guys, my mom gifted me a huion monitor tablet and I’m starting to use CSP!! this is the first “finished” product from this set up, will get my ass on commissions as soon as i feel more proficient with it MEANWHILE HAVE SOME CHEESY MCHANS 

(also mccree’s long hair is kinda sorta from his halloween skin, since it looks like he has long hair there haha) 

On Hunk and Food

First I want to say that I’m not trying to talk over nor silence anyone who has issues with Hunk’s enjoyment of food in Voltron. Your feelings are always valid. However, I do want to offer another perspective on the matter that I don’t think many of you have the experience of understanding through living.

Because I don’t think many of you are or know trained chefs.

We have been shown in both seasons that, besides being an incredibly gifted engineer, Hunk is also an accomplished cook, if not a trained chef (I lean toward the later with him, because he resonates SO much with me on the topic of food - yes there IS a distinct difference between the way a Foodie and a Culinarian talk about and interact with food!)

The thing about chefs is… we talk about food, we think about food, we make food analogies, we explain things using food as an example, we compare other things to food. I’m currently the sales manager and accountant (among other things) for my family’s seamster business. I compare literally every aspect of our business to food and restaurant management, to the point where I think I’m driving my partners insane sometimes.

Pricing our products? Gotta balance that menu! That scarf that has very low material cost and sells like crazy is like our chicken dish, so we can keep the cost of our high-end “salmon and lamb” plushes competitive! Extremely complex custom orders? Those are our wedding cakes and big catering jobs!

Want to win my heart? Cook me a nice meal. Want to give me the best gift ever? Take me to that fancy restaurant I’ve been eyeing. Want to make me feel creative and blessed? Get me an ingredient that I haven’t cooked with before or don’t get to cook with often. Mom gifted me a gram of saffron one Christmas and I nearly burst into tears I was so touched.

When I first watched the scene in S2 where they’re all standing around thinking about Zarkon and Hunk says he was thinking about calzones I nearly lost my shit because that was me right there on the screen. My husband and fiancee both groaned fondly and face palmed because yes, they know, I’m always thinking about food!

I have other skills. I primarily consider myself a writer, as Hunk would primarily be considered an engineer, and writing does have influence over my life and my conversations, just has Hunk did demonstrate his engineering skills in S2. But there is something about also being a chef that keeps food coming up in conversation.

Yes, Hunk is a big guy (just a side note, the reason he’s the strongest member of the team is because he has the caloric reserves to burn that Shiro doesn’t), a lot of chefs are also big guys (and gals, and enbies!). Loving food and being large is perfectly wonderful and beautiful. Being a chef and constantly talking about food is modus operandi and I was truly delighted to see his character unfold in a way that resonated with me so very much.

To quote Eliot Spencer: “Food is Life.”

It is totally okay if you give your abusive mother something for mothers day

It is totally okay if you dont give your abusive mother something for mothers day

Its okay to give your abusive mother something in order to protect yourself or stay on her “good side”, or even if its out of guilt or generosity

Its also okay to not get them anything, theyre abusive and you are under no obligation to give your abuser a present if you dont feel its right. It doesnt make you selfish or an asshole. And its okay if you simply forgot.

Mothers day is for good moms, no choice is the wrong choice.

