I don’t know if all of these were intentional or not, but Over the Garden Wall has SO MANY Oz references- both to the MGM movie, and the original books. A lot of the designs bear resemblance to the Oz chracters (compare Adelaide’s hat to that of the Wicked Witch of the East- the ribbons are the same).

I wanted to work out a character design for both Jack Pumpkinhead and Old Mombi so I figured the best way was to illstrate the scene when Mombi tests Dr. Pippin’s Powder of Life on our lanky friend.

Since Gilkin Country is purple I figured that all the plants there would be shades of purple. It’s also a great forest country so I assume trees would be everywhere. That said to me that it’s a cold area hence Mombi wearing a fur lined jacked.

Mombi is an interesting character, she was the former Wicked Witch of the North, she was a jailor for King Pastoria (Ozma’s Mother) and she also had the power to transform Ozma a baby girl into Tippetarius a little boy.

Jack is also interesting, one of the many characters in OZ who was able to honestly assess his unsurity of his own intelligence and place in the world. I lo ve that his head spoils and has to be replaced. It almost feels like a chance to make his personality different for each new pumpkin head he gets.


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