MOMBcast FCBD Special!

On the 5th of May, 2012, we were invited down to Forbidden Planet Southampton to record a Free Comic Book Day special!

In it, we talk A LOT about comics, especially the ones given away on Free Comic Book Day. And about lots of other things. It was ace.

The very generous folk at Forbidden Planet Southampton also gave us a whole bunch of Free Comic Book Day comics to give away, including the incredibly desirable Mousegard hardcover from Archaia – find out more about that book and the others during the show – so we’re running a competition!

To listen to the show, and find out how to enter the competition, go to the link!

Tomorrow on 4 May, David Wynne and I will be at Forbidden Planet Southampton for Free Comic Book Day. 

If you’re there this Saturday, pop over and you can nab a copy of Elemental Micah. 

I can’t promise to make the graphic novel free (it will be £9.99), but I am bringing some freebies with me…

The Complete Twitter Comic 2011

So. This is what I did yesterday:

I went down to Southampton on the invitation of my lovely friends from the Monkey On My Back podcast, to be artist in residence for their latest Twitter comic.

What’s a Twitter comic, you ask? Well, first off all, the lovely monkeys asked for suggestions for a story premise on twitter, then held a vote for the best one- and then, yesterday, I made a comic starting from that premise, based entirely on tweeted suggestions coming in live as I was drawing.

I was drawing more or less non-stop for 12 hours (well, okay, I did stop to have dinner- but apart from that), and the comic ended up being 24 pages long (although most of those pages are only two panles- and many are single panel splash pages).

So, the winning tweet for the premise was “A guy has different superpowers depending on what music he’s listening to” from the great Warwick Johnson Cadwell - and as the winner, he was asked to provide the first tweet: “Our hero (unsupersuited?) running through streets skips through ip0d looking for Fatboy Slims Ya Mama to activate speed.”

And this is what ensued…

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MOMBquestion - What does the word "continuity" mean to you right now?

Thanks to everyone who answered last week’s question! If you listened to Thursday’s show, you’ll know we included many answers on air, and IT WAS INTRIGUING!

So, this week we want to know:

MOMBQuestion - What does the word “continuity” mean to you right now?

(You can interpret that however you like!)

Answer here, at Google+ (where it’s easier to have a conversation), or via email to, and let’s see if we can’t wrestle this question into a more confusing shape!
#MOMBcast 132

In our 132nd episode, we talk about:

Aaron Campbell, Adam Cadwell, Amazing Spider-Man, Asterix & The Golden Sickle, Avengers Vs X-Men, Batman, Brandon Graham, Brian Azzarello, Cliff Chiang, Comiket, Dan Slott, digital comics, Fantastic Four, Farel Dalrymple, Garth Ennis, Gods Of Mars, Goscinny, Great Beast, Greg Capullo, Humberto Ramos, Hypergirl, Ian Sharman, David Wynne, Jason Aaron, Jay Faerber, Joe Hill, John Carter, John Romita Jr, Jonathan Hickman, Marc Ellerby, Marvel, Near Death, Prometheus, Prophet, Ramon Perez, Ron Garney, Sam Humphries, Scott Snyder, Simone Guglielmini, The Shadow, Uderzo, Wonder Woman

…And also, we discuss our weeks, a bit of football, and other stuff.

It’s a very musical episode, two, with TWO songs by people we know, kind of. Roll up, Michael Georgiou and David Wynne.

Full show-notes and timings at the link.

Please go listen! Even if you aren’t into comics, listening to three idiots in Southampton record the best comic-book podcast recorded in Southampton on a Thursday night in Southampton is always going to be awesome!

MOMBcast #142 Open Call!

#MOMBcast 142 records tonight! If you’ve got anything you want to ask or talk about, tell us here, or send it to!

As always, contributions are welcome - 2-5 minute mp3s to the address above!

Get in touch?

MOMBcast #144 open call for contributions/comments/questions!

MOMBcast #144 records tonight. There are only two of us, so we’re DESPERATE for extra stuff to include/talk about!

If you’ve got any questions or comments, or have something to say about comics and 2-5 minutes of audio to say it in, please send us mail or mp3s to!


Tonight, like every Thursday, we record #MOMBcast. We talk about this week’s new comics, any big news that has happened in comics over the last few days, and we spotlight a comic from the past. Listen to #MOMBcast here!

We also take contributions! If you want to participate in #MOMBcast, you can either:

  • Record 2-5 minutes of audio about comics and send it to us at mombcast (at) gmail dot com.
    It can be about any particular comic, or any other aspect of comics that you want to discuss.
  • Ask us a question about something you want us to talk about. You can do this either by recording & sending it the same way as an audio bit, or mail us it here, at mombcast (at) gmail dot com, or by using the #MOMBcast hashtag at Twitter.

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