200/365 - Good Morning, Love

Morning kisses are the best kisses even when SOMEONE hasn’t brushed their teeth yet.

00: Childish Games


"Bria can’t you just take a couple more weeks off? You just had a baby and you need rest"my mom pleaded while i fixed my hair.

"Mom i’ll be fine, he gave me two weeks off and that was enough. Now its time for me to go back to work i mean its not like im doing a hard job. Im just babysitting ty’s son while him and Eva go out"i said looking at my baby boy sleeping peacefully in her arms.

I know she hates my job but it helps out so much, i get paid good enough to be able to take care of us and especially my son since im his only parent. Even though im really tired and still kind of sore, i still manage to go. Besides i actually really enjoy working for ty. He’s like my brother and he loved me enough to offer me a job because after finding out i was pregnant, i had no clue what i was going to do.

Of course my mom was going to help me raise my son but financially, i had no clue what to do.

"Well call me when you get over there so i won’t worry about anything happening to you on the way there"she said and i nodded before kissing her forehead then my son’s.

"I’ll be back tonight and i promise i’ll get plenty of rest at ty’s house before driving back over here"i said before walking out.

At Ty and Eva’s house…

Once i pulled up to their house, i got out and made my way to the door which was unlock and caused me to come in with frown on my face. Why would he have the door unlocked like that? Someone could’ve just walk in and robbed his ass.

"Wassup sis? I missed yo’ rusty ass"he said walking up to me and giving me a tight hug.

"I missed you too ugly. Where’s king?"i asked closing the door behind me and walking over to the couch.

"I just put that little nigga to sleep, so you can chill but if he wake up give him a cup of juice then he’ll go back to bed"he said and i nodded before sitting down.

"So hows everything with you, eva and chy?"i asked and he shrugged his shoulders.

"We coo’. Why?"he asked raising his eyebrow and i laughed.

"I was just wondering because you know chy use to trip when you had females around king and i thought she would flip out about eva"i explained and he rolled his eyes.

"Eva ain’t some female, she’s my girl and i love her"he said and i smiled.

"Awwww that’s to cute. Where are you guys going?"i asked.

"Some fancy food place i found, i forgot the name"he said and i shook my head.

"Wow ty"i mumbled.

"Oh guess what. You might be mad when i tell you this though"he said and i sighed.

"What is it?"

"Chris comin over, in fact he stayin with us for a couple of weeks. Maybe a month"he said and i kissed my teeth.

"Why? He’s so fucking annoying and ugh!"i said annoyed.

"He’s gettin work done in his house but please try and be coo sis. I know you hate his ass but just try and be nice please"he said and i rolled my eyes.

"The one night i thought i could have time to myself, this nigga ruins it"i mumbled to myself.

"Bri, are you gonna be nice? At least do it for me"he said and i nodded.


"Thanks sis. EVA COME ON MAN!"he yelled and the door bell rang.

"Im coming. Hey bria"she said coming down the stairs.

"Hey love"i said and chris walked in dapping up ty. He looked at me but i looked down at my phone.

"See ya’ll niggas later. And bri be nice"ty said eyeing me and i nodded then they walked out.

I swear i want to leave, chris really annoying man. If he says anything to piss me off im going off, i refuse to sugar coat any damn thing.

"Out all people, im stuck here with yo ass"he said dropping his bags on the floor and plopping down on the other couch.

I bit down on my tongue so hard, im pretty sure its bleeding. I have to at least try not to start anything. But have you ever hated someone so much that even if they breathed a certain way you wanted to just punch the shit out of them? Well thats how i feel about chris, his presence irritates me.

"Why don’t you make yourself useful and get me a beer maid"he said kicking his feet up on the table.

I got up and stormed into the kitchen, snatching the fridge door open. I grabbed a beer and poured some into a glass but before i decided to bring it to him, i spit it in. I mixed it around til it blended in then took it to him.

I watched him drink it and a smirked etched across my face. Dumbass. My phone started ringing and i saw my moms name flashing across the screen so i went outside.

"Hello"i asked.

"Did you make it over there?"

Damn i forgot to call her.

"Yeah, sorry i forgot to call you"i said and she sighed.

"Well guess who’s wide awake"she said and i smiled.

"My love bug kaysen, i miss him already"i said. If i would’ve known i was going to be stuck with Chris, i would’ve stayed home enjoying my son.

"I tried putting him back to sleep but he’s really into the tv. But anyway, i’ll let you get back to work. Love you"

"Love you too"i said before hanging up.

I twisted the door handle noticing it was locked. Did this bitch nigga really lock me out the house? Before i cold bang on the door, he appeared in the window smiling at me.

"Open the damn door chris"i said angrily and he shook his head.

"Nope, since yo ass wanna spit in people drinks you can stay yo nasty ass outside"he spat before walking away.

Fucking little bitch. This is going to be a long ass night.

