugh from escaping. It was just too ridiculous. This extremely proper perfectionist shares his first name with a dinosaur that barely has any arms. 

“Yea? Well, your last name literally has a piss joke made about it all the time.” The smirk was gone and was replaced by a frown. I knew I should feel proud to have made a Pitch feel ashamed, but I oddly didn’t. I felt…guilty.

“Aww, I’m sorry.. Did I upset you…..Tyrannus?” Okay, moment of guilt was gone. His name would never cease to amuse me.

“Shut up, Snow,” was the surprising response I got. He..wasn’t fighting back. Now that I looked at his expression, he just seemed tired. Not like the I’m-gonna-go-to-sleep-now tired. More the, I-can’t-deal-with-this-any-longer kind of tired. I guess he just didn’t to deal with me anymore. Aaand moment of guilt has returned. 

“Baz,” I say normally, all amusement gone from my voice. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to upset you.”

He looked about as shocked as I did from my words. I was apologizing? To Tyrannus Basilton Grimm-Pitch? 

“I’m not upset because of a bloody name, you idiot. I’m upset because, well because…”

“What? Dinosaur got your tongue?” I smirk at him, taking a step closer as if daring him to do anything to me. 

“Shut up, Snow,” he glares at me sharply.

“Make me.”

I smirk, knowing what I was doing.

He kisses me, and suddenly, I don’t know what I’m doing, but I’m kissing back and it feels good and right and like everything I didn’t know I wanted.

Tyler Scribble 001

“Punny Tyler”

Tyler Joseph Imagine

Summary:The reader drags Tyler to go grocery shopping with her when Tyler finds a way to entertain himself.

(A/N): Honestly, I really don’t know what this is? I’m sorry in advance (you’ll see).

Warnings: None. Very mild fluff.

Pairing: Tyler x reader (boyfriend and girlfriend)


You hated Tyler. In a good way, that is if it’s possible. The boy could find the perfect ways to annoy you and get on your nerves, but not enough to push you over the edge and get mad at him. He was a blessing and a curse and you loved him dearly. You loved his kind personality and sure maybe you liked his dry sense of humor too.

But today Tyler was a curse and you should’ve known before nagging him to come shopping with you. It should’ve been clear that he had an obnoxious idea in mind as soon as you mentioned that you wouldn’t be shopping for clothes, but instead food. It also should’ve been very crystal clear the moment Tyler stopped acting lazy and uncooperative almost instantly. Of course, you weren’t thinking at the time and you were just happy to have Tyler as company. He even offered to drive and he was sweet the whole time.

Soon the two of you arrived at your local grocery store. Tyler trailed behind you as you walked through the parking lot towards the entrance. You pushed a shopping cart and made your way to the produce section first. Tyler was strangely quiet the whole time which seemed strange after he had been quite cheerful and talkative moments before. He was looking down at his phone intently while you grabbed various items you needed. From time to time, Tyler would scan the area you were in.

“Everything okay, Tyler?” you asked without looking at him.

“Yep, just checking something,” you didn’t hear the laugh escape from his lips as the two of you made your way out of the aisle.

Tyler was now oddly very close to you, bumping into your side at times. The two of you were walking side by side and it was almost like your shoulders and arms were glued to each other.

“You sure there’s nothing wrong with you?” you giggled quietly

“Oh no, I’m doing just fine,” Tyler smirked.

Now at this time, you and Tyler walked into the bakery section of the store. Tyler started grinning in a mischievous way. His hands were resting in his pants pockets and he stood watching your movements. After only a couple seconds you started to get disturbed by Tyler staring and smiling at you in a creepy way.

“Okay Tyler, sweetie, I don’t know what you’re doing but it’s making me slightly uncomfortable,” you smiled at Tyler.

A sad expression crossed his face. He looked down at a pile of bread in front of you.

Wheat, I’m making you uncomfortable?” Tyler asked.

It took you a short moment to register what Tyler just said. The instant the words left his lips you groaned.

“Tyler if you tagged along with me just to do this, then I am going to strangle you when we get home,” you warned him.

Tyler made no attempt to hide his smile. He slowly walked away while saying, “Looks like I’m toast then.”

You shook your head, trying to look for the items you needed in the section quicker.

“Aww, crumb on. My puns aren’t that crusty today are they?” Tyler wrapped his arm around your shoulders and pressed a kiss on your cheek.

“Tyler please stop it, I’m cringing,” you tried to sound annoyed but a blush creeped it’s way up your face.

“Mmm, okay I know you loaf me though.”


“Oh, crepe you’re getting all heated now. I butter stop soon.”

You shook you head and pushed your cart, desperate to get away from anything related to bread. Tyler followed you like a lost puppy as he continued to throw more puns at you.

Five puns later, you spun around and stormed towards Tyler. A quick glance down the aisle confirmed that you two where alone. You grabbed the front of his shirt and pushed him against a shelf. Tyler looked very scared and startled by your sudden move.

“Yes Tyler, I do loaf you aldough you’ve gotten me all heated up with your crumby puns,” the words you just said made you want to strangle yourself more than Tyler.

“That’s cute, but you cheated. You stole my puns.”

You let go of Tyler, hitting his arm playfully. Dealing with the pun king 24/7 was awful but you loved him and his irritating sense of humor.


(A/N): why did you read this

Imagine Dwight and Negan being both interested in you during the line up.

(As promised, i’m back! :D unfortunately, i’m still not writing the request in order…but I hope it’s okay with everyone. Here is the Dwight and Negan request, hope you all like it and it makes sense. I also hope I got Dwight right. Gif not mine/Found them on google/Credit to the original owner)

From the moment, Dwight found you along Daryl, Glenn, Michonne and Rosita, he acted differently from his usual self.

He had hurt your friends but the instant you pleaded him to stop he did.

“Please! Stop…we’ll do as we’re told…just don’t hurt any of us…”

He smirked and said “And why should I listen to you! Who are you anyway…?”

“I’m…Y/N…could you please just put the gun down…”

You said holding onto your friend Daryl on the ground after he had been shot.

He listened and got the both of you near your other friends.


Instead of hurting you physically the same way as he did to your friends he would only threaten you.

"You beg for them one more time and it’ll be your last…Now get on the ground with the others!”

As the other Saviors, were preparing to meet up with the rest of your group, you waited in the woods along with your friends surrounded by the Saviors.

You had checked up on Daryl’s bullet wound and seeing the concern in your eyes Dwight had let you. Instead of yelling to you to separate he simply turned a blind eye. He didn’t even knew you yet but he already didn’t want to disappoint you.

As you all waited, you noticed how Dwight was gazing at you. You felt uncomfortable and unconsciously you scooted closer to your friends as if to hide yourself.

When night fell, you heard a voice over Dwight’s radio saying “Alright…you can bring'em over…we’re rounding them up…”

“Got it…Get up! All of you and get in the car” Dwight said while picking you up and leading to the truck. He shoved your friends in but when it came to you he subconsciously got you in the car gently.


The drive was short but it seemed like an eternity.

The car came to a stop and you heard the voices outside.

“Bring them out!”

The door of the car opened and Dwight pulled you out first and the others followed. He pushed you forward and you noticed your other friends on their knees.

