82 reasons harry’s ootp anger was totally justified

(because a 400 page thesis is not doable)(for


1.    he’d just come off a very stressful school year in which (surprise) someone had been actively trying to do him in

2.    a sliver of the darkest soul of all time was stuck inside him :)))

3.    darkest wizard of all time was actively messing w/ his brain

4.    his literal worst nightmare had just come to life before his eyes

5.    voldemort’s red eyes actively haunted him, waking and sleeping

6.    he’d squared off against the man who murdered his parents (!)

7.    and the man who’d betrayed his parents to their deaths

8.    he’d been tied so tightly neck to ankle that he couldn’t even turn his head

9.    he was stabbed

10.  he’d just learned the blood protection that had previously kept him safe was worthless

11.  he was jeered at and hexed at by a group of adults who wanted him dead

12.  he’d been crucio’d for fun, taunted, and chased after

13.  he’d just been psychologically tortured as well

14.  his classmate and co-competitor died and he was powerless to stop it

15.  he’d just seen the imprints of his dead parents

16.  his dead classmate had to be pried from his grip

17.  he blamed himself for cedric dying – survivor’s guilt

18.  he was forced to relive his entire horrific experience just after it happened

19.  he’d learned his teacher, whom he trusted, had actively been plotting against him

20.  his godfather literally got to see him for an hour before leaving again

21.  the minister of magic, who had always before been genial, called harry a liar to his face

22.  he had to return in exile to the home of his abusers

23.  while there, his cousin tormented him and the neglect of his aunt and uncle continued

24.  he was cut off entirely from the wizarding world, desperate for information

25.  he had no guarantee voldemort wouldn’t show up on privet drive at any moment

26.  no one was properly communicating with him

27.  and then he was attacked by two dementors (!)

28.  and he saved his cousin, and was nearly kicked out onto the street for it

29.  he spent the last month of the summer wondering if he’d be expelled from school

30.  all his wizard friends had been conspiring for the entire summer and had told him nothing

31.  he was suffering from chronic nightmares, i.e. not sleeping

32.  his godfather, embroiled in his own trauma, remained distant and broody

33.  he had to stay in a gloomy house which lbr would bother anyone

34.  uh his friends were chosen as prefects which led to him feeling further ostracized from dumbledore and isolated from them

35.  his mentor/grandfather type figure was actively ignoring him

36.  he’s unable to write to sirius, which had previously been one of his favorite things and greatest sources of comfort

37.  the government that was supposed to protect him sent an infiltrator to his school, violating his one safe space in the world

38.  said infiltrator stripped away everything he held dear

39.  said infiltrator also abused him repeatedly, forced his own body to abuse itself, and took great pleasure in watching it happen

40.  no one believed him

41.  even his dorm mate, who harry had previously considered a friend, disbelieved him

42.  he was ostracized and ridiculed by the entirety of wizarding society

43.  until he learned what threstrals were, he genuinely thought he was going mad

44.  he couldn’t participate in quidditch, the one thing he was naturally super talented at and greatly enjoyed

45.  even his broomstick—his favorite thing—was confiscated

46.  he blamed himself for mr weasley’s attack


48.  DADA, the only good thing he had going for him, was taken away

49.  dumbledore, the only thing that made him feel truly safe, had to leave

50.  he assumed guilt for dumbeldore having to leave

51.  he knows shit is going down (the Order is protecting something) and he’s not able to help, and he’s not able to put it all together, and that drives him mad because he’s a person of action who’s been encouraged to follow those impulses for his entire hogwarts career

52.  no one in this entire time sat him down and helped him work through any of this

53.  and spent a few days wondering if he’d been possessed by Voldemort

54.  he sort of dated the girl he liked but it turned into a mutually traumatic and horrific thing

55.  even the newspaper led a smear campaign

56.  every adult he trusts is failing him on (nearly) every level

57.  spent two months worried about where on earth hagrid had been

58.  spent seven months worried hagrid would be fired & what he was up to in the woods

59.  hagrid left (again) and he had to deal with the stress of caring for a giant (??)

60.  watched his favorite teacher be brutally ambushed and attacked

61.  child worried about everything tbh and he was always taking the world on his shoulders

62.  OH he had to watch ron suck @ quidditch and it was just terrible b/c he couldn’t fix it or make it better and sigh

63.  he was actively worried about his godfather, who was clearly in a very bad place

64.  he had to endure horrible lessons with the teacher who hated him

65.  he knew voldemort actually had access to his mind, which is terrifying

66.  however, the lessons only seemed to make it worse

67.  he was a child

68.  he’s been abused his entire life and has never been taught healthy coping mechanisms

69.  so he sticks with the standby of repress until it explodes

70.  which just does not work at all, but he doesn’t know any better

71.  his stress level just walking around daily is 8/10, no wonder he can’t cope???