J2 TorCon 2017 Gold Panel
  • Jared cut his nose this morning shaving and he was bleeding in the shower.
  • Jared: We premiere this week! Jensen: But we already know what happens…
  • Jensen got a small coffee this morning: “So I’m gonna be a little slow.”
  • Complicated AU question. Jensen: Next question. 
  • The question is about how relationships with AU versions of characters might be different than what Sam and Dean expect, how will they react? 
  • Jared likes seeing how things turn out, how they work out differently than expected (like Mary). “Man plans, God laughs.” 
  • Jensen: I haven’t read a script since season two. 
  • Fan: Congrats on your new additions! Jared, wide-eyes: We have new additions?? 
  • Jensen (about the AU): Is it ripped or rift? Jared: *facepalm*
  • Time period you would go back to? Jared: Late 60′s, the modern renaissance. Thinks it would be fun to like go to the car hop and stuff. Jensen: Dinosaurs. Jared: You’d be eaten by a tyrannosaurus? Jensen: Uh, yeah! Better than dying of polio. 
  • Jensen: I wouldn’t wanna go back in time ‘cause everything we have now is a luxury, a lot of it we wouldn’t have back then even in the 60′s. 
  • Jensen: I wanna see some cool shit. Dinosaurs. 
  • What if John came back, given who they are now? Jensen: Thought it was most obvious for Dean needing Dad rather than Mom with Amara’s gift. 
  • Jared made the “straight legs” joke again like at the last con about what Dean needed. Jensen: Who needs those? Jared: I said that last time and Jeffrey Dean Morgan lost his shit (referring to this x lol) 
  • Jared: Dean realizing Dad isn’t a god, Sam having a bone to pick… both would see him as more human now. Mediating. 
  • Fan asks if they met Doris (the blow up doll at the convention). J2 are confused and alarmed lol. Jared: Nice question you picked, Ackles! 
  • At one point Jared tries to drink his iced coffee, laughs, and spits it out :P
  • What would soulless J2M look like? Jensen: You’re lookin’ at him. 
  • Fan: If you were soulless would you go shopping? Boys laugh. Jared: Yeah! 
  • Jared teasing about begging Sera Gamble for time off. Jensen: I just ask for good stories, but …
  • Soulless!Jared would probably be very mathematical. Jensen: I would be wildly irresponsible. On a day-to-day basis. 
  • Prank question. Jensen about he and Jared: We made a pact early on, we’re better as allies. Better as a team. 
  • Jared hooked up the hair/makeup trailer to Misha’s front bumper when he parked in front of it. A crew member took it off when it got dark lol. Jared came out of his trailer and saw that it had been removed and was like yeah, that’s probably good. During the day it was funny because you could see it was obviously hooked to the trailer, but couldn’t tell so much at night. 
  • Did J2 carve the SW DW on the table? Jared: It was outlined for us, but we did the actual carving. 
  • Jared: The scene felt like Sam and Dean talking about what they had done, but also talking about what we (J2 and the SPNFamily) have done. 
  • Fan: Initials are like claiming the bunker as their home. Jensen: Better than peeing on everything, generally how we do it lol. 
  • Fan: Are the SPN years the best of your life? They hope it isn’t the best, that there’s more to come, but Jared: If this is what defines my career, I couldn’t be happier. I love a great book, but I’m excited to finish it. 
  • Fan tells J2 about how Misha insulted Baby during his panel, calling her 40. J2 say it isn’t that insulting when Misha can’t even add (the car being 50). They remind Misha that the car is the real #3 on the call sheet lol.
  • Jensen wants to know what else Misha said about the car. Fan says he said it was impractical. Jensen: And wearing the same clothes everyday is practical? 
  • Fan: Misha said it was an impractical old gas guzzler. Jared: He’s a gas guzzler! Fan: Misha says Baby breaks down all the time. Jensen: Kind of like him. Jared: He’s just jealous. 
  • J2 about Misha: He’s fourth on the call sheet after Baby, and he’s trying to usurp. Jensen: The car’s not even actually on the call sheet, but we know. 
  • Jensen: Let’s be honest, the car is not practical, but it’s awesome. 
  • J2 do their impression of season 1 Sam and Dean from the Pilot, with Jared giving himself bangs and J2 doing high voices and cracking each other up. 
  • Jensen wants to see modern-day Henry Winchester on the show. Like current Grandpa Winchester. Played by Sam Elliott. 
  • Jared: I was gonna say, I wanna see Danneel on the show. Jensen: Kiss ass! Jared: In all fairness, he killed my wife on the show so I’d like to kill his. He could help, obviously, he could hold her (like how they killed Ruby lol). Jensen: And then we’ll just have a viewing party for all the children. Boys crack up. 

Info via: Fangasm, Ally, LysaSamSil’s livetweet list

more little mother’s day greenhouse things:

  • someone asked me the price on a annual flat four pack of snapdragons today and I said “$2.09″ and they said “TWO HUNDRED AND NINE DOLLARS???”…. yeah $209 dollars for four snap dragons, carol
  • at one point a customer stopped me and said “you have a flower in your hair” and I was so delirious with heat that I asked him to get it out for me and he did
  • a woman told me to my face that “your coneflower looks like crap” like it was my personal coneflower and I was responsible for it looking like crap
  • people were driving up to the entrances of the greenhouses, parking, putting stuff in their car and driving to the next greenhouse….. possibly they paid for it idk
  • waited literally twenty minutes for the parking lot to be clear enough for me to drive the golf cart and trailer full of plants across it…. and still almost got backed into
  • my phone’s health/pedometer app constantly going nuts because it’s registering all of my fast walking everywhere as a work out so my phone says I worked out for 209 minutes today…. 22k steps boys… 10+ miles

I hate people’s reaction when they ask what I got my mom for mothers day and I tell them nothing.
“But shes your mom! She gave you the gift of life!”
Yes, but she also gave me an array of mental illnesses stemming from childhood trauma after years of emotional abuse and neglect, taking away my childhood.
Not all mothers deserve to be celebrated. It took me years of guilt and shame to realize this. To realize its ok to distance yourself from someone toxic, even if that person is your own mother.
So no, I didn’t get my mom a mother’s day gift, and that is ok because she was barely a mother.
Mother’s day is for those moms who don’t stop loving their child. Those who work hard to provide the best life they possibly can to their children.
Happy mothers day to those moms, not mine.

