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Oh goodness I really want to see a) the actual scene of bruce and felicity interacting and what abby thinks of it. or what terry thinks of it. b) I want to see Terry figuring out what to get Abby for Christmas. this could include asking Matt, and then asking Max. I'm thinking an old school record player (or i guess i pods would be old school by then) with Jazz standards on them, cause Terry's a giant ass music nerd


Not gonna lie, it was a little awkward when Mom came with me to see Mr. Wayne. I don’t think they’d been face to face for like, twenty years. Longer, maybe.

“So, the anniversary cards,” she said after like five minutes of polite chit chat. She was looking at him the way she looks at Jonny when he’s stretching the truth. “Those were actually ‘my condolences on still being married to that man’ cards, weren’t they?”

Mr. Wayne didn’t even blink. “You always sent very handsome thank you notes.”

“Likewise,” she admitted, a little grudgingly.

“I appreciated the birthday wishes,” he said evenly. “You’ll forgive my suspicion that they were actually, ‘I’m astonished you survived another year’ cards.”

She laughed - her infectious, genuine laugh - and then they seemed okay with each other? I don’t get it.


Aw, man, you’re gonna be disappointed. She bakes, right? I got her spices. Cinnamon and shit. Like, the really pretentious kind in pretty glass bottles.

She accused me of just wanting more pumpkin bread, and she’s not wrong.

this lil kid at work like, saw me go into the bathroom but still tried opening/ slamming their body against the door fifteen seconds later and then once i was out of the bathroom they grabbed a tray and put some waffles on it and went to the counter to ?? Pay for it ?? I guess. But they were so neat and orderly they were even waiting in line like? You have no idea what money even is kid. You don’t know the alphabet probably. their mom grabbed the tray from them and they were like “hey! I was gonna eat that” and started shrieking. like it was so fucking funny. they were like 5 years old.

When we moved back from Vegas we lived in Genesee county for a few years. My mom always talked about how happy she was to raise me somewhere “with culture,” lol. And she really believed that about Flint, her whole life. She believed it about the Oakland County suburb where we ended up, where I went to high school, or at least she believed that the schools there would expose me to “culture,” which I guess they did. I don’t think she felt that way about Pontiac, though, which makes sense but is also at the heart of a comparative urban history question I want to pursue. 

It’s so complicated, right? If you know anything about the Cultural Center. Or, actually, like, you don’t have to know anything about the Flint Cultural Center to know what I’m talking about. You will know immediately that a “Cultural Center” is urban renewal language. And I worked for them and I have nothing but criticisms for the “cultural administration” of that neighborhood. But like, ok, my mother wanted me to live there so she could take me to this amazing museum (which straight-up made me who I am) and this theater and this “cultural center.” Publicly funded, public “culture.” 

I’m not even making a comparison here, like, the city where I live now is amazing for publicly funded, public “culture,” whatever I may think of it. But I am so so so so so so so homesick for this particular cultural complex for poor people. 

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Red: how was your first kiss? what do you love about yourself? when’s the last time you warmed your hands in front of a fire? would you rather watch a sunrise or sunset? what’s the best thing about summer?

My first kiss was… meh.
It wasn’t with the person I even loved, it was from some spin the bottle type shit.
I mean, I guess the person was a good kisser, but there was literally no passion, or happiness, or whatever the fuck a first kiss should actually be.

I love my eyes. Not so much the shape, but the color.
I find them to be very unique, mostly because I actually have orange around my pupil. They also change colors a lot, which is cool too.

I would say about a couple months ago, maybe close to a year ago?
It was for my friends moms birthday, we had a little pit fire in their backyard, and it was just really awesome. We just bullshitted a lot, and it was a great time.

Sunrise, or sunset….
That’s a good one, and I love both a lot.
I would probably pick.. sunrise.
The reason why is a bit strange, but I have had a lot of better memories when the sun is rising.

Walking on the boardwalk with friends, bonfires on the beach.
Little things like that make summer worth while for me.

