moments delena

  • Stefan: *gives Elena a necklace as a gift*
  • Elena: *loves and cherishes the necklace*
  • Elena: *worries about the necklace when she loses it*
  • Elena: *necklace reminds her of Stefan after he leaves with Klaus*
  • Damon: *finds a necklace*
  • Julie Plec: wow what a beautiful and touching delena moment. Its the symbol of their everlasting love.

People keep saying Ian fucked up the last Delena smile moment, but do you know what I think. It suppose to be that way. Damon smiled like that before (it would take me ages to find right gif but I saw it already).

All I see is a little sad smile saying

“One of our journeys ends but this is not over yet”

and this is how it is. They died, after happy life they had together, married and for sure with kids. Now they reunited with love ones they lost long time ago. But they will have each other on the other side too,

because they have their promised forever together.