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a glimpse of someday | shallura week 2016

Title: a glimpse of someday
Word Count:
[He died over four billion miles away from Earth – it had to stay that way. | Shiro. Allura. Shallura Week 2016.]

A/N: I’m sure a lot of people will be doing this kind of concept for this prompt. Ah well. *throws mine into the pile*


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Allura and Coran were very clear in their instructions. Do not tell anyone about the floating space castle, the magic robot lions or the ten-thousand year old empire that would enslave all of humanity the instant they took interest in their planet. The Paladins agree easily enough, racing off to the hanger (Hunk pulls Keith along with him, promising ‘the more, the merrier!’) and rocket away in cloaked pods, each with their own set of coordinates pointed toward home.

The castleship waits in the dark side of the moon, hidden in shadows just enough to mask their presence from the orbiting world. Close enough to look upon it, and that’s exactly what Shiro does, standing on the edge of the observation deck. The ship’s enhancer displays the view on the windows, but Shiro looks past them, gazing on the half-lit planet with his own two eyes.

The Earth wasn’t ready – not for any of it.

Not for him.

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