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This is the third Christmas in a row that I’m spending apart from my family, but I am still in love with the preparations. 😊🌲

i like to think that Hiro once pasted a bunch of glow in the dark stars on the ceiling above Tadashi’s bed while he was in school to spell out ‘NERD’ just so he could make a ‘sorry bro, deny it all you like, but it’s written in the stars’ joke a few hours before bed to build up to the punchline

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So I asked for suggestions on text posts to do, one of which I found particularly interesting:

How Peridot’s friendship with Lapis and Ame’s friendship with Jasper might create tension between Amedot? - @molded-from-clay

Btw this post will be written with both Amedot and Jasper Redemption in mind

First, let’s talk briefly about Lapis and Peridot’s dynamic.

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We all  know these two are platonic roommates and seem to get along quite nicely. Not only that, but they evidently care about each other and respect each other’s boundaries. There’s a lot more to these two, but before I go there, let’s discuss Amethyst and Jasper’s future relationship.

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That moment above from Earthlings was the one that solidified my hope for Jasper’s redemption. Amethyst and Jasper are definitely going to develop a sisterly bond, and I see Amethyst being extremely instrumental throughout her arc. 

But what hit me like a slap in the face whilst evaluating these two relationships was the number of similarities between them, most striking of which are:

1. The differences in age and  level of maturity.(Lapis and Jasper seem more mature)

2. Origin(Both Lapis and Peridot are from Homeworld, whilst both Amethyst and Jasper are from Earth)

3. Differences in personality.

4. The fact that both relationships have started off with resentment.

Based on this, we can deduce that both Amethyst/Jasper’s relationship and Lapis/Peridot’s relationship directly parallel each other in that they both represent a sibling-like bond.

How is this relevant, you may ask?

Here’s something that people seem to forget and overlook: the Jasper and Lapis(Malachite) arc isn’t over. There was no finality in Alone at Sea, and there are many things that were left ambiguous and unresolved. Peridot and Amethyst’s relationship will inevitably bring the two together. They just have to interact at some point, seeing that the gems they love mean so much to each other.

Amedot is going to be instrumental in the healing process of Lapis and Jasper, and will hopefully help them to make a compromise and resolve their issues, for the sake of their loved ones.

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I do, however, see Peridot being rather skeptical of Jasper at first, seeing that she doesn’t appear to be particularly fond of her, and that may create the so called ‘tension’ between her and Amethyst. But, on a whole, I don’t feel like it’s going to create any kind of serious tension between Amedot at all. In fact, I believe it will be an excellent growing experience for both characters.

Tell me what you think!

you don’t own me - an Olicity AU

Author’s Note: This is a fic dedicated to @doubledeez06! Happy Birthday lovely! I hope you enjoy this answer to your prompt from a few days back! ;)

I have other ideas to add to this little story, so let me know if you want more! I definitely wanna know if there’s interest. Enjoy, everyone!

Synopsis: Oliver responds to an alert of duo of criminals breaking into a city archive building. But when he arrives on the scene, he is definitely not expecting two women in leather, and he definitely isn’t expecting the sexy blonde hacking the security system. (inspired by different versions of the Suicide Squad concept) 

He caught sight of her from a rooftop, hood down and his heart racing. The calls and alerts had come in and he had raced out, guided by Digg - if he needed back-up, his partner would be out in moments.

From his spot above the city, he could see everything… but he zeroed in on her. A slinky black figure with striking blonde locks. Fishnets wrapped around legs that could go on for days. A belt of weapons and gadgets circled around her cinched waist. A mask to mimic old school cat-eye glasses.

Without a doubt, he had never seen anyone like her in his life and didn’t even matter that she was breaking into the city archives - she was too mesmerizing to apprehend.

“What’s the hold up, Oliver?” Digg shouted through the comm. “You’ve been perched on that ledge far too long.”

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8 - Carmilla Sharkmaid!AU - Irony


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In an instant, out of some strange uniformed instinct, every single sailor on deck froze for a moment as a voice from above screamed,“OFF THE PORT BOW, LAF WHAT IS IT?!” 

Perry looked up and groaned, after an hour of searching, there she was, holding onto a single line of rope as she leaned over the edge of the mast nearly fifteen feet in the air to look over the ocean with a silly smile on her face that could be seen for miles. 

“Laura! Get down from there!”

“Aw let her be Perry” Danny laughed, helmsman and first mate to Captain Hollis,”Poor bird has been stuck in that caged office all year. Let her spread her sea legs a bit”

Perry huffed, crossing her arms she looked up at the excited girl, she could just feel her medical kit slowly making its way to the deck if she keeps this up. 

And of course Lafontaine, local oceanographer extraordinaire didn’t help. Upon being screamed at, they scrambled out of the crows nest, their legs tangled in nets and other various ropes, either by accident or intentional no one could tell. With a telescope at hand, they leaned over, hovering above Laura’s head to find the specimen. 

Sure enough, there it was, a single dorsal fin peaking out from the surface with beautiful dark stripes across it’s skin swimming alongside their vessel. 

“Oy, that be a Tiger Shark! These beauties make the Great White look like a suckling kitten. They will eat just about anything and everything, from sailors, to barrels and other sharks” 

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