I’m back from my random internet hiatus for no apparent reason

Quick updates:

  • I thought of some fun diabetes/social media activities so I’ll probably be launching those soon
  • I accomplished nothing on my summer to do list which sucks
  • I really love swimming. I wish I could do it more often. 
  • I absolutely hate stupid New Jersey. I need to leave this stupid country. I keep seeing horrible people I unfortunately knew everywhere I go. I hate it.
  • My aunts got my grandfather a wireless doorbell that rings in my house when he needs help. It CONSTANTLY rings, mostly because he accidentally sits on it, and it’s really stressful. 
  • Everything is stressful.
  • I joined New York Sports club (early Christmas gift from mom) It’s beautiful and I love it. BUT the equipment is different from the cheap gym I used to attend so I’m lost and not knowing gives me anxiety.
  • I’ll probably write up another post about the gym because there’s some really cool stuff.
  • I. am. so. stressed.

Selk’bag 4G Lite Sleeping Bag

The Selk’bag 4G Lite is rated to 45 degrees Fahrenheit and it will certainly keep you warm enough outdoors in spring, summer and fall, so you will definitely enjoy your new piece of equipment on your open-air adventures, especially if you are not a big fan of the regular mummy or rectangular sleeping bags.

The TOP FIVE BEST gifts for new moms

I am talking moms with newborns not just first time moms.

These are my own opinion from round 2 of newborn-hood.

5) Diapers!!!! Those things are expensive. With Jackson we got like $500 in gift cards (thank you everyone!!!) and didn’t pay out of pocket for diapers until he was like 9 months old or something. This time we are paying for two sets of diapers at once. No Bueno.

4) Groceries / food / meals. Even if she says no, stock her freezer with a lasagna. She will need it even if she thinks she has time to cook (she doesn’t).

3) Coffee. Nothing beats hot coffee any time of day when you are in the newborn, no sleep trenches.

2) BABYSIT. Offer to watch the kids for 30 minutes while she naps, gets her own coffee, sits in silence, gets her nails done, showers, aimlessly walks around trader joes. WHATEVER.

1) A CLEANING LADY FOR A DAY!!!!!! This has been my number one favorite gift. My mom got her cleaning lady to come twice as a gift for me when Taylor was born. She came once at two weeks old and once yesterday at almost 7 weeks. I don’t have time for much of anything outside of caring for two small kids (as it should be) so the one thing that ALWAYS gets pushed aside is cleaning. And with a two year old the crumbs and spills add up so fast. I am so grateful when I walk in to a sparkling house. Disclaimer: I am grateful for all the gifts I receive!!! These have just been quite amazing.

Embroidered Gift Ideas For Moms-To-Be And Grandparents

Q. I am visiting my future in-laws for the holidays and I have no idea what to give as gifts. I have never met my fiance’s family and need gift ideas for his parents, two nieces, and pregnant sister (twins). Help!

A. Personalized gifts are always a big hit. I found some cute custom monogrammed and embroidered gifts ideas on an Etsy shop called Sassy Monograms

 Here are some affordable ideas….

This custom Personalized Embroidered Mommy Sweatshirt will make any mom smile. 

This adorably funny Started With This, And Ended Like This Maternity Shirt would be fun for any mom-to-be.. 

Little boys and girls will love wearing this sweet Making Cookies For Santa Childs Apron as they spend time baking in the kitchen. Great way to create holiday memories.    

Give grandma even more reason to rejoice this holiday season with a Personalized Embroidered Grandma Sweatshirt. Can be totally customized with titles such as, Grandma, Nana, etc.

This custom Personalized Embroidered Grandpa Sweatshirt is a perfect gift for any proud grandfather. Can be totally customized with titles such as, Grandpa, Poppy, Grandad, etc.

This cute Monogrammed Twins Tee Shirt is perfect for wearing over a swimsuit or as an oversize lounge shirt. A mother-to-be is always looking for comfort during those uneasy maternity months.

The New Nomads - Temporary Spaces and a Life On The Move 

The nomads are coming back and if you feel that itch to try a nomadic lifestyle, we have just the book for you. The New Nomads: Temporary Spaces and a Life On The Move, written by Robert Klanten, Sven Ehmann and Michelle Galindo, is a book about freedom, liberation and enjoyment.