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Jonathan felt like signing up for football and joining half his squad. But then he thought about joining Craig and Brock in wrestling/rugby… Or maybe Soccer with Brian and Arlan{Droid :D}… Or he could play baseball….

He sighed, “Mom, Ii don’t know what sports to do this year.”

“We’ve got the money this year and the Fongs really want you to join Evan in football and hockey.”

“But you know I can’t skate worth the shit… We’ve been stuck in North Carolina before dad did his bullshit.”

His mom sighed but nodded, “Okay… Football?”

“I’m… I’m all skin and bones, i have no muscle, mom. I’ll be destroyed on the field.”

She shuddered and hesitated before looking over the sports paper.”You’re ankle isn’t well enough for it either, you could do swimming or wrestling or even tennis.”

Jonathan beamed at the mention of tennis and swimming, “Is there golf or bowling sports, mom?”

She shook her head, “Tennis and swimming like usual?”

“And Track.”

“Jonathan, honey, that’s how you broke your ankle. We’re not having another re-run of this.”

Jonathan sighed, one hand gripping his elbow of his other arm, “R-Right… But… tennis and swimming are… majority girls’ sports.”

His mom’s tone grew irritated and harsher, “Honey, don’t talk like that. To hell with those who call you gay. Even if you are, that doesn’t give them a reason to tease you for such silly labels.”

Jonathan flinched and nodded, shrinking back a bit as he glanced at his mom, “Same old sports every year I guess.”

“They need more variety. How about clubs, honey? What clubs do they have at this god forsake average high school?”

He let out a breath he’d know idea having held in and looked over the sheet of light neon green paper in his hands, “Gamer’s club. I’d like to join that one…”

“Done deal, how much is the entry and what is the requirements?”

“The requirements is having two or more game consoles at home and paying the entry fee of 20 dollars. Members must be responsible of taking care of rental game discs and being able to have enough anger management to handle future rage games and what not. Members will help achieve a goal of becoming possible game testers and designers in the future.”

She nodded, “Alright. Next one?”

“Student council, I want to try for that one this year mom. The entry fee is 10 bucks actually and the requirements is attending over 85% of the school year and having a G.P.A. of over 3.5″

His mom nodded again, “Sounds good to me. You’ve always been straights A’s and B’s.”

“There’s another one, mom. I think Evan’s attending this one too, much like the Gamer’s club. Lui might be in it as well, Maybe Tyler and David!”

“Get on with it, hun, what is it?”

“Upstander’s Club.”

“No hun, not this year. It’s never helped you with the bullies despite being it’s leading member. Absolutely not.”

Jonathan sighed but nodded anyway, “Art Club? The entry fee is 5 bucks and the requirements is 75% of the school year attended and a G.P.A. of 3.”

“Alright, any other clubs, Jon?”

Jonathan shook his head before casting his eyes over one last one, “Actually… This one. The entry fee is 15 bucks but it’s opened to everyone.”

“What is it hun?”

“It’s the poetry club.”

His mother seemed drawn back by his interest for poetry, “Shakespeare? You can’t even comprehend a chapter of a book yet, hun, I don’t think you can-”

“It’s writing poetry mom. You’ve seen me write a poem for you before.”

“Jonathan, it’s going to worst the cause of people calling you… gay.”

“What? No it won’t…”

“You aren’t doing any sports but Tennis and Swimming, you’re in the  Gamer’s Club, student council, Poetry club, and the art club.”

“Yeah, I’m a normal boy with normal interests and a very frail body. It’s completely fine, mom.”

“Fine, but if you get bullied, you come to me or the guidance counselor automatically.”

He nodded solemnly, already knowing he’d run to his best friends instead. His friends who actually did sports and athletic things….

There’ll be a part two later on today~


Imagine telling Sam you’re pregnant

You sat contently on your bed room floor, your legs crossed as you admired all the objects in the box before you. You riffled through it, stopping every now and then when you find a specific item that brought back a fond childhood memory. 

“What’s with the box?“ Sam’s sudden present in the room made you jump and you found yourself quickly spinning around to face him. 

“Nothing, just some old junk.” You shrugged your shoulders slightly, using your body as shield to hide what you were doing. 