Mom: Honey, I need you to rap something for me.

Me: (ears perking up) You want me to rap something for you?!

My mind: *I never thought I’d live to see this day*

Mom: Yes, come in here.

Me: (bursting in the room) Lafayette! I’m taking this horse by the reins making Redcoats redder with blood stains. Lafayette! And I’m never gonna stop until I make em drop and burn em up and scatter their remains.



Mom: (holds up gift wrap)


Episodes or things i wish gmw would do

1.Maya getting a part time job after school because even with Shawn there to help she stills wants to contribute or to save money to buy her mom a gift like a charm necklace or something.

2. Riley and Lucas making out but Riley not being too comfortable doing that and Lucas being totally understanding. I think it be cool to show that its ok to take things slow even with kisses.

3. A class experiment about segregation with one side being red and the other side blue. Then make one side superior then the other and switching and showing the kids just how easy it is to cast out a certain group of people. It could be a good episode for Zay or even Farkle with his ancestors being Jewish.

4. Farkle getting bullied. I know they did this already but what if this time he gets physically bullied. Like being pushed in the halls or showing up to class with a black eye. Maybe even fighting back and then him and lucas could have a heart to heart

5. Farkle not being ready to take the next step with a girl. It would be great to show that even guys can not be ready for that or maybe feeling too pressured

6. Drinking, I mostly just want Shawn to talk about his past with drinking and how alcoholism runs in his family and how dangerous it is. Or even Cory telling them to at least wait until they are adults and to be responsible.

7. The group helping out at a youth center or a soup kitchen. Going out into the community and learning about different people. Help those who are less fortunate

8. Someone breaking into Riley’s house. Like they come home and the doors open and stuff is missing. Showing how Riley deals with it, being scared, having Maya sleep over, or maybe sleep over at Farkle’s house with the best alarm system. Show that crime is real and can happen to anyone.

9. Have a mental awareness week. Where everyone has to present about a mental illness and maybe Riley or Farkle realizing they might have anxiety or depression (I like the depression riley storyline theory) it could show how disorders like that aren’t always very noticeable but still real

That’s all I got right now. Please share and add things that you would like to see or would want them to cover. Also which one is your favorite from this list

This Town

Okay, PLEASE leave me feedback on this one. I am really excited but worried about it. Anyway, Request from the request list or your own songs 

Song Series!

Waking up to kiss you and nobody’s there, The smell of your perfume still stuck in the air, It’s hard, Yesterday I thought I saw your shadow running round, It’s funny how things never change in this old town, So far from the stars

He can’t bring himself to open his eyes, he just can’t do it. 

Opening his eyes means that he has to face the day without her again. That he has go on pretending like his life is fine and that he’s moved on when in reality he can’t get her out of his head.

It’s like she’s the song that’s been stuck in his head for days, she just keep tumbling around his brain and he can’t get it to stop. 

“What do you mean Shawn?” You scream at him. “Why are you doing this? We’re happy, at least I thought so. Don’t do this.” You’re crying now.

“You don’t get it Y/n, I can’t do this to you anymore. You are here and who the fuck know’s where I’m gonna be. I can’t be this shit boyfriend that says I love you and then leaves you home alone for months on end. I can’t do it, it’s eating me alive. I’m done Y/n, we’re done.”

“Shawn, if I walk out that door,” You pause for a breath. “If I walk out that door, you won’t see me again. I won’t play this game of ‘let’s break up and get back together’ so if you’re done then you’re done for life. Say that to my face, and I’m good as gone.” She says, challenging him. 

She’s hoping and praying he’ll say that he can’t say that because he loves her too much to let her leave. That he doesn’t really want her to leave. This is just the jet lag is fucking with his head. 

“I’m done Y/n, for life.” He spits. 

But the longer he keeps his eyes closed the more in focus that day becomes. The more he can see her heartbreak right in front of him. The more he can see himself, out of his damn mind, break her heart. 

If the whole world was watching I’d still dance with you, Drive highways and byways to be there with you, Over and over the only truth, Everything comes back to you

When he does open his eyes, minutes later, he inhales and feels the burn in his chest. 

The truth is he wishes he could go back to that day and change everything. He wishes he could go back and prevent himself from picking a fight, and then ending it with those fucking words. 

‘I’m done Y/n, for life.’ 

It’s the biggest lie he has ever told in his life. He is not done. Never will be done with her. She’s his love, his one true love, and he fucked it up.

He tries to live his days with the same passion but it is impossible. She was his muse, and his reason for getting up everyday. He finds himself starting a text message to her, or his thumb hovering over her contact to give her a call. 

He wants to hear her voice, and ask her questions about any and everything. It’s her that always made him feel better and now that she isn’t around there is no one to be there for him. Not even a call to his Mom or Dad works anymore, he’s just stuck in this depressed state. With her at the center of all this thoughts.

