This Baltimore mom is widely becoming known as #BestMomEver on the internet after video surfaced of her dragging her son out of the riots.

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I'm laughing at the fact that her mom was the one who took the pic of her & Dom. When u look at the pic, where's the 1st place ur eyes go(lol)? She's not slick, she thirst trappin' as well. It's also funny how the pic was taken right when V is coming through the door. Claire is such the ultimate VZ shipper. Co-captain w Alex.

lol right, As the saying goes Momma knows best, She knew since Val said “see Claire that’s it” during week 2, she is Alex 2.0 mom dukes was also present for these gems




Round of Applause for Ms. Claire


Looks like MOM was Right

She said that When you need to always be in control, Enjoy the Ride while its High, because when it crashes you have nobody to blame but yourself! 

Looks like Mom was Right about More than a few things too.

  • (So I told mom what happened - why am I feeling sad tonight.)
  • Me:Mali ba ako dun, ma? Hindi ba ako dapat magalit?
  • Mom:Oo, mali ka dun. Wala siyang ginagawang masama. Concern lang naman siya sayo e. Dapat nga magpasalamat ka pang may nag-aalala sayo.
  • Me:Over naman kasi, ma. Pinangungunahan ako. Parang walang tiwala sakin.
  • Mom:Nako! Kung ako pa nga ang nasa pwesto mo, matutuwa pa ako kasi may nag-aalala sakin.
  • Me:Talaga?
  • Mom:Oo. Nagwoworry lang yung tao kasi concerned sayo.