moments that made me say aww

Reasons why Vanoss’ latest video made my day:


1. H2O Delirious thumbnail;

2. Voice of Delirious from the beginning of the video;

3. Vanoss and Delirious together;

4. OWLFRED! <3 ;

5. Delirious’ chest hair shaped like a bra;

6. Wildcat’s mic was mute… Aww, poor piggy, he thought his jokes are bad because no one laughed…;

7. Delirious called Vanoss “fat” (Please, say HOT next time.);

8. And… Is it just me, ‘cuz I only noticed Delirious’ name on Vanoss’ mini map the whole time… (OMG Vanoss…! Asdfghjkl!);

9. Delirious: “Would you like to sssssss buy an ass whoopin’?!” 

10. Delirious: “I’m selling an apartment…for rent.”;

11. Delirious’ “retarded rage”… (So adorable, actually…);

12. Vanoss joining Delirious on the back of the car and do the (adorable) “retarded rage” together;

13. ……… *died from too much H2OVanoss*

- Sorry for the long post. I just can’t… OMG… σ(≧ε≦o) o(*≧□≦)o