And he tried, tried to find her and see if he could win her back. To see if that was even a possibility but when he saw her, she had moved on. 

I saw that you moved on with someone new, In the pub that we met he’s got his arms around you, It’s so hard, So hard

“Shawn?” You stand up to greet him. 

He looks so broken, so utterly fucked. 

“Y/n.” He sighs when he sees you stand up.

Instinctively you give him a hug, and you know you shouldn’t because Jeremy is sitting at your table, but you inhale his scent and relax in his familiar embrace.

“I miss you.” He whispers into you ear. 

You swear that if he said the damn words. That you would, you would take him back in a heartbeat. You know it in yourself that you want to be with him, till the end of time. He just has to say the damn words and Jeremy would be kicked to the curb and never thought of again. Let’s be honest, he’s your sad attempt at a rebound, but how do you rebound after having Shawn. 

“I miss you too.” You let yourself say into his chest, quiet to where he can hear it but Jeremy can’t. 

He sighs and holds you a little tighter. That’s when you hear someone clearing their throat. That’s when Shawn pulls away to see Jeremy.

“Jeremy.” He politely smiles and extends his hand to Shawn. 

With broken eyes and a rough voice Shawn goes, “Shawn, the ex.” 


It’s becoming more and more real for him now. You’ve moved on and he doesn’t have the chance to win you back anymore, he won’t ruin your happiness, not when you aren’t happy with him anymore. Although what you had said last time is still true, you are happy with Shawn. 

“I should go.” Shawn says starting to walk away. 

“Wait.” You can’t let him leave.

“Goodbye Y/n.”

“Bae if he wants to go, let him go.” Jeremy grumbles. 

He’s still disgusted with Jeremy. She deserve’s so much more than some guy that calls her Bae. She was his Darling and Love, Babe or Baby. Never his ‘Bae’, because what respect does that actually hold. 

The idea of some other guy with his arms around her, or hands on her makes him sick to his stomach. But that’s the price he pays for the mistake he made.

The thought of some other guy making her smile or laugh. Making her breakfast in the morning, or dinner at night, or her midnight snack for her late study sessions. 

He wonders if he’s met Jessica, if she’s stayed the night on her couch when he was there. Does he know that when Jessica is there that he has to have a bottle of wine ready for when the two decide to for go with homework and sit and gossip. Does he know that she hates cheese with her wine and that she would rather have chips and dip. Does he know that she likes to have two over easy eggs in the morning with two slices of white toast smothered in butter. Does he know all the songs she sings in the shower; Walking on Sunshine, Sex On Fire, Love On The Weekend and when she shaves she sings Did I Shave My Legs For This?

Does this new guy know everything about her, does he know her quirks.

 And the last thing Shawn can think of is if this guy knows the secret to turning her on. 

And I know that it’s wrong, That I can’t move on, But there’s something about you

He can’t bring himself to go out, and try and move on. He can’t do it, he’ll plan a night with the boys and then the guilt starts to haunt him and he can’t do it. 

Because he’s in Love with her and doing that is no better than cheating on her when you were together. 

In his head, he’s in love with her and the only person that should be on the receiving end of that is her. It’s that simple. 

You still make me nervous when you walk in the room, Them butterflies they come alive when I’m next to you

He walks in Mike’s house, bearing a stupid housewarming gift his mom told him to get. He didn’t know what to get, she would have done the shopping and would have gotten the perfect gift.

“Hey Shawn.” Andrew smiles walking over, handing him a drink. 

“Hey.” He nods, taking the drink and peering over the rim to notice it’s just a beer. 

“Glad you made it.” 


It’s the first time he’s gone out, that doesn’t include a work thing. He didn’t want to come but since everyone from work was going it would have be completely rude to skip it. 

That’s when he hears it, her laugh. He can’t tell if it’s just in the back of his head or if it’s really her. He looks and turns around in a hurry.

“She’s here.” Andrew says softly. Shawn’s head snaps to the side to meet Andrews gaze. “She’s good Shawn, she’s doing good.”

“Did she bring,” He starts but can’t finish it.

“A date? No, came by herself.”

“Oh.” He says, a sigh of relief leaving his lips. 

He turns back around and makes eye contact with her. Her face lighting up a bit. He doesn’t even say goodbye to Andrew he just goes straight to her. 

He’s stomach a pit of nerves, butterflies making his hands shake.

“Y/n,” He starts.


“Where’s Jeremy?”

“Who?” She looks around.


“Oh god,” She laughs nervously. “I don’t know, haven’t know for about two months now.” 


“Yeah after you left he got all mad and I broke it off. Not even really anything to break off we had gone out on a date and that was it.” She shrugs.

“Oh.” His smile perks up.

