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Moments Series – “I should have asked.”

4 months

You’re trying desperately to keep your eyes open and to pay attention to the conversation at hand, but with every minute that passes, the task becomes increasingly more difficult.

It’s nearing one in the morning and you’re at Shawn’s friends house with all of his friends. You don’t know anyone, so you’re sitting next to Shawn pretending to be interested in something you don’t even understand.

Finally, Shawn decides it’s time to go because it really is getting late. You all had gone to the movies together earlier tonight and then afterwards, Brian invited everyone over to just hang out at his place. Shawn was excited to get to spend more time with his friends so you didn’t want to tell him that you didn’t feel up to going.

As you walk hand in hand to the car Shawn asks you, “What do you think of my friends?”

“They’re great,” you say with a yawn, too tired to have a real conversation about this right now.

“You tired?” He asks.

“Yeah,” you reply. “It’s just that I didn’t sleep much last night, and it’s been kind of a crazy day.” You admit.

“I’m so sorry babe,” he says genuinely sorry. “I should have asked if you felt up to hanging out with my friends.”

“It’s okay babe. I wanted to hang out with them and meet them, I’m just tired is all.”

“You can sleep babe, I’ll wake you when we get home.”


Tae lost a game so he had to receive his punishment from Kook (Kook would hit his wrist) \\o///

Watch the whole clip to see how adorably they mess around with each other ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Jungkookie looks sooooo fond of Taetae i’m deceased y’all ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The image was taken when Dr. Ziegler had to use her stethoscope to check her patient’s pulse, since his arms are gone to put the oximeter.

Guess who that patient was.