Lazy afternoon

Jimin fluff scenario.

Summary/Request by @jiminslayyy : Can i request jimin fluff when jimin likes to braid his girlfriend long hair 😊

The window was half opened and the warm summer air was all over the small room. You opened your eyes once you felt Jimin’s hand caring your hair.

“What’s wrong Jimin?” you said with your eyes half closed. 

“Nothing baby. Just, the silence. It feels so nice here.” 

“Yeah…” you agreed. “It’s pretty quiet for afternoon isn’t it?” you asked and you got up.

“It feels just right.” he laughed after kissing your head.

“It will rain…” you said and stood up. You went to the window, you open the curtains and opened it completely.

You closed your eyes and took a deep breath as the summer wind was hitting your body.

It was feeling amazing. The smell of the ground, just before the rain. The summer wind and the fresh air.

“I heard it on the news yesterday at that small café we were… Just a summer rain, nothing more.” you said looking out of the window.

“I love those.” you added and turned your body the other way, smiling.

“Me too baby…” Jimin gave you his warmest smile.

After a moment of silence,

“Come here” he said and you closed the curtains before you lay down on the couch next to him.

Jimin placed your head on his legs and you stood there with your eyes closed.

The rain started.

You could hear the raindrops falling on the pavement.

You could imagine it becoming silver, leaving this dark grey color.

The summer hot atmosphere became colder.

The wind made the curtains dance with it.

You felt so relaxed.

That moment, it was like you could hear every movement of the earth and be a part of it.

Once you were calmed down, you felt Jimin’s hands caring your hair.

“Y/N? You awake?” Jimin asked you.

You opened your eyes and said yes to him.

“May I….” he said and you brushed your hair with your hands.

Jimin started braiding your hair and you stayed there enjoying the moment. He was always doing that when you were calm and happy. It was his own way to relax himself. He was looking at your calm existence and he was feeling safe.

His fingers were carefully braiding your hair, when the wind blew the curtains and the rain left it’s mark on the wooden floor.

Jimin started singing to you a calm song that made you feel even more relaxed.


You closed your eyes.


I love these aesthetic momements so much:3

It wasn’t that big but it was aesthetic….


anonymous asked:

what are, in your opinion, the best carrison interviews or videos on youtube? :)

There aren’t actually that many unfortunately- I think the Carrison idea comes across more from quotes and just on (and off) screen chemistry that as individual momements are fairly insignificant but as a whole you just get this feeling like there’s a lot more than meets the eye. As I say, a lot of it comes from quotes from the cast and people who know them but the majority, as I’m sure you’re aware, are from Carrie herself. It’s kept quite quiet and Harrison mentions it very little in front of the cameras so some of the best videos are actually Carrie in more recent years when she maybe has more (although still not a lot, as she’s obviously aware) freedom and she talks about Harrison and the things he says (it’s quite obviously not a one-sided attraction) but there’s little footage of him behind closed doors actually saying anything, only Carrie’s accounts- which I assume is becuase they’re both respectful of Harrison’s relationships (relationships seem to have been less of an issue for Carrie which is why she talks more freely). A lot of my favourite moments are on Carrie’s twitter and the way she confirms Carrison without explicitly revealing them but there are one or two videos on YouTube which I like so I’ve linked them for you, sorry there aren’t more (if anyone has any links to more, send me them and i’ll happily add them to this list).

Carrie basically confirms they had a thing in Norway/ during filming [the Carrison stuffs about 2:19(this is my favourite Carrison footage, it’s not hard to predict what she was about to say)  

Carrie basically admits she loved him hahah (this is also a favourite of mine…particularly when she mentions he gets scared every time she opens her mouth. Although, I reckon she will never forget a single moment she spent/spends with him) 

Carrie talks about them partying with The Rolling Stones (It’s more about what’s not said, what you can assume they were up to together)

Carrie’s audition across from Harrison (not technically a Carrison moment because I assume that it’s one of/the first time they met so it’s nice footage. It’s just them two doing their thang)

French Interview (They interact little and it’s difficult to understand if you don’t speak French. I have a GCSE in it so I understand a little, I can get the jist of what they’re saying. They don’t talk to/about each other a lot but they have undeniable chemistry)

 What’s your favourite Carrison video/moment?

I pretty much dumped this in someones tags but I really need to gush about this so here goes.

That scene with James and Cat talking on the balcony.

The way he goes to get up when she comes out but doesn’t get all awkward when she tells him to stay. How calm he is about her striking up a conversation. It’s really easy to forget that as a departement head James probably spends more time with Cat than an average employee. And a lot of that time is probably very much boss and employee but in this momement its less so. He’s not her equal but he’s about as close as one can get in Catco and there is respect between them.

The way the conversation started I could have sworn Cat was about to call him on his relationship drama with Lucy and Kara because I have no doubt she’s aware of his dilema, even if she doesn’t know about the supergirl angle. I was freaking and James was just being as steady as ever. Like this wasn’t the first time Cat has spoken to him about something personal.

Then it progressed a bit and I realised Siobhan must have tipped Cat off that James had information he was holding back.

And instead of coming in guns blazing, out for blood and truth, demanding he share what he know, Cat did her mentor thing.

She told him a story of her own to give him a fresh perspective and guide him to a decision with no guarantee it’d be the decision she wanted.

Not just any story either. She shared something that made her vulnerable. Oh it was easy to miss, her voice was steady, she was matter-of-fact about it, it was all framed as something that helped her grow and helped drive her, and gods was it amazing to find out something about Cat’s motivations as a person, but it happened. She stood there and admitted that everyday she thinks of the woman whose life she might have saved if she had run the real story.

She did a good job of acting like it wasn’t hard to say it but then there is that one moment before she leaves, where she takes a sip from James’ glass.

Germophobe Cat Grant drank from someones elses glass because gods-damned that was hard and she needs something to wash the taste of the admission out  of her mouth.

And now I desperately need more scenes between Cat and James because somewhere along the line they developed enough of a relationship for Cat to risk being vulnerable in order to mentor him instead of just sweeping in and threatening his career in order to get what she wanted.

I also desperately need more scenes between Cat and everyone.

While still keeping a majority percentage Cat and Kara.

What I really need more than anything though is Cat Grant back story and personal info. Like her whole biography with extra personal annotations. But yeah….


AMI~! Looking super pretty. And lonely. YOU SHUT YOUR GROSS MOUTH, RANDOM ASS BOY.

And she sees Usagi and “PART OF YOUR WORLD” is practically swelling in the background. DON’T WORRY AMI USAGI WILL TAKE YOU INTO HER LOVING ARMS.

But I saw it mentioned, but can we talk about how perfectly that momement bleeds into the opening? We have Ami looking at Usagi and suddenly they’re next to each other and it’s “I want to support you” and then tears are rolling down Ami’s cheeks! She doesn’t even know it yet, but her loneliness, her ache, it’s a desire to support Usagi, and Usagi doesn’t know it yet, but she wants to support her! Perfect opening synchronicity.