moment we've been waiting for

listen….l i s t e n….i know sansa and arya must be playin littlefinger for a fool. this writing has been all over the place and it’s extremely frustrating that we’ve had to watch the sisters go on for this long belittling, attacking, and threatening each other (it’s like d&d get off on women insulting each other who knew). but it must be fake, because they aren’t this stupid. they just aren’t. and i’ve let my frustration get the better of me because i hate seeing them fake it when it doesn’t feel fake. but it will be, because when the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies, but the pack survives. and the last thing littlefinger sees will be a stark (more than one, actually) smiling down at him as he dies, saying these words.


my figuarts arrived! all save ami, who’s already been here for several months, and rei, who should be here around tuesdayish.

and of course i had to take pictures of the unboxing process, bc i love other people’s figuarts photos and it’s time to give back

i didn’t want to cough up an extra $20 for the limited edition usagi, so she can’t look more than mildly happy about things. ah well, she can always borrow minako’s

(also, enjoy the contents of my desk. yes, that’s a madoka cup and a katara necklace in the background haha)

there will be more pictures forthcoming! there’s a bunch of stuff i want to reenact…