Same Love (cover)
  • Same Love (cover)
  • Angel Haze

At age thirteen, my mom knew I wasn’t straight
She didn’t understand, but she had so much to say
She sat me on the couch, looked me straight in my face
And said you’ll burn in hell or probably die of AIDS
It’s funny now, but at thirteen it was pain
To be almost sure of who you are and have it ripped away
And I’m sorry if it’s too real for some of you to fathom
But hate for who you love is not exactly what you’d imagine
And I guess it was disastrous
Because everything that happened afterwards was just madness
Locked away for two years to keep me on the inside
Because she’d rather see a part of me die than me thrive
And it’s tougher when it’s something you can’t deny
And ignorance teaches us it’s something you decide
You’re driven by your choices, an optical illusion
Here’s to understanding it’s not always confusion

And I can’t change
Even if I tried, even if I wanted to
And I can’t change
Even if I tried, even if I wanted to
My love, my love, my love
She keeps me warm
She keeps me warm
She keeps me warm
She keeps me warm

I’ve walked the halls of my school
And I’ve seen kids hide behind walls and footballs and things like pride
I’ve seen innocent children suffer beneath bruises
Suffer beneath every single hand that chooses ignorance
Fuck your religion
Fuck constitutions
Fuck superstitions
There are no lakes of fire; they’re here on earth
And the only thing to do is put love first

And so I stand for the boy who died by his hand
To the sound of his father screaming “Woman loves man”
“This is Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve”
And I stand for the girl with the cuts up her sleeve
And the heart in her hand and a chip on her shoulder
And I stand for it all until ignorance is over
This is for you, for knowing who you are
For never letting your magic outside of your heart
Be you, be brave, and understand that things do change
I accept you for you when I don’t understand
And I love you for you because this is who I am
I accepted you for you when I didn’t understand
Now love me for me ‘cause this is who I am


Here’s a message to the people who just don’t get it:
Love is love
There is no difference
Not a medication to fix it
There is no prescription
No rehab to visit
It is not an addiction
It’s love and it’s selfless
It’s yours and everybody else’s
So don’t badger and abuse the solemnly defenseless
See us as yourself
There’s no equality in difference
Until we all get it, we’ll be drowning in the same blood
Despite orientation, we all feel the same love
We’ll be drowning in the same blood
Despite orientation, we all feel the same love


We are boxed in and labeled
Before we’re ever able to speak who we believe we are
Or who we dream we’ll become
Like drum beats forever changing their rhythm
I am living today as someone I had not yet become yesterday
And tonight I’ll only borrow pieces of who I am today
To carry with me to tomorrow
No, I’m not gay
No, I’m not straight
And I sure as hell am not bisexual
Damn it I am whoever I am when I am it
Loving whoever you are when the stars shine
And whoever you’ll be when the sun rises
So here’s to being able
Here’s to love
Here’s to loving just because
Here’s to acceptance
Here’s to never fearing the fear of rejection
Here’s to love and never neglecting who you feel you are
Here’s to bullies because beatings cannot last forever
Heres’ to the moment you realize things do get better
Here’s to the parents who will get it when its too late
Here’s to second chances
Here’s to new fate
Here’s to every single moment you’ve ever had to hide you
Here’s to the single star shining bright inside you, asking you to guide you
Here’s to who you’ll be when you figure it all out
Here’s to momentary doubt
Here’s to feeling, because we all feel it the same
Here’s to the moment that things will change
Because we all feel love, we all feel it the same
Here’s to love, here’s to change.

 - [x]

Funny Story

I was in private school and in 1st grade, there was this annoying kid at my school that constantly bugged me. Now, usually I deal with it and never turn to violence. But one day, he was following me around and I just lost it. So I ran behind the classroom building and hand a hula hoop ready in my hands. The moment I saw him I instinctively swung with all my force. It sure as hell knocked the breath out of him. He went and told the teacher and I just shrugged it off.

Funny thing is, my mom asked if I wanted to switch schools and I did only because I thought I’d never see him again. I was wrong.

9 years later in my freshman year of highschool. Guess who’s sitting behind me?

  • Should've Known Better
  • Sufjan Stevens

I’m light as a feather
I’m bright as the Oregon breeze


Good sailing, Ahab. // Night, daddy. 

A funny back story to Taylor’s appearance on our show tonight: many years ago back in 2005, a very young Taylor Swift, I guess around 15 or 16 years old, came to our show with her mom and her guitar and somehow got ahold of the guy who books the bands here and asked if she could play a song for him. And he said “No, you can’t be in our green room. We serve alcohol in here, you’re too young, you have to go.” And so he threw her out. He threw Taylor Swift out of our building. And now she’s here to play for 15,000 fans out on Hollywood Boulevard for us tonight.
—  Jimmy Kimmel, Monologue
Night Skyline: A Very Poorly Written Short Story...

