RACINE, WI—Concerned that you might be upset if she were to get rid of it without permission, your mother reportedly called Wednesday to ask if she could throw away your three-ring binder from middle school. “Hi honey, I just wanted to check in and see if I can throw out this binder I found when I was cleaning out your closet, the one with the dark blue cover and your name written in marker on the back,” said your mom, describing the plastic organizer containing seventh-grade science and math notes that had sat unused in a cardboard box for over 15 years. “It has a lot of papers in it, so I figured you might still want it. Just let me know and I can send it to you.” At press time, despite having your consent to dispose of the binder, your mother said she’d just hold onto it so you could decide what to do with it next time you visit.

Anyone else slightly concerned the Onion has it out for geoscience this week?

Maul learned about the Chopper Base because of the mental mix-up after the merging Holocrons thing happened.

Now, guys, what Ezra got out of it? Because I highly doubt that visions of Maul wandering around and acting like Stevie trolling Louis ( you know the mom, mum, mommy joke? Tell me there’s any difference here. I dare you) should be all of it.

Cue to Ezra knowing things he’s not supposed to know, muscle memory of thing he never did showing up when needed, nightmares about lightning and junkyards on fire…

The fandom is angsty, you guys probably know the drill.

anonymous asked:

Name 5 things things you like about yourself, publicly. Then share this with 10 great blogs.

Thats easy

1. Best mom jokes ever
2. I am have the big big brain that works sometimes
3. I can entertain myself without anyone’s help 90% of the time which is pretty good. I am a self cleaning oven of anti-boredom.
4. I will fuck you up.
5. I type hella fucking fast

honestly Leia should’ve been the one to confront Kylo on that bridge. we know he has daddy issues (“he would’ve disappointed you” he says to Rey) but until proven otherwise I’m gonna assume he’s a total mama’s boy. just imagine. imagine Leia strutting out to him on the bridge. “BEN CHEWBACCA ORGANA-SOLO YOU GET YOUR ASS BACK HOME RIGHT NOW, YOU ARE GOING TO BE GROUNDED FOR LIFE, YOUNG MAN” and he just takes off the helmet and sniffles “okay mom” and awkwardly shuffles over to follow her out