Seeing how scared Rick was along with the others you started to feel even more fearful of what was happening.

As you were shoved to the ground with the others, Dwight stayed behind you with the gun pointed at you.

Another Savior then told all of you

“It’s time to meet the man!”

An RV’s door opened and someone came out.

“Pissin’ our pants yet?”


The person walked out of the darkness and revealed himself. He was a tall man with black slick hair. He wore a leather jacket, with a red scarf and held a barbed wire baseball bat.

He chuckled and “Boy do I have a feeling we’re getting close! Yeah…it’s going to be pee pee pants city real soon!”

You shiver in fear and obviously couldn’t hide it well from the Saviors.

Dwight felt bad and wanted to comfort you. He could only looked down on you and drew himself closer to you to somewhat reassure you.

Negan looked at all of you and it made him laugh even harder. He looked back and noticed you and Dwight. He walked over to you and eyed you up and down.

“Well…what do we have here…”

He lowered himself to your level and said “I’m Negan and you?”

You stared at him intensely and he chuckled and got up in your face making comments

“That’s an adorable face your giving me!…What are you? Disappointed?Angry? Mad? Whatever it is, besides cute it can’t possibly look threatening…So, What’s your name?”

Dwight answered in your stead and told him “Her name’s Y/N…”

You stared back at Dwight and told him

“You don’t need to answer for me…I can do it myself…”

Your answer caused Negan to smile and as you looked back at him you told him “My name’s Y/N…”

Negan raised an eyebrow out of curiosity and asked “Really? Well Y/N…you have an absolutely pretty face…as well as the rest of you from what I see…”

Still inspecting you he continued “Mmhm… yeah you look good…I also mean it as you seem to be the only one who doesn’t look like shit…Did you follow all my men’s order because I can’t think of another reason as to why you’re in a such good condition…”


Dwight cut you off and answered “It only took one threat from me for this one to stop! That’s why!”

“Hmm…I see…A listener…I like that!”

You got angry at the both of them but didn’t dare to say anything more out of fear of what might happen of you did.

However, when Negan playfully tapped your cheek, you pulled yourself away from his touch and boldly told him “Don’t touch me…”

He laughed and said “Oh…a fighter as well! A shame you’re part of whatever group this is…I’m going to have to teach all of you a lesson and I’ll have to include you…”

Thinking you made a mistake with your response, you shook your head and you slowly started to tear up and told him

“You don’t have to do this! We were only defending ourselves…please…don’t hurt us…”

Negan wiped your tears away and shook his head

“No, don’t beg like that…Don’t act all innocent…you killed my men and expected to kill me in the process…you’re as dangerous as the others here!”

He simply chuckled.


Dwight had noticed you shaking and obviously that you were crying. He wanted to protect you and tried to come up with an excuse

“She’s dangerous but in all honesty she isn’t much a threat…she keeps begging for other people’s lives, clearly she’s a softie…”

He looked at you and smiled and it made Negan curious.

He looked at him and said “I didn’t asked you…Why do you keep answering for her?”

Dwight then got nervous and said “What? No i’m not!”

He got up and it took one look at Dwight to make Negan realize as to why he had kept talking in your place

“Oh…I get it…You like her don’t you!”

He said pointing at you and smiling.

Dwight stuttered “ Wh-What? No! I-I don’t like her! She just understood me the first time and shut her mouth unlike her friends! I’m only telling you what I know about her!”

He looked back at you and said “Wow! See the power you have over this guy…You just met and he’s clearly head over heels for you!”

You looked back at Dwight and he could only stare back at you for a moment and then look away. 

Negan put his free hand on his chest and then said “Aww…i’m honestly touched…you guys are quite cute together…”

His words somehow made you blush and Dwight just couldn’t say anything.

Negan laughed and then got a serious look on him. He dropped his hand and told Dwight “But it’s a shame you’ll never be with her, buddy…”

Dwight felt his stomach drop at Negan’s word as the only thing he could think of was him eliminating you.


Fearing for the worst to happen, your tears had started to come back and you could see that your friends were as anxious as you.

Dwight then just couldn’t hide his anger at what Negan had said and asked “What? Y-you can’t kill her! This isn’t what you had planned!”

He got in front of you and closer to Negan. Negan backed away as Dwight was yelling at him. His attitude had surprised you and especially Negan.

Negan smiled and said “I didn’t say anything about killing her…I was just thinking of something else…”

He walked away from Dwight to get back closer to you to get a clear look at you

“I don’t know if you could tell but…from the start of all of this…I had my eyes on you as well…I mean there’s a reason I got to you first…So the only thing I can think of now is to please you…you know because I want you to choose me over this guy!”

Dwight turned around quickly and stared at Negan as he smiled at you.

Negan continued “So i’m guessing what you want right now is your friends to be safe and sound right?”

Not letting you answer he told you “So…how about I take you away with me as a hostage, I don’t kill one of you as I had planned and you guys give us half of your shit…That way, you’re happy and i’m happy!”

You looked around at your friends and said to Negan “Please…there must be another way…there must be…”

He was taken back and answered “There is another way… it involves one of your friends dying and still me getting your supplies…So really, there’s only one option for you.”

“Why? Why, me?” You said quietly

Negan got his ear closer to you and understood your words. In disbelief, he told you “Why? Well, I told you…I’m starting to like you and now I want to know more of you! So i’m offering your friends lives just impress you! I’m trying as much as I can here!”

Not wanting to see your friends hurt and him getting mad you wiped your tears away and reluctantly told him “I-I understand…I’ll go with you…”

He smirked and grabbed your arm to get you up.

He held your arm and turned around to tell Dwight “Looks like Y/N is choosing me…see Dwight…this is how you get a girl!”


He told everyone to go get the supplies in Alexandria and to bring your friends back.

He then told your group “Alright! Everyone, party’s over! I got what I wanted and something even better than seeing one of you die. So, as of now you are dismissed!” 

He laughed and then held you close to him to bring you to his RV. 

You turned to look at what was happening to your friends and noticed Dwight.

He had gotten mad about the situation and obviously couldn’t hide his feelings for you. He was red with anger and his knuckles white from the fist he was making. He then walked in a fast pace towards you and Negan.

He grabbed Negan’s shoulder and turned him around to punch him and said “I-I found her first! If anything she’s mine!”

Negan caught his cheek and laughed “I guess, you’re not giving up…You really like her that much?”

He turned to you and playfully said “Y/N…looks like i’m not the only one you’re leaving with…with two men liking you this is going to be really interesting!”

He bit his lip and smiled at you and smirked back at Dwight. 

At his words, you could only be worried of what might happen next.


Santa Tell Me (HR x Reader) - Fluff [Part I of Santa Tell Me]
Written by:


You’ve had your heart broken twice already - by a man with the same name, same face, same voice. Now, with HR asking you out for Christmas dinner, you become hesitant…
Based on Ariana Grande’s “Santa Tell Me.”




Christmas ornaments and wreaths.

The whole of S.T.A.R. Labs had been decked out in holiday decorations. Wherever you looked, you could see the festive colors of red and green, and the smell of ginger and vanilla filled your senses. Everything simply screamed out Christmas.

And though no one had told of any plans to decorate the workplace, you knew exactly who had been responsible. Sighing, you raise your head and looked at the ceiling, as if trying to clear your thoughts.