Today is gonna suck ass. It’s my first day at my new school for like the 5th time in 5 years. My name is CJ, short for Chuck Junior. Im average build, 5’8, low cut with waves. smooth mahogany skin, not muscular at all. Just an average black kid you feel me? I like weird not thought to be black shit such as: anime, house music, and I can’t play basketball or rap. I read alot, and work on computers in my spare time. As you’ve probably guessed i get tons of action from the ladies. Nah, I’ve never had a girlfriend, no kisses, barely a hug. It’s my senior year. I’m doomed to be lonely forever. This year is Seattle. My mom vows that this year will be better than last year in Denver, which she vowed would be better than Los Angeles, which she vowed would be better than Atlanta, which she vowed would be better than Charlotte. I’m over it at this point I’m ready to graduate and ascend to college. My mom is such a mess. I love her but she’s on honorable discharge from the army, she’s single, and has been on the run from my dad for 5 years. Every year he finds us and she takes off and leaves. I keep telling her just file a restraining order but she doesn’t listen. She’d rather run than admit defeat.

I walked into the state of the art building which happened to be my school. There was new everything. The walls looked clean, lockers were shinning, and thousands of new faces crowded my brain. This school seemed to be pretty evenly mixed between black and white as far as i could tell. I pulled out my schedule to see where I was headed. Organic Chemistry. That sounds like a lot of fun I thought to myself sarcastically. I began to walk to my class but i decided to go to the bathroom first to get my nerves a break before I dove head first into a new year. When I finally made it to the bathroom I was walking to the men’s door past the women’s door when suddenly wood was in my face. The door swung open and knocked me off my feet. “Get out of the way Bitch” said the person who opened the door as I lay on my back dazed and confused. It looked to be the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. A black girl. Long black hair, red lips, skinny to the point that she was almost anorexic looking, Atleast 6’1, with as least amount of clothes as she could possibly get away with not wearing on. Aside from her sickly skinniness she was gorgeous. I had already forgotten that she called me a bitch, or that I peed on myself when i hit the floor. She walked with a mysterious confidence, but I found myself soon pushing her to the back of my head. I don’t ever talk to girls, especially girls that look like her.

So on my first day I had been called a bitch and peed on myself and I hadn’t even made it to first period yet. I being the pessimist that i am always have a change of clothes with me, so I went and changed my pants and proceeded to go to first period. Class was super boring. All my classes were.

It was now my most dreaded part of the day: Lunch. I grabbed a tray and sat at a table by myself peacefully eating my lunch. I was enjoying the Kaytranada blasting through my headphones when I noticed someone i front of me. It was the girl who had hit me with the door. “Hi I just wanted to say” “that you’re sorry for hitting me with the door” I interjected “the fuck, nigga no. I just wanted to introduce myself. Im Lexi.” The girl said as she reached out her hand. My mind was blown. Not because she was totally just so rude to me but because she introduced herself to me. I reached out and shook her hand. “May I sit?” she asked. “Yeah sure, sit wherever you want” I said so fast scrambling my words. “So do you have a name kid?” she asked. “CJ” I responded. “Well CJ what are you a Sophomore?” “Nah I’m a senior” I responded. “Oh okay cool me too. Hey do you need a ride? I saw that you live in my neighborhood and thats kind of a long walk.” “Oh my god that would be so dope” I told her. “Okay its a date then” she responded and got up and left. A date? she used the word date. Was it a ride home or was it more? What ever it was. It interested me.

School was over and I found Lexi and got in her car. Migos blared out of her speakers when she cut the car on. “How was your first day son?” she asked as she pulled out of the student parking lot. “Other than meeting you I have to say I hated it” I responded chuckling from nervousness. “I hate my personal finance class” my teacher has a speech impediment and that shit bugs me” I said laughing. “ Oh you mean Miss’s Cambridge? Yeah she twalks like thwis” Lexi said almost dying. It just occurred to me that Lexi was not going near my neighborhood at all. “Yo Lexi I thought you said you lived in my neighborhood?” “I lie sometimes” she responded. “I figure you’d enjoy doing homework with someone than being all by yourself.” “It’s the first day Lexi.” “Who the fuck cares CJ? Don’t you wanna hang out with a pretty girl? I’ll just take you home then.” Lexi says as she pulls a random u turn. “WOAH WOAH chill girl” you say laughing. “Nah we can go do homework. I’d like that you tell her.”  “Thats what the fuck I thought” Lexi says.