“Yeah, anyway. How are you?”

“Not the best.”

“I’m sorry to hear that.” 

“How are you?”

“Good, I’m back at school. Got my own place, actually I’m living with Jess.” 

“I’ll have to drop off some wine.” He chuckles, she pushes his shoulder. 

“That’s not funny, but we would appreciate it.” 

Over and over the only truth, Everything comes back to you

“It was good to see you.” She says walking away. 

He thought he had a chance, a chance to win her back. He would have even just taken being her friend again.

“Hey.” He calls out, not letting her leave this time. He can’t screw it up like he did the last time. “Can I call you?” 

“Sure.” She smiles.

Everything comes back to you

“You’re going to be a dad”

A few months had gone by since you’d been disappointed to find out you weren’t pregnant when you and Harry had been so sure that you were. Fortunately, you both had been busy with work and other things since then, so you’d stopped focusing on and worrying so much about trying to get pregnant and just enjoyed the time you got to be intimate with Harry. 

It was now Monday evening and you’d just gotten home from work. Harry was at the studio and had told you he wouldn’t be home until late tonight. You were currently stood in the kitchen, leaning against the counter and scrolling through the calendar on your phone, looking to see if you had any important reminders for this week. You hadn’t realized it was already so late in the month and as you scrolled through, you suddenly stopped. 

Wait a second, you thought. Looking up from your phone, you ran numbers and dates through your head as you looked off into space. After a minute, you gasped, remembering that the last time you had gotten your period was the day  of your friend’s bachelorette party. You remembered because you had been planning on wearing this really sexy, tight dress you bought just for the occasion and you were so annoyed when mother nature decided to make that difficult. And that party had been… almost a month and a half ago. You couldn’t believe you’d never stopped and wondered where your period was or realized that it was late, but you had just been so busy and focused on other things. 

A smile formed on your face as you considered the thought that maybe this time it was actually happening, that you had actually gotten pregnant. But the smile quickly vanished when you remembered how excited you had been before only to be very disappointed. And it could just be stress that was making your period so late, or… any number of things, you told yourself. Trying not to get your hopes up, you rushed to the bathroom where you had stored a couple pregnancy tests in the cabinet from awhile back. Fingers slightly shaking and lips pressed together in anticipation, you pulled the test out of the wrapper and felt grateful that you’d just drunk a bottle of water not long before. 

Waiting for the test results, you sat on the bathroom floor so that you wouldn’t be staring at the stick the whole time. Your hands curled up into fists and eyes shut, you couldn’t help the images that were now swirling around in your head. Mini Harrys prancing around with their dad, curly hair and blue-green eyes and huge smiles on their tiny faces. You breathed out loudly as you stood up, taking one more deep breath before looking down at the pregnancy test that was sitting on the sink. 


You couldn’t help the squeal that you let out upon seeing that word glaring up at you, and you didn’t care. You immediately lifted up your shirt to look down at your belly that didn’t look noticeably bigger than usual, but when you put your hands on it to caress it, you noticed that it felt slightly more firm than normal. You didn’t realize that you were crying until a tear fell onto your hand that was pressed to your stomach. This was something you’d been looking forward to for so long, and you couldn’t wait to tell Harry.


He would be back in a couple hours now, and you had to figure out how to tell him. You’d always imagined giving your husband something that said “World’s Greatest Dad” to reveal that you were expecting, but you didn’t have the time to order something and you couldn’t wait to tell him. So you decided you had to be creative. 

Searching through Harry’s side of the closet, you quickly found what you were looking for: a plain white t-shirt. You felt a little bad marking it up, but he also had only about ten others that were exactly the same, so you didn’t feel that bad. Shirt in hand, you walked to the kitchen and found a Sharpie in one of the drawers. 

“Alright, try to make this look legible,” you murmured to yourself as you began writing in big letters on the front of the shirt. It was more difficult than you’d anticipated, especially because your hands were still slightly shaking out of excitement, but you were sufficiently satisfied with the result. 

Next, you scrounged around the house for a box to put it in. You knew it wasn’t necessary but you liked the idea of it being a present, it just made it more exciting. After awhile, you finally found a pretty blue box that had contained a gift your mom gave you for your last birthday. Folding up the shirt and placing it delicately inside, you put the lid back on and brought the box back to the kitchen, where you put it on the table. You checked your phone and saw that a couple hours had passed since you’d been looking through your calendar. You smiled, knowing that Harry would be home anytime now. 

But you also felt too wound-up and anxious to just sit down and wait. So you decided to bake. You were really in the mood for chocolate chip cookies, so you started whipping them up and were so distracted with them that you didn’t realize it was now almost 10 o’clock, and you thought Harry would be home by now. You sighed as you took the tray out of the oven, but your mood was immediately lifted when you inhaled the smell of freshly baked cookies and set them on top of the stove. They looked so good you could barely stand waiting for them to cool off. Fortunately, you heard Harry walk through the front door at that point and you couldn’t help but run towards him.