72.  he learned his teenage dad was the kind of bully he’d been afraid of his entire life


74.  and that sent him into a spiral of depression wondering if everything snape had ever told him was correct

75.  he spent weeks wondering if his mum and dad actually ever loved each other

76.  his godfather and teacher only provided minor comfort; harry’s concerns weren’t really assuaged

77.  normal student stresses like studying for the most stressful exams of school career

78.  enduring a domineering hermione w/ the study schedules and whatnot during said exam times

79.  he suffered frequent, brain-splitting headaches

80.  mass breakout at azkaban is actually terrifying for him because he knows what those people are capable of

81.  he was a very small child

82.  people, he was only fifteen

30 Days of Comic Negan!

Ok, girls and guys. It’s time for a 30 Day Challenge featuring good ole Comic Negan! This is open to any and all who love Comic Negan!

List mostly complied by @rickdixonandthefandomlifeposts Banner credit is hers as well. <3

‘The Rules Keep Us Alive’: Lucky for you, there’s barely any rules here. Complete this challenge on your own timeframe. Want to do a question a week? Go for it! Also, it’d be awesome if you can tag your responses as ‘comic Negan’ and ‘comicnegan>’ so they will be more easily seen by Comic Negan fans. :D Responses can also be however you want: text posts, pictures, or interpretive dance. (<– or not)

The most important rule? Have fun and love Comic Negan.

Week 1 and 2…Your Favorite…

1 Your favorite Negan panel
2 Your favorite Negan line(s)
3 Your favorite Negan face (expression)
4 Your favorite issue in which Negan appears
5 Your favorite storyline about Negan
6 Your favorite OTP (Negan x ?)
7 Your favorite BrOTP (Negan and ?)
8 Your favorite insult
9 Your favorite moment with Dwight
10 Your favorite moment with Rick
11 Your favorite moment with Carl
12 Your favorite moment with any other character
13 Your favorite Savior other than Negan!
14 Your favorite line(s) about Negan

Week 3: I simply cannot fucking decide!

15 Fashion! With or without the scarf? What about the coat?
16 Weapon! Knife or Lucille? Or maybe that rifle from Here’s Negan?
17 Negan’s funniest moment
18 Negan’s saddest moment
19 A moment where you wanted to slap him Olivia-style?
20 Do you enjoy his pre-apocalypse or post-apocalypse self more?
21 Women. His harem or his wife?

Week 4: Here’s Negan

22 Your favorite panel or moment of Here’s Negan
23 Your favorite (wife) Lucille moment
24 Your thoughts about their marriage
25 Your favorite Negan X Lucille moment
26 Your favorite/least favorite moment with any survivors Negan traveled with?
27 Negan’s Here’s Negan looks! Bangs - hot or not? What about the beard? Or his gym shorts and polos?
28 If Lucille had not died…where do you think Negan would be?
29 Has anything in Here’s Negan surprised or disappointed you?

30: Anything Comic Negan related. Your choice!

I’m tagging anyone who liked or seemed interested in the original post about this. If you’re not interested, please disregard. And remember, there is no time limit to this challenge! :) No pressure, honestly! <3

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Half-Life ; 30 day challenge

Happy Resonance Day !

Everyday answer a different question ! :)

Day 1 - Favourite game in the series

2 - Favourite human character 

3 - Favourite alien

4 - Favourite enemy or villain

5 - Favourite ship/otp

6 - Character you act/look the most like

7 - Least favourite game

8 - Least favourite character

9 - Least favourite alien

10 - Least favourite ship/your notp

11 - Least favourite enemy or villain

12 - Saddest moment

13 - Funniest moment

14 - Scariest/most unnerving moment

15 - Best line

16 - Favourite weapon

17 - Favourite theory

18 - Favourite headcannon

19 - Favourite location

20 - Place you want to visit ( White Forrest ? City 17 ? )

21 - Best Gman line or moment

22 - Best Alyx line or moment

23 - Best Kleiner line or moment

24 - Best Eli line or moment

25 - Best Grigori line or moment

26 - Best Barney line or moment

27 - Character that deserves more attention

28 - Best chapter in HL2 or HL1, Episodes

29 - Worst chapter in HL2 or HL1, Episodes

30 - One thing you wish could be in HL3/Ep.3