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Your top 10 moments of our!Ciel?

Oh man! This wasn’t an easy decision, there are a lot of Ciel moments I love and a lot of them are silly ones, but I tried to balance them out. In no particular order and of my own subjective opinion… hit it boys:

1) This pose, that is all.

2) When he pulled an expression so terrible it shall never be forgotten.

3) The time he giggled, it’s adorable to see him acting like a normal kid. ; - ;

4) Ciel’s “market research”.

5) When he “flirted” with Nina to get her attention, I like this scene because he reminds me of Vincent!

6) His acting in the murder arc upon seeing Sebastian, I’ve always thought he was impressive here!

7) This is a two in one, but I enjoy seeing Ciel take charge of a team in such a sophisticated and clever manner. He’s really smart! It’s nice to see it.

8) Not that it’s a very nice moment, but I do enjoy seeing how convincing he was when lying to Snake. Our little manipulator… someone help him!

9) The sheer amount of bravery he demonstrated in the face of literal demon trying to eat him.

10) His expression of complete exhaustion in CH13; it feels like we’re seeing a rare glimpse under his “mask” at this moment and it’s heartbreaking.

nice pieces of snsd songs you can send to the girls to show support

sailing (the whole fucking song actually but)

Stay together sailing into the night
온 바다의 깊은 어둠도
핑크빛으로 만들어 준
널 위해 Again and again and again

( Stay together sailing into the night
For you, who made the deep
Darkness in all the sea turn pink
Again and again and again)

변하지 않아 매 여름
한결같던 소원처럼

(I won’t change like the
Unchanging wish every summer

way to go

하지만 힘을 내 이만큼 왔잖아
이것쯤은 정말 별거 아냐

( But have strength, we’ve made it this far
This is really nothing at all)

복잡한 이 지구가 재밌는
그 이유는 하나
Yes it’s you

( This complicated world is exciting
Because of one reason
Yes it’s you)


この Indestructible unbreakable
魂は Twin soul
その手だけは はなさないの

( This indestructible unbreakable
Bond that can never be broken
Our soul is a twin soul
For example, even if it looks like
You’re about to fall from a cliff
I won’t let go off that hand


( Indestructible
Because I will protect you until the end)

it’s you

넌 내게 더 기대도 돼

( You can lean on me more)

같은 시간 속 함께한 우리
아직 설렘 향해 걷고 있는걸
멀어진 게 아냐 커져 버린 맘

( We’ve spent the same time together
We’re still walking toward palpating hearts
We’re not growing far, our hearts have grown)

평생 나의 소원 너뿐이라고

( That my life-long wish is only you)

light up the sky

우린 서로를 세상 제일 잘 알잖아 

( We know each other the best in this world)

나와 영원히 함께해 줄래
세상 끝까지 내 곁에서 머물러 줄래
내가 꼭 그럴 테니까 Until the end

( Will you be with me forever?
Will you stay by my side until the end of the world?
I will be sure to do that, until the end)

ok but can we talk about their hushed voices in the alley scene???

bc they were deadass almost whispering to each other. like, that was their moment and nothing else mattered. it was just the two of them in that alley, literally, but also in the sense that there was no one else in the world that existed to them in that shared stoppage of time. everything revolved around them and it was just the two of them and their grand statements expressed through hushed murmurs and i honestly can’t sleep thinking about this. they are so in love y'all and i’m so honored to be alive at the same time as them to witness this form of love in its purest, most profound way possible


Jikook Body Language #5 | Why Jungkook Is Possessive Over Jimin (analysis)

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