Michael Clifford School Smut

.(its your first day of tenth grade, youre super stoked to see your best guy friend Michael. has Michael really keeping the biggest secret from you yet?).

*morning of first day* 
“y/n wake up! you’ll be late for the first day of tenth grade!” my mom yelled to me while she fixed her hair for work. i groaned and reached for my phone and saw my usual good morning text from my best friend, Michael. i unlocked my phone and read aloud, “good morning you loser! (: hope you slept like a little baby hahaha, see ya at school y/n!” i smiled and texted back, “morning ya fuck (:” i set my phone down and thought about my summer with Michael..God i wish he would ask me out. I shook my head and whispered to myself, “y/n get ahold of yourself..get ready for school.” i stood up and walked to the bathroom and looked into the mirror. i smiled at myself, “today will be a great day.” i let out a little sigh and started to do my makeup, and do my usual morning routines. i got dressed and turned to see Michael standing by my door, winking at me. “Michael! what the fuck man, i could’ve been naked.” he shrugs, “c’mon y/n we used to play naked in the mud together, what’s seeing you naked now gonna do?” i smile, “Michael, we’re in the tenth grade. you’re my best friend. i’m pretty sure best friends don’t see each other naked.” he chuckles and sits onto my bed. i pick up my bookbag and Michael reaches out for my hand to help him up, i giggle a bit and help him.  
We get to school and i walk to my locker and Michael goes to his…luckily his was by mine!!, “score!” i said quietly to myself. Michael and i are very close friends, we literally tell each other everything. he knows my deepest secrets *sigh* they’re pretty deep.
i see a group of girls who used to bully me since ninth grade, come to me and slap my books down, “bitch you really came back? thought you finally killed yourself like i asked you too.” a girl says while the others laugh and walk away. My eyes swell with tears, but i see Michael coming and i hide it. “y/n whats wrong? what did those whores need from you?” i sniffle a bit, “nothing.” and i shut my locker.

*skip to second period* 
I go back to my locker and get all the things i need for this period. “please tell me whats wrong, if you dont im not letting you go home alone, y/n, i know you.” at this point i cant hold it in anymore, and i cry into Michael’s arms. “im still not okay Michael..nothing got better this year. please come over later, i need you to help me with something..” i say while i wipe my tears. “of course babe, anything for you.” he kisses my head and grabs my hand. 

*at y/n’s house*

“Michael i dont know why but im in such a happy mood!” i say to him pulling his arm. “y/n thats great!i am now too!..” Michael then whispers something very quietly. i look up, “what?” he looks at me, “im..uh..i said i was really horny too heh” i smile and bite my lip, “you know, dont be so quiet about it.” he smiles and pulls my face into his and kisses me with loads of passion. he takes a breath and takes off his pants and pulls my underwear off with his mouth. 
He then starts to eat me out, slowly but full of passion. i moan and Michael looks at me and i tug on his hair in pleasure. Michael then begins to go inside of me and starts thrusting, starting slow but then growing with speed every time. I groan and my bed begins to rock. 

*about an hour later*

“Ive been waiting so long to do that, you have noo idea!” Michael lets out a sigh of relief. I giggle, “really? ive been waiting too! ive always had the biggest crush on you possible.” Michael looks into my eyes and smiles gently, “y/n.” “yes, Mikey?” he touches my face and comes closer, “i love you.”. i look down, “i love you too.” we kiss and lie back down and fall asleep together.

(so sorry its so long and not very good!)

Early in tthe morning and I’m already self conscious. Thanks mom.

Apparently having my hair fixed is more important than my education. Yeah, people are more worried about my physical appearance than my grades….idgaf!!!

I’m in school to get an education, i could care less about how other people view me (as if it was bad enough). Hell, there are girls who care so little about their appearance than i do and their smart as hell, while I’m here having to look pretty but feel dumb…hell no, not going down like that.

If you love someone you would be willing to give up everything for them, but if they loved you back they’d never ask you to. “Anonymous” #love #truesay #realtalks #happy [loving my curls ^^ thanks to my mom for fixing my hair today]

  • Me:hey mom could you please put the pie in when the oven is done preheating? I'm gonna go fix my hair for (the cast party) tonight.
  • Mom:Fix your hair, too much is on one side.
  • Me:that's what I was going to do...
  • Mom:don't sass me! Also, put in your contacts. You look like your hiding behind your glasses.
  • Me:uh, I don't really feel like wearing contacts tonight.
  • Mom:go put in your contacts!
  • Me:I don't really want to...
  • Mom:dO IT!
  • Me:ok, fine. Could you please put in the pie?
  • Mom:no! Do it yourself!
  • Me:but we have to leave soon, and the oven isn't done prehea-
  • Me:... It's not done preheating yet, that's why I was asking you to do it, so we wouldn't be late.
  • Mom:don't talk back to me!

I need to fix my hair but my mom doesn’t trust me

Well, sorry, but more people complimented me on my bangs when I cut them than when you did.