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Dub part six

last night after being too Heatsick to eat for 1.5 days ordered so much chinese food that the delivery person put three fortune cookies in the bag as though 30 dollars’ worth of lo mein and szechuan vegetables and dumplings was not going directly down this single gullet in one go

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My mom kinda refuses to accept the fact that I identify as male. Like, she keeps using my original name and uses female pronouns when referring to me. At first, she and my sister were accepting (and my sister still is) but, now she questions me constantly. I tried to get into being a girl but I wasn't really feeling it. She is just rude about it and was trying to get me to explain it in public (which was uncomfortable) but she doesn't seem to understand no matter how hard I tried. What do I do?

Stand firm. I strongly suspect that your mom believed that you were going through a phase. After your mom saw that this isn’t a phase she showed how she actually feels, or it took a minute for the reality of the situation to sink in. I think you could be in a worse position. Your mom doesn’t understand her kid and that’s frustrating for a parent. The best thing you could do be patient with her, because if you both get flustered then you have an unproductive clusterfuck on your hands– nobody wants that. Stand by who you are and patiently try to educate your mom and she’ll come around. I mean, she might be asking questions at inappropriate times, but at least she’s asking questions! If that happens again, pull her aside and say “hey, I get that you have questions and I’d be more than happy to answer them in private.” Good luck ❤

This is very irrelevant but remembering it made me laugh. At the line for the VIXX Orlando showcase there was a mom and her kid who walked by and this is what I heard:

Kid: Mom, why are there so many people here?

Mom: Honey, they are in line for a jazz concert.

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Okay, I have a question. Let's admit for one second that Rotten manage to get separated from Melon. How would things be handled toward the kids? Cuz until now, Rotten have been considered to be as much their mom as Melon... So...?

Rotten would still be as much mom to the kids as Melon is. Since the kids happened before while they still had the same soul.

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Wish I could say that story about the customer being upset that Negan was palling around with Daryl is surprising, but no. There's women dressing their husbands up as Daryl & telling Norman fantasies they force hubby to participate in, moms forcing babies/kids way too little to be WD fans to wait in the hot GA sun all day to entice N to stop for autographs outside the studio & gramma's arguing on blogs defending N against any perceived slight. This fandom is all kinds of crazy at times.

Some of that sounds a bit weird, Unless its for a con then not so weird but that’s just me.

I turned 30 on Saturday.

I’m officially an old married mom of two kids.

I keep telling myself I will give myself 12-18m to lose a significant amount of weight and get healthy, or I’m looking at weight loss surgery. I’ve had two babies in 13 months, so I think 12-18m is a decent time frame.

But I have to be proactive. I can’t just wait around for that timeline. So every day until I turn 31 I will do three things:

-track everything I eat
-drink at least 6c of water
-be active, even for just 10 minutes

Even with WLS I’d need to do those things anyway. They’re basic skills.

The major goal for the remainder of 2016 is to complete my first ever 5k. It will be an Ugly Sweater Run in December. A friend of mine already registered to run with me. So…I’m committed.

I’m currently doing a 7w (4d/w) walking program to prepare for that.

This has been an update.

At dinner just now, my 14 year old son asked, outta nowhere, ‘so groffsauce right, is that a real thing?’ And I was like well yeah baby, they’re kinda bff and he said 'no but, like, they could be a thing. Does Lin like boys too? Because Groff is really really gay but I think maybe Lin likes both? Or just him? And that’s called something but I don’t remember what.’ And then he asked me what the first thing was that comes up when you type groffsauce into youtube, and so we watched that video, the compilation. And my child said 'they’re so cute. Lin is married to a woman and super happy, right? Because I feel like that’s me. I like girls so much, but if there was a boy, that’d be okay, especially if it was like him and groff. But like, even if they aren’t into each other like that, they’re not afraid to be dudes who hug and I’m all for that.’ And guys, I just. My kid. My kid is awesome. Lin and Groff and the rest of the Ham family are awesome too but my kid? Yeah. I’m proud of that one.


“My mom said no” and other lies I told as a child