For a while, it worked.

Until you saw a devious little device hanging above the doorway, causing you to narrow your eyes. Is that a…


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Hogu’s Love ep. 11-12

spoilers for those who haven’t watched the episode yet. obviously. so scroll along..

this was surely one hell of a week for hogu’s love watchers

first, the highlights:

there was kang chul trying to steal a kiss from sleeping (beauty) hogu.

then there was that knee weakening kiss from dohee to hogu. (damn hogu why is everyone trying to kiss you)

then there was the baby heist. (which was epic. thank you writers. byun kang chul you’re awesome)

uhh. what else. 



wow.. so much tears.. so many emotion…

shall we talk about the character development?

let’s start with this fellow. 

he seriously has the biggest character development imo. i mean…

the metaphorical closet has been opened and byun kang chul is out of it.


i mean, i’m still confused. if he developed actual feelings for hogu amidst the heaps of confusions and misunderstandings. then does this mean he’s bisexual?

will he lose all those rapid heart beatings and stomach fluttering once he find out that his first love turns out to be ho kyung and not hogu? so does that mean he’s actually straight?

oh, but the questions don’t end there though. but we’ll get to the rest later.

i still wanna point out this important line from byun kang chul

yes, our narcissistic, insensitive and supposedly loner of a character has called himself… “A FRIEND..” 

rewind to episode 9 shall we.

i can relate to byun kang chul the most among the characters.

not the smart-rich-lawyer-prestigious-university-graduate part

but mostly the afraid-of-people-always-locked-up-in-the-house part

like our friend here, i also don’t like being around people. it’s hard to make friends because of my personality and i’m more comfortable alone.

which is why i always root for this guy. because, he’s trying. and learning. no matter how much he avoids human interaction, he still ends up being surrounded by good people. because he’s a good guy. 

so does that mean i’m a bad person because i cant make friends? lol but pity-real-life-stories aside, byun kang chul is the cutest peanut in the drama. well, second. geum dong holds first place :>

next is the other cute peanut.


kang hogu is undeniably the most likable character in this drama.

anyone who says otherwise will fall into geum dong’s pile of dirty diapers.

character development! *goes back to episode 1*

fast forward to episode 12!


i loved that moment so much you dont uNDERSTAND 

hogu: “good job today, you made money for diapers.”

dohee: “you too, good job today. for chaging diapers”


errr… i mean… AWW, SO CUTE.

our main character who was once so dense and foolish has now become a man who can read the atmosphere and people’s behaviors, (or at least do hee’s behaviors) investigate unanswered questions (dohee’s baby daddy issues)

and has also become a liar, apparently.


lol our has kid surely matured.

but no worries. he’s still our same old hogu :)

next is our fighter.. :)


oh boy…… this… ugh.. the ending of episode 12… i…

i ran out of crying gifs.

ugh… this girl.. i just wanna

imagine all the stuff she had to go through.. her parents dying.. the sexual assault.. her friend dying.. pregnancy..

speaking of friend dying. on to the questions!

i thought the friend she visits in the cemetery was the father of the baby. 

but then this happened. 

(cue scary bgm)

so who’s kyung ho? based from the intense music and dohee’s facial expression i assume he’s the assaulter?

i guess? 

then.. who’s the friend who died?

so dohee didn’t attempt to file a case for her friend’s accident, she filed a case because she was raped?

that’s why kangchul didnt accept the case?

because it will only  bring harm to dohee?

is that it?

oh the amount of question going through my head. why cant monday arrive faster already. (a sentence i never imagined i would say)

dohee baby girl… i’m so sorry all those stuff happened to you. you’re the strongest woman i’ve ever seen in a drama.. and to think you still kept the baby… took care of the baby.. loved the baby… despite him being conceived because of rape..

DOHEE YOU’RE A++++++++++++++


DOHEE. you said it yourself. geum dong is your treasure. why cant you just raise him?

save tons of money from cfs and competitions while hogu babysits. the after, hire an outstanding babysitter and buy a home for you and your kid. don’t give him to strangers. you will never find the perfect parents for geum dong because YOU’RE the perfect parent for geum dong. 

PLEASE WRITERS DONT GIVE GEUM DONG AWAY. IM COUNTING ON YOU. (i will seriously purchase a ticket to seoul and set fire to tvn myself im not kidding)

anyway it’s 1:30 am and i have to get up at 4. plus this review is way too long already wtf im so hooked to this drama it’s painfully obvious.

idk how to end this so imma just end it with a capture of this precious moment

Truth or Dare?

Pairing: Seth Rollins x Reader

Word Count: 1672

Prompt: You and him are best friends and you have a crush on him but he is dating Alexa Bliss. And you are playing truth or dare with a bunch of people with Seth as well. Someone asks who your crush is. You can finish it the way you want it

“You’re up, (Y/N). Truth or dare?” Seth lightly taps you on the knee. You and Seth had decided to host a game of truth or dare with his Black and Brave academy students as a way of getting to know them better, but to tell the absolute truth, you really weren’t enjoying it that much.

“Truth.” Your response is quiet. You try to flash him a playful grin, but on the inside, you can only really think about one thing—how much you really, really like him.

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solverne  asked:

I am just popping by to say that I think Aravae and Revas would get along rather well. Aravae would definitely respect Revas and all she's been through, especially how she's still able to be kind. She secretly wishes she could be like that, but all of her experiences have made her colder. And I will you and Revas all the hugs!! *hugs and hugs and hugs* For a quick TMI Tuesday question, what is Revas' ideal date night? ;)

Aww Revas will hug you and Aravae (and I will too)! She still has her moments, don’t get me wrong. Even more so after she finds out about her clan (and her son). Hmmm perfect date night? I would have to say something simple. Like maybe Solas taking her away from Skyhold and just them two…camping together? And they gaze at the stars and then get up early to watch the sunrise. And have lots of sex. That sort of thing 😁

anonymous asked:

Pls throw me ideas of what cute/fluffy/aww-inducing things a serious police officer and a melodramatic mafia lord in a romantic relationship can do. They aren't teens and I don't know how to adult and romance so... please?

For some reason this pairing made me think of Judy and Nick from Zootopia? Anyway, I found a few resources you might like!

Happy writing!


anonymous asked:

Choromatsu sees his s/o nose always in a book with the occasional peak up, always writing something done. Curious, when his s/o leaves it unattended he sees its a bunch of drawings of him and his brothers, but mostly him with little hearts.

For some reason I really, really like this prompt… -Ashley

Choromatsu gave a curious glance to his s/o. Once again, they had their nose stuck in the same greenish-grey book. At first, he thought it was just a regular book that had the cover removed, but the other day he noticed that they had a pencil and were drawing in it, so it was obviously a sketch book.

“Ichimatsu, can you turn a little to the left?” they asked. Ichimatsu wordlessly did as he was told, not really minding the request as he continued to pet the ginger cat in front of him.

His s/o only ever drew in that book when they were hanging out with him and didn’t have anything to talk about or do. Their tongue peeked out of the side of their mouth, and they furrowed their brows, looking to Ichimatsu and back to the page.