“Y/N we’ve been together for 5 years, and you’re still as bad of a liar now as you were then.” He smiled warmly, his eyebrow raised in a knowing gaze. Sam was completely right, to him you were an open book. 

“Fine, it’s just some of my old baby stuff.” You sighed, this wasn’t exactly the way you wanted to do this but he wasn’t giving you another choice. “My mom keep it for years, and I guess I just couldn’t bring myself to throw them out.”

“Well no offence, but I don’t think they’ll fit you anymore.” His head tilted back and a deep chuckle escaped, the sound settling deep inside of you and putting your nerves at ease. 

“I wasn’t thinking about me.” Your eyes locked with his hazel ones, pleading for him to understand what you meant.

“Okay now you’re not making sense.” His eyebrows knitted together in utter confusion as he remained clueless. 

“I meant for our little girl.. Or boy.” You fiddled with one of your old baby grows, your thumb running up and down the soft pink fabric. 

“That’s a long way away yet.” Despite his words he smiled at the thought of having a family. Sam had always dreamt of having kids, and the idea of having them with you only made it that much more exciting. 

“You really are an idiot.” You shock your head, giggling at your boyfriends innocence. 

“Huh?” He looked at you again, his head tilted slightly to the side with the same expression of confusion he’d worn just moments before. 

“I’m trying to tell you something Sammy.” You nodded your head encouragingly as you willed him to put all the pieces together. 

“Oh my god.” His hand covered his mouth and you could have sworn his eyes almost popped out of his head. “Are you…”

“Yeah.” You couldn’t help but giggle at his reaction, his gaze now glued to your stomach. Even though you were no were near showing yet it was if he could see something you couldn’t. “We’re pregnant.”

“Oh my god!” He repeated himself louder this time. You were sure you saw a tear roll down his cheek but he wiped it away as quickly as it had fallen. “I’m going to be a dad!”

“That’s usually what it means.” The two of you laughed together, your heart beat speeding up as you admired the loving look in his eyes.

“I have to tell Dean!” He was scrambling out of the room immediately, his fingers already tapping away on the screen to find his brother’s number. He only stopped briefly to jog back to you, his lips placing a sloppy kiss to your cheek before running off again. 

I feel like I don’t remember a lot of my childhood but I do remember some stuff ? like it’s not completely gone ? I don’t know how much you are supposed to remember but like I have memories? but even then it doesn’t feel like any of those memories happened to me at all

Dallas' sister imagine: Airport Greetings

Dal’s POV:

I had gotten a letter to weeks earlier from my dead beat father stating that I had had a sister! The only thing he knew about her was her name was Y\N and she was coming to live in Tulsa. I don’t really know her cause she went to live with my mom and she’s two years younger. But I guess I’m gotta pick her up. “Hey Dal where you going,” Soda asked as I stepped out the door. “To pick up my sister,” I said smoothly. “Sister,” Two jumped up, “I’m coming!” “If he’s going I’m going,” Steve jumped in. “YA, me too,” Soda chirped. “Ok Three Stooges,” I smirked, “your coming with me.”


You was on the side of the airport waiting for my brother. You told him where to meet you but he still wasn’t there! You spotted a group of 4 guys causing trouble and you rolled your eyes. Boys just did that to get attention. One boy with sandy blonde hair, who was very handsome in your opinion, winked at you. You turned away and blushed and you heard laughs arose from the group of boys. A guy with dark hair who was in the group of guys came up to you. “Hey darling,” he said, “my friend Soda thinks your real cute.” “Really,” you said with excitement. “Ya,” he said, “here he is now.” Soda came up to you, “Hey doll,” he winked. “Hi,” he blushed and brushed your hair behind you ear. “You doing anything later,” he asked. “Yeah, I’m sorry,” you said, “I’m kinda waiting for my brother.” “Who is he,” Soda laughed, “we can send him a letter. I here by have stolen your sister and you will not get her back.” Soda and you laughed, “He’s Dallas Winston.” “No way,” Soda said his eyes wide with excitement, “Dal come over here.” You got real nervous when a tough looking guy came up to you two. “Meet your sister,” Soda said. “This prissy thing,” he laughed, “your nothing like me.” “Im glad,” you huffed. They all laughed at that, even Dallas. You knew you were going to have fun here.

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