Criminal Minds

Fighting with Reid   Pregnant and Dating Reid   Rossi and Dating

Hotch and Dating   Prentiss and Dating   Being Hotch’s Wife

Being Spencer’s Wife   Being J.J.’s Sister   Baby Stuff with Hotch

Movies with Spencer   Hotch and Nightmares   Reid and Nightmares

Christmas and Reid   Reid Being Sick   Mornings with Reid

Fighting with Morgan   Working with and Dating Reid   Hotch Buying Gifts

Dating and Morgan   Meeting Morgan   Reid and You Sick   Dating Reid

Being Reid’s Sister   Fighting and Rossi   Dating and Garcia

Grocery Shopping with Reid   Fighting and Hotchner   Being Hotch’s Daughter

Reid Sexually Teasing You   Sleepover and Garcia   Losing Virginity to Reid

Relationship with Morgan and Reid   You Sexually Teasing Reid

Spencer’s Care After Your Surgery   Family Vacation with Spencer 

Relationship with Derek and Penelope   Hotchner and Sex   Rossi and Sex

Relationship with Rossi and Reid   Reid and Your Favorite Rock Band

Introducing Rossi to Your Mom

Being an Avenger, Rossi’s Dauther, and Dating Reid

Being Hotch’s Sister and Secretly Dating David

Carrying Rossi’s Child   Shower Sex with Rossi

Married to David and Jealous of Hayden  Rossi and Depression Talk


Gibbs and Dating    Baby Stuff with Gibbs   Dating McGee

Dating DiNozzo   Being Abby’s Sister   Being Gibbs’ Daughter

Being Gibbs’ Sister   Comic-Con with Reid, Sciuto, and McGee


Being Loki’s Sister   Loki and Reid in Bed   Dating and Loki

Having Bucky and Steve    Fighting and Loki   Loki and Sex

Being Loki’s Partner   Loki and Shopping   Loki and Submission

Carrying Loki’s Child   Rough Sex with Bucky  Prepping For Loki’s Proposal

Sherlock (BBC and Elementary)

Being Joan’s Sister Dating Sherlock   Dating Elementary Sherlock

Lazy Sex with (BBC) Sherlock   Dating and (BBC) Sherlock

(BBC) Sherlock and Gifts   

House, M.D.

Marriage and House

Dating Spencer Reid would include...
  • a close friendship with Derek & JJ
  • helping babysit Henry & Michael when JJ & Will go out
  • learning how to play chess
  • hand written love notes
  • learning random tidbits of information from him every day
  • slowly integrating more technology into his lifestyle (to his dismay)
  • hugs where he lifts you in the air and spins you around
  • cheek kisses
  • learning a bunch of random information to try and one up him
  • occasional trips to Vegas to see his mom
  • being there for him as he copes with his mom’s worsening conditions
  • quick pecks on the lips
  • reading books together
  • constantly running your fingers through his disheveled hair that you love so much
  • making sure he never has to look to Dilaudid to feel ok again
  • working with Penelope to teach Reid the basics of social media (doesn’t capture his attention as much as a good book would)

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car club name generator for 2016

first letter of your first name : 
a - mom
b - night
c - dark
d - street
e - plug
f - kawaii
g - hidden
h - secret
i - booty
j - grip
k - butt
l - anime
m - car
n - bad
o - vape
p - camber
q - super
r - night
s - dank
t - deviant
u - phat
v - original
w - dad
x - bought
y - my
z - evo

first letter of your last name :
a - assblasters
b -
c - daddies
d - tits
e - fisters
f - street
g - elitists
h - hentai boys
i - international
j - instafamous
k - dream
l - crew
m - runner
n - stancers
o - vape
p - unlimited
q - supreme
r - cena
s - memers
t - dreamers
u - loop runners
v - bigcartel
w - squad
x - x
y - bozuzuzuko
z - hondas

anonymous asked:

What would dating Regina Mills include

  • Seeing the real her, not the ‘Evil Queen’ but seeing the real Regina and loving her no matter what
  • Always defending her when people insult/berate her for her past because you know that she has changed and is good
  • Henry loving you and loving how happy you make his mom
  • Being one of her only weaknesses (including Henry)
  • Her always protecting you and always doing whatever it takes to keep you safe
  • Her threatening anyone who puts you in harms way
  • Angry, rough sex
  • Gentle, soft sex (Regina’s mood changes frequently)
  • Her confiding her worries to you because you’re the only person that can make her feel better
  • Her always being there for you when you need her and offering you the warmest hugs and most tender touches
  • She would always believe in you and you would always believe in her
  • She does things for you (and Henry). She wants to prove that she’s changed for you and Henry.
  • Surprising you with gifts and flowers and when you insist that she doesn’t have to, she smiles and tells you she wants to
  • Being the one who can calm her down and make her feel relaxed
  • Never being overly touchy in public (spontaneous kisses and hand holding but never much else) but behind closed doors, it’s a whole new story ;)
  • Mumbles of ‘I love you’ as you fall asleep, tangled around each other
Just Jae-Ha Things

Things Jae-Ha will absolutely always do:

  • Be willing to take off his clothes
  • Look beautiful
  • Treat women with utmost care and respect
  • Sniff out a woman
  • Praise people’s beauty, cuteness, etc
  • Act host-like and dramatic
  • Sparkle
  • Let you tie him up as ~as tightly~ as you want
  • Let you punch him with all your might
  • Enjoy ^ the punching
  • Lick blood seductively off his hand
  • Act like a big bro
  • Take responsibility for everyone’s silly antics
  • Apologize to Mom
  • Be funny and glorious and perverted
  • Love everything beautiful
  • Strip
  • Strip
  • Strip?
  • Did I mention take off his clothes already?
  • Laugh at silly cute things and Hakyona angsty funny things
  • Flirt
  • Throw knives
  • Tease people
  • Tease Hak
  • Tease Yona
  • Steal a look at Shin-ah’s eyes
  • Be wise in romance
  • Be silly in romance
  • Crave freedom
  • Be free
  • Smile
  • Give great hugs
  • Be there for you always
  • Ask tactful and not-so-tactful questions
  • Play for you 
  • Lull you to sweet sleep with his playing
  • Carry you and fly
  • Complain about how heavy you are (if you’re a man)
  • Be unable to resist your starry-eyes when you want him to carry you (even if you’re a man)
  • Joke
  • Chase his love interests until they give in to his charms (of course they will why do you ask)
  • Be a little bit tsundere 
  • Get his butt stuck in a vase (they’re nice accessories okay?)
  • Butter up Captain Gi-Gan
  • Flirt with Hak and Yona and Kija (?) and Gi-Gan
  • Want to be passionately shot in the heart with an arrow
  • Protect his nakama

Things Jae-Ha will absolutely not do: 

  • Take off his shoes 
  • Mistreat women
  • Take away someone’s freedom
  • Forgive someone who does that^
  • Confess to Yona (?)
  • Not flirt 
  • Enlarge his dragon leg
  • Enrage Yoon
  • Keep his clothes on for no reason
  • Be chased by someone (OH LORD NEVER let me chase you)
  • Betray his nakama

Feel free to add on!

callout post for rosa
  • being a literal badass
  • being bayo’s mom
  • being hot as hell
  • being my wife
  • has chains on her outfit
  • her revolvers are as big as one’s head
  • her color scheme is amazing
  • she turns into a fucking snake