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Tainted love / Neymar Jr


Falling in love is as easy as 123’s or even ABC’s, but is loving that really easy especially when you really found the right one, but you’re not just too sure how or when to start things out? Will telling the truth be the way to remove those tainted emotions, or will it just complicate things?

Neymar’s POV

“Puta.” I silently whispered to myself after driving away to Y/N, and to Santi.

Aunt Lucia looked at me, while she was looking at me smiling. “Whoops, why the curse, my son?” She asked, and scrolled back to her phone. “Um nothing, I just forgot to grab some ice cubes at the store.” I said, reasoning out my cursing.

It hurts, it hurts a lot seeing my best friend be with another guy. Yes! I know that I have no rights to be jealous, no not jealous but to be affected, or is that the same? I’m not sure, she’s my best friend since we were just little ones kicking footballs like beasts in the field, and Santi was just the new kid from the block before, and now she invited Y/N for a date at my own farewell party.

Aunt Lucia sighed, and tapped my shoulders. “You know Neymar, she’ll really miss you. She’s just cannot properly express it to you, but she really will miss you when you’ll go away.” She said, I looked at her and weakly smiled.

“Well, I surely will miss her too. But I think she wants to go to England for college you know we’ve promised each other that we will not be away from each other, but it seems she’s forget that already.” I said, as I’ve parked the car infront of our house. “We’re here.” I added and turned off the engine, and run to Aunt Lucia’s door to open it for her.

“Thank you, young man.” She said, and smiled at me, as she was greeted by my mom. After a few minutes Y/N, and Santi arrived, Santi did the same and escorted Y/N in our house, her smile were the smile that she wears everytime we play football, the smile she wears when she’s loving something.

She looked at my way, and clumsily rushed to my car pretending to get something inside. I’ve waited for them to go inside our house, and that was the time I went in our house. “Oh, there’s the star.” Rafa said, whilst hugging me, there were a lot of people inside, my friends, my coaches, my whole family and relatives was there.

“Ey, congrats son.” My coach said, shaking my hands and hugging me. “Thanks coach, couldn’t done everything without your guidance.” I smiled, and as a lot of people greeted me, my relatives handed me their farewell gifts, which I’ve set aside at one table.

“Please everyone gather around.” My Papai said, getting the attention of the crowd, Rafa pulled me at the middle of my Mamai, and Papai, and her. “Good evening everybody! First of all, I thank God for gathering everyone here in our house, well, I thought every party is always a happy one, but this party has a lot of emotions coming into, it’s a mix of happy, and a sad party. This party is dedicated for my son, Juninho, as he is on his way to achieve his dream in Barcelona. I feel happy because my son is achieving his childhood dream, sad because he’s going away, leaving Brazil, but as long as he’s happy, I will support him. Well um, enjoy the party everybody! And let’s resume.” He said, wiping his eyes, as he’s eyes dropped tears.

I looked at him, and smiled, as he hugged me, and kissed me in the cheeks. “Aww, Pai. Thank you, thank you. Te amo.” I said, and tapped his back, as he smiled at me. “I love you too, son.” He replied.

I saw Y/N fill her glass with champagne. “Um, hey Santi. Can I um, have a minute alone?” She politely asked, and smiled sweetly at him. Santi nodded at her, and smiled. She made her way upstairs to the balcony, I can say it’s the most peaceful part of our house at this moment. ”W-wait, just a sec.” I told Jo, as I’ve hurriedly brought a bottle of champagne and a glass with me in my flight upstairs.

I stopped for a moment to hear what she was mumbling. “Barcelona, Brazil, England. England, Barcelona, Brazil. Brazil, England, Barcelona.” She mumbled, while looking above the stars, while sitting at the balcony, and sipping champagne on her glass.

“It’s not a party when somebody’s alone.” I said, and smiling at her, raising my glass, and the bottle of champagne. “Hey there.” She sweetly smiled, and attempted to stand, but I immediately sat down. I looked at her, her eyes that twinkle even on the darkest nights, the smile that made her look so beautiful everytime.

I’ve filled my glass with champagne, and immediately sipped it. “Um, hey. I haven’t said congratulations to you yet, Neymar.” She said, and sighed after that, refilling her glass with champagne.

“You don’t have to, Y/N. Those days and nights you’ve played with me just so I can have additional hours in training, you are a part of this success of mine. So congratulations.” I said, weakly smiling at her. She immediately stood up wiping her eyes with her hand, drinking the entire contents of her glass. “Wait.” I said, gently pulling her hand, and stood up, and hugged her so tight.

“I will miss you Y/N. I really do, I don’t know what to do once I go there, and not see you even just for a week, I don’t know what to do not seeing you, or not talking to you. I know you’re so confused about scholarship offers, I know you’re confused where you’ll stay, I know it will be selfish of me to make you choose Barcelona. But if you will, if you will, I would be the happiest person alive.” I said, trying to control the formation of tears into my eyes.

She break into my hug, and looked at me while holding my shoulders. “Neymar da Silva Santos Junior, you are the most cheeziest man alive. I will miss you too, so much that I know it’ll hurt me, um, Ney, I already measured things out, and I think it would be best for me to maybe, just maybe move to England. I know, I know it sucks, but at least it’s just a shorter flight, you know.” She said, my knees lost their energy, I bit my lip trying to hold on to my tears. “I’m so sorry, Neymar.” She added

“I-it’s okay, I will understand.” I sighed and she cupped my cheeks, as I saw a tear fall into her eye, and our nose touched each other, Y/N pulling me into a kiss.

“Y/N.” Santi called.

What if I’ll say the truth, what if I’ll say the unsaid feelings, will it change something?

**Tell me what you think about this, send me some of your ideas for this fanfic. :) x 

You Deserved It (Part 2)

for @that-was-not-supposed-to-happen 

42. You are cordially invited to go fuck yourself (WARNING LANGUAGE)

Four looks at you as if you’re a ghost. “He did what?”, he asks. Why on God’s Earth would Eric do that?

You shrug. Your feelings are all mixed up thanks to Eric’s kiss. Days pass by and he acts as if he never kiss you before. What the hell is his problem? You don’t like to be played like this.

You walk up to him and tug his jacket as he walks with Reilly towards the elevator. “We need to talk”, you say, desperately.

“Not now, (y/n)”, Eric whispers.

“Don’t you dare ignore me, asshole! I deserve to know what the hell is going on!”, you yell at him.

“(Y/N), go now before you make me do something I regret doing”, says Eric. You chuckle before punching his face and walking away. Anger overtook you and all you want to do right now is smash something at his pretty face.

You don’t give a damn what people say. Eric deserved to be shot and punched in the face for being such a fucking jerk. When you arrive home, Eric is leaning by your door with a split lip. You smirk at your work.

“What do you want?”, you ask.

“Can you at least invite me in?”, he asks back.

“Well, you are cordially invited…, to go fuck yourself”, you say.

“You’re really pushing it”, says Eric, pointing at his split lip.

“You made me do it”, you say.

“(Y/N), I’m sorry”, he says and you blink your eyes a few times. Sorry was never in his dictionary.

“Ok…, who are you and what have you done with Eric?”, you ask.

“I…, admire your spirit. I might’ve…, have this feeling for you”, says Eric, awkwardly. This is new.

“Aww, big bad Eric is actually a softie”, you tease him and he glares at you.

