You See Him After The Breakup

“Michael, I don’t want to do this,” I argued with my older brother. He looked at me with no emotion showing on his face before fixing his hair.

“Y/N, please,” my mom sighed. “You won’t have to talk to him or anything.”

I shook my head, “Can I please go out at Y/F/N’s house for the evening?”

My mom shook her head no and I groaned. I went upstairs in my room, tears streaming down my face. Calum and I had broken up nearly two weeks ago. We were arguing about something really stupid and the idea of breaking up came into my ex boyfriend’s mind and I had agreed angrily.

And ever since, I had been a total mess. My mom had decided earlier in the week to invite Michael’s band over and their families for dinner.

As feelings became too hard to handle, I decided to go for a nap.

A loud knock was the sound that woke me up from my peaceful sleep. I rubbed my eyes and I saw my mom coming into my room with her black dress on. She wanted everyone to dress up tonight because she thought it would be more fun like that.

“Oh Y/N,” she sighed. “Could you put a dress on and go downstairs?”

“Mmm,” I mumbled.

“I’m waiting here until you’re ready,” my mom replied and I groaned. She closed the door and I stood up from my bed. My eyes looked red and puffy and I looked seriously bad.

I took my time as I put my dress and my black heels on. I only applied mascara and sighed as I opened my door. My mom smiled at me and kissed my cheek.

“Don’t focus on negative things, sweetie,” she murmured.

We got down the stairs and the minute that I raised my gaze from my heels, Calum’s eyes met mine. I felt my mom squeeze my shoulder before she went away. Probably to talk to one of the boys’ mom.

I lowered my head, feeling Calum’s eyes never leaving me. I walked until I saw Michael and I stood next to him. He was talking to Luke’s dad.

I made small talk with a few people, faking smiles every now and then. I never left Michael’s side and he was being weirdly nice to me. I guess he didn’t want to be in my shoes and as my older brother, he wanted to make my situation a little bit less hard.

But then came the time where we had to sit at the table. I had just gotten out of the bathroom when I heard my mom telling everyone where they should sit. I came a little bit later than everyone so the only place left was the one in front of Calum. My mom gave me a weak smile and I lowered my head.

The dinner started and everyone was laughing and talking about random stuff. I heard Calum’s laugh a few times, but most of the time I felt his silent stare on me.

Suddenly, I felt a foot touch mine. I raised my head and saw Calum’s wide eyes.

“Uh, sorry,” he mumbled. I opened my mouth before closing it. Calum and I had been in a relationship for more than a year. And two weeks without telling each other a single thing was weird.

I ignored Calum for the rest of the dinner. When everyone was done with their dessert, I decided to busy myself with the dishes. My mom helped me for a few minutes before I told her to go in the living room with our guests.

I put the last plate in the dishwasher and closed it. As I was washing my hands, I felt someone coming towards me. I grabbed a towel and saw Calum.

“Hey,” he mumbled.

Once my hands were dried, I put the towel away.

I gave him a small smile, not sure if my voice would break when I open my mouth.

I watched him with his white button up shirt and his black skinny jeans. His brown eyes looked small, as if he was lacking sleep. He had his hands in his pockets.

“You look good,” He said. “Really good.”

I bet we both looked as if we were about to cry. I knew for sure that there were some tears in my eyes and he did look like a really sad puppy.

“Thanks,” My voice cracked.

“I really miss you,” he admitted. I knew I should have been angry at him because he was the one who came up with the idea of breaking up, but I couldn’t be angry at him. I loved him way too much for that.

Without really wanting or thinking about it, I walked a bit so I could be closer to him.

A single tear escaped my eyes, I couldn’t do it.

I felt his arms wrap around my waist and pressing my body to his. My arms went around his neck, just like they used to or just like how they were supposed to.

“Calum,” my voice broke again. “You should go back in the living room.”

He slowly pulled away and looked at me. It broke my heart to see him like this.

“Go,” I sobbed. “Just go, please.”

He bit his trembling lip and went towards the living room. But to be honest, he probably went outside for a while.

The rest of the evening consisted of me crying in my brother’s arms and Luke and Ashton trying to cheer my ex boyfriend up.

