moment of moore,

In case, you guys were wondering…

Do I ship Clive and Liv romantically? Sure, why not?
Do I ship the friendship? Most definitely, it has always come first for me.
Does it matter if they ever become romantic canon? Not really…I won’t be mad if it doesn’t happen ever. I enjoy their interactions either way.

So in conclusion, babimoore are both otp/brotp material…

me every time there are clive/liv scenes:

Yo so iZombie had its season finale and I am desperate to see Liv and her family interact again. Let them find out she’s a zombie and let me watch her mom and brother feel nothing but heartstrings being tugged because holy shit liv didn’t give her blood to her brother because he would be suffering like her. Give me mom and brother apologizing, Liv forgiving because she knows that cutting ties with her had to be hard because they love her so much. Give me just a good old fashioned family moment between the Moores.

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Ron just let the cat out of the bag in Hollywood Reporter

you mean this??

When the season three trailer first debuted, I was shocked at what seemed to be a reveal that there would be a huge deviation from the book when Jamie gets arrested. In the book, he arranged for Jenny to give his location to the soldiers and they apprehend him on the road, but in the trailer it looked like Jenny really did betray him when he gets ambushed at Lallybroch. Of course, in the episode it was revealed to still be organized by Jamie so Lallybroch could get the reward money, but how beholden are you to the books in those moments? 

Moore: We’re pretty much allowed to do what we want. We always try to do the book version first. We make changes because it doesn’t work for some reason, or maybe we changed a character that means you have to follow a different path – like our Murtagh [Duncan Lacroix] is alive, and clearly that’s a change from the storyline.

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