“You’re ruining the moment”, says Eric.

You open the door and let Eric in. You’d expect him to dominate you in bed, but that night, he simply wants to cuddle.

“I’d expect something wild on our first night”, you say.

“Later…, I just need sleep now”, he says, kissing you before snuggling in bed with you. You smile to yourself. So all the years of hating each other turn 180 degrees and you got to admit, you do have feelings for him. You melt yourself in Eric’s arms and drift into sleep that night.

Honestly I almost forgot the prompt because I like snow and I like gays. Hope you like it!!

Send me a pairing and number and I’ll write you a drabble

Title: Let it Snow
Pairing: Keith x Lance (Klance)
Rating: G
Word Count: 1464
11. “Don’t you dare throw that snowba-, goddammit!”

It was freezing on this planet. Snow had finally stopped falling but it had blanketed the ground like a white carpet.

Keith hated the cold weather and he would much rather be inside the castle at this time. They had finished their mission to aid the people, or creatures he supposed, of the planet with their defenses. Now they were just playing.

“Pidge! Pidge, come and help us out!” Lance cried out.

At this point, Lance was building a snowman and needed help finishing it.

“I’m coming!” Pidge yelled back. They were rolling a small ball of snow meant to be the snowball’s head.

“Hunk, do you have all of the decor?” Lance sounded oddly determined and serious about this project of his.

“Sir yes sir,” Hunk replied plainly as he carried over a handful of different sized rocks he had been searching for.

Pidge had finally rolled the head of the awfully large snowman over and stacked it upon two other larger ones. After passing out the rocks, the trio began decorating the face of the snowman with the rocks and some sticks Lance had found earlier.

From where Keith stood, he could only see the back of the snowman when he heard loud giggling. When he heard his name, Keith began to walk over to the three paladins.

“What are you doing?” Keith asked. The three in front of him stopped their giggling and moved to cover the snowman from Keith’s eyes.

“Oh, nothing,” Pidge grinned unusually wide at him. They stood in front of the snowman but Hunk blocked the majority of it.

Keith eyed Pidge before turning to Hunk with a smirk. “Hunk, would you mind telling me what’s going on?”

Hunk laughed nervously. “N-nothing, Keith.” He was sweating, very much so, and his confidence was shaking. Still, Hunk deliberately blocked Keith’s line of vision.

Before Keith could question anything else, an arm was threw around his shoulders and he was pulled in way too close to Lance.

“You know what, Keith?” Lance turned his head to look Keith in the eyes. Their noses brushed and Keith’s eyes widened.

“What?” Keith said through gritted teeth.

“We do not hang out enough,” Lance smiled. “I mean, both of us have never seen snow, right?”

Keith nodded, wondering where Lance was going with this whole thing and also why he was within kissing distance.

That was…a weird thought.

“Let’s go enjoy it together. What do you say, babe?”

Keith paused, as did everyone else but Lance was seemingly going to just go with whatever his stupid plan was.

“…babe?” Keith repeated quietly but before he knew it, his feet had left the ground and Lance was carrying him in the other direction, away from a surprised Hunk and Pidge.

Lance could carry Keith for a surprisingly longer amount of time than he expected and much easier than Keith thought.

Once they were a good twenty feet away from the mystery snowman and the two other paladins, Keith had finally been set down. He could finally breathe once Lance stopped crushing his windpipe.

“What was that about?!” Keith yelled. It was worth noting how Pidge and Hunk could still hear him even as they messed around with the snowman.

Flustered, Lance took a step back to avoid a possible swing from Keith. “What do you mean?”

“The snowman, calling me babe, all of that!” Keith shouted but hopefully Allura, Coran, and Shiro couldn’t hear him from where he stood with Lance.

Lance then lowered his defenses, a sly smirk spreading onto his face. “Have you been eavesdropping on us, Keith?”

Now Keith blushed, his cheeks heating up at Lance’s accusation. “N-no! Why would I?”

Lance shrugged, suddenly becoming more arrogant in his actions, he moved towards Keith again and rested both of his arms on Keith’s shoulders.

“I don’t know,” Lance took pride in Keith’s face heating up. Keith was the only one who still had their helmet on at this point. “Maybe you’re jealous or maybe,” Lance leaned in uncomfortably close, “Someone has a little crush.”

Keith felt a lot of different emotions at that point but he knew he had to get an overconfident Lance off of him. He pushed Lance backwards into the snow. However, Keith didn’t realize Lance was going to drag him down too until his body hit Lance and the snowy ground.

Looking down, Keith saw Lance, dazed and confused, with white snowflakes in his hair and on his heated cheeks.

“Why are you like this?” Keith growled out. Maybe he was talking about Lance’s behavior, or maybe he was talking about the other’s attractive appearance. Hell if he knew what was happening.

“What?” Lance coughed out, “Fun? Sociable? Adorable?”

Keith rolled his eyes before removing his helmet and tossing it to the side of them. Keith was sitting on top of Lance with his legs resting on either side of Lance’s right one. Gripping his collar, Keith yanked the Blue Paladin close to him with both tightly closed hands.

“What do you think I’m going to say?” Keith usually wasn’t so angry but Lance made him act differently, feel differently when he was around.

“I don’t know,” Lance shrugged nonchalantly.

“You are so frustrating!” Keith released the other, causing him to hit the ground with a thump.

“I get that a lot, dollface.”

“Don’t call me that.”

“Aww, you don’t like my nicknames, Keith?”

“No I don’t.”

“Well, how come, baby boy?”

Keith groaned before leaning in close to Lance. “Is there any way to shut you up?”

Lance was silent for a moment, face lacking any emotion, until a sly grin spread across his face.

“Sure,” Lance smirked, “Just kiss me.”

Keith still held Lance down, hands firmly on his chest. He didn’t know if Lance was serious but he at least wanted to try it.

Pinning Lance down, Keith leaned forward, closer to Lance. His face was cold but Lance was turning warmer by the second.

“K-Keith,” Lance spoke quietly. His face was turning red for more than a few reasons right now and he would blame everyone of them on the cold weather. “I w-was just j-joking, buddy–”

When Keith actually kissed Lance, Lance froze like the snow all around him. Keith forced his lips against  Lance’s own quivering ones. His face was scrunched up, eyes forced tight together, and the kiss ended as soon as it came.

They were both red in the face, awkwardly looking at each other, and were barely half a foot apart from each other from when Keith leaned down for the kiss.

“Looks like you shut up,” Keith said, oddly breathless.

“Yeah. Not for long so, um…”

A moment passed as Lance trailed off. Hesitantly, Lance reached up to thread his fingers through the back of Keith’s strangely soft hair, before bringing him back down for a second kiss. It was softer, slower than the first, and a much closer than the first one was. After a minute of the two kissing for longer than either had expected, Keith pulled back, letting his forehead rest against Lance’s own.

“That was, uh, nice,” Keith muttered, avoiding eye contact with Lance.

“Yeah,” Lance agreed. “Can you stand up please?”

Keith nodded as he stood and grabbed his helmet.

“So,” Lance began, “You do like me?”

Keith stared at him for a moment before scooping some snow into his hands, forming a ball.

“Wait, Keith.” Lance said, slowly moving away from the boy he was just kissing a few moments ago.

