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Sara Lance + Vowing Not to Alter Time / Reality

this movie honestly f***ed me up
—  my sister after watching Kimi no Na wa


[Wild Flowers Game]
(T/N: He changed his title; originally cherry blossoms, play, wild flowers. The play he watched is titled “A Good Day”)

“Why do cherry blossoms bloom from flowers before the leaves unfold?”
We arrived in Korea late so I thought I wouldn’t be able to see the cherry blossoms this year, but luckily, I wandered and looked at them as much as I wanted to. Thanks for staying!
While I was enjoying the scenery, my father asked, “do you know why the cherry blossoms bloom from flowers and then the leaves unfold?”.
My head suddenly went “ding”. I just wanted to watch the flowers in full bloom, so I never thought about it before. He said that it was for breeding and survival, but I got curious as to why that was the answer. I started thinking why do the cherry blossoms bloom and fall so quickly? Why do flowers bloom before the leaves unfold? Maybe only cherry blossom trees know that.
If you think about it, there are several moments like cherry blossoms. Things like your first love to your childhood from long ago. New years goals that we forget about.. Strong desires that we believed would be a short belief… Though I don’t know if all those moments were beautiful hah.
I finally watched a play at 대학로/대항노! (T/N: Daehangno; was a main road that boarded a university, but is now a popular area for young people) I like the first episode that talked about being confident and not caring what others think of us. These days, writing music is difficult, but I started to think why I started making music. The hope that my melodies and lyrics would comfort others and help them achieve their dreams.. I thought about why I started this job, what sort of thoughts did I have back then.
If I have free time later, I’ll go and watch more plays. I enjoyed it because it’s perception is different from movies. They were talking right in front of me! It was brand new.
When my dad talked about the cherry blossoms, my mom was looking at the wildflowers and asked if I liked them because how they bloomed so calmly. I like wild flowers, but I liked the expression my mother used, “bloom calmly”. I thought she worded it beautifully. Above all, I was happy to see my parents’ faces after a long time.
I hope you guys get to see the cherry blossoms, play, and wild flowers! If you are able to. I felt at ease with them. I’m gonna have to run hard again. Although the present is difficult to understand, even after 10 years pass by. Nevertheless, you have to do it. You have to. Maybe we need wild flowers more than cherry blossoms; those that bloom calmly.

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when the words weigh heavy on the heart

posting them in parts bc this is taking longer than i thought and i’m trash

u could potentially?? consider?? this a five times fic

also turns out this is going to be in the sleepwalking verse ;) enjoy ;)

part one

She’s irritated the first time it happens.

He can see it in her face, in the scrunch of her nose and the creases between her brows. He’s only known her a month but already he knows he doesn’t want to be on the receiving end of that look, doesn’t want to be the one strapping her down to that gurney or trying to find the vein in the crease of her elbow. Three separate rivulets of blood forge their own individual paths down the left side of her face and she swipes at them with a strangely absent kind of force, like she’s brushing away a gnat instead of smearing a dark red mark along the side of her face. Her nostrils are flared and there’s fire in her eyes and her jaw is set and really, truthfully, Amy Santiago is a terrifying force to look at.

Even if she is being loaded into the back of an ambulance.

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