“Harry!” You greeted him with a huge smile and a hug before he could even get his jacket off. 

“Hi there, love,” Harry laughed, surprised by this greeting and even more surprised that you hadn’t fallen asleep yet like you usually did when waiting for him to come home at night. “What’s this about?” He smiled, noticing the smell of freshly baked cookies and realizing how excited you were; it almost looked like you were glowing. 

“I just missed you and I really love you,” you told him sweetly. “Oh, my cookies! Let’s go try my cookies, I just made them,” you added as you dashed back into the kitchen, and Harry tried to keep up with you. 

He smirked when he walked into the kitchen, a look of confusion evident on his face. 

“I love you too,” he told you sweetly with a smile as you munched on your cookies. He’d had such a long day and wasn’t in the best mood before he walked in the door, but he now felt so content. That was one of the things he loved most about you, how you could always bring up his mood just by being yourself. 

After scarfing down a few cookies, you finally took a deep breath and looked up at Harry, biting your lip. 

“Okay, whew,” you breathed out again, and Harry noticed your hands slightly shaking. 

“Babe, what is going on? Please just tell me what’s up, you’re acting so weird.” Something about his soft tone of voice and the way that he was looking at you so sweetly made you start to tear up, and you couldn’t stop the tears as they now fell down your face. You sniffled as you walked over to pick up the box that was on the table, turning toward Harry. 

“What’s going on, my love?” Harry asked again, his concern growing. You smiled up at him, tears still streaming down your face as you handed him the box.

“Just open it, please,” you whispered. Harry took the box, looking as confused as ever, as you stepped away to let him open it. 

You crossed your arms and sniffled again as you waited nervously. 

Slowly lifting off the lid and then picking up the shirt that was folded up in the box, Harry unfolded it and squinted his eyes as he tried to read the barely legible words you’d written in Sharpie on the shirt. 

“What is this… World’s Greatest-” Harry cut himself off as he realized what this meant. Turning to you to find that the tears were now falling uncontrollably from your eyes, he found that tears were now suddenly falling from his own. 

“I’m gonna be a dad?” he whispered, almost inaudibly as he started slowly walking to you.

“You’re going to be a dad,” you whispered back as he engulfed you in one of his giant and tight embraces. 

“Oh my God, we’re having a baby. Oh my God,” Harry murmured over and over before kissing the top of your head and then pulling away to sweetly and passionately kiss your lips. 

You started laughing, so happy and full of love for your husband and the growing life inside of you, and Harry started laughing too as he pulled away. 

“Fuck, I love you so much baby,” he told you before crouching down, lifting up your shirt as you had done earlier, and peppering your belly with kisses. “And I love you so much too, baby,” he crooned, placing his hands on your stomach. You smiled, stroking his hair, feeling light and happy and loved.

“I love you so much, Harry. You’re going to be the most amazing dad,” you told your husband, who now looked back up at you, his eyes glistening. 

“I’m gonna be a dad,” he whispered to himself, and now he was almost full-on bawling.

“Come here,” you laughed, bringing him back up to your level. This time, you were the one to pull him in for a hug. And you both felt so loved in that moment, and felt so much love for each other and the little person who neither of you could wait to meet. 


Anybody want a well-painted but consequently expensive Imperial Knight Titan? Painted by yours truly, a guy who has painted two (two!) professional commissions, and whose minis have been featured twice on the GW website. So… technically ‘pro-painted’? :p

Auction here.

Proceeds from the sale of this knight titan will go toward a few Christmas gifts- most likely my girlfriend, my sister, and my mom. And probably a gift or two for myself, because I’m addicted to wee plastic mans, to be honest.

✨I love being mama ✨
Cradling my heavenly angel Pueo in the carrier my coworker/friend at Kauai Farmacy’s mom gifted us from Guatemala :)
After we took this photo he napped under my breast while I painted ✨👶✨
I have not put a shirt on since I birthed him :) 10 days young!!!!

Dead Valentines - Jokers Daughter

Joker!dad x daughter!reader x Harley!mom

Beck X reader

Warnings: death, kinda soft dad joker (if that’s a warning)

Word Count: 2234

Summary: It being valentine’s day and joker tries to cheer up reader, but reader hates valentines day for 2 sad reasons ( read to find out )

Authors Note: Jared Leto as Joker, Margot Robbie as Harley. Dylan o'brien as Beck.

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Readers p.o.v.

Valentine’s Day, it’s a day when girls get treated special chocolates, flowers, etc… Don’t get me wrong  I used to love this day. My dad always shower’s me and my mom with gifts, my mom and her puddin (a.k.a my dad)  always look so in love on this holiday. Not that long ago I used to spend this day with my own puddin.  that was still this last year.