That boy only chuckled in response to Lance’s nervousness.

“Don’t you dare throw that snowba-, goddamit!” Lance swore as he wiped snow off of his face.

Keith giggled, a truly sweet sound, before putting back on his helmet. “Oops.”

“Oh, you’ll pay!” Lance yelled with a grin as he made snowballs of his own.

In minutes, the two had gone into a snowball fight with one another as Hunk and Pidge watched from afar.

“Well,” Pidge said, “That was unexpected.”

Hunk nodded, “Sure was.” He paused, “Well, sort of.”

Pidge nodded with a lopsided grin, “Yeah, this was coming. Hey, Hunk?”

“Yeah, Pidge?”

“Should we make a Lance snowman to go with this Keith one?” Pidge asked as they expected the frowning snowman with a distinctive mullet.

“Oh, definitely.”

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Go fuck yourself, Jesus was a jewish man of his time. Jewish. Semitic. Olive skined. Aramaic speaking. You people and your black agenda trying to take away historical figures on the precept of race, your veilied antisemitism comes as no surprise. Am Isroel chai, you fucker. P.s.: Egypt was also semitic (some dynasties being nubian notwithstanding).

FIRST of all…Aww thank you, my first hate mail!!! I’ve waited SOOO long for this moment because I know that on my blog I say REAL things NOT based on opinion unless it is a personal thing only I can speak on so applause for you, because your unidentifiable self made ME feel special :)  I’m sure you’re referring to this photo, let’s begin:

& since you know so much about Jesus then I guess you know what the BIBLE says about him right??

Revelation 1:14 His head and his hairs were white like wool, as white as snow; and his eyes were as a flame of fire;

Revelation 1:15 - And his feet like unto fine brass, as if they burned in afurnace; and his voice as the sound of many waters.

Now if THAT isn’t enough for you then…

It takes methodical research to discover the true origin of history. It is also actually common sense as well. Science has proven we ALL descended from an AFRICAN woman’s mitochondrial DNA. Which would make the original man, what? African. Next it was very important Jesus was born into the genealogy of Abraham to stay genetically linked to the original man.

Second, Herodotus gave an eye witness account as to the population of Egypt and stated they were Negroid! (THIS IS WHY JOSEPH CHOSE EGYPT TO HIDE JESUS IN ORDER TO BLEND IN WITH THE POPULACE.) Third, the Jews you see today in Israel are Ashkenazi and CONVERTED to Judeaism in 7th century. (LIKE THE CURRENT POPULATION IN THE US ARE NOT THE ORIGINAL PEOPLE OF THE LAND.) The question is who were they before? And who’s existing customs, history, and doctrine were they adopting?

Finally, the Bible gives vivid descriptions of how Jesus looked and they ALWAYS lead to BLACKNESS!

Oh and the white man pictured as the traditional face of Jesus…that’s Cesare Borgia. Basically, people were generally not too enthusiastic about the Catholic Church’s regular massacres of Jews and Muslims, because the people they were killing looked like Jesus.  Pope Alexander VI then ordered the destruction of all art depicting a darker Jesus and commissioned a number of paintings depicting a Caucasian Jesus.  His son, Cardinal Cesare Borgia, was the model for these paintings.  Thus, the nastiest of all the Borgias, became the iconic Caucasian Jesus so loved by Christians today.

And lastly “You people and your black agenda”? This WHITE image of Christ was used to oppress AFRICAN people during Slavery EEEEVERYBODY knows that! Christianity was one of the BIGGEST tools for their oppression. It’s much easier to oppress a people when their vision of “god” looks like the oppressor. You grow up subconsciously associating those features as godly or of gods likeness and in turn think less of your own when the bible gives a very poetic description of Christ’s features! They used this image to THEIR advantage. THIS is why a BLACK Jesus makes people so uncomfortable as if making him Black would make him LESS than or not as Majestic of a figure.

Lastly, I AM Black…I live, sleep, eat, and BREATHE in this skin, therefore I care about EVERYTHING that has to do with BEING BLACK from the beginning of time to the very end because OUR image as a whole has been tainted & our history distorted. So MY AGENDA IS BLACK BECAUSE I AM BLACK AND I AM PROUD and I have NO desire to make something or someone that IS NOT BLACK, BLACK. The information is out there, some are just too ignorant or stuck in their ways to FIND it based on personal precepts. Good day to you sir….or ma’am :)

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hello there amazing writer! can u please write a scenario where sanha likes to tease you because of your height and you would get flustered when the rest of the astro members "aww" at the both of you (partly because reader and sanha are the same age)? Thank you ✌️✌

hi there wonderful reader! i hope you enjoyed, sorry this wasn’t exactly what you requested, but i hope it was close enough :/ ♡

Foam Sword Duel

Pairing: Sanha (Astro) x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 1,702

Summary: You and Astro are having a pool day when you challenge your boyfriend, Sanha, to a little fight with foam swords. Who will win? 

Originally posted by asterocky

It was a beautiful day out. The birds were chirping and the sun was shining down on your skin. There were wispy white clouds, looking ever so soft and fluffy, as they floated in the brilliant blue sky.  It wasn’t terribly hot out, but it was fairly warm. Warm enough that you and the Astro boys had decided it would be a good day for hanging out by the pool.

The six boys excitedly buzzed around you as some of them went off to find some pool toys, while the others went to get food. You were sitting on a chair, stretched out and enjoying how the sun was hitting your skin, warming you from the outside in. Just as you were about to sit up and spray some sunscreen on yourself, MJ, JinJin, and your boyfriend Sanha come out of the back door of the house, grinning wide.

They all have multiple pool toys in their arms, ranging from things to sit on in the pool, to water guns that they would no doubt shoot at each other and you. JinJin and MJ throw the rafts into the pool and they hit the surface, splashing water up before calming and floating on the water. Sanha wanders over to the pool and dips one of the water guns in it, trying to be as discreet as possible. When he sees that the older boys haven’t noticed what he’s doing, an evil smile passes over his face as he points the gun at them.

“Hey, guys,” he calls, causing them to turn around. They barely have time to open their mouths in shock before Sanha pushes the barrel of the gun down and shoots them with water.

The water hits them in the face and stomach, drenching them before they even get a chance to run away. JinJin runs at Sanha, attempting to grab the water gun from him. Once Sanha runs out of water, he seems to realize that he has lost all of his ammo because his face shows fear as he screeches and then jumps into the pool to avoid the wrath of the older boys.

“Such a coward,” JinJin yells as he shakes his head, the water spraying everywhere, including on you.

“JinJin!” You squeal as water hits you in the face.

“Oops,” he says with a laugh. “My bad. Blame your boyfriend.”

Glaring at the water that Sanha plunged into, you say, “Oh, I plan on it.”

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Have you met Simon? How was that experience if you did? Love your blog!