*** There won’t be a part two, I’m sorry x

19.06.15 - The day my dua came true, through His guidance alhamdoulillah!

I remember this day. I was just about to go out for shopping with mom, I got dressed and I was about to fix my hair, then all of a sudden I started to think while looking at my hair in the mirror. “Why am I not wearing the hijab? Why am I not doing what I really want to? What´s stopping me? It´s ramadan and a perfect time to make a change for me and for Allah´s sake.” SubhanAllah it was just a special feeling I got inside me at that moment, I started to think and I really didn’t have any good reasons for not to start wearing hijab. I texted my bestfriend and told her “You know what, I will start to wear hijab today. This is my day!”, she really got surprised and happy for me cause she knew that this was something I really wanted to wear for a long time. So I just decided that today is the day. It was really not planned from my side, I didn’t even think about it or something earlier that day. It just happened. But it was all of His plan, indeed Allah is the best of all planners. He really knew what I wanted the most, i just needed someone to push me. And the thoughts I got while standing there with hijab in my hands were a part of His signs. I got a special strength from Allah that day, that really can´t be described. I went out with hijab and I couldn’t feel more free. Since that day- hijab has been a part of me, alhamdoulillah.
By wearing hijab, you are beautifully covered. Hijab is your crown. You get to choose who you want to gift your beauty to, and with that, you´re special.

May Allah (swt) make it easy for all the sisters and guide us to that which is most pleasing to Him, ameen.

Homecoming // Hayes Grier

Hey you guys ! This imagine is for Grace :) hope you enjoy, and I’m sorry for the long wait :/ hope I’m forgiven💕 also, I don’t have homecoming here so I don’t really know if I did it right, sowwy!