My puddin’s  name was Beck. We had a lot in common, murder, left, etc. Needless to say I’m exactly like my mom Harley and my dad Joker to a T.  Me and Beck had a similar relationship to my parents but I was more in charge than he was. He always just wanted me to be happy, and with him I was. But last year we were just out walking around spending time together when one of my dad’s greedy business partners…

~~~~~~~~~~~ past \ flashback~~~~~~~~~~~~

Me and Beck Decided to sit down in a park under a tree. He has his left arm around my shoulders holding my left hand in his. And he is playing with my right hand. I’m currently leaning into him. We just kept cracking jokes and planning our next theft. When we decided to get up and leave because it was around 11 p.m. as we went to exit the park, suddenly a man I recognize from one of my dad’s business meetings/deals started walking towards us, he has a gun in his hand already cocked from what I can tell.

“You know your father really shouldn’t let you out after dark. It’s too much of a great opportunity”  the man said with an evil-looking smirk.

Beck move me behind him, both of us carefully watching the gun.

“ What do you want?”  beck asked. While we link our hands.

“ What do I want? I don’t want your little girlfriend dead. That’s what I want. To send a message to Mr. J, that he can’t mess with everyone rule everyone! That there are consequences. What better consequence than seeing his daughter dead! “ He said laughing like a madman.

I moved in front of Beck.

“Then do it.”  I said. He looked at me shocked. “ Do it. He will tear you to pieces. You think he’s bad now, imagine what his wrath will be like when his princess is dead.”

He started laughing even more and he raised the gun and pointed it at my head.

“ don’t worry this is gonna hurt”  he said with us a sadistic smile .

What happened next when all so fast. I heard the gun go off. But then Beck jumped in front of me. Because he’s taller the bullet hit his chest. His lungs to be exact. He fell to the ground I moved him in my lap and I put my hands over his wound trying to stop the bleeding.

“No, no, no, no, no.”  I say while tears start  to run down my face. “ No I-I can’t lose you. I-I  can’t”.

He reached up stroking my cheeks. Blood running down his mouth. “ Hey, shhh,  it will be okay. Maybe not me…”  he started to cough up blood. “ Not going to make it I know that so I-I   need to tell you something.”

“O-o-k anything” I said trying not to sob.

“ Babydoll, I love you have since the day I met you and I always will, even after I die. Please don’t shut down after this,  please…”

“ H-how Do you know I would shut down” I said, more as a statement than a question.

“ cuz I know you, just as well as your dad does…  babydoll I get if you do shut down for a while but please promise me not for long, okay?”  He asked me.

“I-I  pr-promise “ I said my voice shaky. “ I love you, always remember that, okay”

“ I will, I promise.”  he says then we kiss. When we pull away he smiles then I See the Light leave his eyes.

That’s when I hear the man laugh again. “ I’ll Always Love You, blah blah blah blah.”  he said mockingly I put my knife out of my boot and then throw it at him hitting his heart directly.

I look back down at beck And I start to sob loudly, really glad now that the parks in the middle of nowhere, so no one can hear me. I pulled his body closer and I dropped my head on his chest sobbing.


Joker’s p.o.v.

Me and Harl’s  we’re just getting back from dinner and a heist. We went to our room I changed out of my black and white suit, and Harley got out of her new dress I got her for today.  It was around almost 4 a.m. I decided before I went to bed to go check up on my princess.  As I’m walking to her room I noticed the door open a crack, when she’s asleep she always has it shut, in fact whenever she’s in there she has the door shut.

I pushed the door open I look around and she’s not there. Her curfew is 3 a.m. beck her boyfriend as much as I hate the idea of her having someone other than me and Harley loving her (and Frost caring).  Beck always has her home on time.

“HARLEY!”   I yelled she came into the room and looked around then turn to me and looked confused. “ Track her on the laptop through her phone, text me the location. FROST”  He entered. “ Pull the car around, we’re going searching for my little girl”.


We were near the outside of Gotham when I finally got the text from Harley said she was in a park a little bit outside of Gotham. Once we knew where to go Frost speed Up.

As we pulled up I jumped out of the car. We walked into the park after a while I saw 1 figure  lying down And a little further there were two figures 1 hunched  over the other. When we got closer I noticed a  business partner one I was going to have killed, he had my daughters  dagger in his chest. I turned to the other two figures and that’s when I noticed that the one hunched over was my daughter and she was hunched over Beck. Oh God, this is going to hit her hard.

“ Frost, have 2 goons take the Traders body and dump it off where his men will see it. Then come over there”  I told him well motioning with my head over to by my daughter.

I walked over to her and I kneel down behind her. “ Sweetheart, princess…  what happened?”  I asked her while putting a hand on her shoulder.