Aww thanks for the love~  :)  I have and they were the most precious moments of my life 😭 😭 😭 😍 

In 2014, I had meet and greet at AOMG LA so I stood next to him and said “Simon D!” and then he made fun of me and kept saying, “Ssam D Ssam D” in a really high-pitched voice rofl  😑   He put his arm around me with his cheek n chin restin on the side of my head so I was like oh my dear lord….  My mind was going blank so I didn’t ask him to sign my SNL League album because I was busy giving AOMG my gifts but before I could give it to them, Simon D decided to muddafuckin outta the blue say: “Oh you, you Youngkae!” 😭 😭 😭  (perhaps he recognized my Tekken bag via IG idk how he knew) but anyways I had another mental breakdown while I was scrambling/handing my gifts to them in the order they were standing (Pumkin, Loco, Jay, Simon, Gray).  But I skipped Simon D because I had a special gift for him and it was hella cute because when I jumped from Jay to Gray, Simon D had already placed out his hands ready to receive my gift like a child  😂  When I said that he had a special gift he said, “oh special special, thank you” (*random* so every time I hear him say “special,” I think of our “convo” and because I don’t think Ssamthing Special was officially established back then).  He was so sweet and kept saying thank you and my bad I didn’t ask but I just went for it and I gave him a little hug and in return he gave me biggest warmest bear hug squeeze that seemed to last forever I thought I was gonna die he was sooooo sweet and cute 😭 😭 😭 ❤️‍

I saw him again at AOMG SF 2016 but it was very rushed and Simon D was super sick during the whole tour so I wasn’t expecting much.   I just straight up said Hi I’m Kellie cuz of snapchat and that I got him another special gift for him and then he said “ah Kellie, thank you” while looking straight deep into my eyes and soul I was so taken aback I almost said “whoa” out loud he can swoon anyone I swear it’s crazy  😳   We weren’t allowed to give hugs but I didddd 😏 and he hugged me back!!  😭  And I didn’t get kicked out of the venue so thank the lords.   Hi-touch was whatever but his hands were nice and warm lol.  

He also gave me super super good fanservice at the concert!!!  He looked at my camera so many times and he even took my phone for a selfie vid of himself during “Success Crazed” before his part  😭 😍 😍 😍  I know he’s so good at pleasing his fans but I think he really liked AOMG SF though because SIVA kept pushing him to get off the stage but all he wanted to do was bow and wave at us even when all of the lights turned off.  I was so happy when AOMG came back for their encore (My Last) and then Simon D came out with their camera to record the fans and he walked towards me to record and zoom in on my sign I was so happy!!  😭 😭 😭  

When the concert was over, my friends and I saw AOMG leave in their Benz…. however………. one of my friends and I decided to run after their car because they stopped at a red light and we did (surprisingly[?] no one else did lol) 😂  Simon D was sitting in the front seat so I waved and he waved backkkk at me!!!  And then I ran into a parked car mirror so I probably gave AOMG some laughs too hahaha 🙈

Morale of story:  Simon D is a real sweetheart and I love him so much and I hope you do too! 😍

Have you guys met him too?  Tell me about it, I wanna know!!

Not The Average Love Story-Luke VERY LONG Imagine for Shidehlovesyou

I’m truely so sory to all who have to scroll past this. But hey, maybe take a few minutes to read this and tellme what you think?

This isn’t a stereotypical love story, I’m about to tell you. We didn’t bump into each other and he spilled coffee on me, and it wasn’t love at first sight. That’s just not what really happens. So here’s what did happen…

“Look over there, he’s cute,” I motioned to my friend Megan. 

Her eyes lit up, “The worker from Urban Outfitters was cuter, though.” 

I nodded in agreement, “Can we go get some ice cream and sit at the food court for a little while? My legs are tired.” I asked, already turning the corner towards the food court. I took her following as a yes.

Megan and I sat across from each other in one of those tables that are half a booth and the other side is a chair, that fit about thirty people, each with an individual table. We were looking down, while eating our ice cream, and checking our phones, when I heard the chair next to her screech.

We automatically looked up, to find two boys about 6 feet tall. I eyed them closely, and I could tell by the blonde boys smirk that he had caught me looking. Megan kicked me from under the table making me groan which earned curious looks from the boys.

Ashton, the dark haired boy with dimples sat in the chair about half a foot away from Megan, as the blonde one, Luke, slowly made his way between our two tables, and next to me.

I was thankful when my phone buzzed giving me something to do, but laughed when I saw it was Megan who texted me. It read “DIBS ON BRUNETTE!!! They’re cuter than any boys we’ve ever seen at the mall, Shideh!!” with a picture of her and Ashton in the background, unaware of the picture. 

I had to cover my mouth because I didn’t want to laugh. She smirked at me, and I nodded; she could have him. I typed a reply “Blondie seems too cocky for me. But I can’t argue with the second part.” 

Normally I’d be blushing right along with Megan but this boy came off arrogant, and I didn’t like that. I’m not saying that he wasn’t good looking though.

I looked up to find Megan roll her eyes. “He looks like a model for Gods sake!” She mouthed.

“What are you eating?” A deep voice from rang next to, making me jump in my seat. He just laughed.

I turned my head, and saw that he had scooted much closer and our bodes were almost touching. I leaned my head far back, to make it obvious he was too close. “Ice cream.” 

He nodded, and moved away-but only a few inches. He had gorgeous blue eyes and a lip ring which I noticed he started to bite as I stared at him. I squinted my eyes and had a sly smile, knowing I made him nervous. 

The dark haired boy pulled his chair over, “Hi, I’m Ashton!” He said cheerily.

“I’m Megan,” she blushed.

“Yeah, uh hello.” I smiled, nodding at Ashton because he just seemed so happy.

I felt an arm fall loosely around my shoulder, making me tense up, “Hey Megan! What’s your name sweetheart? I’m…”

I shrugged of his arm, “What you are, is ahead of yourself there, Tiger.” He looked taken back, and Ashton laughed really hard.

Megan gave me the look. The look which meant “please be nice.” And I sighed. I didn’t want to ruin this for her, Ashton seemed sweet and he was adorable, not to mention her exact type. 

“I’m going to go get a drink.” I said, excusing myself. I walked up to the drink machine and looked over the options. 

“What are you gonna get?” 

I gasped and jumped, turning around with my hand on my heart to find Luke there grinning. “Could you please stop doing that?” He only grinned at me showing of his big, perfect smile. I envy this boys beauty. We stood in science for a moment both looking over all the drinks. “Water.” I finally replied, looking up, over my shoulder at him.

I went into my bag to find my wallet. I finally found a dollar bill but by the time I stood up, Luke had two in his hands and he was looking down at me. I put out my dollar and took one of the waters in his hand. “No, I’ve got it.”

I scoffed, “What a gentleman. Thanks though.” I set off for the table, Luke following closely behind.

We almost made it back when I saw Megan twirling her hair in her hands, and laughing hysterically along with Ashton. They have gradually moved closer since I had left. I stopped dead in my tracks, making Luke tumble in to me. “Are you okay?!” He asked worriedly.

“Shh! Come on, Tiger” I referred to his name I had given him moments ago, because he still hadn’t told me. I grabbed his hand and dragged him away. His hand had gripped mine as he let me pull him. 

“What was that about?” He breathed, when we stopped jogging. 

“Look,” I whispered, pointing through the bushes, a few feet away to where Ashton and Megan sat happily.

Luke moved his head so it was only centimeters away from my own and followed where I pointed. “They look so cute,” He smiled.

I crained my neck slightly to look at up him. He really was breathtaking. “Tiger,” I said, and he looked down at me, “I like your accent.”