Lexi’s house was big af. “where are your parents?” You ask her. “My mom works 14 hours out of the day. And my dad well that’s a good question. Where is he? I’ve never seen him before.” Lexi says pretending to be in deep thought. She goes into the kitchen and brings out a bottle of vodka. She pours six shots and calls me over there to her. “You get 3 I get 3” she says. “What the fuck happened to homework” I asked her, concerned. “Its the first day biiiitch right?” She says as she down her first shot. “Take one CJ” she urges. I grab the glass and throw it to the back of my throat and instantly die. I start coughing and I feel like im going to throw up. Lexi unconcerned says “take a hit of this and passes you a bowl full of weed.” “where the fuck did this come from” I asked her momentarily taking a break from dying. “Just hit the shit” she responded . I was already in too deep. I grabbed the bowl and lighter from her and decided to take a hit. I was now officially dead. I knew i was gonna die. That shit hurt. “I don’t feel good Lexi, do you have any aspirin?” I asked her. “No but I got 2 xanax’s” she said shoving them in my mouth.

20 minutes later I was laughing at my hands. Lexi was seemingly gone too. “Why are people so shitty CJ” She asked randomly. I looked at her and we simultaneously burst out laughing. “Come hold me CJ” she says in low tone. That statement made me stop laughing immediately. I started walking to her well stumbling and she says “no lets go to the bedroom” We made it to the bedroom where we cuddled. And soon i drifted off to sleep with the most beautiful girl in my arms.

I woke up to a note that read: Sorry I had to go home my mom is about to get off. BTW I don’t live in this house, The door was open when we rode by and I know the people that live here. They’re not home. They will be soon though. You should probably get going. I had fun with you today even though you’re lame as fuck. Also I took all your clothes but your underwear to make this fun for you. I also took your book bag. I did leave you your cellphone though. I put my number in it. Kisses- Lexi.

Alpha Starships
  • Alpha Starships
  • The Alpha Kids
  • Partytime

Alpha Starships

Original: Starships by Nicki Minaj

Tindeck | Youtube

Lyrics/Cover Art/Jane: Akiran
Mixing/Dirk: Cal
Roxy: Emmi
Jake: Trick

Roxy’s decided to drag all the Alpha kids to a New Year’s party and guess what song plays!


ROXY: Cmon guys, we’re here to party! Get your asses movin’!
JAKE: Roxy…while I must admit that this venue is quite charming, I do feel inclined to state–
JANE: I really don’t think this is a good idea.

ROXY: Oh my god, guys, it’s our song! We’ve got to do this shit!
DIRK: You’re kidding, right?
ROXY: Aw, yeah!

ROXY: Can I get a Post Scratch
Alphas on the floor
Move, dance, give a little more
Down a glass, fast, vermouth and gin
Add a little lemon n’ give it a spin

JANE: Do a youth roll, acrobatic turn
Make it blue, pink, cotton candy sweet
Sucker up, lick, trickster that shit
Gonna let it all loose, we’ll go by real quick

ALL: We’re out the door, door
‘Cause our planet’s doomed,
But we’ll fight more, more
The drones are comin’ soon
And this is war, war
Batterwitch don’t know
What friends are for, for
So now here we go

B2, never gonna die
Godtier’d, we’ll reunite
Let’s beat the Lord of Time
Heart, Hope, with Void and Life

B2, never gonna die
Godtier’d, we’ll reunite
Let’s beat the Lord of Time
Won’t stop…

Cuz we’re better than you motherfuckers!

ROXY: Cmon you guys!
JANE: Let’s party!
DIRK: It’s your turn, dude.
JAKE: I-I’m not quite sure I’m comfortable—
JANE: C'mon!
ROXY: You gotta do it, Jake!
DIRK: It’s not right to keep the ladies waiting.
JAKE: *sighs* Alright.

JAKE: Can’t take away the booty shorts,
But they’d like that
It’s a pistol pony rodeo,
And we’ve tried that
I’ll give double guns, and wink if I’m down
Gadzooks, that’s a long way to the ground
DIRK: Dude, we’re all smashed.

DIRK: Hey, lemme hear it cuz our time’s runnin’ out
Gonna wreck your heart and you better all shout
And you wanna kiss from the Di-Stri’s lips?
Sike, we’re too chill just to let that slip

ALL: And this is war, war
Batterwitch don’t know
What friends are for, for
So now here we go

B2, never gonna die
Godtier’d, we’ll reunite
Let’s beat the Lord of Time
Heart, Hope, with Void and Life

B2, never gonna die
Godtier’d, we’ll reunite
Let’s beat the Lord of Time
Won’t stop…

Cuz we’re better than you motherfuckers! (3x)

B2, never gonna die
Godtier’d, we’ll reunite
Let’s beat the Lord of Time
Heart, Hope, with Void and Life

B2, never gonna die
Godtier’d, we’ll reunite
Let’s beat the Lord of Time
Won’t stop…

Cuz we’re better than you motherfuckers! (3x)

LOL, I love reading the notes on my “Dragon Age…Ages” and “How old is Anders? I’ll make a semi-educated guess.” posts. 

