moment factory

underrated Monster Factory moments
  • “Hi, I’m Bill Trinnen, and I’d like to show you me beautiful sports”
  • when Griffin turns Truck Shepard into an abomination and spends the next minute or so saying “whoops! uh-oh!” 
  • “I’m DAZ! I VENTILATE through my SCALP!”
  • “This cream-faced business boy.”
  • Every time they play an online game and they meet a Bart 
  • Final Pam Versus The Forest of Ghost Sons
  • “Dickolas Cheney”
  • Justin being allowed into the political discussion room on Second Life and Griffin being trapped outside, and Justin taunting Griffin with all the political stuff he isn’t able to get involved with
  • Continuation of the above: the political discussion room requiring 100 in-game dollars to enter and Justin giving Griffin enough money so he’s exactly one dollar short 
  • Griffin saying “A soul still burns” while Mëlissa’s apple teleports around her person
  • “I’m gonna climb inside you and wake you up on the inside!”
  • Justin and Griffin’s gradual horror and disgust in the process of creating the Final Pam
  • The Junker having Bible verses on his stick
  • Griffin’s encounter with the Arby’s witch
  • Related to the above: the fact that Griffin got a cursed pizza-themed version of Dark Souls outside of a restaurant that wasn’t even a pizza place
  • Managing to create a genuinely cool-looking character out of their Shrek at the very end of Spore
  • Turbovicki’s abysmal basketball skills

 the most underrated monster factory moment, in my opinion, was in the oblivion video when griffin kills a prison guard, changes the corpse’s name to “bookshelf”, and puts a book on top of him, without saying anything at all


Favourite Monster Factory Moments Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin (1/?)

Here’s where things get just magical with Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin - I’m gonna keep hitting the randomization button over and over again, picking the same sort of slot over and over again, and we’re going to see what happens to this sweet boy’s sweet face!

The signs as Monster Factory moments
  • Aries: The Arbys witch
  • Taurus: When The Boy Mayor could not stop dancing
  • Gemini: When the Bee Movie creation came back as an enemy
  • Cancer: Just Like Bart
  • Leo: "I think dogs should be able to vote!"
  • Virgo: Their reactions every time they find the similar face feature
  • Libra: "How does your backyard barbecue go, The Smiths? Pretty good, it does not seem. Haha. I tell little joke. Next time you invite Pam."
  • Scorpio: When they named a guard 'bookshelf' and put a book on him and said nothing
  • Sagittarius: Succotash gliding to 'On the Wings of Love'
  • Capricorn: Everyone started yelling "Totinos"
  • Aquarius: Shrek nipples
  • Pisces: A Chiquita Dave beach party

underrated monster factory moments: when justin is making his second life character test out the sex animations on the hot tub griffin put in the election party room and justin yells “EVERYTHING YOU’RE SEEING IS BEING BROUGHT TO YOU BY TOTINO’S”

My 20 Favorite Moments From Tim Burton Films

20.) The Pets Become Horror Movie Monsters- ‘Frankenweenie’

19.) “They blew up congress!” - 'Mars Attacks!’

18.) Large Marge- 'Pee Wee’s Big Adventure’

17.) The “Happening”- 'Dark Shadows’

16.) Penguin Finds His Parents- 'Batman Returns’

15.) Lydia and Beetlejuice’s Wedding- 'Beetlejuice’

14.) “Did you steal my tarts?”- 'Alice in Wonderland’

13.) “We’re simply meant to be.” - 'The Nightmare Before Christmas’

12.) Party Man- 'Batman’

11.) Tears to Shed/ Piano Duet- “Corpse Bride”

10.) The Bathtub Scene- 'Big Fish’

09.) “Hi Dad.”- 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’

08.) The Hessian Horseman- 'Sleepy Hollow’

07.) Bela’s Speech- 'Ed Wood’

06.) The Finale- 'Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street’

05.) Ice Dance- 'Edward Scissorhands’

04.) Oogie Boogie’s Song- 'The Nightmare Before Christmas’

03.) Day O- 'Beetlejuice’

02.) Selina’s Transformation- 'Batman Returns’

01.) A Christmas Past- 'Edward Scissorhands’

underrated Monster Factory moment: Griffin seeing a nuke go off in Fallout 4 and saying in his normal non-Pam voice “That’s not one of mine”

i think we can collectively pinpoint the time the world went to shit as about the time that we stopped having bards. like the moment the lute factory shut down the world went to hell immediately