His smile widened, “As I do, yours.”

I stood up straighter and began to walk away from the food court. “Australian boy, what on earth are you doing her?”

“Ashton and I moved here a few weeks ago.” 

I went to et my water bottle out of my backpack, and when my hand became cold, it was then I realized we hadn’t let go until just then.

Luke scratched the back of his neck. “So, what is your name, sweetheart?” Suddenly I noticed that he is much more shy than I had predicted earlier.

I rolled my eyes at him still calling me sweetheart, “Shideh.” 

“Thats a pretty name. I haven’t heard it before… I’m Luke, but I think I’m getting used to Tiger.” He chuckled.

We walked along, and made small talk.

“Is there a reason you dont like me, sweetheart?” he asked quietly, but looked down at me.

I looked straight ahead, not daring to make eye contact. “Uh, no not really. Who said I didn’t like you?”

He slowed his paces down, and grabbed my hand to stop me as well. My breath became shaky and I could feel my cheeks get hot as I looked at his hand laced in mine. 

“You’re joking right? I’m pretty sure you rolled your eyes at me when I sat down near you.”

“I did not!” I defended, finally looking up. 

“I think you might have!” He joked. 

“You just came off a little bit cocky, that’s all…”

“Me!? I was just trying to be friendly.” 

“Yeah okay,” I scoffed.

“I’m a very lovable person, you know.”

“I wouldn’t doubt it.” I said, raising my eyebrows and nodding.

“Oh, I think you are doubting it.” He challenged, “I think you just need a hug,” he smiled.

“No, I’ll pass” but before i could finish, he released my hand and in one swift motion wrapped his arms around my waist and lifted me off the ground. “Luke!!” I squealed, but wrapped my arms around his neck. He buried his head into my shoulder and laughed. I was a good foot off the ground, and my legs dangled as he swung me around a bit. He had a tight embrace and I’m not going to lie, I didn’t really want to let go. 

I heard a click, and noticed two teenage girls smiling, and one took a picture of me and Luke. Luke set me down on the ground but his hands remained behind my back. “You see those girls?” I nodded towards them, “they took a picture of us.”

Luke laughed. “Kiss my cheek.” 

“what?” I asked, slightly shocked.

“Just do it,” 

His big hands moved to my waist, and sort of pulled me up, because I had to go on my tippy toes to reach him. My lips landed on his cheek and they lingered for a moment. I pulled away when I hear high pitched awws. Luke and I, in sync, looked over at the giggling girls who blushed and scurried away.

We both began to laugh. “Now I get it.” He pulled me closer so I was against his chest and kissed my cheek quickly, “Aye, what did I say, Tiger?”

“I’m from Australia, cheek kissing is just a friendly gesture there!” He put his hand up in defense.

“Okay…” I said unsure.

We made our way back to Ashton and Megan who were still sitting in the same spot but had some popcorn in front of them now. As we walked, I allowed Luke to rest his hand on his waist. 

“Hey!” Ashton said, making Megan look and wave.

“Hi guys.” I said, taking a seat on the bench half again. Luke slid next to me. “I’m so tired,” I complained.

“Same,” Luke agreed. Without thinking I leaned into Luke’s side.

“How about we go see a movie?” Ashton asked. “Films play in this mall right?”

Megan and I began to laugh. “You said films.” I said as a response to the boys confused looks.

Ashton rolled his eyes, “Oh whatever. Let’s go see a movie. I heard the Toy Story is in again.”

Megan looked at me, “I’m up for it,”

I nodded, “Why not.” Luke kissed my forehead, “Lu-“

“Friendly!” He interjected. “Come on.” He took my hand, and pulled me up, as we followed closely behind Megan and Ashton who had their arms around each other and were trying to march in sync but failing, and laughing at themselves.

In the movies, there were very few people. We sat together, it went Ashton, Megan, Myself, then Luke. Luke and I were both very tired and not into the movie, unlike the others next to us who were giggling their heads off. I laid my head on Lukes shoulder and he rested his head on mine. I began to doze off. “Guys, I think I’m going to take Shideh, outside by the fountain.” Luke whispered. I felt his breath on my neck making me shiver, “Sweetheart, hey, come on, come with me.” He whispered in a low voice. I nodded, and pushed myself up, and took his hand. He looked up, at me and grinned. Luke stood up and led me out of the theater. My feet were slowly dragging. Luke stopped in front of me, and crouched down. “Hop on.”

“Pardon?” I asked. 

“Piggy back ride.” He stated.

“Wh-I-uh.. okay.” I gave up and just jumped on. I laid my head on his shoulder and closed my eyes. “Thanks” I whispered, and rested my lips where his shoulder meets his neck. I could feel his goosebumps form and he let out a shaky breath.

“Uh-huh” He whispered.

He set me down, on the cushioned chair that was in front of the large lit up fountain. He sat down next to me. It’s only made for one person so we were very smooshed together. “Here,” he said, and lifted me up as if I weighed nothing, setting me down in his lap. I tucked in my legs, and cuddled closer to Luke, as he wrapped his arm securely around me. I could feel his blue eyes looking at me and I did all I could not to open my eyes and act as if I didn’t know. He leaned down and kissed my temple, “Your beautiful,” he mumbled not removing his lips.

I laughed, “Your not to bad yourself. And what’s with us and this kissing thing?” 

I felt his smile grow, and he finally pulled back. “Sorry, I can’t help it.”

I smirked, and got more comfortable on his lap, taking his on hand and holding it in both of mine. “That’s alright, friendly gestures right? Like in Australia.”

“Exactly.” We sat in silence, listening to the water fountain in the back. My eyes stayed closed but I was not asleep. “Hey sweetheart…”

“Yes?” I whispered, and looked up, noticing the way he looked in the dark, with only the lights in the fountain glowing around him. He looked like an angel.

He didn’t say anything, and he looked like he didn’t know how to speak. I began to rub his knuckles that were in my hands, hoping to comfort him. “I like you” he blurted, looking into the distance.

“I was kind of hoping you did. It would suck if you didn’t like me back.” I said, closing my eyes again and leaning on his shoulder, trying to keep myself composed.

Without warning his lips landed directly on mine, they were soft and full and warm and I could feel his piercing. My eyes opened, but then closed again, as I melted into him. I removed my hands from his, and moved them up his chest and to his jaw, to pull him closer. His lips slowly moved, with mine, overlapping each other, and he cupped my cheek in his large hand. I began to pull back, but I slightly pulled his lower lip and then let go. Our eyes stayed closed and I left my mouth near his, hovering closely. I could feel his warm minty breath. “You drive me insane, sweetheart.” He mumbled deeply, making me smirk, the reattached his lips to mine, and move his hand to the back of my neck making me twist my head a little more, and kissing me slightly harder this time, but I gave it right back to him. I grabbed his face in my hands and kissed him with all I had. He began to pull away, but my body lifted up from it’s lounging position, not wanting to be separated from him. We kissed for a moment longer, before mutually breaking it off. We both took a few seconds to catch our breath. 

I smiled and looked up at him, running my hand through his dirty blonde hair, asking curiously “Do friends do that in Australia?”

Luke smirked down and me and just stared for a moment, licking him bottom lip. “Not usually, sweetheart.”   

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