She lifted her head and looks up at me in that moment I swear my heart cracked. The broken look in her eyes with tears stains all down her face, mixed with blood.

“I-I-I tryed, I-I-I t-tr-tryed to stop the bleeding b-but, I couldn’t.” she kept looking back and forth between me, Frost, and Beck.  While new tears came streaming down her face.

I move my hand up and down her back trying to comfort her.

“H-he saved me. He s-saved my l-life. And I c-couldn’t save his.”  she said in between sobs.

“ shhhh… “ I pulled her into my chest rocking her trying to calm her down the best I could. “ shhhh…  It will be okay. Let’s go home and get you cleaned up.”  I started to pick her up but she wiggled away clinging to the boys body.

“ no I-I can’t leave him”  she sobbed into his neck.

I stood up “ Frost, put the boy in the far back of the car. I’ll lay her down in the back and we’ll head home”.

I leaned down again “ princess, we will take him with us, wrap your arms around my neck.”

She did As told and I picked her up Bridal style. As I started to walk back to the car she buried her face in my shoulder. Once we got to the car I laid her down in the back.

On the way back to the house y/n fell asleep.

Once we got home I picked her up and carried her into the house.

“ Hey ya puddin!  Did ya find-”  Harley started the say but once she saw y/n  in my arms. She walked over checking her over.

“Harl’s . stop.”  I said, She looks up at me like I’m crazy. “ it’s not her blood.”

“  Then whose is-”  she started to question but then Frost walked in with the boy’s body.  I could  tell by the look on her face she connected the most visible dots.

“ Put the boy in the garage for now, tomorrow we will get the full story. As for now. Let’s get some sleep…  it’s been a long night.”  I Sighed.

I walked up the stairs  to y/n’s  room, I walked into her room and went to her bathroom set her down a counter after waking her up. I washed the blood off her face and hands\arms. Harley then came in with clean clothes. I left the bathroom and shut the door letting Harley help her change.

All I can think about while waiting was how her face looked when I was cleaning her up. She looks so broken. She hasn’t spoken since the park. I knowing my princess she’s going to shut down and keep everything inside and not let it out. She gets that from me. The door to the bathroom opened y/n kept her eyes Down, Harley comes out behind her. I lean down and scoop y/n  up and walk over to her bed, Harl’s  pulls the sheets back and I place my princess down and pull the sheets over her. She curled into a ball, I leaned down and kissed her forehead.

As me and Harley went to our own room. Once we got in bed. “ Puddin, It’s not ya fault.  I know that’s  what’ya think, But it’s not.” she said  Running her hands up and down my arm.

“ Harl’s Our little girl is heartbroken. She’s only sixteen  she shouldn’t be heartbroken at this age, she shouldn’t be heartbroken ever. Harley she’s not going to forgive herself for this.” I sighed.

“She’s heartbroken, yes. She’s never going to forgive herself because she couldn’t do anything to help her love of her life and he died protecting her. She will never forgive or forget but it will get easier.  She’ll probably shut down for a while ya, but she will be happy again, in time”  Of course Harley knows what to say, she was a chiatrist at one point.

I turned around and flipped off the light “ I hope so Harl’s”.


Readers p.o.v.

I woke up and remembered everything I really hoped it was all a dream but it wasn’t.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (end of)  past \ flashback ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Yeah that’s how it went I told Mom and Dad everything that happened. I shut down for about 2 months. Then me and my dad went on  ‘many’ killing sprees.  And anyway I’ve been helping my dad a lot. (oh and after that night we did give Beck a nice funeral).

Anyway back to, today it’s valentine’s day again, the first one since Beck’s death. I was in my room designing my next tattoo and my door open, “Daddy,  what’s up?”  I asked him. He came over to my been sat down next to me, he kissed my head.

“ Princess I was wondering what you want to do today?”  he asked.

“ Dad, no offense but I hate today, so I don’t really want to do anything.”  I told him and went back to shadowing.

Then he grabbed my pencil.


“ Look. Princess. I know last year’s Valentine’s day was good and then horribly  terrible. But I want to do something with you.”  He told me an in a voice that if  anyone else used towards me I would kill.

“ Okay, like what?”  I asked giving my full attention but had a sarcastic smile on my face.

 Once he got a look at the smile on my face he did his signature laugh. He then pointed his finger at me “ You, my sweet darling daughter are so much like me. And to answer your question we can shoot up some stores, kill people, anything.”

“ Can we get soda and other junk and just hang out at Ace Chemicals? You and Mom can redo her vow like you do every Valentine’s Day.”  I asked looking up at him he looks a little shocked that I knew what him and Mom do every Valentine’s Day.

“ Of course we can, and if you want I will teach you new ways to kill.”  He said.

“Let’s do it”  I said and we both did his laugh. Needless to say I actually had a good day considering the situation.