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Bhai-O-Scope (2015) at Art Fair Delhi. Part of the project Medicine Corner. The artists known as BLOT (Basic Love of Things) investigated regional medicinal practices in India and compiled their discoveries into this “Travelling Museum.” Besides the graphics and samples the unit shows videos and dispenses a comic book about the project.  The work lives up to the artists’ reputation for creating “juxtapositions of trans-media content that seeks to connect the experiences of diverse cultures.” -jt


Traces of The House of Everything and Nothing (2013) by the Raqs Media Collective live on in the incised exterior of Gujral House, a residence turned installation space in Delhi. The installation visualized data flow between the group’s New Delhi studio and the rest of the world. The lines were formed by removing the concrete stucco to reveal the brick structure beneath.

The visualization was also rendered as a carpet, shown at the Isabella Stuart Gardener Museum in the intervention The Great Bare Mat & Constellation (2012-2013). -jt Bottom photo from Raqs website.