mombo camp

Elephant comes to camp at Mombo

This younger male elephant came in to camp everyday to eat from the Amarillo trees. I felt like I was a safe distance from him and everyday I spoke to him. From the first day, he has responded by lifting how trunk to “smell” me. If I would walk a little further, he would. If I stopped so would he. I took this little video of him after 4 days of interacting with him.

He seems to have left his herd which so often young bulls do. Hopefully a larger older bull will take him u see his “wings” so to speak to guide him through proper behaviour etc.

 It’s moments like this that are so special and can not be matched.

Tully Tully Bridge

During April 2012, Mombo Camp, the #1 rated Luxury Safari in Botswana (owned by Wilderness Safaris) built a new bridge leading in to Mombo. For our love and support of Wilderness and ongoing beliefs in Conservation, Preservation and Sustainability, we got the honour of having the bridge named after us, the “Tully Tully Bridge.” This is will be our true legacy, as Mombo means so much to both Brad and I.

Up close and personal with Legadema

This isn’t a “zoom” the black bar you see to the right if this picture is the rail on my vehicle. This is the infamous leopard Legadema who I have featured in the past. Look at those eyes. She’s looking right at me. The sheer beauty of this animal inspires me! It’s seeing them like this in their raw, pureness of their natural habitat that takes my breath away!! I’m very excited as I leave again for travels and I have been invited to a Conservation Conference in Cape Town where some of the worlds most important Wildlife Conservationists will be in attendance. I so very much appreciate all the support my followers have shown regarding the importance of these animals existence and the fight against poaching and hunting. This was taken at Mombo camp in Botswana few weeks ago.