I finished the last of my makeup as I stepped back and looked at myself in the mirror and smiled.
“Y/N!” my mom called from downstairs. Hayes must be here. I quickly fixed my hair and took a deep breath before stepping out of my room and walking down the stairs. I blushed as I carefully went down my stairs, trying not to trip. I reached the floor and hugged Hayes tightly, kissing his cheek.
“You look absolutely beautiful,” he said.
“You don’t look too bad yourself,” I winked.
“Let me take pictures!” my mom said excitedly as she pulled out her camera. I posed with Hayes as we smiled for my mom.
“Alright alright you can go now, have fun and stay safe!” my mom said, I hugged her goodbye as I walked outside with Hayes. He opened the door for me and I thanked him as I stepped in. Nash was driving us, since Hayes couldn’t drive. Hayes got in next to me and intertwined his fingers with mine, causing a grin to appear on my face. All three of us just talked until Nash pulled up to the school.
“Thanks Nashy,” I said as I leaned over and hugged him.
“Have fun kiddies!” he said, we laughed as we stepped out of the car and watched him drive off.
“You are hands down, the most stunning one here,” he said as he saw me staring at all the other girls’ dresses.
“Please,” I laughed.
“I’m serious,” he said. I blushed and began walking towards the entrance, his hand still in mine. We walked in and met up with our friends. We just laughed and danced together until it was time to announce homecoming king and queen. I didn’t vote, I honestly didn’t like any of the girls that were in relationships with people or anything like that. I knew the winner was probably going to be Bianca, one of the most popular girls in school, the one EVERY guy wants. Except for Hayes of course. To her, it seemed like everything was this huge popularity contest. Hayes wrapped an arm around my waist as we waited for the winner to be announced so that we can just get back to what we were doing.
“Our homecoming queen is a very lovely girl. She’s captain of the swim team and first chair flute,” the announcer said. Wait…what? Before I could even comprehend what was happening, the announcer continued.
“(Y/N) (Y/L/N)!” she exclaimed. Everyone was cheering for me and I stood in place, frozen.
“Go on babe, you won!” Hayes smiled, guiding me forward. I slowly walked to the stage and walked up, smiling and letting her place the crown on my head.
“And as for our king, we have our football captain and class clown…Hayes Grier!” she announced. I smiled widely as I saw Hayes walk up on the stage and have the crown placed on his head. We stared at each other and giggled.
“Now, let’s all make a circle!” she announced. Everyone did as she said and Hayes and I walked down, in the centre. Music began playing and I wrapped my arms around Hayes’ neck, as he placed his on my waist. We couldn’t stop giggling and smiling the whole time. There were hundreds of people watching, but honestly it felt like just me and him in that moment. Once the song was over I blushed and walked off with Hayes to find our friends.
“I knew you guys were gonna win! Literally the cutest couple ever!” my best friend squealed.
“I’m still in shock, I know I’m not for this whole thing, but this is pretty cool,” I chuckled.
“Let me take a picture of you two!” she said as she took my phone from me. I smiled as she took the picture, then we took one kissing. She gave it back and I thanked her.
“I still can’t believe this,” I said to Hayes.
“Me neither,” he laughed.
“I never in a million years thought people even noticed me,” I said.
“Well I mean, it’s kinda hard not to,” he winked.
“Shut it, Grier,” I laughed, smacking him lightly.
“Just trying to be nice,” he laughed.
“I know, thank you,” I said as I pressed my lips against his.
“Come on my queen, let’s go dance,” Hayes said as he extended his arm. I happily took it and we walked to where everyone else was dancing and began dancing stupidly.
“You guys are the cutest!” Bianca’s best friend, Katelyn said.
“Thank you,” I blushed.
“Shut up, Katelyn,” Bianca said as she pulled her away.
“Someone’s upset,” Hayes said and I laughed.
We enjoyed the rest of the night and now it was time to leave. Nash picked us up and began driving to my house.
“Aw look at the cuties who won king and queen!” Nash cooed as we got into the car. I blushed again, I just couldn’t believe it. Me, of all people. I understand Hayes since everyone loves him, but me? I couldn’t comprehend it. Nash pulled up to my house and Hayes walked me in. My parents were in bed so I smiled at him.
“Goodnight my beautiful princess, I’ll see you tomorrow,” he said as he leaned down to kiss me. I placed my hand in front of his lips, causing him to look confused.
“That’s Queen, to you,” I joked, causing us to both laugh.
“Okay, Queen,” he repeated.
“Goodnight Hayes, I love you, and I had an amazing time,” I smiled.
“Me too, I wouldn’t have rather spent it with anyone else. I love you,” he said as he leaned down to kiss me, this time I accepted it. We pulled apart and I smiled, hugging him tightly before seeing him out the door and back to his car. I waved to him and Nash as they drove off. I closed the door and quietly stepped up the stairs and into my room. I gently took the crown off my head and placed it on my dresser. Yeah, it was just a piece of plastic, but it was sort of special, since Hayes was the other part of it. I got ready for bed and climbed in, turning off my lights and falling asleep as homecoming queen, and more importantly, Hayes’ queen.

8 year old Gabrielle Goodwin and her mother  invent a solution to a popular hair problem

Many young African-American girls go through the daily morning ritual of getting their hair done in a cute, age appropriate hairstyle adorned with barrettes and hair bows. At the end of a long school day and an intense recess, a girl’s hair is disheveled and contains fewer barrettes than before. However, an 8-year-old and her mother came up with the perfect solution to this all too common problem.

“My mom would spend a lot of time fixing my hair in the mornings and I would go outside and play outside and just lose all my barrettes then come back with no barrettes at all,” Gabrielle Goodwin told WISTV.

Gabrielle’s mother Rozalynn Goodwin had the idea to create a barrette after a Twitter rant where she complained about purchasing numerous barrettes that aren’t efficient and  of constantly losing them. Her frustration yielded an unexpected response from her pastor— “Sounds like a market you need to break into.”

The journey to a much-needed invention started four years ago.

“I approached it at first as a science project. We’d lay out barrettes on the kitchen table and study the features that worked,” Goodwin told the Washington Post.

Together, Goodwin and her daughter, Gabby, invented the Double-Face Double-Snap Barrette. The barrette contains teeth and craters on both sides that trap the hair, securing it in place. According to the Washington Post, Goodwin wasn’t looking to start a business but wanted to sell the design. After approaching a major company that set up a focus group to assess the idea, the company declined to move forward. Not settling, she asked if the company could help her make one bow.

“I can show my daughter that anything is impossible.” Goodwin said.