  • #Anders is fucking 42???#he’s almost the same age as#blackwall?!?!#ANDERS IS 42?!?!?!
  • Anders is such an old man! A hot old man. Mmmmm.
  • So, basically, Anders is an old fart.

Basically, the estimate for his age comes down to him being 12 years old when taken to the Circle, and spending “almost two decades” there, making him about 32 for Awakening/DA2 in 9:31 Dragon. DA:I starts in 9:41 Dragon, making him 42.

Oh! And the events of the Trespasser DLC take place in 9:44 Dragon, so Anders is now 45. :D
Prince Harry 'regrets not speaking about Princess Diana's death' - BBC News
Prince Harry says he regrets that he did not speak about the death of his mother, Princess Diana, until three years ago.

The prince was asked by footballer Rio Ferdinand, whose wife died last year, about the possible impact of that on his children, and replied: “I really regret not ever talking about it.”

Prince Harry was hosting an event for mental health charity, Heads Together.

The Princess of Wales was killed in a car crash in 1997, when Harry was 12.

But the prince said he did not speak about losing his mother “for the first 28 years of my life”.

Prince Harry formed Head Together with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to bring together leading mental health charities.

The event was attended by sports stars including Ferdinand, athletes Kelly Holmes and Ewan Thomas, and cyclist Victoria Pendleton - some of whom have spoken publicly about dealing with depression.

The prince told BBC Breakfast: “It is OK to suffer, but as long as you talk about it. It is not a weakness. Weakness is having a problem and not recognising it and not solving that problem.”

He said the event was an opportunity to show that “unflappable” sporting personalities can suffer from mental health problems like everyone else, including members of the Royal Family.

“A lot of people think if you’ve got a job, if you’ve got financial security, if you’ve got a family, you’ve got a house, all that sort of stuff, everyone seems to think that is all you need and you are absolutely fine to deal with stuff,” he said.

He added: “It is very easy for someone to look at someone like Rio Ferdinand and say, ‘You get paid all the money in the world, you are a successful footballer, you have fast cars.’ But at the end of the day his wife was snatched from him at an early stage of his life with her.

"So of course he is going to suffer, it doesn’t matter if he has an amazing job.”

Father-of-three Ferdinand - whose wife Rebecca Ellison died from cancer last year - spoke to the prince about dealing with the death of a parent.

The former England and Manchester United footballer said: “He’s gone through different stages in his life that my kids are going to be going towards.

"So to get some of his experiences is very rewarding for me and very educational in many ways.”

My mom and her boyfriend asked me for money to pay their rent, and then they told me they were going to get kicked out two days after they told me from their assisted living facility (they’re both handicapped, he has a back injury and she has MS) but he also has a 3Dtv, every video game console, and a 12,000 dollar computer he refuses to sell. I paid for them for a year before my mom inherited over 200,000 dollars and spent it almost immediately and then told me to sell my house to pay for her. So now my mom is texting me about her cat, trying to guilt me to come over and take it because I guess her boyfriend won’t spend the money to take it with him to wherever he’s going. My mom has lied, cheated, done drugs, and now this because she knows I have sympathy for animals. I also take care of of my 85 year old pappy (my moms step dad) and pay for his nursing home because both my mother and father abandoned him. I’ve been through a lot of therapy, and they’ve told me to cut ties with her, but the guilt will always be there and sometimes it’s just too hard not to talk about.

I know this is a personal post, but I feel sometimes it’s good to share our struggles, hopefully it will help you guys with yours. Now I’m going to go back to drawing, because art is the best medicine.

  • Me:*90-some years old on my death bed* *motions my future kid over* it's time....
  • Daughter/son:okay mom *tears up* Any final words?
  • Me:w-w-
  • Daughter/son:yes, what is it???
  • Me:what the fuck was with the all the gerita hate like what the wtf man it's like idk canon??? germany proposed to italy?? are you fecking dumb that's right it's an otp nene papa fuckers see you in hell bye *flatlines*